(2014-07-31) Welcome to the Guardians
Welcome to the Guardians
Summary: Time off in Gotham, Jack Flag makes the invite to Stargirl to help the Guardians more official
Date: (2014-07-31)
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Sharks in Metropolis, it was a good day to get out. Thanks LexiCorp for your fast trains and transit along the East Coast cities. Its a zip and a hop to Gotham for some getaway. What better way to get away from the beach then Amusement Mile. Jack may have invited Courtney, or she might of tagged along when he said he was going. Doesn't matter, fun and amusement, and all that is in between.

Wearing standard t-shirt with some America propoganda on it and cargo shorts, he has hands in pockets, kicking at some dirt on the street. "So, how you feeling, with the …" he takes a hand out to indicate on his own body where the coral shard had gotten Courtney the other day.

Being a non-functional part of society is great, no job means that she can do anything she wants whenever she wants. How she gets by day-to-day is anyone's guess…maybe on her looks? Her parents? However she does it she still manages to have pocket money and has bought herself some cotton candy. Like she really needs the sugar. She is dressing like a typical beach bum, board shorts, and t-shirt, which she lifts enough to show off the bandage that decorates her side. "Ten stitches from the doc at the walk-in. It stings if I move certain ways." so she makes sure not to do that. No rapido healing factor for her "You seem to be moving well considering the punches you took yesterday.

Not excelerated as much as some mutants, there is a tendency for Jack to heal faster. He most likely has the marks on his face, but its not swollen like it should normally be at least. "Ya, could be worse. I'm sort of lucky that way. Between venom and alien gizmos, I just sort of recover faster these days." Looking more toward her, he offers, "I was in a wheel chair for years, now, nothing, walking, all better." A shrug at that, "You know, we've been dragging you along. I know you may have your own gig going on here, but have you thought about taking up with us full time. It means, you know, flying off if the peace of the galaxy is threatened or something, at any moment."

The cone of blue cotton candy is held out, as far as Courtney is concerned yoou are never to old for cotton candy. A questioning look is thrown his way, "Someone discovered a way to fix…well paraplegic issues and they aren't sharing it?" if she knew the whole story she probably wouldn't ask that. "I don't know if drag would be the appropiate word, but I see your point." she stops at the invite to join the team, the random person behind her nearly runs into her, but quickly moves around her grumbling "With you and Vance or are the rest of those we broke out of prison part of that?

Jack stops too, grinning, "Well, ya, the whole group. They don't look like much, but I'd trust them with my life." He ponders how to proceed, goes with what he knows. "Its like Cap, fighting for American values - you know, freedom and justice and defending the little guy. But the whole galaxy, which oddly enough, is jeapordized quite often really, come to think of it." He scratches at his curls even. Seeing how she takes that, and talking about the former stuff, "Ya, there's laws and stuff prohibiting things like that, future tech on backwoods like planets. Oddly enough, earth is sort of mixed up cause of all it has from space so far, but ya."

"Only instead of just fighting for America's ways you are fighting for Earth's ways." Courtney gets it, the whole defending your planet. It's like defending a city on a much grander scale. "I'm surprised that the planet hasn't been in trouble from alien races." the probably has but it was stopped before it was noticable from an earthers prespective "Space law…like the prime directive in Star Trek. Don't mess with those backwards Earthlings." she pulls a peice of the fluffy sugar off the cottony cone "What's the upside to me joining you guys…for me that is. It doesn't seem to be a gig that pays all that well."

Shaking his head, Jack agrees, "Not about paying, just keeping the peace." He looks around, that cotton candy actually looks really good come to think of it. "Earth is threatened a lot, it has a few protectors though, and when they can't handle it, or its more galactic in scale, we come in to help. That group Vance mentioned, that captured our friends, the Skrull, they're always up to something. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was on earth right now, plotting something or trying to capture some alien that has come here to live."

"That explains so much." Courtney drawls out a little mid-western influence creeping into her usually Cali accent. She doesn't say what it explains of course "I guess our politicians should be more worried about the aliens out there." she points upward "Than the ones trying to cross the borders. But then again I guess that is where you guys come in." she continues walking once more, blocking the path was getting them grumbles and dirty look "I guess I could give your team a try. If the last few encounters are any indication you could use the girl power." okay she isn't modest about her abilities, at all.

"Oh yeah, we could definitely use your girl power," grins Jack, not helping her modesty and specifying her in particular. "And those politicians, just better to let some folks think the space aliens aren't real. I love me my 'Merica, but can you imagine some of those patriots out there knowing we have aliens, here on earth. It would be a cruscade and bad for space politics, y'know." His accent is more bland, being from Arizona, that his y'know doesn't have any mid-west/southern/etc draw on it.

Courtney lifts an arm flexing her muscles there, as a former athlete, cheerleading counts! she does have them, though not in body builder proportions. "True enough." the arm is dropped as she concedes that point "The last thing needed is people protesting those aliens. And of course those people that claim to have been abducted will try for reparations and what now." she begins to think for hard "Alien criminals…alien justice….hmmmms, I think I just found a niche I can fit myself into.

"Exactly," grins Jack, finding a niche, "It works, and not like you have to stop doing what you do down here, every bit helps. Think of it like a higher calling - without all the benefits." A chuckle, he gives in, cotton candy taking from another vendor with the same. "Vance just sort of assume, the invite to help us, sort of official, but not really. He'll keep asking you, I just felt better to really ask. They did that to me in space, floating me around until finally someone asked official like. More a motly band, that fights the bad guys, goes for drinks after. I think you'll like them the more you get to know them." Assuming she doesn't now.


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