(2014-07-24) The Bigger They Are...
The Bigger They Are
Summary: Jack Flag, Logan and Bombshell take on a giant preying mantis
Date: 2014-07-24
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Scene Runner: Jack Flag
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New York City. Usually there are gulls crying at the green space at the tip of the Financial District, but they are silently missing, though a wind whips up out of the harbor to buttress against the buildings there. All in all, a normal day in New York City, with a hint of rising heat on this summer day. That is, except for the gargantuan Preying Mantis. Good news, its not an adult so no wings. Bad news, its probably on the level of 10 stories in height. Galactus only knows, perhaps, how it ended up in the ocean and emerging like it is, but there it is, pushing waves with six stories of its body above the water. Its been enough time to sound out some alerts, some police might be evacuating the area even, giving the metas a chance to respond.

One such would be Jack Flag, standing in is red, white and blue getup, today favoring a armor like mask versus his usual draped cloth mask. Seems a bug sort of ate that already and he had to upgrade for the day. Being one who can’t go into the water unless he dog paddles his heavy rear out there, he’s locked to shore. Where he is pacing, as if waiting for the big lug to get there so he can unload a few ham hawk like fists on it. Though, him, human guy, compared to 10 stories of bug, leaves one to wonder what he could do, but he’s waiting. No glance given to see how else is near or note, but in the few moments of him pacing, its no seven stories out of the water and he’s tightening fists, ready for it to get close enough for him to leap for it probably.

As it so happens at the moment James Hudson is amongst the people who were about to be evacuated. He had been standing at the side of one of those ubiquitous hot dog carts that are all throughout New York. It was only once he'd secured his extra relish dog that the cops had come along and hollared at the crowd.

"Okay folks, gotta have ya move along for me, got a big nasty comin' along. You remember the lizard before, you know the drill. Move it, move it."

To the crowd's credit and to the credit of New Yorkers everywhere, the people in that crowd react decently, gathering up and starting to beat feet fairly quickly. Except, of course, for Jim. With a decent dose of actual immortality and the feeling of immortality that comes to youth, he ditches the cop by ducking into a store alcove even as the crowd moves past. Once they're past he steps out and heads in the direction of the Mantis. And coincidentally… Jack Flag.

Lana really liked spending time with her BFF but one can only stand the wholesome goodness of Virginia and the mom and pop sentimentality of the town that she has been dragged to. With a need to expereince the cynicism of the big city, she has taken a train to New Jersy and then hopped a ferry to Manhattan. Sure she could have taken a train all the way into the Big Apple, but with the other passengers being what they are she really had to get off of it before she blew something up. So there she is on a ferry, looking up with the rest of the passengers as a gigantic Mantis crawls out of the water. With the ferry mostly full of tourists, flashes go off as cameras begin to record the activity.

As the man sneaks past the police line with a dog in hand most likely, Jack Flag doesn't notice him until he's much closer probably. Looking for backup heroes maybe, as he does. Though the mantis keeps moving, its probably about 50-75 meters from shore, over half a foot ball field and rising to two stories of leg under the water. Looking at some of the harbor bouys and triangulating distance, Jack Flag looks down, looks back for distance and that back up, sees the approach. With a nod of his head he starts to back up a little. To the fellow he says, "Hope you brought a spare dog fella, cause I'm gonna need one when ugly hits the dirt there."

The ferry most likely distined to get closer to Manhattan proper, is probably turning for one of the harbor islands. Most likely Ellis and Lady Liberty, only to get away from the massive insect cutting the waves.

Arriving close enough to hear Jack Flag, the young man looks at him curiously then seems to only then just remember the hot dog he holds in his hands. Eyebrows lift as he realizes this isn't going to really help him… he starts to ditch it, but then offers it to the side to the man as he steps up next to him.

"Think I lost my appetite." He looks across the water. "So what we've got here is a giant bug right?"

He waits for Flag's affirmative, then asks, "City full of innocent people."

Maybe another nod. "And just us two here ta stop it."

This time he doesn't wait for an answer as he gives a nod and says simply, "Bring it on."

This is just her luck, she comes to Manhattan for some R&R time, supposedly, and hell breaks loose, "Awww Fuck!" Lana exclaims causing the passengers around her to give her looks. Bracing herself against the ferry railing as the captain quickly changes course, she begins to push her way through the passengers crowding the area to watch. "Move it, coming through." this is probably as polite as she gets, "Move damnit!" she exclaims to those toward the back that are trying to push their way forward. Finally breaking through she disappears a moment into the stairwell emerging on the upper open air deck now decked out in costume. On the upper deck more passengers are lining the railings to witness the gigantor insect but the teen girl has other plans. A flash of light emits from hands aimed behind her at the deck, and she is propelled upward and toward the creature the sound of a mild explosion in her wake.

Taking the dog, Jack is left actually eating it and nodding to James as the man releases a series of mostly rhetoric that he simply nods affirmation of, he even licks his fingers, no living crumbs for the pigeons.

"Ya, that's the scope of it, I'll jump on him from here, knock him over, and you do your thing to take his heart out or something," says Jack, who apparently backed up for a running start to leap on the beast instead of waiting for gigantor to make shore.

Assuming Logan is good with that plan, Jack nods, then makes his sprint for the shore. Faster than normal but no speedster, he gets a good leap and is hurtling towards Mantis as its pushing within 30-40 meters of shore and only 1 story under the water.

Flashes on the ship are mixed now between Mantis and Flying, flash hands girl.

Once Jack takes off, James starts to jog forward as he eyeballs the distance, the progress of the creature, and the possible trajectory of the hero charging in. He takes the wide route, moving enough to the flank to get a good position and once he's ready he signals that he is by slashing his forearms to the side and letting those six silvered blades slice forth from his knuckles with a short resonant /Shing!/ of sound.

Gesturing with a small wave, James is set for the creature's approach to do what he does best.

From her airborne vantage point, Bombshell doesn't miss the leap from the shore toward the Mantis, by the masked man. She didn't expect that she would be facing off the thing alone, not in a city like Manhattan, though she did expect it to be someone a little more well known perhaps…oh well. More flashes of light and minor explosions from her hands as she propels herself toward the giant creature, scanning both sea and shore spotting the other man ready to take on the insect. As she draws closer, there is a larger explosion from her hands as she rockets upward above the Mantis. Time to play as both distraction and herder. As she freefalls past the Mantis's head she aims her hands toward the back of it, aiming an explosion complete with deafening noise and concussive blast behind it, hopping to drive it faster toward those waiting to deal with it. Sure she could probably drive it back into the water, but why ruin everyone's fun!

Jack finds a leg, as luck would have it, barely missing the water and scrambling up. He yells, "I almost got it under control." Which he doesn't, in the least. Though the awesome explosions seem to waver it and push it forward. And with Jack on the leg, it actually gets a little wobbly. Its four stick legs keep it walking while it scrabbles a the air and Bombshell with its razor front legs. It makes a keening sort of insect whine, not unlike cicadas - more loud cause of its size. "Ya, do that again." Its in the 20-10 meter range if Logan is leaping on, otherwise, a Bombshell distraction with Jack on the legs could get it to trip too. Jack does try to get a second leg, holding on like he's swinging on a vine (two legs, one arm - the other reach under its abdomen).

Once he's got a clear path to it, James breaks into a run, aiming his charge for one of the weight-bearing legs ideally. His stride is quick, heavy, and when he is close enough he passes by that leg with a vicious slash at its side.

There's a flash of greenish ichor as the carapace of the insect serves as ineffective armor against the adamantium blades. Yet the Wolverine doesn't stop there. He darts back and forth underneath the angry creature, slashing chunks out of the creature's legs whenever he's near enough. Soon his clothes are ruined, so drenched in mantis blood and ick, yet he doesn't stop. Moving and slashing, he presses the attack.

Bombshell may be able to fly for short distances, but manuverability isn't her best asset, and it is quite a struggle to dodge the flailing legs of the Mantis. One that she fails. A leg catches her as she tries to dodge, knocking her well away from the fight and she splashes into the water. Few a few long moments she is unseen under its surface, but then large bubbles start to break the surface and she rockets out and up into the air again, "Fuck that noise!" yes she has quite the pouty mouth "And the damn boat you road in on." she is well aware the Mantis didn't take a boat. Those dang legs have got to go and she aims on blowing them off. Boom! Boom! Boom! breaks through the air as she moves upward and toward the creature, there is another deafening BOOM! as she aims an explosive blast at the joints of one of the razor sharp legs that knocked her aside.

"Hey hey hey, language," yells Jack, still climbing his leg and moving to get on the abdomen. Then, "Hey hey hey, acid," from Jack again, his clothes seem to be melting off in bits. Not much, but the green goop from inside is acidic. A few other changes from the radiation it seems. Then it makes known its other change, green radiactive lazer breath. It shoots at the quick bombshell and misses, singing one of the buildings of the NYC skyline. It will have to worry about her later, there is James going bananas on its midsection. Its front razor preying hands go to try and scap him off. Though between James and Bombshell, it is staggering, with its first leg actually close enough to go onto land even.

Smouldering and smoking or rather steaming with the acid spattered all over his flesh, the creature's acidic blood plays havoc on the young man's clothing and flesh. With each surge of pain and each slash at the creature, the Wolverine seems to grow all the wilder. That berserker rage that hovers near the edge of his mind at all times surges to the fore as he roars with a growl and slashes viciously at the nearest limbs.

A large claw sweeps across the ground, slashing James off and away even as the smaller man claws angrily at the offending appendage. The impact is hard, tossing him into the water with a splash.

The warning about her language is met with a snort of derision, assuming she even heard it over the keening of the Mantis and its laser breath. Another F-bomb comes from the flying…or creatively falling, teen and she makes for the shore, landing in a crouch near where the Mantis will make landfall "D#$n! You are f*&king dead yet!" she exclaims. Dripping wet and now obviously pissed off the delinquent repeats her explosive performance on another leg. This time it will be on the first one that dares touch the ground.

More bombs, proverbial language bombs and real ones from Bombshell. If Jack knew the name, it would have double meaning. Then he shakes his head. There is her going off and now hotgod man is seemingly freaking out too. It was gonna be a fun battle, all punches and clobbering and planting a flag in the carcus, but these two are another number all together. They seem to have the show in hand actually. So he starts climbing the thorax for the head, trying to turn it away from hitting anyone seriously so they can do their things actually. Bombshell's bombs work, the first leg to hit shore faulters and it plants at a knee like joint, raking up earth better then a Bobcat (the machines, not the animal). "Cutter Guy, do more of your things, totally working — Potty Mouth Girl, the same, let's own this bastard!" That's as foul as he's going to get. Not like they're even listening to Jack, but seems like he needs to do the banter thing in a fight, so he banters.

It takes some time for James to get back to the edge of the water, emerging sopping wet with his flesh still sizzling and bubbling from the creature's acidic blood. Yet as he still burns, other blisters are healing over and recovering all the while he makes his way off the beach and to the scene of the conflict.

Chances are he doesn't hear Jack's direction, but then again he doesn't need much advice on needing to keep on stabbing. He makes a running leap towards one of the larger rear legs and stabs the claws into the side of it, using his blades to climb up towards the thorax.

Blowup more appendages, she can do that, and she doesn't even have to be told. Being on her feet with the firm earth beneath her, Bombshell has an easier job of dodging away as her explosion causes the leg to buckle "Aren't these things supposed to be a symbol of peace and tranquility or some shit?" she speaks loudly though its mostly to herself, if the others can hear it that's fine too. Another blast is aimed for the next appendage that surfaces, this one is slightly less intense, she is young she only has so much oomph in her and she has been going full force, but it's still powerful enough, one hopes.

"Don't know," says Jack, getting that head and pointing radiolaser eyes elsewhere than Bombshell. He can't stop forearms/legs though, they don't like slicing of thorax, that is much worse than the abdomen cause of more vital stuff in there. "More like, gonna be pieces all over, for peace with bugs." He shakes his own head, that didn't go anywhere too humorous and he can't recover it anways. The first leg she tripped up is scrabbling to get a grasp, when she hits the next one available. This one buckles another leg and it sends more acid spewing down as that one plants a gouge into the park like the first leg. The last section of that leg isn't coming up with the rest of it, blown off.

Angrily the bug turns, lifting one of its great claws and lashing out with a vicious downward stab, seeking to grasp and yank the small creature off of its leg that was trying to climb upwards and stab it. The talon flashes and plucks James up and off of it with an almost contempuous gesture. For a time it holds the clawed morsel as it whirls angrily trying to stab at the multi-faceted eyes that stare at it.

Abruptly and with disdain the Mantis lashes its claw outwards and sends the young mutant hurtling through the sky and several blocks away where the small man smashes through a brick wall, kicking up a cloud of dust and debris.

There is a lot of wincing on the delinquent girl's part. Not only at the bug dripping its acid blood everywhere but also at the stabbity guy getting a taste of his own medicine and being flung into the near distance "Note to self: Don't get stabbed by the legs." with the Mantis dragging itself onto land, slowly sure but still managing, Bombshell changes targets "This is about to get super gross." she warns with a shout as she aims another blast, this time at the underside of the thorax which has been compromised by all the slashing from Logan. She makes double sure she isn't in the gut spilling zone.

"Wait, wait, 30 more seconds," and not to Mars. Jack Flag protests as he is aiming the head. Pourly scrawled into nearby pavement - Go Ameri …. only a big C and an A left to finish that out. Though Logan's slashing of the belly and then bombs to the week carapice, which cracks and is then filled with another bomb or two, means dead bug on the way. Its not glory-riffic, cause the rest of the shell remains entact. More like implosion then green spillage of insides slipping out to the park below. Its all green just the same. "Ya, Ya!" says Jack, getting the c on it, then its falling over. "No, no … nooooOOOO!" The first line of the A, starts going down at an angle then curves up and away quickly, maybe hitting some famous tower or something. Jack tries to jump off at last second so as not to be pinned, even with his durability, bug falling, him at 10 stories up, he plants a hole in the ground and looks dazed with the wind knocked out of him.

Runaway, runaway! And she does run from the spilling innards and collapsing body of the large praying mantis. Lucky thing she has a stronger stomach tha she lets on or else she would be loosing her lunch about now at the site and the stench. With a bug that large falling there is really only one way to go which is the same way that Jack jumped, she stops suddenly at the edge of the small crater his fall created "You okay there man?" she sounds a bit out of breath.

"Just," he says, trying to lift up a little, pausing. Jack coughs a moment, looks around. Ya, the girl with the mouth, dead bug, New York City. Its all good, it wasn't a dream. "Just - 15 more … seconds. Not finished … my work." Hands on the ground, back and hips up, he tries to get a knee under him to slowly move to a standing position.

The apparent teenager crosses her arms over her chest as she looks down at the struggling man offering no assistance to help him up "No, I'm pretty sure it is." she glances back at the carcass of the insect, which now has helicopters both news and military in origin flying around it "A little fucking late aren't ya?!" she yells up at them, not that they can hear her or anything.

Foot planted finally, one hand comes off the ground to his knee. Jack turns his head to look up as he is still crouched over. "Is that what they teach you kids these days in school?" Forget that he isn't really much older, at least less than a decade. Pushing with hand he stands finally, "And no, not at all, look at that last a. looks like some artist signed it, or a doctor." Of course, its hard to see at ground level and all. The carcass dominates the landscape nearby anyways. "Besides, clean up is here, I don't think I need to stick around for that," nor does he want to, as the lower level authority types might still want to question him about that prison sting. "You can like fly me, or something, we should check on Finger-Nails Malone too …" The hot dog guy that got tossed into a building ….

"I go to a very specialized school." Bombshell quips, though she could be joking. The A is looked at and scrutinized "I'd be more concerned with the contents..Go America…really?" she just shakes her head "I mean you couldn't go with America Rocks or something?" not that she is overly patriotic, but she sees the theme and goes with it. "Oh yes, I prefer not to be anywhere cops are going to be." her record isn't exactly spotless either, her parole officer would be pissed if it came to his attention she was using her powers "Sorry, flying is a solo gig for me, we are both going to have to use our feet." she takes off in the direction that the other stabby guy was flung.

"Oh," he says, that is a better idea - America Rocks. Jack starts to follow just teh same. "Good one, it was in a pinch, like totally trying to keep laserbeam eyes from scorching you or Three Clawed Sammie." He doesn't know James' name yet, he's going with random ones that come to mind. "That specialized school, must be like prep school or something, or catcholic school. With all the swearing when you're out like this, it makes sense. Just say we're going to find Hot Dog and you're not going to try and convince me to by like smokes and booze for your girlfriends or something."

She is young and in pretty good shape but after the battle like that the running is quickly taking a toil on her, she doesn't slow though until they are near where it is thought that the Logan crashed down "Those were weird, mutant mantis on top it is…freaky." she stops completly at a corner, raising her hands up slightly as she breaths heavy "Something like that yeah." but doesn't give details about her school "Don't worry I have my own connections for cigs and booze. Though I could really use one right now…a beer not the smoke.

"You got me there," says Jack, looking for the whole in the building to help dig Logan out, if he hasn't left already. "If we were 1 AU away from earth, galactic laws and all, I'd give you one. But, were in America …" He does follow the law, curse his instinct to like the U.S. and everything with it. Then again, probably better he isn't one of those connections all around. "It was freaky cool, ya. I should of snapped a selfie while on its head - NYC skyline … waving … look mah, no hands!"

She's just looking at the building, "If the guy was able to survive the throw he's probably long gone by now." Bombshell points out before giving his a strange look, it's doubtful she knows what an AU is, "Is that something you carry around in your back pocket then…beer?" she's a bit on the snarky side. A thumb is jerked in the direction of the Mantis "You could always go back, it's probably not to late.

"No, just saying, if we were off earth, I would go grab you one from the fridge," as if that's every day. Jack turns back to look at the mantis, "Ya, I could go back." A double back to Bombshell, "Not that I'd have you in our ship in space, drinking beer. I don't need that getting out there and everyone thinking I'm some pedo. Just, you know, off earth, no age limit, cause so many aliens with different life cycles. But for us, more like 16 is standard, you're 16 at least right?"

Bombshell just looks at him as if he is talking crazy, "Space, right." she takes a few steps away from him as she smiles and nods "Lots of aliens I'm sure." her words say one thing, but she seems not to beleive him "I think I'm going to go find some trouble elsewhere." the question of her age goes unanswered as she starts to head quickly away from the crazy guy who thinks he's from space.

"Ya, sure thing Bombbastic Girl," returns Jack, about her having to go. "I'm sure you kids have lots of trouble in the big city here. I'm off to get souveniour before its too late. Want me to save you an eye piece?" Not that he thinks she's staying cause if her improtant trouble she found, but he offers. "Well, that's good, take care - Rock One for America while you're out and about."

"That's Bombshell to you!" she calls out over her shoulder as she walks away, leaving a wet trail behind her from her brief dunk in the ocean. "It's all yours dude." she waves a hand in a departing gesture as she disappears around a corner.

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