(2014-07-03) Team America
Team America
Summary: Jack Flag and Mirage take out an extra from Bug's Life
Date: July 3, 2014
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NPCs: J. Dugg
Scene Runner: Jack Flag
Social/Plot: Plot

Logfile from Mirage.

-==[ Central Business District — Metropolis ]==------

When one thinks of Metropolis, that vision which occurs is usually a picture of Uptown. This is the true business district of Metropolis, with numerous corporate headquarters and other businesses spaced along nearly symetric lines across the breadth of Metropolis island. Uptown is the home of over two hundred major corporations. Even Uptown has its busy areas, and the northwest section is it. Not only is Maxwell Lord's Tower found here, but FAO Schwartz the toy manufacturer is here as well. St. Patrick's Cathedral, home of the cardinal of Metropolis can be found here as well. Other attractions include the Waldorf Astoria hotel, the IBM Building, and the General Motors Building. The main attraction in the area is LexCorp's corporate headquarters, the world's largest corporation.

As with all of New Troy (the island of Metropolis), this area is maintained by robotic drones that clean the streets, take out the trash, and keep everything looking nice. If damage is done to an area, robotic drones will automatically repair the areas to keep life undisturbed. Above, flying cars zoom through the cityscape.

Metropolis, future city, city of dreams. People come here to get away, see what Utopia could look like, those that live here may just count their blessings even. Though, for some, coming here to get away might be the place to avoid being scene. Especially by those that would know them. Enter one J. Dugg, non-resident alien - to Earth. Slightly bug, but maybe cute, some feelers but nothing grotesque (the Monster from A Monster in Paris?). He in a trench coat and fedora is rather passible as human. Aside from the fact that he's hunched over and is really closer to 8 feet tall and a rather tough bloke when it comes to it. He's wanted in a number of systems around the galaxy, rable rouser and trouble maker but he's laying low, a few worse ones out there are looking for him. Where better to hide then earth. But he's been reported seen in one of the less clean areas of Metropolis, the one that it takes the robots more than a day to get to. Started some trouble in a bar, someone took a picture and now he's really having to lay low. Then, the guy at the radio shack wouldn't cut him a deal, and now there is a situation cause they don't carry enough off planet stock. Enter one Jack Flag, running en route to the radio shack, J. Dugg owe's him some money from that card game, he's gonna collect, and kick him off Earth if he can. Space stuff belongs in Space. Cutting through traffic, he comes to a skidding hault outside the Radio Shack.

Another day, another stake out. Thankfully this time it's in a nice air conditioned room overlooking the high tech city streets of the Metropolis business district and not some run down motel in an armpit of a city where about the only bites you are going to get are from the bedbugs. It's been a moment or rather very long moment..hours really of boredom for the SHIELD agents that have been on duty since the early am. There was been virtually no activity, so one them decides a food run is in order and being the low agent on the org chart Mirage is sent out of the hotel and into the streets. She is dressed in civvies but she still has her ear peice in and she has been keeping tabs on the local activities through her HUD. Radio Shack isn't so far from her location so she sprints in that direction to see what's up. Sure she may get into trouble with the higher ups but she'll deal with that when the time comes.

Not knowing anyone else is around even, better for Jack Flag it seems. The red masked man in the stars/stripes get up proceeds towards the Radio Shack. J. Dugg on the other hand, can be seen inside, holding up the clerk as if making demands. Up until he sees the star spangled flag boy approaching. Taking some gadget, he chucks it at a window to break it. Normally it wouldn't break, but he's powered up it seems, that J. Dugg. So when the normally nobreakable Radio Shack window breaks, he calls out, "Far enough Jack, come any closer and squishy gets the squish!" That sort of makes Jack pause, but then he calls out, "Sure, squish him and you got nothing bug boy. What we have her is a Vladivian Standoff, either way, one of us gets the kick, get me?" He takes a few more steps, J. Dugg lifts the clerk higher, shaking him around a little. He's muttering, probably something like, "I dont want to die."

Metropolis isn't like New York and certainly nothing like Gotham. Scenes like this aren't as common an occurence as they would be in those two cities. Especially when it involves an alien, from outer space. This has caused there to be a bit of an onlooker issue.
Mirage pauses when the glass shatters and a strange gadget lands on the ground near the patriotically dressed guy. In her expereince an explosion is sure to follow and when it doesn't Mirage's eye glows red, pictures are taken and immediatly uploaded to SHIELD for analysis. If it is potentially dangerous she will know soon, hopefully soon enough. The exchange is heard and pics of Dugg and Jack are also taken and sent to SHIELD as well, cybernetics for the win. Any intelligence on them will show up on the HUD momentairly. Sliding up behind the masked man, "He's blufffing. The clerk has a date with the Reaper next week. Heart attack, should have went with occasional salad instead of the triple cheese bugers at Big Belly Burger.

If SWORD is up and running, Jack will come up being affiliated with some Guardians of the Galaxy outfit, protectors of the Milky Way. Some confusion if some star lord guy has enough jurisdication to warrant that or they're just self proclaimed space adventurers claiming to be heros. J. Dugg is known as a space criminal just the same. "Good," says Jack turning to the arrival of Mirage, "I'm bluffing too. I can exchange a few blews, but Bugger there is one tough snot, you got any tricks up your sleeve before I flying elbow his ugly face?"
Even after saying that, he yells to J. Dugg, "We both no you won't squish him, gig's up, drop the poker face - oh yeah, that's not a mask …"
The semi-cute, strong bug guy pulls out some fly swatter rod like he'll zap the clerk, "Try me Jack …" Still bluffing, no change on death radar.

"Do you mean of the non-lethal variety?" she questions as she gives a side long glance at Jack, the one eye now a constant red glow "I have a few." Mirage's eyes slide back to the extra from Bug's Life "Well they aren't here, so what are my orders?" obviously she is not talking to Jack and he is probably close enough to see the peice in her ear…if he's paying attention. She pauses "You have a live feed, what do you think?" another pause, yes she is talking to someone "On it." that convesation seems to be over "Does that thing have chitnous exoskeleton like the roaches here?

"I just might, Ugly Bugs are on my menu," calls Jack, cause he has to say something witty - or attempt it at least.
The Bug flicks a switch, some sparks come from the rod, it looks electrfying, in the literal sense, not the cool disco sense. He cocks his head, saying its their game again.
Meanwhile outside, Jack turns to Mirage, "Ya, thick as snot, oh wait, I used that, thick as thieves or … ya. I might daze him enough to do something tricky, just no tricks on my end. Like mess up his bug senses, or scramble his brain - or if you got super force fields …" Totally grabbing at strings. She did say she has tricks and his fists clench a little, coming up even. To show her she doesn't have to tell him, he's just ready to pounce before anything does happen on her mark.

Mirage wrinkles her nose at the idea of eating bugs, sentient alien ones or other wise "SWORD is on its way, but I prefer to have your bug friend down and out before they arrive. SWORD altercations can get casulty heavy." she wasn't prepared for an alien encounter so her only normal weapon is her pistol, which will probably only piss Dugg the Bug off more than hurt him. That leaves less normal weaponry her only resort. It might be an alien, but it still has a nervous system so its worth a shot. Stepping forward a glowing bow appears in her hand and when she pulls back the glowing string an arrow manifests and is let loose at J. Dugg.

It hits true, its not quite as effective against the bug, but it staggers him enough to drop the clerk. Like its seeing double and trying to decipher is surroundings. Jack nods "Ya, more, you good enough to hit him while I pummel him a little?" If it didn't cover his face, that red mask, one might see Jack smiling even. "No casulties, well, one, but non-resident's don't count!" Actually, if she shot a few more, might be just as good, but Jack might not want to see him run either.

In response another arrow appears and is let loose at the bug, "By all means, don't let me do all the heavy lifting here." though Mirage could have easily said don't let me have all the fun, the tone would have been just as dry.

Staggering again, Jack goes to help with the heavy lifting, sprinting through the whole and proceeding to throw a few punches. Like bar brawl, everyone's having a good time. Its clear that his punches are about as good as he said, a little phasing but nothing the bug couldn't handle in the long haul. Its the Arrows really doing the trick, if not for them, Jack might eventually become the squishy. The clerk runs out of the store. If Jack can, he'll try to work around the bug so as to present Mirage with a good finishing shot or three. Actually Jack hopes for three just to rub it in, but will settle for one even.

Mirage advances a few paces, but doesn't go in. As the clerk flees she yells after him to go see is doctor, immediatly before his heart explodes next Tuesday. There guilt assuaged. She doubts he will do it but she did her part. One mark in the karma department for her. Though she will probably have three on the other side by the end of the day. No body wins. The psychic energy arrows will continue to fly, though after the first five or so they might not be as effective, though still capable of slowing him down and making Dugg fuzzy at least.

Somewhere in a combination of the arrows and fists, its enough, the physical comes to the window and just out enough until J. Dugg collapses. Jack may have taken a few lucky punches, he looks slightly scrached but not truly harmed. Coming out then towards Dani, he does a sort of air fist grab pull down excited thing. "Ya, Go America!" Then he pauses mid fist pumping the win gesture, "Wait, you're on that team - or this just a Go Earth moment, cause I'm not judging, just …"

Once the Bug is finally down the bow disappears with a gesture and fingers come up to rub temples. Despite that his antics get a chuckle, "Agent Moonstar of SHIELD." looking down at the alien a moment. So not only is she native american, making her technically more american than average, she also is employed by the same people that Captain America works for. Can't get any more american than that. She may as well be wearing a baseball jersey and carrying around an apple pie. "Take your pick.

That might take a moment to dawn on him, native american, the Cap's team and all. Jack gives in, "Okay - Score One Team America." He does another fist pump action. Though more just to be funny now, the first one was probably all good, adrenaline and all. "So, Agent Moonstar, SHIELD - that's like totally with Captain America?!" He makes the connection and its a good topic to ponder in his mind, forget stinky beat up bug alien laying in the broken glass bits of some Radio Shack, or the Metro-bots that will be on their way at some point.

Mirage is just looking at Jack with a pretty dead pan expression. Not that she is anti-america or anything, it's just seeing the behavior is strange. "Yes, Captain America, I've said hello to him in passing, but we aren't on first name basis or anything." she takes a few steps away as she hears the drone of the SWORD orbit to earth transport vehicle "Clean up crew is here, may want to get out of their way. They can get a little…" beat "territorial."

"Yes, awesome," says Jack Flag, like saying hi to Cap is indeed Awesome. Though he dosn't go full fan boy, what out in the open like this. "Well, Agent Moon Star, Jack Flag extends his thanks." Like super secret SHIELD stuff hadn't already pegged him and she didn't know. "But, ya, territorial. Not sure I need to be around for that business. So if you need me, just use the Flag symbol." Highly unlikely, she has a pretty big team she can call on, and Cap seems to be the leader of that team now. Forget he doesn't really know who is leading, cause it has to be Cap. He does a little two fingered salute even, totally WWII era style even.

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