(2014-07-31) Possessed by Space!
Possessed by Space!
Summary: Jack runs into Whitney who is possessed by Katheryn, space is brought up.
Date: (2014-07-31)
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Scene Runner: Mutual Consent - Social
Social/Plot: Socia

Its been a three days since the incident involving Red, White, and Blue. Jack is more curious about the injured girl and her disappearing friend. He didn't ask much about the one that disappeared or their relationship, he only know those guys were being a nuisance. Might of regretted having to go they way he did with them. Between the Lexi-Corp train and Metropolis, he's found himself avoiding his home port on Earth lately. Seems to be a shark problem down there, a few nice things in Gotham actually deserving his attention - yes, nice things in Gotham.

Today he finds himself at a trendy coffee joint in the Fashon District. With a sidewalk patio and all. Its open air gallery style, with a row of doors in the front, all opened. The crowds are mingled, between local artists and trendy busienss even. Jack blends in more than not, though he's wearing a 'Merica shirt, par for the course, and some grey-blue cargo shorts, with some Oasis shoes (limited edition skulls). He has a large ice coffee, not blended, mixed with milk probably close to a latte.

A beautiful Porsche convertible pulls up into a parking spot outside and the woman at the wheel pauses to check her face in the mirror, then talks to herself. "Okay…I know you're in there okay? Let's try to work together okay? I am dying for some coffee and something sweet. So let's not start flopping all over the place like at the salon okay?" She pauses for a moment, then climbs out and heads into the coffee joint. As she queues up in line she notices Jack and heads over to him. "Hey! Spaceman!" She offers a big smile, dressed in a micromini with skelton Hello Kitties, skull and crossbone thigh highs and towering leather platform boots with enough buckles for a small army. Her jewelery is knick knacky and in great abundance, with a lot of skulls to go with her general theme for the day. As usual, her blonde hair is wild and looks slept in and her makeup looks applied with a paintbrush.

Katheryn isn't feeling herself, hasn't felt herself for days, she's blacking out a lot, and when she's able to finally open her eyes? It feels like a dream filled with… usual life things. Like turning to lock a car she apparently owns, like looking down at herself in a tiny miniskirt! A Hello Kitty skirt! Whitney would find herself blushing rather hotly even as she greets the American loving man.

Turning at the call, Jack seems to live up to the idea of being a spaceman even, cause he turns to look at Whitney as if that was every day. A grin spreads even, taking her in for the moment, blushing and all even. The smile grows at the blush, turning up more at the right corner even. "Hello again, how's the," he lifts a hand to point where she had the cut from the last time he saw here. Skulls might not be for him, but that doesn't mean they can't be worn well and it would seem Whitney is wearing them well even. "My turn for the offer, can I get you a coffee?" He holds his up, like she doesn't know what coffee is.

Whitney reaches up to put a hand to her cheek, "Oh crap." She then blushes even more at her own blushing. "Um…yeah. Sure. Cappucino, one extra shot. And a blondie." She is sporting a bandaid on her forehead, which is where the whole Hello Kitty skull thing stared apparently. Of course, it is just a normal Hello Kitty bandage. She probably felt the need to toughen the look up with that cuteness up there. "My head is fine. Well, the cut. I guess there are some after effects, like blushing at random." She then pinches her arm.

"Coffee? I don't drink coffee. Tea please, erm, black…" Whitney of course, adds this as she pinches herself, looking rather confused after she does so. She looks at Jack, blinks once, "Why am I pinching myself, am I dreaming?"

It works, completely toughened up, besides can't go wrong with Hello Kitty. Jack smiles and brow furrows a little, watching the woman. Thinking she's blushing but trying to play it cool by not blushing, could work. Then it gets more curious with the pinching and the drink change. "Um, how about both, you can mix it up a little. Sometimes I get a soda and a shake when I get burgers," as if helping her play off the verbal confusion. He moves to help order those drinks, joining the line she was heading for, but pauses a little, "Dreaming? You sure you're okay." He looks at the bandage again.

"What? Tea? Wait…what the heck? Are you talking to me?" Whitney doesn't seem to be asking this questionf of Jack, "Hello?" Then she looks around and pulls out a cell phone, pretending that she's on a call. To Jack, she says, "My head is fine. I went to the doctor. I've got a clear bill of health. But I think I've got someone else inside my body. Wow. That sounds so cray cray when I say it to someone else. But trust me, I am totally not crazy. More than the normal amount."

For likely the first time today, there's no change to what Whitney does, it could be the one possessing Whitney gets totally absorbed by the thought she /might/ be possessing her!

"See, see, space ain't so crazy after all is it," says Jack grinning widely, cuase possession probably sounds as out there as when he mentioned space adventurs to Whitney. Then the smiling subsides as the seriousness dawn's on him after his initial gut reaction. "What, really. Like a, um, dead ancestor thing? You have to fulfil some quest or …?" There must be parameters to ghosts and such, not that he knows anything about this, but seeing as much as he has seen - no way he's writing it off, better to take it seriously. He eyes the phone, as he's looking at her, he can see the face shows whatever screen she has up, not the calling one.

"No. Not like a ghost. I think it is the girl I was having breakfast with. Kathy. She disappeared when those assholes were there. I think she literally disappeared, and now she's like…inside my body. I don't know how. Maybe she is a mutant or something."

"Have you asked her to leave?" Jack goes to the first obvious answer that isn't an obvious solution. Probably the first thing Whitney asked Katheryn when they ended up like they are now. They come up to the counter, "Cappucino with an extra shot, and, uh, black tea - unsweetened I think …." He still has his own drink in hand, but doesn't get to odd a look from the clerk. Then turns back to Whitney, "Or she too nervous to like just jump back out?"

"Asked her?" Whitney laughs, "I don't think I've formally asked her. No." Then, to her phone, "Hello Katheryn? Could you please exit my body? It is really freaking me out." There is no reply apparently and Whitney shrugs, "Nothing. I can tell she's still in there. I feel all…tingly. Amped up or somethin'. Like I'm high on caffeine." Speaking of amped up, she snatches at her blondie as soon as it is served up, and devours it like she hadn't eaten in forever.

Taking the tea, cause Katheryn might come too any moment and snatch it to drink cause she doesn't like coffee, Jack nods. Watching her eat quickly, he takes the moment to respond, "Ya, okay, not working, I see. Maybe we can find someone to talk to, like a specialist. Maybe some voodoo guy?" Forget she just said it wasn't like a ghost, but the girl from the other day, Jack's plucking at what he knows and this is well beyond his realm of knowledge it would seem. "Another blondie, then grab a table?" To sit down and talk more quietly so she can put the phone down.

Whitney nods to the extra blondie, then heads off to find a table. She slides her phone back into hiding as she slumps down, picking up the tea. "It is so confusing. I can't tell if I'm coming or going. I don't think she can either. This is a new experience for both of us." After a few sips of the tea, she sets that down and picks up the coffee instead, "And I don't know who would know about it. You know? It's not demonic possession, or ghosty possession. It's like I've got a roommate who doesn't talk much but who does mess with my things."

Jack gets the extra blondie and follows to the table, taking a seat directly across to support being conversational, he nods. "Uh, yeah, roommates - I once tried to do that with my brother, what a mess …" Then realizing its irrelevant, he leans forward onto the table some. "Actually, not sure either. I don't think I know many mutants, on Earth at least, who would know about that. I could ask Vance, his old ass might know something?" Its off handed, like speaking as he thinks that thought even. "Does she have any ideas on what to do?"

"Hey Katheryn? You got any ideas on how to get out of my body?" There's no answer, and Whitney shrugs, "That just now, that was the first time she's talked. Maybe next time she figures out how to do that, she can do more than order tea. Tea…who drinks hot tea?" The blond shakes her head, "So…yeah. Nothing so far, but I'm hoping we get it fixed sooner than later. Talking is a big step forward."

"Not me, not a fan of hot drinks in general," grins Jack, hence his iced coffee. "But she does I guess. Is she like British or something?" He doesn't recall her speaking much when he was around, she could be visiting or a migrant even. "I can't imagine how that would be, you have like a normal job and stuff, does that sort of mess up the day at work. You go check your e-mail, she wants to surf MLP sites or something?" Forget she just said Katheryn only just now talked, he's finding himself oddly more curious.

"She's Australian. So thank god I haven't been craving vegemite." She is back to sipping tea again, "Well, I'm sort of the boss at my work, so at least I don't have to worry about a lot of the problems someone else might. Luckily I haven't done any fittings in the last three days, cause I can stand being a bit akward and stuff normally, but not with someone I'm fitting. Fittings aren't ever easy. I don't want to make it any harder."

Chuckling at the vegemite comment, Jack nods. He's never tasted it, smelled it though, and not being Australian its not to his liking. At least he doesn't extend the jokes about things should could suddenly start doing as an Australian. "The boss, that's good then." That is being able to be awkward while at work without drawing much attention. "Maybe she could help somehow, like a second brain, to solve things." He's not following fittings most likely, could even be thinking like pipes.

She sees the look of confusion on her table companion's face, "Prosthetics." She reaches over to tap her right arm with a fingertip, "I make artificial limbs for people. The best around if you don't count when one of the super rich tech companies toss out one of their million dollar arms to someone as a publicity stunt. So far about all she's helped with was scrubbing while I was in the shower. I think she's even more confused by this than I am."

An 'ah' comprehension and nod passes over Jack at the prosthetics business. Following mostly about rich tech companies and charity, its probably apparent as a man, at his age, that the concept of scrubbing and two women sharing a body in the shower probably takes on more meaning for him. A slight smile, then he wipes that thought before he embarrasses himself. "Can I see," he ponders, indicating her arm but not trying to be rude at the same time. As an afterthought, he throws out, "She hasn't said what it was she did before - mind zotting you?"

Whitney shakes her head, "Not a problem." Then she leans forward, pulling her dress back to show off the smooth transition from false arm to real woman. "Have a look. Feel it if you want. I'm proud of my work." As she leans in, she smells faintly of pot smoke and patchoulli, maybe it's a perfume. "We hadn't got a chance to talk much before the three goons decided to ruin our day. So yeah, I've got no clue what dhe did/does for a living.Or how many people are missing her right now or what you know?"

Taking advantage of that, Jack does touch it. Not holding back, not worried something will break, he touches like he would touch any other person. Running fingers at the artificial arm, he nods, looking a the transition even, maybe having to feel the difference to be sure. "Ya, that's good work." He might be curious how she got into it even, but the issues is more the girl semi-possesing her. His hand still touching, he looks up, "I hadn't thought of that, what if she's run away from something - you're like the perfect hiding spot? They might come for you." Ya, space adventures, its not bad to think of paranoid conclusions sometimes.

The arm does a good job of feeling real, the texture is very close to real skin, and it is warm to the touch as well. Not quite body temp, but close. And for Whitney, it might as well be real. She turns with his touch, dragging her top to one side so he can see the straps. "Thanks. Been building my own arms since I was a kid." After a sip of tea that brings a grimace, she says, "Huh…you could be right. I mean, it would be hard to find a better hiding spot than inside someone else. And she gets to live a pretty good life inside me I gotta say."

"It shows," responds Jack, that she's had a lot of practice with prosthetics as she indicated. Not just her having the company as that's face value, she said it, he's not arguing, but feeling the arm, the transition, that really shows she's well practiced. "Is there a lot of mobility?" He says curiously, then offers over, "I was in a wheel chair for a long time, had my back snapped. It was space tech stuff." That repaired him. Then he considers that bad hiding spot but good living. "Maybe when she comes too again and talks, you can ask her. I'm sorry you two are stuck like that." Cause he is lost for an answer to help, then curiousity nabs at him again, "What happens if you're seeing someone, and she doesn't like them?" Not trying to pry into personal life, but sounds like a pickle to Jack.

"I've got full range of motion. A little more than normal really. I've had a prosthetic arm so long I'm not really bothered by it being a bit more flexible than my real arm." She contorts her arm about, then holds out her hand, showing him how nicely the fingers move. "Mine is better than what I normally make for my customers, but that's sort of a pricing thing more than anything else. If someone wants to pay for more, I can put in the extras like the heaters I have on mine." Seeing that her boob is nearly ready to fall out of her dress after all her tugging and pulling, she rearranges things to a safer position, "Wow. That's some nice space-tech. Recovered from a broken b ack? That's pretty amazing. Wish your space friends would come down and share that stuff."

Nibbling on her blondie she eyes the man across the table then laughs, "I don't know. Nothing like that has come up thank goodness. I'm really hoping this isn't a permanent change to my lifestyle you know? If it is…I dunno, we will have to work out hours or something. She gets to fool around with who she wants to on her time and I get to fool around with who I want to on my time."

He listens as she talks, watches the display of all the motion she is capable of, grinning as he is impressed. Jack probably also considers more benefits from such an arm, added strength, or hiding things like guns or something, but then, space could make that necessary sometimes. Smiling to match her laugh, glad she took it that way, "Have to like hang a sock on the door, so those someones know when to come over and get the right person even." Chuckling then shaking his head, "Ya, they should share that stuff, just, I don't think they can, space laws and such. I mean, in Metropolis a little, cause its allowed there. Funny its not the entire country, or the all Earth even." That's a thought that hadn't occured to him, by the way he scratches his chin, he's now giving it real consideration.

Whitney shudders, "Wow. That will be so weird. Would be. Hopefully not will be. I mean, it would only be fair to give her time to live a life if she's stuck inside me all the time. But how weird would it be to be a spectator in sex? Except not even a spectator, cause it is still my body." She gives another dramatic shake of the shoulders, "Eww. I've heard there are laws about that kind of stuff. Space laws. Like the Prime Directive in Star Trek. Space guys aren't allowed to mess with us until we are a true space worthy planet. Which isn't going to happen anytime soon I guess."

"Or someone that doesn't mind two people in there," says Jack, but that doesn't account for any potential jealousy cause he can't speak for either's preference in that department and doesn't assume one ay or another. "Maybe someone with multiple personalities …" Then he drops that, best not to think that way even from his outside perspective. "That's probably what it is, prime directive stuff. Though, you might be surprised how many of us go up there, or are capable at least. I don't get it all, then again, I can't imagine if I went back to Arizona and instead of getting a burger and fries at the local joint, that I ended up eating weird alien food. Might be good things to not sharing space stuff too.:

"Huh? Oh…you are talking about it from your point of view? Like…I guess for full disclosure you'd have to let people know. Hello, before we get naked, I need to let you know that my body is inhabited by another person. Katheryn will be enjoying all the things we will be doing today. She is strictly a spectator and not into you in that way." The thought of it makes Whitney laugh a bit nervously, "Okay…too weird maybe even for me. Maybe. But yeah, I don't know. I'd love to try some alien burgers. Just once at least. Space..That's so cool. You've been on spaceships right?"

He's chuckling the same, because to make that situation really work on the long run, that could actually be necessary. Yet, instead of dwelling on how bad it could be, better to poke some fun at it just a little. "Ya, weird to a complete stranger," he agrees. "Ya, but the ones I've been on were all created in space. Not like I've been on a space shuttle or something from NASA. We currently have a sort of round once, I guess like the Milennium Falcon, less guns maybe. Not mine, otherwise I'd offer a quick ride around up there." Taking a quick drink he ponders that, "You know, there might be a guy in Metropolis, serves a few resident aliens and stuff, he might throw one together, if you want I could look into that - then presto chango, space burgers. Or is it different eating a space burger on earth?"

"Fuck. I'd give my left leg to get my ass into space. Are you kidding me? I'm a tech geek. A science ficition nut. I'm practically wetting my pants over here just talking to you with a wild outside chance of getting into orbit." She pulls both feet up into her seat, perching like a bird, her rump resting on her heels. Maybe not the best choice of seating arrangements given her current choice of attire, "You make it sound all casual. Yeah, I'm from Arizona and oh yeah, I fly across the universe with some buds, fighting crime on Alpha Centauri and whatnot. So did you catch that Laker's game?" She apparently is doing a 'Jack' voice at that point and is no Rich Little.

Grinning at the voice she uses, he gets a kick out of it and his nonchalant attitude as portrayed by here. No comments on seating arrangements, while being a warm blooded young male, there is a table preventing him from looking and pondering even, perhaps a good thing for the conversation in general. "Okay, its cool, but its not Earth - you know, whatever sport you like, fall, holidays, freedom. Its all people trying to kill you cause you're trying to protect the little guys and their freedoms." He's not quite the tech geek, but he ponders that. "Tell you what, I can't guarantee any ride in space, cause shit is dangerous, but maybe we can figure out how to get you up there. It'll take some coerhsion cause you know, Vance is gonna think I'm trying to get in your pants or something and that's the only reason. Maybe that stuff you know about prosthetics, you actually know a lot more about electronics and stuff?" As if testing those waters, just in case now.

Whitney perches on her chair, hugging her knees. "You aren't seriously telling me that there is a chance you could smuggle me into space? Cause if you're joking it isn't funny, because I am seriously having to fight off urges to break into begging and pleading over here. You don't want to see me beg. It isn't pretty." She laughs excitedly, face all lit up with her enthusiasm, "I am sort of a tech prodigy dude. Seriously. I'm going to be Doctor Pratt. Prosthetics are my life, but here…hold up." She reaches up and quickly unstraps her arm. Which some folks would find rather squicky. She's got a death's head wrap on her stump, so at least that is hidden away. With her one good hand she opens a seam on the arm and reveals the very complicated workings of her arm, "The electronics and software are really what seperate my stuff from others. It works better as an arm because it is smart. It learns how you want to use it. Learns to make you a better 'pilot' of the arm. All mine. My patents. Anyone can put together some joints and slap a plastic case on it. Not everyone can do this kind of learning tech."

Nodding as he listens, Jack gets a bigger smile as she talks, even looking at what she's showing him. "See, I was sort of hoping you might say that. See, the prosthetic business is good and all, but we're not into revenue and growth profits. But that, learning tech that adapts and all that." Clearly evident this isn't his cup of tea actually, he has no clue how the lights work probably aside from the switch on the wall … well, understatement, he probably does, but its like talking about the circuit breaker with Tony Stark going off into quantim physics or something. "Maybe you could spruce up the ship, make it better for us. I imagine that would come with test flight and getting you up there, even without putting you into the cargo hold. Even if you wouldn't mind, its probably better when you can look out the windows."

Whitney closes her arm back up then gets it strapped back on, making a difficult task seem easy. Once she's got it secured to her body again, she says, "I don't know what I could do to fix up an honest to god built by aliens spaceship, but I'll do anything you need. I'll clean toilets or scrub the decks or wash the windows. We are talking about space here man! Damn!" She bubbles over enthusiastically and drags out her phone, "You want my number? Cause I can start whenever you like on whatever you like."

Reaching into the cargo pocket of his shorts, Jack pulls out his own phone, "Sure, I'll take it." Holding it out, they could pass or she can just say and his thumbs will do the magic, whatever works. "No no, no cleaning toilets. I'd feel stupid even asking someone to do that. Don't be so surprised, Vance fidgets with that crap all the time, hasn't blown us up or anything. I'll have to ask, its more his show on earth here, he might think its his baby … the ship. But hell, if you want to see space that bad, I'll see what we can figure out for you. Dream come true and all that, right?"

Whitney does the number exchange thing, then slides her phone away. "Look, if it gets me into space, then I'd be so happy cleaning a toilet you wouldn't believe." She climbs down from her perch, "Wow. Talk about making me forget about the whole possessed by a teenager thing. Better than a cup of coffee for waking me up that's for sure!" She then drains the last of her coffee, "Talk to this Vance guy. I am so totally stoked. I'll sendalong my resume or whatever."

"Sure thing, I'll ask him, hopefully he's up to it," grins Jack. "And its an honest offer, ya. You're cute, I've pondered … but this isn't some big pick-up scheme. Real deal, honest." A chuckle at that, who knows, playing it safe. "And hopefully that posssessed by a teenager sort of works out for you somehow. I mean, I'm not jealous, only wish I could actually help in that regard." He finishes his cup too, things to really do it would seem himself.

Whitney laughs and stands up, "Okay. Thanks. Thanks Jack." She gives him a peck on the cheek, "Really. You've made my day if not more. Don't worry about me and Katheryn. I'm sure we will work this out soooner than later. I have faith." Then she hitches a thumb at the door, "I got to motorvate though. No fittings, but I do have a pair of legs I have to put together."

"You'll have to show me someday," grins Jack, nodding to the door, "You're place, I'd like to see that." Working at the prosthetics place that is. "Glad to make your day, actually, take care Whitney."

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