(2014-07-11) Flight Deck
Flight Deck
Summary: Blackout and Hawkgirl encounter one another once again. This time aboard the Helicarrier
Date: IC Date (2014-07-11)
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NPCs: DumDum Dugan
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09:01 AM
Logfile from Blackout.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier(#1580ehJ)

The helicarrier is found hovering somewhere just south of Long Island above the Atlantic. It's normally hidden in the clouds, but tonight is a bright and moonlight filled evening. Air traffic is constantly coming and going from the massive stationary craft. Above all, the flying monstrosity can look quite inviting to any passerby. On the flight deck, are many individuals, aircraft, and a man wearing an all black bodysuit who seems to stand out more than the blue uniforms of SHIELD. He is seen looking over the railing at the waters below. Perhaps reflecting on his life, or just bored waiting on the next mission.

Shayera Hol decides to take the chance to venture out of Metropolis. The fact that not every city is as advanced still concerns the alien. She notices a large structure in the clouds and shudders, reminded too much of Mongo. "No!" She shouts. "It's not time. I haven't prepared them yet!" Her tired wings increase speed and jet the woman closer, only to realize all too late that the structure is human-made. She sighs, shaking her head, expecting to leave the area, except for the fact that she seems to have alerted the inhabitants as a half-dozen spotlights illuminate her position and a couple aircraft have been diverted to investigate.. She says something in her native language which most definitely must be some form of curse.

The man in black spots Shayera and touches his right ear. He communicates something over a radio. His left hand is raised to the winged woman in a static greeting. The palm turns away from her and his fingers give motion for her to approach. Various SHIELD operatives are seen approaching the area of the man in black with weapons at the ready.

Shayera Hol grumbles and slowly makes her approach to the deck. She keeps her mace sheathed and lands softly, with her hands up. She looks around to those gathered, barrels of weapons trained on her. All she can say at the moment is: "I come in peace?" She shrugs.

The man in black seems to smile beneath the mask which begins to fade from his face like a liquid flowing away. She may likely recognize him from the past encounter (with his mask on) and now with a face revealed, she can know the true nature of his appearance. "Of course you do. Welcome to the Helicarrier. What brings you to New York? Our date, I'd imagine." - Surely he kids with her regarding the reason for her arrival.

The agents keep their distance and lower their weapons. They're being cautious at this point.

Shayera Hol rolls her eyes. "You…" She shakes her head. "I have no intention of taking you up on your offer. I wanted to explore outside of Metropolis, to have a look at planetary readiness. Until I came across this structure I was severely disappointed. It's just my luck with people needs some improvement." She grumbles. "I'm sure there must be some place that I should report in to? If for nothing else than to assure your colleagues that I'm not a threat." She sends a look that could shoot daggers at a few of the staring agents.

"We already know you're not a threat." states Blackout with a half smile and he continues, "However, we're curious as to who you are and where you are from. Could you elaborate? Perhaps share more about yourself than a winged warrior woman of great prowess and amazing looks?"

Shayera Hol folds her arms in front of her chest as her wings fold up against her back. "Do you speak for the whole of your organization now, or is this some way to get my "digits"." She says awkwardly. "I am Shayera Hol of the planet Mongo. I was originally sent here as a scout…. For an Invasion force." She stops, allowing that to sink into the minds of Blackout and those listening from the shadows.

His head is cocked and a confused look on his face emerges. Blackout queries, "Invasion force? I'm guessing by your acknowledgement of such a plan that you've made other plans on your own?"

Shayera Hol smiles. "You *are* a smart one.. Seeing as I'm here and informing you of this, yes. I'm going against my Emperor's orders. I'm looking to prevent this invasion and quite possible depose of my planet's leader… But as you humans say…. Baby Steps…." She looks around. "I've yet to be able to meet with your World Leaders who would treat this seriously enough."

A reflective 'humph' comes from Blackout's throat as he considers her story. He comments, "I may actually know the people you're looking to talk with. People who deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis and who will take you seriously."

Shayera Hol nods and grumbles, begrudgingly. "Than I, and the planet, are in your debt. If Ming the Merciless succeeds, you will all be enslaved and your planet will be stripped of resources." She sighs and nods. "My people know first-hand the devastation that He brings."

"His name is actually Ming the Merciless? Where do these superbadguys come up with these names?" asks Blackout in a comical sideline but gets back to the real subject at hand.

"Wait, you said you would be in my debt…" and he smiles wryly. "What does that actually entitle me to?"

Shayera Hol does not take to comedy well. "When you have unparalleled power and no one to stand against you, you can name yourself whatever you please." She explains. When he begins to get cocky, she holds her finger up. "Do not start. We have an invasion to repel. After that, we'll talk." She says, grumbling. "So who are these people that I can speak to?"

Blackout smiles and then clicks the radio in his ear, "Dugan, I've got someone who needs to talk to SWORD about a potential alien invasion." A second or two passes and Blackout then addresses, Shayera, "What do I call you?"

Shayera Hol raises a brow. "Hawkgirl will suffice. It seems to fit your human vocabulary better." She nods. "I can come back at a more convenient time. The invasion is not imminent, but it is a priority."

He holds up a finger indicating for her to hold on a second. He relays it over the com, "Hawkgirl. Yeah. She's got wings. Okay, will do. Out."

Blackout's attention is returned to Shayera and he states, "No, a transport is being redied to take you to the HQ. There you will meet representatives who will want to hear your story."

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