(2014-07-25) In the Details
In the Details
Summary: Blackout is curious about Hawkgirl's origins and motivations.
Date: IC Date (2014-07-25)
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01:36 PM
Logfile from Blackout.

-==[ Rooftop - RAMCO - Eastern Metropolis ]==-----——

This rooftop has many of the standard modern city rooftop attributes. Such as, a damage resistant base, two foot raised edge, various mechanical devices, roof access from below, window washing access, and an incredible view of the city and bay or rivers all around.

Back in Metropolis, Blackout finds himself standing atop the RAMCO skyscraper overlooking the seaport and bay to the east. It is just after dusk and the skies are waxing purple. Presently he wears his black darkforce padded armor and full mask. On the white, near reflective, rooftop, he is the very obvious black spot. His eyes, behind the mask, scan the horizon.

Hawkgirl swoops in, her wings making a telltale announcement of her arrival. She sees the man on the rooftop and makes a landing, approaching the man. "You're in my city again. Shall I expect the same reception as last time?" She says coldly as she crosses her arms in front of her chest.

Turning from the view of the impending darkness of the east and to the light that is her eyes, Blackout takes note of Hawkgirl's presence and presented query. The mask flows off of his face and he begins to answer with the hint of a smile, "Not this time. In fact, this is more of a social call. I thought maybe you would be out patrolling and we'd run into one another."

Hawkgirl tilts her head. "Exactly. So this is work. What is it that you need in this "social call"?" She asks, matter of factly. "You're not on some authorized SHIELD mission? Not that you could tell me if you were…"

"I have down time." he states as he takes a few steps to close the gap between them down to a few feet. "I thought maybe we could catch up and you could tell me a little more about yourself and where you're from."

Hawkgirl blinks slowly, trying to understand. "I'm glad that you have downtime. I, however, do not. I have a planet to protect and defenses to put in place." She shakes her head. "I do not know why you continue to waste your time." She flaps her wings and hovers. "Find an Earth woman with this "downtime" and the penchant for procreation. It will be easier for you in the long run."

Slightly amused, Blackout states, "Hang on there, Feathers; I'm not hitting on you this time. I'm actually more curious about what you were talking about the other day. You know, Ming the Merciless wanting to take over or destroy Earth. You just happen to be in the middle of the story - which to be honest does make it more interesting."

Hawkgirl grumbles and lands. "Forgive my harshness. This human behavior is odd to me and seems to be popular. You have not been the first nor the last to suggest….such." She swallows nervously. "At this point it is almost an automatic response from me." She nods and makes her way back over. "You do deserve to hear the entire story, though I'm not sure exactly how much more there is to tell."

"Details, it's all in the details." notes Blackout as he gestures to his right. There, a darkforce table and two comfortable chairs form from nothing. He reaches into a small portal and pulls out a pitcher of lemonaide and two glasses which are placed upon the table. He begins to pour. He continues, "First, is Ming like you? Meaning, is there only one dominant species on your planet? What powers does he have and how did he ever convince you to work for him?"

Hawkgirl blinks and takes a seat but waves off any refreshments. "Ming is a humanoid. More like you than me. He's a powerful man, but I don't know if he wields any real power other than the fear he has of other people. Mongo is technologically advanced since he acquires everything from conquered planets before destroying them." She peers at the man for even suggesting that she's in league with him. "He did not "convince" me! I was born a slave. When I came of age, I was to be sent either to the brothels or the military." She gruffs. "I just happened to be better than they expected…"

Taking a seat after her, Blackout will have finished pouring the lemonaide and sets the pitcher down on the table to the side. His eyes tell the tale of his imagination going wild with what she stated and how his male mind translated it. However, instead of commenting on it in the light with which he visualizes, he states, "I have no doubt." and leaves it open for translation if she chooses. Otherwise, he allows her to continue down the vein with which she chooses to reveal.

Hawkgirl peers at the man. "I had joined the military. I quickly rose through the ranks, and I was chosen to infiltrate the planet here and prepare it for Mongo's eventual arrival. Ming invades and destroys planets, enslaving it's people and making them part of the Mongo population." She shrugs. "He plans to invade and enslave those few humans he allows to live once he arrives."

"How much research has Ming actually done into this planet's demographics? Is his army more powerful than the metahumans that occupy the planet's every corner? Or perhaps is his information outdated by 4 or more years when we weren't populated by metahumans?"

Hawkgirl shrugs. "I'm not the master planner, only the drone that was sent here. "I keep sending him erroneous data, hoping that it will deter him. I spoke of whole armies filled with powerful natives. Perhaps this will all be avoided without actually causing bloodshed." She sits, folding her winds in towards her back.

A cooler crosswind picks up and threatens to ruffle feathers. With a raise of Blackout's right hand, a partially perforated darkforce wall is erected in the path of the wind. The perforations allowing a soft breeze to cool them.

He questions, "And not to sound like an interrogator, because that is far from what I am doing - What motivated you to help us? I understand that you were a slave, joined the military, but why change factions?"

Hawkgirl shrugs. "Well, this is beginning to sound like an interrogation, but I can understand the need for the information. At this point you cannot really trust me if I switch alliances so easily." She stands, nervously. "I never wished to enforce Ming's will in the first place. When i arrived, it was a pleasant sight to see various people living together in freedom. It's not peace and harmony, since there's still need to prevent crime, however there is still the freedom.. and the hope that humans have is something I would like to experience some day."

Seeing her stand and interpreting it as she's anxious once again, he says, "Freedom." and gives pause for a second more, "That's a big word with a ton of laterality. We, as a nation, celebrate freedom on a daily basis and yet we still have no clue what it actually means. Whereas you; you were a slave to the state, someone bound in chains and held captive unable to spread those beautiful wings without permission from your master. You can actually embrace our freedoms and know the consequence of its loss. That quality is one of the many that makes you so alluring to many of us whom you suggest comes across as overtly flirtatious." He segues into a summary of her recent past, "Your words to SWORD did not fall upon deaf ears and I'm sure they're already taking steps to repel any potential invasion just as Brainiac was evicted, so shall Ming be. And then you can take your freedom in hand and soar among the clouds without fear of such an oppressive return."

Hawkgirl nods awkwardly. "Thank you for understanding, but I should go." She says.. "I should not spend so much time idle."

Blackout ponders her condition as she makes her escape. He doesn't try to hinder her any further, instead he nods and says, "Have a good evening."

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