(2014-07-02) One Phone Can Change a Life
One Phone Can Change a Life
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Date: 2014-07-02
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Visitors to the likes of the Themysciran Embassy are likely quite common. As such, one more or less is really not worthy of much note. They likely come from all walks of life, so even one in finely-appointed attire easily priced at a few thousand dollars still wouldn't garner that much unique attention. And surely it is not uncommon for said visitors to approach the central desk on the ground floor. As such, it is quite possible the staff member at that desk thinks nothing of looking up from a computer monitor to see the over six foot tall - hooray for high heels - platinum blonde wonder in white that is Emma Frost standing in front of them. OK, she's tall, and gorgeous, and well-dressed. But she can't possibly be the first or even the hundredth visitor of whom that can be said. Nevertheless, she is here.

"Pardon. I realize that the Ambassador is likely quite busy. But I was wondering if you could at least pass her a message, for me?" Emma offers, with a cool but polite smile. "If you would, let her know that Emma Frost is here. I should like very much to visit with her, if she has time. Or, if she does not, to speak with someone knowledgeable about those currently living in the Embassy as part of her aid and outreach program?"

That said, Emma nods and steps back, moving away to perhaps explore the art exhibitions, apparently quite willing to wait patiently for someone to be available to help her.

Perhaps to Emma's surprise, the receptionist nods to her and says. "Yes, Ms. Frost. The Ambassador left instuctions that if you were to visit, she should be called immediately. Please, feel free to examine the art collectin while you wait. "And there is a brief conversation while Emma explores some of the foyer. Soon, an Embassy security guard approaches, smiling pleasantly to Emma. "Ms. Frost? If you will follow me, the Ambassador will be with you in a moment." And Emma is guided to the main elevator, all quite professionally and respectfully as if Emma were a head of state herself.

When the doors of the elevator open on the top level, Emma is guided again to an expansive indoor garden, lush with plants and birds from Themyscira. There's an indoor pond in the center, with dozens of koi swimming around in the clear water. A small islet justs into the pond, with a pavilion there. Tables laden with a varaity of refreshments stand in the center of the pavilion and there are multiple lounging chairs decorated in Grecean style surrounding the tables.

And only a minute or two after Emma arrives, Diana walks in, dressed in a well-tailored dark blue business suit and skirt that would not look out of out of place in Emma's own wardrobe, if not for the cholor scheme. "Ms. Frost," Diana says warmly as she approaches, hands held forward in greeting. "What a pleasant surprise. I hope that everythign is alright at the school?" There's a touch of concern in Diana's tone and Emma doesn't need her telepathy to see that Diana is worries about a certain Supergirl that attends Xavier's.

When Diana appears, Emma turns, smiling, and extends her hands - one holding a small clutch purse, but used nonetheless - and grasps both of Diana's in her own. "Please, Your Highness. I'm sure you recall my name quite well." The platinum blonde smiles with just a hint of real, genuine warmth as she welcomes and is welcomed by the Amazon. "Everything is fine with the school. We are on a break, now, and will be for a few weeks. As far as I know, our young Kryptonian charge is in fact far better, now, than she had been when last we spoke." Emma offers, hopefully allaying any fears.

"I realize you have a very busy schedule." Emma offers. "But I was hoping that you might be able to assist me. If not yourself, then I am sure you would know to whom I should speak." Emma opens that small clutch purse, and extracts a letter in an envelope. She extends this to Diana, allowing the princess to see the Themysciran Embassy's return address and crest on the envelope, and repeated on the letterhead within, with the handwritten letter addressed to Emma. "I am hoping to find the young woman who wrote this letter." The why would probably be obvious, but she offers no further explanation on the point. Not yet.

"Very well, Emma," Diana says with a smile. After the handclasping, Diana leads her guest towards the pavilion. "Please, take your refreshment as you wish. And do not worry about interrupting my schedule. I have found the most annoying thing about my position is that my fellow ambassdors enjoy spending an hour discussing a matter that can be settled in five minutes." She sighs and scoops some hummus onto a plate with slices of pita and pours herself a glass of wine. "Please forgive my eating here, but the verbal dancing has been ongoing since nine this morning and I haven't had anything to eat since."

Diana sits on a lounge and sets the plate and glass aside to look at the note Emma shows her. "Ah, yes. I do indeed know her. She is a wonderful girl that has been sheltering here at the Embassy. I'm very proud of the way she has turned her life around so quickly. Please wait a moment…" An intercom button is pressed and Diana asks the receptionist if Sally is here and if so, could she be sent to the garden. There's an affrimative answer, and Diana nods, then returns her focus to Emma. "And I am pleased to hear that Supergirl is better. And to help assure you, perhaps, the League is tracking down those responsible for the attack on her. We had quite the successful raid against the organization known as AIM the other night. They are high-technology weapons manufacturers, and they are the ones that provided the weapons used for the attack."

The blonde telepath allows herself to be led to the pavillion, and takes a seat comfortably after checking the seat to be sure - in its garden setting - it is safe for her white skirt and jacket. She pours herself a glass of water, and pours a glass of juice for Diana without being asked. "I am familiar with the sort who seem to so adore the sounds of their own voices." Emma affirms for the Amazon ambassador. Emma may be of firm opinions on right and proper, but talking just to talk is foolishness personified to her, as well. There are so many more important matters in the world, and not time enough for such wasting.

"I am pleased to know some progress is being made to track down her attackers. As it is, I was loathe to let her return home, knowing I would be unable to assure her safety and protection there, as I have at the school." Emma admits. "But she needs to feel like a person, not a prisoner. So, I agreed. She has taken her best school friend with her. The other young woman may not be the best behaved of my pupils, but she will die before allowing Supergirl or her human family to come to harm." There is a firm, rapacious severity in her tone; pity be the fool who attacks Emma's charges, for she is a merciless, pityless foe without nearly the scruples of so-called heroes, for all she may respect and honor them.

"Agreed," Diana says with a nod. "On both counts. I am glad to know that Supergirl has such a close friend to help her at the school. And I am glad to see that she is doing much better now. Of course, we will continue with the investigation. And if you wish, I could speak to Mr. Stark to see if he could bring some advanced secuirty and non-lethal defenses to your school." Diana holds up a hand to hopefully stave off any protest. "Only with your permission, of course. And I have no wish to turn your school into an armed encampment. But there are many enemies of metahumans in general. Regardless of the precautions that any of us take to ensure the safety of the school, there may come a time when such defenses may be neccessary for the safety of the students." Having put out the idea, Diana nods and returns to a more natural seating position. "As i said, it is only an offer to think of. If you do not wish it, I shall not mention it again."

And now comes Sally's Arrival, clad in Khaki pants and a red with blue collar poloshirt, she steps out onto the pavillion, seeing both Diana and Emma there, she steps towards the pair of women, "Princess. Ms. Frost." she says in greetings to both, though her attention focuses on Diana, "You wished to see me?" she asks, "I was getting ready for the final part of a case later today." she says, explaining the rather uniform styled dress she's clad in.

The blonde educator inclines her head respectfully to Diana, and neither protests or interrupts as the other woman speaks. Instead, she waits to the end, just before Sally approaches, to explain, "Quite a bit of Stark technology is already in place for just those purposes, Diana. But should Mister Stark wish to bother himself to upgrade our selections, we would be fools not to at least hear him out, wouldn't you say?" The protection of their students, after all, is part of the very mission of the school.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Blevins." Emma offers the shorter, younger blonde, though she says nothing more. Sally is awaiting Diana's word, after all, not her own.

When Sally arrives, Diana smiles wider. "Hello, Sally." The Princess gestures to the table of food and drinks, sweeping her hand towards a seat to indicate that she should join them. "Ms. Frost arrived with a rather interesting note that she recieved. And she asked to meet you, so I am glad that you are still here today."

She takes a seat, smiling politelty as she does so, "I…yes." she says, "I met Ms. Frost, shortly before I met you, Princess Diana." she says softly. "She gave me the phone I am still using today, and it was thinking about what she did for me that ultimately lead me along the path to meeting you. I wrote her, thanking her for setting me on a better path." she explains to the Ambassador, and then looks to Emma, "Ms. Frost, I do thank you for the kindness you showed me that day, and that what you did had a profound effect on me, and set me to a path where I am able to start doing real and wonderful good here in the city."

Emma clearly does remember her encounter with Sally, as it is moderately obvious - despite her discretion - that Emma is carefully comparing the young woman she sees before her today and the girl she recalls from her memories. "I am glad to know that our encounter had such a positive effect upon you, Ms. Blevins. I confess to being somewhat surprised that you did not end up selling the device; I gave it to you, after all, with that in mind." At the time, Sally needed money, and was grifting to make or steal it. Emma's gift was a means to give Sally money, without handing her cash. "Nevertheless, I much prefer that it was never sold, than that it was, and its gains used to do more harm than good." Which she clearly knows was quite possible, even probable. "I am also very pleased that you found yourself willing and able to accept the help offered here, by the Princess." Emma isn't the warmest, by far, but clearly she does care. Why else come, or respond at all, if she did not?

Diana smiles warmly, looking especially proud of Sally. "Sally is a perfect example of the ideals I am trying to show to the world. Thant one small act of kindness can change a person's life and lead them to help others in need. There are those that speak out against me becasuse they feel I am trying to lead their children away from Chrsitianity. Some protest me becasue they think that I hate men and wish to see women supplant men as the dominant gender. The truth of the matter is that the only thing I wish to change in the world is to inspire others; men, women, Christians, Jews, Muslims, everyone, to be kinder to each other and to apps on that kindness."

She flushes a little amidst being labeled as an examply of Diana's plans, and that she somehow was unknowingly going along a path that Emma prefered, by not selling that phone. "If there's something I know, it's the both of you, I owe for my current lot. You both have been wonderful to me, and helped me out of a life that had no real positive end to it. I am lucky to have come across the both of you, and I thank you both." she says siwth a small smile.

Emma is perhaps not quite so altruistic as the Amazon, but she certainly wouldn't deride her ideas. Frankly, if this were a speech she'd be giving applause, hoping it all worked out while planning for the worst that could happen in the attempt. It's just who she is. "If you truly felt women should be in command, the men protesting outside the embassy would be in the hospital. Any idiot can see that." And Emma would be ruthless enough to do it, and make sure it could never be traced back to her. She wants the world to be a better place; she just doesn't believe she can trust any inherent 'goodness' in humanity to make it happen. "Well, I would be interested to hear, then, how life for you is progressing. What are you doing with yourself, Ms. Blevins? How are you passing on the aid you have been given to others, to help improve their lives?" That is what Diana said, so Emma takes the Amazon at her word.

Diana smiles and nods in appreciation to Emma's words. Although she can sense that the Headmistress of the Xavier School is rather more strict than Diana is, Emma is still a good person. When the question of what Sally is doing with her life is asked, Diana turns to smile encouragingly at Sally. While she knows what has been happening in the young womn's life, this is still Sally's tale to tell.

"I've started a PI and Personal protection firm. So far we've assisted in the removal of a drug house, and given our surveilance house to charity. Several families have been helped with the reward and tip money from our part in the investigation. Incomes from most cases are shuffled back into paying higher wages for our employees, benig so blessed with a home here, my own income is something I don't take beyond needed expenses like clothes. Our goal is to be able to help those in need, using the profits from those who hire us, who are not wanting, to aid those who are wanting, while still paying back the person who bankrolled our office and equipment."

"Mmmm. Private Investigation and Personal Protection." Emma murmurs, eyeing Sally consideringly. Given what little she glimpsed of the girl's thoughts about her own powers, this doesn't entirely surprise her. It is a way to legalize or legitimize and effort to be, as Laurel would put it, 'heroes'. Emma does her best not to think of it as being a powered busy-body mucking around in others' lives without so much as a 'by your leave.' She's well aware that her feelings on this are uncharitable; she certainly never hesitates to use her own powers to make her life better, or that of someone else in whom she is invested - like her students. But she has never had much call for Diana's or Laurel's methodology of costumes and helping strangers for no reason but to do it. She just has to remember that some people actually believe in that kind of warm, fuzzy, optimistic view of the world. And it's not her place to correct them.

"And just whom, I wonder, is this gracious benefactor, willing to loan you the capital for such an enterprise?" Emma queries softly, a tiny smile playing at her lips. She is well aware of the Amazon's financial generosity and resources, given all she has already given to Xavier's school. Given the obvious connections at play here, it seems apparent Diana is the source of those funds. "And you are enjoying this new, different path to life, Ms. Blevins?"

Diana smiles as Emma give her that knowing look and sips at her wine. "Actualy, I am completely unattached to Sally's venture, outside of my friendship with her. One of her partners is financing this opperation, I believe."

"I wouldn't feel comfortable giving their name, while it wasn't in any of the paperwork, I personally feel discretion is best." She says softly, towards Emma. Sally smiles to Diana, "And no, none of the other's had the capitol necessary, but did know of someone who does, and again that's all I am willing to say about how we were initially funded." she says, a polite, tone to her words, "I am feeling very good about how things are going, there are times that I think it's all going to end, i'll be back on the streets or in another facility, but I try not to dwell on those thhings, and mostly work on trying to enjoy what I have. A wonderful set of friends, the ability to do some wonderful good in the world, and through all of that I managed to find someone I care about greatly, and cares about me."

There is a short chime from th intercom near Diana's seat. "Excuse me a moment," Diana says to the other women before she answers the intercom.

"My appologies, Ambassador," comes the voice of the receptionist. "But the Kasnian Ambassador is here, demanding to see you. It seems he interpreted your comments about the Kasnian Separatist movement as an endorcement of the Separatists…"

Diana sighs wearily and nods. "Very well. Tell him I will see him immediate. Please have him escorted to the meeting room and I will arrive by the time he gets there." Diana turns to her guests and smiles appologeticly. "I am sorry, but apparently I must go soothe some easily bruised egos. But please, continue to enjoyt the garden and the hospitality of the Embassy for as long as you wish. Hopefully, I shll return before you both need to attend to other matters." The tone in DIana's voice, though, tells that sh has little hope of this being anything but a long, drawn out shouting session on the part of the Kasnian. With a nod and a wave, she heads out.

Emma's intended response to Sally's comments is momentarily delayed, as they are interrupted by the Ambassador's duties reclaiming her so abruptly. "Please, Your Highness, go with our blessing. I hope all goes well in unruffling those feathers." Emma might suggest a cheat for that, but she does not; she knows Diana would never neat it, the woman's charisma is incredible.

Alone with Sally, Emma gives no hint that she has witnesed the other woman's thoughts, or has any idea what the real answer to her question might be. She merely inclines her head respectfully to the younger blonde. "As you wish. If this privacy is something you value highly, I applaud your keeping of it, even in the face of my curiosity. But I am pleased you were able to find such resources, and make dreams you hadn't even dared acknowledge come true." Emma herself has become faced with that recently; she has not handled it with nearly the aplumb of this young woman.

"If I may offer a modicum of advice, Ms. Blevins?" Emma inquires, waiting for permission before continuing. "Don't let yourself dwell on the possibilities of losing it all. Instead, accept that it could happen, and instead look for the ways to prevent it, or mitigate it. Consider the protection of what you hold dear to be another assignment or mission, and bodyguard your future with every resource you can marshall." Emma's pale blue eyes sparkle. "And be prepared to ask for help, should the time come, rather than let your dreams die unnecessarily." Another lesson Emma is struggling to internalize for herself, no matter how wise she feels the counsel is for others.

She bows her head as Diana takes her leave, saying nothing to the other woman as she leaves. She looks more towards Emma, "Of course, Ms. Frost." letting the woman give her advice, listening and looking thoughtful, "I…that wsounds difficult, even for someone like me, but what I have now, it's something I desperately don't want to lose, the business, my friends, the one whos is more than a friend." Smiling, "Right now, i'd fight tooth and nail to keep what I have." There's a short pause, "I'd likely need the help too, and having seen what can happenwhen I do ask for help, I am likely to do so."

"Good." Emma offers, a slight nod to acknowledge Sally's answer. "That's all any of us can do." She sits back quietly, sipping the water she poured earlier, and then taking a piece few pieces of fruit, enjoying them with patience and fastidious care. "So. You certainly look much healthier, now. And you live here, at the Embassy?"

The girl smiles, "Yes, but I just have some clothes and stuff here, the essentials. Alot of the time I don't make it bacck until late, either filing my day's notes or on a late night case." she says. A slight shrug of her shoulders, "I'm spending less and less time here and more working or at the office…working there."

Emma nods. "Once you finish repaying your initial startup capital loan, then you can worry about getting a place of your own." Perhaps, though Emma does not say it, a place to share with that certain someone. "Obviously, the work agrees with you. It's good to find the thing you were meant to do. It puts you into balance, centers you and gives you a strength to which nothing else can compare."

"Well, it'd be easier to move in with her, really, her place is just big enough for two….and I kinda ahvae a drawer and vanity space there, but, that's down the line, after she's done with school and the business is booming enuogh to afford me doing so." she says, . o O (If we're still together.) The though going unsaid, but still ever present in her mind. Sally smiles across the table to the woman, "I guess, it's just because I had it rough, I wanna see about making it not so rough for the next person."

Emma nods, her expression showing she understands. "That's an impulse I can understand." As can Diana, apparently, at least in principle. The Amazon may not have had it rough, but she's trying to see that good passed on, and proud to see it in Sally. "Was the private investigation your idea? Your partner's? Or something you came up with together?"

"We were talking and then I just kinda said I wanted to help people, and then it justk inda snowballed into…an office and me filing paperwork with the city and state." she says, a little laugh fro m her, nervous, "Sometimes I just think it's all a dream."

Emma chuckles softly. "Well, if it is, it is one you share." The white-clad blonde doesn't explain whether she means the fact that she's sharing her dream with her partner, or whether she's speaking of the fact that it's not just something inside Sally's head, but something others are experiencing too. "I'm very glad that things have worked out like this for you. It is, admittedly, far better than I could have hoped for." But maybe it means Emma should open up a bit to helping others, not just her students. Maybe.

Themysciran Embassy — Upper East Side
Set apart from the other buildings that line the street, the Themysciran Embassy has been built to echo the palaces of Themyscira itself. A great gate circles the entire complex, a security for those that work there, versus needing to protect the Ambassador. Four marble columns rise up at the entrance, with twin great doors that proudly lead into the Embassy itself.

Inside, a lone reception desk proudly sits in the middle, with a golden plaque situated above that proudly displays the Amazon's code.

Hallways and doorways lead off to different sections of the Embassy, including to the kitchen and help quarters, Diana's own personal quarters, the armory, den and library.

The back of the Embassy is a great garden, with many native plants and trees brought in from Themyscira itself.

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