(2014-07-16) Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather
Summary: At least one bird, Dinah, meets one Flag, Jack, they deal with a potential mugging and strike up a conversation.
Date: 2014-07-16
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NPCs: Two Muggers
Scene Runner: Dinah Lance and Jack Flag intermixed
Social/Plot: Plot

-==[ Fashion District — Gotham ]==-------——

This area has the reputation of being a quirky home for starving artists. The reputation is somewhat outdated; this area attracted artists, then galleries, then celebrities seeking to identify themselves with the artists, then people flocking to be seen with the celebrities, in a spiral of costs and gentrification. By now, though there are 250 art galleries in the space of one-fourth of a square mile, the artists themselves are by and large gone.

The architecture in the Fashion District is still unmistakable - Italianate, neo-Grecian, and Victorian Gothic structures decorated with wrought and cast-iron. And the converted warehouses and factories still boast the expansive living spaces of their lofts; it's just that it's highly-paid professionals who can afford them, not the artists and sculptors who made them famous.

A nice summer day in Gotham. Cool for the summer with the odd cold front, closer to early fall or late spring, but a day one can actually enjoy without any mugginess in the air, low humidity. Jack Harrison finds himself out and about in Gotham. Thank goodnes for the quirky artists of the areaa, even amongst finer fashion of the distrcit, Jack doesn't stick out too much by wearing jeans and a t-shirt. That its form-fitting and he has a few ripples is one thing and only sticks out to someone looking for that, but otherwise he's a guy in a t-shirt with shoulder length hair tucked back over his hears. Thought, the t-shirt is unmistakable, it is a Captian American fan-boy type shirt, with an older symbol of the Cap sort of faded on the med-2-light blue shirt itself. Which is only faded by design, the shirt is near immaculate, almost new even. He is simply walking and smiling, waving even at people he doesn't know.

Dinah Lance is also out this morning, enjoying the nice weather and the clear day. An unusual thing for Gotham. Jeans and a tank top for her, booted feet scuff softly along the pavement as she makes her rounds. A large, canvas bag over one shoulder, the petite blonde is out shopping. And she's already checking out the big guy with the Captain America t-shirt even before they cross paths. Offering him a smile and returning the wave, she murmurs. "Nice shirt." Which is probably why she doesn't see the mugger grab her a couple moments later.

Turning down as if to remember what it is, Jack returns, "Thanks." Just as he's looking up to see who gave the compliment and being lost somewhere in making it to her face is when the mugger makes to grab and run. Which means he isn't fully aware of the situation other than a mugger. The muscle bit probably shows that it more than just a gimmick and a few days at the gym. The guy lifting the purse is quickly tackled, but Jack doesn't see the switch off of the purse, which is given to another guy who starts to run in the opposite direction for the moment. Jack seems distracted making a point, he winds up a fist into the cement, cracking it as if for effect, and telling the tackled guy, "Not a good day to take things that don't belong to you buddy." To which the man, who doesn't have the purse, is responding, "I ain't got it fella, f'christ-sake!"

It's gone before she can react, and then the snatcher is tackled. But Dinah -does- catch the hand-off well enough. "Hold him!" she barks, in a voice a lot less pleasant than she used to greet Jack. The runner is wearing sneakers, sweats, and a dark hoodie. Weaving through the crowds on the sidewalk. Shit. Dinah takes a few steps in the boots and realizes this isn't going to work. Shit shit shit. Then he darts out into the open and without thinking, the little blonde screams. The high-pitched shriek stuns a dozen people in the way, not to mention raising hackles all around, but the runner also goes down.

Jack has little problem holding the guy who is more cowed then struggling to begin with, though he cringes at the sound himself. Hopefully in the hackle raising range an not directly hit by the sonic burst. Forget that his knuckles are unscratched from putting a dent in the sidewalk, still holding the guy with one hand, he looks up and over at what the scream did, then more at the blonde. "That was … amazing!" Still holding the guy with one closed hand, by the scruff of his shirt, Jack just picks up a little banter like its casual, "So, you in the habit of this, nutjobs taking your stuff and stopping them?" He's not serious, at least he hopes that's not serious sounding.

Dinah jogs over to the guy holding her bag, reaching him just as he's starting to get up. "Sorry, folks!" she offers to the others. "Dog whistle went off…" Um, yeah. Right. She's very casual about it, grabbing the runner just at the shoulder and above the elbow. Thumb digging into his armpit, he drops the bag as his arm goes numb. And with almost no effort, the buck-and-a-quarter blonde slams him face-first against a brick storefront. Turning towards Jack, she grins. "In the habit of getting mugged? Not usually how I start my day, no. You in the habit of knocking out muggers?"

Pondering what to do about his guy, he thinks the one being out is good enough. "Don't go anywhere," he tells him the same before standing up, not really caring if he stays so much, but not letting on that way either. Instead, Jack moves more towards the curvy blonde, "Nah, not my usual start either, but not unheard of, I'll admit." Looking around a moment, to see who might be listening, "Maybe more usual than not, I should probably leave the scene though. You're not inclined to hang out are you?" He means, she's not inclined to stay at the scene to wait for cops or something to show up. Perhaps more suggesting they can leave together and keep the conversation going even.

The guy against the wall has a bloody nose and is mumbling something about his arm as she just holds him there. Wrinkling her nose, she shakes her head and lets him go. "Not really. Probably a repeat offender, but even then he'll still walk by noon." She leans in, then, as he's starting to turn. "But MAYBE he'll think twice before stealing a girl's bag in the future, hmm?" She turns, then, and picks up her bag with a warm smile. Towards Jack. "I'm Dinah, by the way. And thanks."

"I hope he walks," says Jack, "I'd love to bump unto that ugly mug in a dark alley some night." No fun indicated in that meeting. Then turns to that warm smile, a slight humph of a chucle escapes him even. "Thanks?! - More like I over-reacted, I bet you had that all under control." Simply to say he saw enough, she probably did too. "I'm Jack." He offers a shake of hands even if she feels inclined. "Dinah, huh, I don't here that too often." A pause to his features, he probably doesn't hear a lot of earth names all too often and now is more curious if that comment came off as weird. Still he seems to be turning and walking at least away from the scene for the moment.

Dinah smiles, looking up at him and accepting the offered hand. Her grip is firm, palm calloused from working with her hands. "Pleasure, Jack." she replies. And as he turns she quick-steps up along side him, slipping an arm casually into his own. "And this is Gotham, so you didn't over-react. Let me at least buy you a cup of coffee or tea or something?"

Jack certianly doesn't mind the arm and company, in fact a slight bit of pride comes to him. The sort a good natured fellow gets when a good looking girl like Dinah is inclined to give her arm to his. "You beat me to the punch, Dinah, and I can't refuse. I'd offer to pay instead, but I don't want to insult you either." More of a grin, he looks around, "So, it is Gotham, not my usual place to visit, you might have to point me in the right direction before I get us both lost." Maybe that's just an excuse for him to not look ahead but to turn and look at her for those directions even.

She laughs softly at that, falling into step beside him. Pointing, she leads the way with little tugs on his beefy arm. "There's a nice little coffee shop right this way." she replies. "And we'll fight over the check later." Wink. "So. What brings you to Gotham, if you're not from around here?"

With a wink like that, she can do all the fighting him she likes. Jack's smile agrees with that thought. "Work, you could say." Then he looks slightly over his shoulder, he knows what she saw, as much as he might try to keep it a secret. "More sight seeing now, but need to try and find someone later. Sort of a guy who knows something, out of this world stuff." And by out of this world, he slants it enough that it probably is, literally, not on Earth, made more possible by what did just happen.

Her fingers explore along his muscular forearm, and when he looks back she offers in a softer voice. "Tell you what, Jack. You don't say anything about the… noise… and I won't say anything about the sidewalk." Yeah. Don't ask, don't tell. Or something like that. "Out of this world stuff? So, you're an astronaut of something?" Okay, it's a polite lie and she knows it. "I own a flower shop over in Coventry. Sherwood Florist. Feel free to stop in whenever you're in town."

"Ya, an astronaut, exactly," grins Jack following the intent of where she was going with the suggestion. "Seems, lots of astronauts like to visit Gotham on their days off." A chuckle, he likes it, easy to go with, might have to keep it by the way his voice takes to it. "A florist, that probably makes it hard …" says Jack then, but catches at it, doesn't finish and redirects just a little, "I might do that then, stop in, would be good to see a familiar face and all, if you don't mind me looking." At her face, at least his eyes seem to suggest just that as they head for that coffee shop.

Okay, so he took the offered 'out' alright. Which means, to the blonde's sharp mind, he's something entirely different. Dinah grins, and gives him a look which shows that she knows. And doesn't get hung up about it. "Being a florist makes it hard to… what?" she probes, fingers curling a bit into his forearm. "And I wouldn't mind at all." Reaching the coffee shop, she waits a beat to see if he'll open the door. And she'll get it if he doesn't. Once inside she seems to know the hostess and greets with a friendly wave. "Hiya! Table for two, please. And do you have something near the front? With a view?"

He'll get the door, making the extra step to get it open before she gets to the door even. "I was gonna say, hard for a fella to just get you a flower, cause you know your business, I'd imagine," not trying to assume but making some anyway. Perhaps being casual with the arm holding, getting the door, and pondering flowers sort of makes him stick out more in a place like Gotham. Or that could be regular stuff, he's not sure. Being instructed or shown to a table as requested, Jack notices the friendlness here in the coffe shop/cafe, likes it. "A view, huh," he ponders, "If there was one thing a visitor shouldn't miss seeing in Gotham, what would that be." A pause, and a warm smirk, "And remembering, I've already seen you."

Dinah laughs at that, brinning and stepping through once he holds the door. "No, it just means I'll make sure you get me something nice." she quips back. And if he buys flowers there for another girl, she'll likely snip the blooms off. Once they're settled, she looks out the big window to the street outside, and the view IS pretty nice. "Hmm. What shouldn't you miss seeing in Gotham?" The blonde beams at the compliment, just to let him know she caught it, and she replies. "That's easy. You really need to visit Old Gotham. It's full of gothic architecture, which is just a nice way of saying it's got a lot of ornate, creepy buildings with gargoyles."

"Oh, creepy gargoyles," grins Jack, only casually giving the window any favor over the woman, if at all. "That's good to know, I'll put a memo on my phone, might help choose the right flowers." Turning his head to the side, he jokes like he's talking to his phone, "Siri, note on Dinah, elegant, black, and beautiful …" His phone probably isn't even of the i-variety to take that note. "I think I'd like to see that then. Might need someone who knows it better, cause I might stand out more carrying an archtecture guide in my hand and trying to figure out what time period that stuff comes from." He doesn't mind admitting its lost on him, even if he can admire it.

Dinah's eyes are only for him, actually, maybe because she's a native. Yeah, that's it. "Hmmm. I'll go with 'elegant' and won't argue with 'beautiful', but where did you get 'black' from?" she muses thoughtfully. Of course it'll take about five seconds of research into sonic weapons to come up with the Black Canary. "And I'm no expert, but I do know how to get to Old Gotham. If you think you can stand my company a little longer."

"Well, gargoyles and gothic, it seemed a fit, I was hoping it wouldn't be offensive," says Jack, who probably doesn't mind colors at all. He's happy to sit there for her to look at, his eyes pretty much enjoying the same. Maybe caught on her words, wanting to hear everything she says. "If I could stand," he chuckles bemused, "More like honored to share your company. If you don't mind showing a squab like me the ropes." Of the city that is. Then catching she said she's no expert, he ponders, "So, not from here, or just not the expect on buildings and gargoyles?"

She shakes her head at that. "Not offensive at all." the blonde replies. "Black is actually one of my favorite colors." In fishnets and leather, anyway. "Oh, I'm a Gotham gal, born and raised. But don't ask me about whether a pillar is Doric or Corinthian, the symbolic meaning of the numbers of pillars on a building, or the names of the gargoyles."

"Good," grins Jack, at her not being offended. More a smile at her admittance of where she is from and how much she knows about architecture. "That you're talking about Doric and Corthinan," he says, giving a stab at the other type of column, "You've got me beat hands down. You could probably up sell it now, I wouldn't know the difference and I admitted I wouldn't get the book on it. Are there any decent clubs there too, if the buildings are all old like you say, I imagine they could have some nice ones … or the opposite, no one allowed a permit on a club cause they didn't want the buildings ruined." A shrug, indifferent though curious from Jack.

Dinah shrugs at the question about clubs. "Oh there's a few clubs, yeah. Some nice dance places for the young, up-and-coming crowd. I don't get out dancing as much as I'd like, though, due to other… commitments." She arches a brow at him with the latter, perhaps to see if he gets it. "When we're walking around, I'll show you the ones I know."

Maybe even partially a sigh at her commitments, Jack nods. "I'll settle for the walk and showing, ya, those commitments, an astronauts work is never done is it. Much like a florist I imagine," not to assume she doesn't have the flower shop, he believed that was her day job, but to suggest that's what she's doing at night the same when she can't go dancing. "Better I won't have to try to embarass myself if I asked you to a club and you called me out on the dancing. But the gargoyles now, I'm intrigued …"

Coffee arrives sometime during their conversation, although it only gets a passing interest from Dinah. "Oh that's alright. And it's okay for guys not to be comfortable with dancing. But if you play your cards right, you still might see me in a little black dress sometime." Blue eyes brighten and her smile becomes more flirty, if that's possible.

Reaching for his coffee, he's giving a cursory glance to the steam rising off of the mug, but pauses ad the idea of the little black dress. "Ah, you must of read my mind," he says with a hint of a smile, coffee forgotten again. "I'll have to see if I can stack that deck then." By way of simply teasing back to her flirty smile, then an admittance from him, "I'm not against being embarassed, I'm more worried it might be a put off to see my trying to flail like that is all." That could be more joking, he probably isn't that bad.

"Stack the deck? I really didn't see you as a gambler, Jack." she replies playfully. "And I'm sure your dancing isn't that bad. Definitely not as bad as my singing. But stop in to buy me flowers sometime and we'll have to see. Never know what you'll get if you don't ask."

"Dinah," grins Jack, returning her name, "I'll take that as all the gambling I'll need, flowers and whatever happens. Ya pegged me though, not a gambler." Then his head turns a little each way as if, as an astronaut there are gambles taken, just not where he is betting real money it would seem. "I would of bet you'd have a great voice for singing," suggesting control of her abilities on a fine level at least, and as an indication of the sort of gambling he may or may not be so good at.

She laughs at that. "Hey, don't confuse what you heard out there with any sort of real -talent-. I promise you that I keep my singing confined to the shower. For everyone's safety." Dinah grins, then, sipping her coffee. "Tell you what, though. Next time you're in Gotham you stop by the flower shop. I'll help you pick out a nice bouquet for a lady, then I'll slip on a dress I'm sure you'll like so you can take me to dinner. That work for you?" Yeah, she's got it all planned out.

"I'll have to check my calendar then," grins Jack, not really meaning to cause other than random space stuff, there is no calendar. Even with space stuff, its not so much planned even. "Ya, it works for me then. We'll worry about the shower later, focus a nice dress, good flowers, and a great time then. I'll bring my dancing shoes just in case. Just so I dress accordingly, black is still good, even on a fella?" She said its her favorite, but that could be personally, no telling what she might prefer for others, has to be sure.

Dinah arches a brow when he mentiones 'the shower later', but doesn't comment on it. "Black is good on a fella, yeah. But wear whatever you want, so long as it's nice. Slacks and a nice shirt. A jacket would be nice, but isn't required. Colors however you like. Maybe something to bring out your eyes. Girls like that." Okay, so now she's giving him advice on how to dress for a date.

Jack is eating it up too, because its good to know. Don't just pick his own favorite color, but something that is either good for him or something she might like. Not writing it down, but its as close to 'stacking of decks' as he's likely to find. "If it helps, boys like that too, eyes and bringing them out. Or maybe its the inverse, anything less distracting so we can just look at eyes. You're good on that front though, hard not to look at them." Her eyes, even as they talk, he can't recall not looking at them, even if he's sipped some coffee.

Dinah tries hard not to bat her lashes at that, and almost succeeds. Yeah, natural flirt warning! "Actually, I'm pretty used to guys having trouble remembering what color my eyes are." she replies. The leather bustier and fishnets will do that, even if she doesn't have the same trouble as Power Woman. "But that's a double-edged sword, isn't it? I mean do you get called out for staring, or scolded for NOT noticing a girl's dress? Pretty rough deal for you guys either way."

Proof that good things -do- come in small packages, this stunning blonde would have to walk on tip-toes to reach five and a half feet tall. Having the fine bone structure of a classic beauty and the lustrously smooth skin of a model, she is guaranteed to turn heads and break hearts wherever she goes. Large, expressive blue eyes sparkle with humor, her red lips drawn back to flash an electric smile. A long tumble of yellow locks frames her face, spilling halfway down her back. Beneath the free-flowing hair, golden hoop earrings dangle.

The blue tanktop clings to her figure, cut just low enough to share a glimpse of cleavage while baring soft shoulders and sinewy arms. Straight leg jeans fit snugly, flattering her curves without looking painted on. She's wearing black boots with riding heels that add a couple inches to her height. And over the tanktop is the trademark high-waisted leather jacket, worn loose with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows.

If Jack where a fish, that could be hook, line, and sinker - the batting of lashes. Or mabye those were all set before, Jack just didn't realize it. "Giving that you strike a nice figure, without saying." Which he is saying, but more to suggest he couldn't argue it, "I find myself more drawn to your eyes. Maybe something in the way your hair frames it all, or your lips, but the carry a light air of intrigue about them. Sure, blonde has a contrast with black, but its deeper in your eyes." Then a pause, "Ya, I'm probably saying too much, aren't I?" Though, maybe she was seeing what she could draw out of him and, in that case, it got him talking.

She laughs softly at that, tossing her head playfully. "And to think, here I just rolled out of bed and didn't even put on makeup this morning." Dinah may just be serious, from her expression, and she shakes her head slowly. "And no, Jack, you're not saying too much at all. Girls like to hear that stuff." She pauses for a moment, then takes a slightly more dangerous tack. "You've probably got a girlfriend in every spaceport…"

Grinning a little, maybe a hint of red even, Jack tries to play it off a little. "Nah, not at all," he explains casually, "I mean, 99 percent of those girls are alien, and some guys like that, but I prefer a girl from earth." Seems pretty open about it. "Had a girl, but we're on the outs since its been so long since I've been here," or another guy moved in and while he's open about that, seems he's making no indication he's going to try to get her back at all. "Why's that, you got some other florist I need to worry about, if he catches me buying flowers for you?" A grin, all a joke.

Dinah chuckles and shakes her head. "Some other florist? Not at all, really. It's just me right now. I've got a couple friends I run around with, but that's about all." She pauses to look him over a bit more closely, then. "You're not the jealous type, are you?"

Grinning that there isn't another florist, Jack considers that for a moment, "You know, never thought about it. He looks at his coffee a moment, then back into her eyes, "I suppose if it got serious and everyone invovled agreed it was serious, there would be some jealously, I can't lie about that. But then, what I don't know, I probably don't want to know." Maybe he could go on, but doesn't know how much is too much on that topic even.

Dinah raises a fingertip, then, and she nods. "Hold that thought. And how about we just wait and see? No sense in getting all worked up over something that hasn't happened yet." Yet? Okay, color her ever-hopeful. She smiles, then, and glances down at her coffee. "I like you, Jack. And I really don't care whether you have to go off and walk on the moon sometimes. Or whatever it is that you do. Let's take it one step at a time."

The grin doesn't fade from Jack, he couldn't ask for more and definitely doesn't want to put any spin on it with any forward thinking, hopeful or otherwise even. "Sure thing. Honestly, if all I got was a coffee and that smile, I'd still consider this a good day." Ya, forget muggers and that business, sitting here now is probably the better part of that day so far. "And we haven't even looked at the architecture yet," whatever that could mean.

Dinah tilts her head at that, the grin becoming almost sheepish. Awww! "Okay, then. Now you're just being sweet." And she likes it. "Whaddya say we take the coffee to go and start our walking tour, hmm? There's still plenty to see, I promise. Then maybe you can give me the number of your… space ship?"

Sweet, but honest, that's one thing no one can fault him for, his honesty. Unless of course a lie is needed for the mission, but he might not be the full face man for his outfit. He might have the looks, but there could be others more quick of wit even. "Oh, good, cause I want to see it all," says Jack, maybe thinking they're using those words in a flirty sort of way, but then, "And you, you can definitely have my number, yours might be in the book?" His number is earth number, phone and all, if/when they get there.

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