(2014-07-25) Go In to Get Out
Go In To Get Out
Summary: Vance, Stargirl, and Jack get captured in order to help the rest of the Guardians escape galactic prison
Date: 2014-07-25
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NPCs: Guardians 1-6 (un-named for potential future members/apps/etc)
Scene Runner: Jack Flag
Social/Plot: Plot

Things seemed to be in place. Jimmy the Slugg knew where the prison planet was, though it was extra secure. Jimmy also knew a guy that knew another and they managed to get security clearance codes thanks to Vance's face work. They had a bunch of great plans to sneak in and slip out, but the one they went with - get caught, break out from the inside with the codes they acquired. Getting in was the easy part and not in a sarcastic way for the Guardians. Slip into a bar, raise some rabble, go quietly with the authorities.

Finally, they’re in the jumpsuits issued by the prison. While there are several separate cell blocks, they do meet daily for routine exercise which involves lots of rock mining oddly enough. So they can probably formulate a plan in a day or two to have a ‘go’ night where they use the codes to quickly assemble and make for a break away. The security is a mix of powerful robots (figures) and some heavy guards, laser guns, armor, that sort of thing. There are several towers around the prison compound with large laser mortar guns things, then there is the planet itself monitored by satellite and probably drone ships on patrol with a group ready to launch and pursue. Most likely ‘the ship’ is parked on a moon and the escape plan involves getting out of prison, over to a prison chaser ship, and subsequently escape to their ship and jump back to earth – or drop off Guardians where they need to be.

Thus, it is go night, they’ve managed to gather with the six captured guardians, making a total of nine. This is the easy part, inside with the cells, the plan then is to start busting through security checkpoints, unless someone comes up with a better plan. So they are there in the dark, Vance, Stargirl, Jack and Guardians 1-6, a patrol has walked through and won’t be back for an hour. They can see the light of the 1st security checkpoint. While getting a few pssts (heh, let me out, I can help), Jack says, “Okay, I knock a whole, everyone follows through, I break walls until we’re out?” There is a sense of urgency as the other locked up prisoners are calling and will probably get louder, alerting the patrol to return.

When she agreed to come into space and help the two space cowboys break thier friends out of prison, this is not what she imagined. She pictured it more like some Star Wars scene where a little laser fire is exchanged and then they hyperspace away with the prison guards cursing their escape. Breaking up rocks with a pick ax and fending off predators, so far successfully despite being bereft of her belt and staff, not what she signed up for.

When the night came for the break out Stargirl was more than ready, eager really to get the hell out of dodge. As she is currently powerless, still without her belongings, she stays in the middle of the group, where it is safe. She shrugs at Jack "That's a crude way of getting out, but I don't have anything better. I'm pretty sure we are going to have a fight on our hands no matter what our approach is." she keeps her voice low, eyeing prisoners as they pass by the cells.

There's hesitation before Vance speaks. "I think Cupcake is right on both counts. And we need to do it fast. The guards are probably on their way as we stand here dilly-dallying around."

He looks to their other 6 companions and awaits affirmation and garners a note from one of them, "Yeah, <5> is right, the walls are hardened. Jack, you and I will have to work together on the breakage. Our combined power should be enough."

Jack nods, "Inside fist, outside," towards <5>, as if using alternate fists in a coordinated punch will help them go faster. Looking at the security station and the nearest brick wall, he goes for it, "On three.'

Maybe reading each others mine, and hopefully with the other following, <5> says, "Three." And the hit the first wall, going into another corridor, then step across, and punch outside firsts, double wall with some pipes, wires and such, into some showers.

Even as the rubble starts to settle from first two punches, guards call from behind, "They the are, escaping." Stargirl gets her laser fire for escape, not set to stun most likely. Someone might have to deal with those. Then something in the wiring of the second wall, or the guards themselves, trips the prison alarm. Flashing signs, sirens, a robat voice saying to report to detention block 5.

Stargirl ducks and covers when the two bricks go at the wall. The rock dust that flows through the air has her coughing a little and she waves a hand in the air as if that would get it to settle faster. As the lasers fire around them she quickly springs into action..that action leaping through the newly punched out hole "I thought we have some kinda of security codes so we didn't have to deal with all this BS." as she sirens begin to blare and even more guards are notified "Guess we fight our way out. I hope the guards don't auction of the personal belongings of the prisoners." the last bit is said more to herself as she takes a moment to concentrate on summoning her Staff to her.

Vance blasts, and blasts, and blasts. He'll eventually get a headache if he continues at this pace for too long. Luckily there's another Guardian with super strength so that he/she can take up the slack when Vance tires.

"The codes are for the upper levels and the main door. If we use them now, they'll figure it out and change the codes." He blasts again in conjunction with Jack's 1-2 punch.

Jack and <5> move towards a wall near the stairwell, to knock through and hopefully get to prison stairs. <5> says, "And the ship, out the big doors and to commandere the ship, *ugh*," he throws another punch. Even without weapons, their abilities help them return fire on some of the guards behind them. They set up to advance more carefully when things like TK blasts come their way. They radio ahead, "Send in two battle bots, ya ya, the ones with the atomic fusion concussive blasters." If anyone in the back is listening.

The stairs are tighter, not the main stairs, but the thin sort used to control movement. Single file here, Jack takes the lead, but <5> goes to middle of group just in case they need strengh. Jack calls back, "How far down where we again, 3 or 4," so as not to overshoot main level either as they head up.

After a moment the Staff materilizes in Stargirl's hand around it is wrapped the red belt that until the capture she was never seen without. "Well thank goodness one of the guards was neat." probably going to sell them as a set or something. Quickly she slides the belt off and just puts it over head and shoulder so it crosses her chest like a bandolier. Technically that's wearing it so it'll work "You all go, I'll cover our asses." she twirls the staff in her hand and she pushes through the Guardians. A forcefield forms in front of her and those nearest, blocking the laser fire of the guards and robots that are firing at them through the holes in the wall.

"Three!" exclaims Vance, knowing that was one part of the intel that he was responsible for. "But how close are we to the top?", is queried because he lost count.

Letting SG pass, he smiles at her spunk and vigor. He calls out, "Careful back there, Cupcake."

Jack looks at the number on the wall, its all alien. "5?" But <2> knows the language, "We're at B1 now, so up 3 to get to level 2." Jack bounds up two flights and meets one of the battle bots, it blasts a hole in the wall next to him. "Trouble," he shouts, "<5> take lead," and he goes to pound the robot into submission. <5> moves up to clear the security at level 1, level 2 to level 3 is going to require security acces most likely.

At the back, the lasers bound off the forcefield, cool water echo effects and all. Debris and rubble dust though, still goes around the edges, so they remain in that light haze even as they work they're way to the top.

Stargirl backs up the stairs as she holds the forcefield to sheild the escapees from enemy fire. She glances back over her shoulder to check on the status, and see how far ahead everyone has gotten "I'll block this end." she calls up. It's the only warning she gives them as the forcefield drops and a ultra high impact energy beam shoots from the Staff toward the ceiling. There is a rumbling noise and then the ceiling caves in, not only preventing Prison Guards in whatever form from getting them in that direction, but also preventing retreat. Though if they have need to retreat in that direction they are in really big trouble.

The rumble would toss Vance around on his feet, if he were actually touching the ground. Luckily, he's flying inches above the ground and stays aloft. "Holy Crud!" he exclaims as Stargirl blasts and brings down the house behind them. He looks back and searches for structural issues which she could have caused with the ceiling above or near to them.

Jack exchanges punches with battle bot, keeping it from firing at anyone else. <5> calls back, "Vance, need the codes up ahead, I got us onto the main floor, but next door looks extra thick." And another battle bot, he goes to fight it. If they get out, its a run to the ship hanger about 100 to 200 meters from the main prison.

The guards behind have to redouble. Stargirl hears them guessing where to come in at ahead of the cave in, a closer floor perhaps, before the cavein is complete. <1> almost is covered, but the third brick <6> helps cover them and gets them out with the group. Vance can see that too much more fighting and explosions could collapse the stairwell, making more of the prison unstable. And, for everyone that deserves to be in this prison, a collapse like that could make it more unstable and risk needless deaths.

Knowing that he'll likely have to avoid fire from battle bots or turrets in ceiling corners, Vance focuses all his attention into his TK force field. He affirms Jack's request to unlock the door ahead and says, "Roger that." Vance then flies across the area toward the door. Upon reaching it he will quickly put in the code and hope it works.

"That's only going to hold the guards off for so long." Stargirl says as she flies the remaining flights up the stairs "They will probably try to go back and stop us else where." probably on the other side of that extra thick door that Jack just mentioned but she figures they already know that will be a sticking point. With Vance going to take care of the door, she flies past the others to get to where the guards are trying to subdue, her main thought is to draw fire, with her forcefield she can take it but she will engage guards in a hand to hand if need be

With heavies on the bots and watching sides, <4> is a blaster and knocks out the turrets that would cause a problem, leaving Vance room to get to the door and work on it. The two battle bots taken out by Jack and <5>, that leaves the guards coming to the main to stop them. With Stargirl using her forcefield to block and engage as necessary, it leaves the others to make a good defensive stand as they all catch up to Vance and the door. Even as they make that stand and Jack works, its a standoff with the guards. They do take a few down but more keeping coming in from the building itself to center on the entrance. Then, a few more battle bots show up, looking bad for the Guardian, until the doors hiss open and they can see outside to the hanger.

Breathing a sort of sigh, Jack takes lead again, <5> in the back to slow the bots, but he asks "New girl, can you knock down the entrance, hold them up a little?"

Everyone else moves with the group to the hanger, hopefully Vance can fly fast enough to get it open so they can at last get in a prison vehicle before security codes get locked down.

The staff she carries isn't just for blasting things, apparently Stargirl can put it to use as an actual weapon and with mad skill at that. The first Blaster Bot was quickly put down quickly with a simple fist to the chest and a ripping out of his powercore. The young woman isn't a one trick pony with just the ability to blast things. The human guards fire on her but the laser fire bounces harmlessly off her quickly erected forcefield, the few that do get by do hit her and she while she does feel it, they aren't enough to stop her from laying the martial arts smack down on them.

Being an ace pilot and having the knowledge of the codes, Vance is in charge of spaceship commandeering. He flies as quickly as his TK can allow and moves to the 'escape ship'. He will get inside and start powering it up. They have a good 45 seconds before they can depart. Which is a really long time in a firefight.

Assuming there is indication of the near minute to depart, Jack and probably <5> will hold back just enough to keep any bots from getting into the hanger, leaving blasters to shoot approaching guards. The martial types can deal with people getting close hopefully.

The ship is taken, no more of the guards stopping that part, between 45 countdown and 20, the hanger starts to close, even as Jack and the laggers are pulling in to make the deadline. They finally find and stopped the codes that Vance acquired, now its up to sheer luck.

No one guard or bot is getting past Stargirl, she's got the moves, both rapid and highly skilled, why she never said she was a karate (amoung a few other styles) kid is anyone's guess. She continues to use the staff to great effect as well. She hangs back covering everyone she can with either a forcefield or blasts from her staff. Once everyone is past the hangar doors, she flies backwards, blasting at the ceiling as was suggested, so it caves in at least partially blocking the entrance. It's then just a matter of getting to the ship, which is easy compared to this whole escape so far.

Vance yells back, "WE'VE GOT TO GO NOW!" and he pulls up on the vertical causing the ship to hover another meter above the deck. The landing gear begins to retract. The ship's doors remain open allowing the late-comers to enter and prepare for departure.

Realizing that the doors are going to be closed by the time they get there, Vance takes the initiative and reaches out with his TK to grip the doors and slow, or halt them the best he can. "I'll hold the doors, someone needs to fly this thing."

Starting to pile in, Jack notices the kung-fu kid doing her thing, she seems to fit right in with this crowd it seems. Then he's jumping onto the landing ramp/plant decended from the ship. "On it Vance, two seconds and I'll hit the throttle." He says moving to get the seat and give everyone a chance to get on. Once they're on, he'll start moving the ship up before closing the hatch. <2> is also a good co-pilot, Jack and <2> sort of split that detail to help cover for Vance's advanced piloting skill while he TK holds the door.

Nothing like the last minute, which is when Stargirl slips through the rapidly closing spaceship hatch…she had to make sure that reinforcements weren't going to fly after them so made sure to blast some holes in the prison ships, so they wouldn't be spaceworthy. She things of these things. Once on the ship she collapses into a what ever passes for seating the the back of the ship.

Vance has moved from the pilot seat to a nearby wall where he can hold on while he focuses his mind. He seems intense as he realizes that the door is quite strong. There is a sound and a sense of urgency in his voice as he exclaims, "I won't be able to hold it for long!"

Punching it, they fly up at Vance's Urgency. Making good on the escape, the turrets seeminly hit or damaged in the dash to the hanger it would seem. But firing up the scanners, "We got a problem, they're trying to get a blockade up over the planet. Vance, this is your department I think." Hotshot flying that is. But Jack stays at the controls until the hanger is clear and Vance can give up that focus.

This is the part where Stargirl just sits back and enjoys the ride. Not knowing how to pilot and being inside the ship there is little she can do at the moment except keep her fingers crossed.

Once out of the hangar doors, Vance is mentally and mento-physically relieved. His body shows it in his weak knees and the grasping of his forehead with his right hand. There's a second of pause as he processes Jack's words and the sudden need for him to jump back into action. "Ok, give me a sec…"

<2> says, "Looks like there is a slight gap here." And they indicate on the scan, listing off some Coordinates. Jack nods, "Kay then, I'll start shooting randomly while Vance catches his breath. If someone could get the guns blazing, I think we might be home free." <2> actually nods, "Get them going Jack, I can get us close to that gap, we need nearby ships and drones blasted away."

Moving to gunner stations in their small ship, Jack looks at Stargirl, "You're good with that staff blasting, wanna try the ships weapons?" He indicates another seat. <6>, the third heavy is with <1> who almost got collapsed, they might be an item, or just really friendly. They don't help. <3> and <4> support the group with verbal encouragement while <5> moves to help Vance if he needs a hand during breath catching.

"I'm not sure that is a transferable skill set, but I can certainly try." Stargirl glances at the controls and then moves to take her place at them "Is this anything like an x-box control?" not that she is much of a gamer or anything but she does know a bit of it.

Taking the help, Vance catches his breath and will then slide back into the pilot's seat where he will refocus his attentions on the moment at hand and announce, "Hang on, this is gonna be bumpy." And then ZOOM, Vance punches it and proceeds to dodge all incoming dangers so that they may escape to their own ship and subsequently the system.

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