(2014-07-19) Huntress/Hunted
Summary: Hawkgirl follows someone to Gotham with stolen Metropolis tech. Huntress does the hard work instead.
Date: 2014-07-19
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NPCs: Harry Iannelli, Two random Gotham mafia goons.
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Plot

A dark Gotham night. The moon sits off in the distance, ensuring that whatever happens in the park does so under cover of darkness. The air is still, humidity allowing the heat to hang with no real breeze. Harry Iannelli had just puttered up the Sprang River, quietly looking to get into Gotham after having left Metropolis with some of the city's tech. It remains dormant, but the mafia in Gotham hopes they can find a way to make it work, thereby cornering the market. Little does Harry know that he's been followed by a winged avenger all the way from her adoptive city after witnessing the man take off with the tech. Before Hawkgirl could spring into action, though, Huntress happens upon the scene, easily dispatching the two men waiting for Harry, and Harry meeting his demise at the bottom of the River.

Hawkgirl lands after witnessing the brutality. "I applaud you. By Mongo standards, you were lenient. However I don't believe Earth authorities will enjoy having to clean up vigilant messes." She sheathes her mace behind her, the angelic wings fold up against her back, making a pleasing silhouette behind the unmasked redhead trimmed in yellow. "I believe you have something that belongs to Metropolis…"

Huntress straightens up, reloading her crossbows. At the voice, the last bolt finds itself aiming right at the chest of the winged woman. The dark haired vigilante studies the woman, "That's it. I'm not going back to Confession ever again if god is sending angels after me." She glances down. "… that's a pretty big shaft." The tone still wry.

The bolt does not lower as she stares at the woman. "As for what I have.. that is open for discussion. And you're not MPD. Though… you look like you could have it.." Multiple personalities that is.

Hawkgirl doesn't get the religious references or the MPD comment. "I'm not Metropolis Constabulary, no. However I protect Metropolis, like you protect this Gotham. would appreciate you returning the device… as something called "professional courtesy"." She looks at the weapon. "I would also appreciate if you lowered your primitive, yet highly accurate projectile weapon. That is, unless you feel the need to ingest it. At which point I would gladly oblige you."

Huntress watches and huhs. "I thought Power Woman was all Metropolis needed. She must be slipping.." She considers a moment and drops the tip of the crossbow. "Professional Courtesy hmm?" She looks back at the boat at the dock. "You say there's tech here from Metropolis?" She steps into the boat and looks under a tarp. "Well looks like this is your contraband…." She looks back to the winged woman. "… and.. what do I call you? I'm Huntress."

Hawkgirl nods solemnly. "The Jewel of Krypton does her job well. However, her job now extends far beyond Metropolis' border. I step in and help." She spies the equipment and nods. "I am Shay…" She stops. "On Earth, they call me Hawkgirl." She says, by way of introduction. "It is a pleasure to meet a human female of your caliber, Huntress."

Huntress arches a brow. "Jewel of Krypton..? Well. she's. yeah.. got nice .. assets I guess?" She looks over the get up. "Shay huh? I'm going to guess you're not from around here. Someone needs to work on that whole… secret identity thing with you… Hawkgirl." She then laughs, "Human female? My caliber? I'm not exactly popular.." She grins, "But that works for me." She looks back to the tech. "So what's this stuff anyway? Gonna cure cancer with it? Or cause it?"

Hawkgirl tilts her head. "Power Woman and I share equal heritage. My honor name for her is not defined by her physical prowess." She does not go any further into her discussion with Kara. "I… see what you mean. It's been rare to find others who are showing their entire face. Perhaps my war helmet will be effective." She nods, then listens. "I do not compliment you on your popularity, but by the methods you use to dispatch the criminals with no harm to yourself. On Mongo, those men would have been tortured and interrogated before execution." She shakes her head at the question. "Metropolis has been thrust into the future due to merging with alien technology. The technology only works with Metropolis. I did not wish this criminal to benefit from monopolizing this technology."

Huntress grins some and shakes her head. "Well here, private life won't exist if people know who you are." She then looks to the bodies. "Oh there wasn't any interrogation needed. I know who they are and they were taken out of the gene pool because they were very bad men. And I'm sending a message to their boss. He's losing men and he can't stop me from increasing the mortality rate of working for him." She smiles. "The gear? it's all yours. I don't need it. And they won't miss it."

Hawkgirl shrugs. "A mask means nothing when I have these." She flexes her wings out. "So I don't really see me ever having a private life." She says, nodding. "I do not judge your methods. I find them sound. Mongo does not have such men. The greatest villain is the Emperor Ming himself." She nods, solemnly. She flutters over and lands lightly onto the boat and grabs the gear. "Thank you again, Huntress. I hope the rest of the evening finds you well." She flutters and hovers 20 feet above the boat. "I should leave before we gather suspicion."

Huntress watches. "Hmm.. Mongo huh? Any.. candygrams?" She grins and then nods. "Impressive wings.. never seen that before. Power Woman doesn't have wings to fly. guess I never thought about it." She then nods. "Sure. The gear won't be of use here as anything more than further trouble." She then waves. "Fly straight, Hawkgirl. Say hi if you're back in the area again sometime."

Hawkgirl nods. "I will. Thank you." She says before darting upwards, getting lost in the clouds, and heads towards Metropolis.

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