(2014-07-29) That's Hot
That's Hot
Summary: Jack visits Dinah at the Floral shop, something hot happens
Date: (2014-07-29)
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-==[ Sherwood Florist — Coventry ]==-------

Sherwood Florist is arranged like most small flower shops, but with some definite homey touches. A small brass bell jingles when the door opens, drawing the eye to a counter across the room that doubles as checkout counter and work table. The cash register is electric, and probably the most advanced technical device in the place. Colorful displays are along either side, interspersed between catalogs showing arrangements for any occasion. The fragrance in the place is sweet, with occasional exotic surprises. Along the back wall to the left are several tall refrigerators with sliding glass doors for fragile flowers. A door leads to the back room and upstairs to an apartment.

It's a pretty slow morning in Coventry, but Sherwood Florist is open. It's a pretty slow morning for the blonde proprietor as well, apparently after a late night. Dinah is cradling a mug of coffee protectively in both hands, sitting at the counter and doing her morning inventory review.

In enters an early morning customer. No holiday's coming up either, maybe anniversary, funeral, something. However, it could be neither and none. Jack Harrison enters the establishment, perhaps setting off door buzzer/bell/chime. Wearing cargo shorts and Affliction American Top Team t-shirt as well, his feet are graced with socks and white shoes, nothing too much there. Looking around he calls out, “I could use some flower assistance …”

There's a merry little bell that jingles when he opens the door, and Dinah manages not to wince when it rings. Hearing the familiar voice, she's already smiling as she turns towards him however. "Morning, Jack." she offers, tilting her head a bit coyly. "I'll bet a big, strapping guy like you is looking to buy flowers for a lady, hmm?"

The right corner of his mouth cocks at her voice, going full grin when she indicates the big guy like him looking to buy for a lady. He moves further into the store near where she is sitting at the counter. "Ya, you seem like you know what you're going," he picks up on the tease, "This one is a special lady though, I want to let her know I like her, but not like super serious scare away liking, but there is potential, and that I think she's a looker. Do you have those types of flowers here?"

Dinah returns the grin, then quickly checks most of it. Nodding sagely at his description of his needs, she sips her coffee and pretends to pay close attention. "Hmm. That's a tough one, I think. How to let her know you're interested without coming across as creepy or stalker-like." She steps slowly around the counter, boot heels scraping a bit with every step. "Well roses are too serious, for starters. Especially red ones. I'd suggest maybe a nice, summer bouquet. Something with lots of color."

Good thing she said to avoid red, not that he would necessarily gravitate that way, but good pointer nonetheless. Jack, though, seems more focused on her walking around and the boot heels. "Lots of color, hmm," he ponders as she suggests that. Seeing some daisies nearby, he ponders, "What about those white ones with like, color splashed around them? Maybe some blue things, like those." Bluebells. "Is there some way to put those in a summer bouquet?" He ponders, of course there are probably some prepared even, if he would look more at the displays that is.

Dinah looks over at the daisies, then the bluebells, and she raises a hand. "Daisies work, yes, with a few bluebells. But too much blue overwhelms. Let's start there, and see what else we can come up with." Setting the mug down, she works quickly. Daisies, a few bluebells, and then she adds other colors in between. A couple of pink carnations, some interesting peach-colored blooms, a splash or three of baby's breath, and a few others to round out the rainbow. "There we are."

Watching her work, Jack doesn't miss how much she is in her element here. Its her business, certainly, but its well suited. "Ya, that's great, all from a quick idea and a few choice flowers … that's pretty amazing how quick it came together." Moving closer to admire it on display for the moment, "Does it come with like a ribbon or something, and some of that tissue paper stuff?" As if checking on protocol for this, and probably to get the inside scoop on what is the best choice.

Dinah smiles up at him, making a few finishing touches to the arrangement. "I can add whatever you want, actually. A ribbon to match her eyes, perhaps?" Blonde brows arch and she pulls out a length of ribbon from a spool. Bright blue, like her eyes. "But for something like this, I'd suggest a vase. And since you're such a good customer, I'll throw it in for free. That way the lady will have something for you to keep filled." Wink.

"Well," grins Jack at the offer and suggestion, "I think you have yourself a deal." Digging out a wallet to pay for it even, seems he works in cash not cards. "Keeping if filled, I like that - then, if I keep showing up with flowers, won't be too weird cause its just refilling the vase. I like your thinking ma'am. Good thing I found your place here." Smiling just the same.

"And I like a man who knows how to take care of a lady." she replies, setting the arrangement carefully into a vase. The blonde ties the ribbon into a large, artful bow around the vase as he fishes through his wallet. A little adjustment, and then she tells him the price. And it's a good one. "Cash is always good. No outer-space money today?" she quips, opening the register.

"None what-so-ever, all US greens," he says, handing it over, finishing up the transaction. When its complete and Jack holds the vase in hand, even if briefly, he drops the costumer schtick. Just hints of the smile as it won't fade, he offers the vase back over to her, "Dinah, I got a little something for you, was wondering if you wouldn't mind a little worktime interruption?"

Dinah puts the bills away and hands his change over, along with a neat little paper receipt. Cocking her hip, she leans against the counter and laughs softly when he offers the vase back. "Really? For me?" she teases. "You really shouldn't have, Jack, but they're perfect. Thanks." Raising up onto tiptoe, she reaches out to cup a hand behind his neck and either pull herself up or pull him in closer. Either way, she'll whisper against his cheek. "And for the record, I don't scare easily."

Readily pulled closer, even as she pulls up, Jack closes the distance to hear what she has to say. A smile crossing his lips even more so, "You know, I think I like that record." As much as he would like her whispering near his cheek too, he pulls back enough to look more directly at her. "And nice choice on the ribbon, it does match your eyes, the ribbon doesn't compare, but it matches."

Dinah hooks an arm more fully behind his neck, and she half-clings to him. Faces inches apart, she offers a warm smile at his compliment and presses her free palm to his cheek. Yes, he's a charmer, and yes, every warning alarm is going off in the back of her head right now. Not that she'll listen, of course. Why start now? "You, sir, could become habit-forming." she declares, lightly tapping his nose.

"I'd say like a bad habit," returns Jack, going with the teasing manner they are addressing each other, "But that would be a lie." He doesn't see himself that way and part of his own little compass says he shouldn't joke about it either. "Good news, I come without the side affects, you know poor health, bad teeth." Okay, maybe a little joking. His arms join her, it would seem, slipping about her frame without second thought, encouraged by the closeness and her forwardness even.

Dinah's arm tightens around his neck and with a shift of her hips she pulls herself up onto the edge of the counter, closing the distance between them. "Believe me when I say I've known a whole lot worse, Jack." she replies. "So tell me more about this proposed worktime interruption? We're really not very busy this morning…"

Certainly not opposed to the slight transition with her on the counter, Jack follows as his arms don't leave her when she does shift and hop up. "That's good," he says, about knowing worse, or at least realizing he's not one of those 'worse' she is thinking of. "It wasn't very well thought it. More, come see if I could find you, see if you had some time, see what came up." His fingers fall a little, if she has back pockets, that might be a good place for them to end up as if a natural draw and fit even.

Dinah's jeans do have back pockets, the fit not too snug for him to slip his hands inside if he wanted to try. And from the way she's smiling, it doesn't look like she'd resist very much. Feeling his hands shift, the little blonde raises her legs high and swings them over to his side of the counter. "Well you've succeeded in finding me, and it looks like I have some time." she replies. "I could flip the 'closed' sign over if you wanna come up for a cup of coffee or something."

With her over the counter and his fingers checking the snuggness of pockets, Jack gives a look back to the door. "You had me at having some time," he grins as he brings his eyes back to her. "But the coffee really won me over." A playful turn at the corner of his mouth again. "Lets take advantage of that free time then." He'll back up so she has room to put her feet down, even giver her a lift if she isn't opposed to him holding her at the waist to set her gently on the floor.

Dinah certainly doesn't resist the help down, even though he's pretty sure she doesn't need it. Smiling up at him, the hand slips from his shoulder to trail lightly along his chest as she saunters towards the door. Flipping over the sign to 'closed', she grabs his hand as she passes to lead him towards the back. "My place is upstairs." she offers. "It's not much, but the commute really makes up for it."

-==[ Upstairs - Sherwood Florist — Coventry ]==------

The loft apartment is a technically larger than a 'studio', although it's certainly an open concept layout. The large sitting room has one wall that is mostly windows, floor to ceiling. A sofa with a pull-out bed and a couple of plush chairs are the main furnishings, with a small dining table and chairs off to one side. An entertainment console holds a small television and a VCR, although there's a new-looking DVD player as well. There's an efficiency kitchen off to the right and a sleeping area is partitioned off by oriental folding screens. Potted plants are everywhere, adding color and vibrancy to the room.

Taken by the hand, Jack nods going up the stairs. "Ya, I wouldn't complain about it," the commute that is. Seeing it open, the large open space, he takes it in, more the plants than anything else. "This is a great place, I love the plants." Spoken like someone who frequently leaves earth while missing it just the same. With his hand in hers, he follows wherever she goes even. "I might have to actually get some tips." On keeping plants that is.

Dinah leads the way up, boot heels scuffing softly on every step. Reaching the apartment, she leads him over to the sofa and releases his hand. "Lemme make you a cup." she offers, already heading towards the kitchen. "I just bought one of those fancy little one-cup jobbers. Handy since it's just me. Well me and a houseguest."

Pausing as she heads to the kitchen, Jacks eyes trail as he lowers himself to the sofa to get comfortable. Its not full back like he's familiar with the environment, but its not edge of the seat sitting either. "You're in luck then, this houseguest only needs a cup." Versus a pot, he drinks, but not addiction level. "I thought about getting one of those myself, but I think it means I need to actually go to the store first too." As if, he's never found himself close enough to just pick it up on a whim just yet.

Dinah fills the gadget with water, slips the packet in, and pushes the button. All very carefully, as if she's still not sure about it. "Well I'm not what you'd call techno-savvy, myself, but this is something that even *I* can manage." Watching while the machine hisses and then starts to drip coffee into the cup, she leans against the counter and turns back towards him. "I picked up a homeless girl recently, and she's been staying with me. Cassie. She doesn't say much, but she doesn't make much of a mess either."

Ah, a real houseguest, he realizes. Jack doesn't lose his smile though, actually a bit of charm in taking the other girl in even. He would probably do the same if someone needed a place. Her cuteness, her teasing, all her charm, and that reveals more of her character to him it would seem. "Ya, that's the sort of thing I need," for the less tech-savvy. Turning to regard her, he leans back more and crosses a leg over the other, so he can put an arm on the back of the sofa as he looks at her. "That's good, with your guest there. She need some work, or you giving her odd jobs around the shop downstairs?" Just conversationaly, he has no jobs to offer.

Dinah just shrugs, and runs a second mug through the machine for herself. Returning with both, she casually perches her butt on his crossed legs before offering him one. "She sort of comes and goes as she pleases for right now, but we're working on her English. I hope to put her to work downstairs eventually." Taking a sip, she adds. "Sorry. I should've asked whether you want cream or sugar."

As if the crossed legs is a good perch even, Jack gives a hand over her lap to hold his mug, the other going behind her, seeking a pocket once more. "Black is fine, besides don't all those little coffee packs already have flavor." Maybe the ones he scene were already flavored versus standard coffee packets for the machine. Regardless he takes a sip, "Well, you make a mean cup, I'll give you that." Hey, putting the packet in and pushing the button in counts for a lot, she had to lift hands and actually move.

This particular coffee pack is French Vanilla, and from the smell she likes that one as well. Chuckling softly, she wiggles her hips to ease a bit closer when his arm slips behind her back. "Yeah, this is probably the hardest thing I do all day." she quips back, offering him a grin. Gazing up at him, she sips thoughtfully for a moment and then offers out of the blue. "Thanks for coming by today, Jack."

Close to nestling, Jack turns to look down at her when she offers the thanks. "Thanks for saying I could come over," he returns, honesty in his eyes. Certainly more forward than he would ever try to be, something in her seems to bring it out of him more. "I like to think I honor my word. Say what I mean sort of a deal," he says, putting that out there for her. "Besides, it take a real fool to not want to be here right now … with you." His voice seems to have lowered in his honest, his coffee while good is forgotten as he's looking down into her eyes.

Dinah gazes up into his eyes, wetting her lips and lowering her own cup as well. "I could tell that about you, Jack. That you're a man of your word, I mean. Right when you grabbed that purse-snatcher, I could tell. Not everybody would've helped like that." He'd feel her tense where she sits upon his leg, weight shifting to lean in. Stretching upward just enough to brush his lips with her own. Light. Tentative. Almost hesitant.

It could be right time right place, Jack would probably deny it, saying anyone in his shoes would of done the same. Being in the realm of going from normal to meta, he was there, did do it while unpowered. Though, more glad she was forward in noticing it, he is lost as she shifts, tenses and leans in. His head canters enough to the side to accomodate her lips moving up to brush against his. There is a moment he simply lets that happen, feeling her hesitant light brush on his. Eyes closing slightly when she does, he gives that moment for her to brush his then his come forward, to her bottom lip, giving a nip with his own, a hint of a suck. She was forward and his return to suggest it is more than welcome, wanted.

She may have been tentative at first, but the nip and the suckle is all the encouragement Dinah needs. Her arm slips around behind his neck, pulling herself closer and pressing the kiss more firmly. Press and suckle, a warm sigh spills over his cheek as she shivers against him. Her tongue is warm from the coffee as she shares the taste of French Vanilla with him, plunging and circling and exploring.

His lips part, welcoming her exploration, sucking at her offered tongue to get that flavor right off her. Even fresh in his own mouth, he takes what she offers with a growing hunger. The hand from her lap leaves, over the side, until it finds some place to put the mug down. Then fingers return, starting at her boots as he cradles here in his lap, but moving up slowly. The other leg shifts lightly, slipping out the one crossed over to settle on the ground. That hand moving up leg and calf gives pause at the end of the boot. Either seeing if it has a zipper, or going to her heel, to start taking it off, as if he wants to touch her flesh.

Dinah is concentrating on the kiss, for her part. Lips press and brush together, tongues dancing as she wriggles eagerly upon his lap. She raises her foot as his hand explores down the length of her boot, hips rocking and breathing becoming faster. Then the kiss breaks with a sudden hiss, the blonde going tense. "Shit! Coffee spill." And yes indeed, she's sloshed hot coffee from her mug onto the thigh where it's soaked through her jeans.

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