(2014-07-17) Mission Discussion
Mission Discussion
Summary: Nanali and Mirage discuss missions over a bit to it
Date: 2014-07-17
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With the Helicarrier being a tactical base as well as home to a multitude of SHIELD agents it pretty much has 24/7 hours. There are always people about going about thier jobs or going to and from them and even some that are enjoying a brief moment of free time. This afternoon is no exception and Danielle has joined the small crowd that has came to the commissary to have a quick bite to eat before going back to business. She is dressed in the usual SHIELD uniform and is carrying her tray over to a table that currently is empty of other people.

Seeing another face amongst the crowd that is not quite the often whitebread norm of SHIELD in the US operational theater, another figure migrates out of the throng with tray in hand, and follows Danielle's path towards that same table. "Would you mind if I joined you?" the very dark-skinned woman asks, with a noticable accent, but still easily understood and well-spoken English. It is the default operating language for SHIELD, especially here in the States. Assuming she is allowed, the dark-skinned woman moves around the table and sits across from Mirage, putting down her tray and then sitting down. "Agent Nanali. No family name." she murmurs by way of introduction, as she settles.

Looking up from her tray as she is spoken to Dani, flicks her fingers toward the various seats around the table "Yeah sure." she pauses I minute realizing that wasn't the appropiate response "I mean I don't mind." she shakes a few packets of sugar and pours them into her coffee after ripping them open "Agent Moonstar, but I'm off the clock so Dani is just fine. I don't stand on formality."

"Good to meet you, Agent Moonstar." Nanali offers, with a hint of a smile on her lips. "Dani." she ammends, accepting that they'll not stand on formality. She opens the container of milk she picked up, and starts sipping that as she busies herself preparing the other items on her tray for consumption. She is clearly one of the 'salad brigade' or the healthy eaters. No soda. No coffee. No processed foods of any kind on her tray. Her unit insignias, to those who know how to read them, indicate she's one of the metahuman operatives, and an intelligence operator, rather than merely tactical, analytical, or science staff. She of course seems to note that Dani is also in similar sections. "I'm in for debrief on my latest embedded surveillance. You?"

Dani sips her coffee, she doesn't savor the flavor like some coffee drinkers would, it's all about the caffeiene for her. "Just got back from a mission in the Middle East." she answers as she unwraps her sandwich from its shrink wrap, its a turkey club, but at least it is on wheat bread and she does have a salad as well "Always something nasty going on out there that we have to stick our noses in." she takes a moment to sniff her sandwich, the label suggested it was made fresh today, but one can never be to sure "The higher ups were nice enough to let me eat before I'm debreifed." from her tone it sounds like they was a debate about that one.

The other woman nods at that. "Usually a good idea, unless the intel you have is so time-critical that an hour will make it useless. The dead-tired and still-hungry are rarely operating at best capacity." Nanali is clearly someone who values efficiency. She starts cutting up the salad, preparing to eat. "I suspect they will send me back into my latest assignments. But the analysts are still digesting everything I picked up." The Wakandan woman's tone seems to imply that she, by comparison, is already long done with the analysis of the intel she gathered. "Will you be staying Stateside, do you think? Or redeployed once they decide on your next hotspot?" Nanali asks curiously.

"And I am both of those." she explains after she chews on a bite of her sandwich "I was on an extraction mission, nothing time sensitive that requires quick action." a curious look is given the woman across from her "Are you the one assigned to investigate that Corp in Metropolis is the shady ties to arms dealers in Uganda?" shoulders lift into a shrug "I'll probably bet given a few days of downtime and then assigned locally. I usually work on U.N. an National security stuff. I only get shipped international when they need my specialize skillset.

Nanali's response is slightly delayed by eating some of her salad, but not too much. She's eating at a slow pace, with plenty of time between bites to continue conversation. "Yes. That is one of the assignments on my plate. I'll probably be headed over in a few days for another stint, to see what confirmation we can pull together." Obviously, she would blend in well for an operation in and around Uganda and people from there. "So far, I've been watching some groups operating locally, rabble-rousing. Apparently there's some concern about who is motivating some of the attacks on various figures related to the new assembly of heroes."

"I passed on that one myself. Corporate espionage isn't in my wheelhouse." Dani supplies as she drains the coffee from the mug and moves onto the bottle of water on the tray, "That and the agent running that one is a…" she pauses a moment rethinking her words. It doesn't do to bash agents in front of other agents, "Well we don't get along." she nods as Nanali explains further "You mean the group calling themselves the Justice League?

Nanali nods to Dani. "Given it still involves terrorist operations and local destabilization, I considered it worth expanding my horizons, and my covers." She doesn't comment about the lead agent, but she understands others don't get along with Hill very well; Nanali just seems to tough it out with laconic, meaningful silence. "Yes. The Justice League." The African woman makes a bit of a face at that. "How pretentious. But apparently there is some evidence of a concerted effort to discredit them, and to attack some of their members physically. I've been embedded to surveil the groups protesting the Amazon Ambassador's embassy, and assisting with investigation of several incidents relating to tactical assaults on their members."

"I'm sure once you get deeper into it and start rooting out the ones at the top it will be worth all the work." Dani herself prefers the more active assigments, like the extraction mission she just did. Lots of stealth and the chance of an exchange of weapon fire, that's more her speed. A chuckle is forthcoming at the other woman's opinion of the hero team "I went to school with one of the groups members, and I'm acquainted with one or two others. The name may sound that way, but the ones I know in it are pretty down to earth." she takes a drink of the water as the current mission is explained "Now that's a mission I can get behind.

The African woman pauses her eating and regards Dani for a few moments, and then nods. "I should mention that to the AIC. Your connections could prove invaluable to the investigation. If you would be willing?" she inquires, rather than simply assume. If it's right down Danielle's alley, though, she'd be a fool not to offer the woman up to her superiors as a possible resource. "If the AIC agrees, I can review the case details with you to get you up to speed." Nanali is quite capable of tactical operations, or she wouldn't have the insignias she does, but clearly she has a talent for intelligence. She just has that sort of air about her.

"Those connections could be why they gave you the assignment and not me." she points out after a moment of thinking about it. Dani shrugs, not feeling very put out about not being given first shot at it "If your handler," her term for the person in charge of the mission, "doesn't mind me riding shotgun I'm more than willing to help in whatever means necessary." especially if it means giving someone a boot to the face. "Does the JL know about all this or are we working without thier knowledge and consent?" with her sandwich done she moves on to her own salad.

Nanali nods. "Could be. Only way to find out for sure is to ask." she responds to Danielle, perfectly understanding that it's always possible the PTB in SHIELD don't want Dani involved specifically because of her connections. Nanali just thinks that's foolish, and she's willing to ask a question to find out. "Thus far, we have been working without their knowledge. Hence why I felt your involvement might be useful: we also do not have access to their intel on these attacks, only on what we've been able to assemble from outside." Though with the Widow and the Captain on the team, that 'outside' is likely not entirely true.

Another nod is given "I can see the logic in that. The JL might not like us poking our nose into something they think is there business. "Well let me know what you find out from your superiors." her comm unit buzzes then and she is being called to her own de-briefing. Guess the higher ups thinks she has had enough of a break. A sigh is given "It was nice meeting you Nanali." she picks up her tray as she gets to her feet "I look forward to working with you." which is true, hopefully that doesn't change when she learns the truth about the woman.

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