(2014-07-30) Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather
Summary: Hawkgirl meets Black Canary. No feathers were lost.
Date: 2014-07-30
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It's evening in Gotham. Of course, it's ALWAYS evening in Gotham. Shayera is back in town, following another string of MetroTech thefts. The trail leads to an alley in Coventry as she beats up a group of thugs looking to delivery the piece to someone. She currently has the only conscious thug held up against the wall as she asks him. "WHERE were you taking it? WHo were you supposed to deliver too?!" The man, barely breathing, spits out a curse and an oath to not say a word. Hawkgirl reaches to her back and pulls out her mace…

The winged vigilante isn't the only one patrolling in Coventry tonight. As she raises the mace, the rumble of a motorcycle engine approaches and a headlight sweeps into the alley. The headlight stops as the bike is parked, and booted footsteps approach. "Hold on there, sister." a female voice calls out. "He can't really talk after you've splattered his brains across the alley, now can he?"

Hawkgirl turns to the noise, but adds more pressure to the hold before the man can think he can slip away. She looks to the human female in the… interesting outfit. "You Gotham folk sure have a thing for your outfits, even for human standards." She says as she hits a button on the mace. "I'm not brain-splattering." The mace becomes infused with electricity which is then jammed into the man's side, making him writhe with pain as he drops to the ground. "A little "female persuasion", I think you call it here." She says, as she waits for the waves of pain to subside from the subject. "How about now?" She asks the man, as she bends over his prone form. The man just mutters to himself and points in a direction.

Canary's boots scuff softly as she approaches, all black leather and fishnets… complete with mask. "More subtle than my methods." she replies, nodding in agreement as she steps out of the headlight's beacon. "Personally, I would've just hit him. A lot." Her gaze shifts to the wings, then back to the heroine. "I'm the Black Canary. You got a name to go with the wings?"

Hawkgirl grumbles. At least it's a direction. She punches the man, knocking him out like the rest of his cronies. She rises to her feet and nods to the blonde. "Ca…" She thinks back to the knowledge that she's acquired. "An earth avian." She walks around the woman, making no disguise of checking her out completely. "Yet you have no wings of your own." She stops, standing in front of her. "I am Sha.." Sh stops, remembering her conversation with Huntress. "I am called Hawkgirl here." She says. "Please forgive me if I'm hunting on your grounds. I thought perhaps I would come across th other Gotham protector named Huntress."

Canary shakes her head, mouth curling into a wry smile at the mention of Huntress. "Huntress and I work together, actually." Okay, so it's more like Canary tries to keep Huntress' body count down. "Nice to meet you, Hawkgirl. And the Canary name comes from my voice, not my wings." Does she mind being checked out? Not from the way she half-turns to help with the scrutiny. "If you're okay with her, then you're okay with me."

Hawkgirl nods. "She'd helped me retrieve some of this tech from a prior robbery. Some of the more organized criminals from Gotham are hell-bent on stealing some of the Brainiac tech from Metropolis, hoping to find a way to get it to work for their purposes. I need to continually come down to.. prevent such an occurrence." She says and looks to the bike. "I hope I did not interrupt your evening routine. I will alert the constabulary and have them gather up these men cleanly. That is, after you've left, so that you are not implicated as well." She says, folding her arms in front of her chest.

Dinah purses her lips at that, nodding slowly. "Yeah, I'm aware of that." she replies. "Hadn't heard that Brainiac tech was involved, though." And from her expression she's not happy about it either. "Constabulary? Oh, the GCPD is pretty good at cleaning up messes, so not to worry. But I do prefer to keep my distance." She squints through the mask, leaning in a bit closer but not reaching out with her gloved hands. "Sorry for being so bold, but are those -real- wings? Attached and all?"

Hawkgirl nods at the mention of the police. "I've noticed a strong dissension between the police and the costumed folk, despite the fact that they share a common goal." At the question of her wings, she smirks and raises an amused brow at the same time. "Brazen. I like that. No one's come close enough to ask." She says before she turns around and exposes her back, showing where the exposed shoulderblades connect with the wings. The redhead looks back to Dinah. "They're all real. One hundred percent Thanagarian. If you haven't noticed, I'm not native to your planet."

Canary tilts her head, half-grinning at the description of the police. "It's not so much the goal as the difference over methods." she replies. "Police aren't allowed to hit people during interrogations, for starters. We're a bit more… free with that." When the winged girl's back is offered, Dinah isn't shy about stepping closer to examine where the wings connect to shoulderblades. She doesn't touch them, however, but the curiosity in her eyes runs pretty deep. "Yeah, I sort of figured you're not from around here. You lost, or what?"

Hawkgirl shrugs and slowly turns around, making sure not to hit the woman with the wings. "Something like that. I can't really get into it right now." She hears sirens. "Hmm.. Looks like someone else decided to inform the authorities. We might wish to vacate." She looks up. "Can you get to a rooftop?" She begins to flutter her wings and hovers above the ground. "Or we could continue this conversation at another time."

Dinah nods slowly to that, watching as the winged girl turns. Hearing the sirens, she looks over to where her bike is parked. And when she turns back, Hawkgirl is hovering. She grins. "I'll be fine. And that is really *cool*, by the way. I don't have a Bat-signal or anything, but stop by Sherwood Florist sometime and we'll talk some more." So much for secret identities. "And feel free to call me Dinah."

Hawkgirl blushes and nods. "I'll try not to destroy your business, then, Dinah." She nods. "And I am Shayera." She says, before taking off.

Dinah nods to that. "Shayera, then." She turns towards the bike and sprints towards it. Swinging a leg over, the starter chirps and she twists the throttle, spinning the bike around with a squeal. Popping the brake loose, she roars down the alley and away from the sirens.

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