(2014-06-29) Rocking the Village
Rocking the Village: Girls Just want to have fun!
Summary: Mary and David meet in the village and chat.
Date: 2014-06-29
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It's a nice and sunny Sunday late-morning, the village is brimming with activity as always. One can ignore the drones that go about their business keeping everything as stunningly beautiful as all the travel brocheres try to make Metropolis seem. David is perusing one of the many tabled vendors along the street. He has a bag from one of the Couture stores in one hand and a cup of overpriced highly specialized and overmarketed coffee in the other, just the way he likes it. "No, no. That's not Jimmy Choo. That's quite plainly a knock off." He says pointing at a man's shoe. "See the seam, a dead give away. Hunny, you need to get better knock offs." He says taking a sip of his coffee and offering her a smile before he proceeds on to the next table.

And cue Mary Maxwell! She's got her backpack with her, the really bulgy one! In it? Her cosplay tools! She's in Metropolis for the infamous MetroCon anime convention! What fresh horror has her conglomeration of hilighters, wigs, and foam come up with? Who knows. She's wearing normal clothes. Still, the plight of the man trying (one can assume) to buy shoes is noticed. And why not! Those are expensive shoes! With 144 ounce Hulk Gulp soda in her free hand, she's quite suddenly peering around the side of the guy at his shoe,"Oh, wow! Look at that! That's terrible! What's up with that seam?" Pause, and she follows to the next table,"Dude, you have a good eye!"

An eyebrow raises, ever-so-slightly, "One has to have a good eye when trying to buy name brand shoes. Not every evil in the world is trying to bring about the end of humanity. No.." He grabs another shoe and picks it up and looks it over then he shakes it at the table vendor, "NO.. They're trying to take my money with these cheap knock off. As if this is Prada.. It's not even the right color. Oh my gay hell, these people are going to try my very demure nerves today. I swear." He drops the shoe, back into place and gives the table vendor a glare that would cut to the bone if he had heat vision or the like. He glances over the woman who approached him and then extraordinarily large drink, "Really?" He says… "That thirsty?" He offers a laugh, almost as if a tease, before taking another sip of his coffee.

"Oh my god." She picks up a knockoff handkerchief and holds it out,"Dude, you may very well need this to wash the discarded rainbows off your shoes because that's all it's good for. No, but seriously, you're fierce, and I love it." She has no patience for counterfeiting. Mary shakes her cup of cola, and says,"You think that's bad, it's half empty and I'm already wondering where I'll get a refill. It's cool though. My calves look like they were wrought by Hephaestus himself." Right. "Besides, gas station attendants gotta make bank, babe."

A glance is given to the aforementioned calves, David offers a nod, "Yes, clearly." He grins. A glance is given to the knock off kerchief, "Hunny, I couldn't wipe all the rainbows off me if I tried.. And there are more rainbows than an Unicorn that sh**s them." He offers with a crude smirk. "There is this little place over here who offers artisian style sodas. I'm not sure it would be cost effective to fill that monster with them, but I have been eyeing one of the flavors… Strawberry Shortcake, it might save me a few inches on the hips." He starts off toward the aforementioned place. "Besides, this coffee is cold and lost its appeal. I don't nearly look stuck up enough." He lowers his voice to a deadly whisper. "I have to blend in, or the breeders around will think I'm not one of those stuck up gays.. And they might run me out with pitchforks." He looks around all scandelously. "We can't have that. I'm gathering intelligence for the agenda…" It's clear he's joking, the tone gives that way painfully.

"I dunno, bubby…" She drops the scarf back in its place and then looks back to 'peddler' when she suspects David isn't looking and mouths 'I am so sorry'. Yeah. She even feels bad about making a joke about counterfeit merchandise. Still, she follows the man as he starts off towards the soda place, looking both scandalized and impressed,"The Gay is strong with this one. I don't think I could possibly think of an appropriately bitchy comment to follow that." Pause. "I suppose I could make a butch haircut joke?" She runs her fingers through her spikey hair. After a moment to take a VERY long sip from her coke, she dumps the rest in a trash and points at the place,"Lead the way my fabuloso friend!" Well, she's always up to hang out! "Please tell me you cut hair. At least then you can maintain the facade."

"No.. I'm much more gay than that.. I bake." David says after a bit, "Knock offs hurt the economy. I mean sure I own a couple of knock off pieces, because it's expected of me. But I prefer the cheap stuff over this overpriced stuff." He laughs a bit, "But there are label wh***s out there who think the name is what matters. Who cares if you are barely able to walk or breathe in them." When he's sufficiently away from the main strip of the village he sighs audiably. "God I can relax now. Why in the gay hell do I do this? All to try and find some piece of high priced candy to hang off my arm." He drops the cup of coffee into the waste basket closest to him. "The things we do to get men, eh." He glances at his reflection in a window. "But seriously, the soda's are pretty good. Though I have only tried the key lime pie one. They have some flavors that scare me… Turkey and Gravy…" He offers her a hand, "David.. I am sorry I was to rude to introduce myself."

"The things we do to get me… Yeah. The things we do to get men." Cue a nervous giggle. With that haircut? She's already fishing for her credit card when the man introduces himself. So she takes his hand, and shakes it,"Mary Maxwell… Unless you're a fan… Then I'm Marmax. You in town for the convention, then? Or just a local getting some street-cred in the village? It's, like, my first time in metropolis, but I'm already enjoying it." As for the food,"I'll probably try one of everything, if there's not TOO much on the menu. I'm an endurance runner, so I sorta gotta keep up my calorie-count, ya know?"

"Mary.." He pauses, "No I'm a local trying to get Village Cred and trying to hunt for a man." He looks the woman over again and then says, "Did you make it to Metro Pride this year?" He's not completely clueless, "That being said, they have a rather extensive menu. So It'll be my treat." He offers. "To apologize." He offers quckly, patting her hand before letting go. "We got to stick together." He glances over at the keeper of the cart, "One of everything and extra Strawberry Shortcake." He pulls out his own credit card, it's one of the black ones. "Perk of having a nice little business all to myself." He offers a shrug. "So what convention are you here for?"

"Oh my god, I just managed to catch the tail end, but did you see Princess Calpernia up there on her float? She was exuding glam out of every pore, including the ones beneath the five inches of eyeliner." She peers at the man,"Speaking of which… have you considered guyliner? I've got this stuff that would JUST make your eyes pop, in all the right ways." She shoves her credit card back into her pocket a moment later, and waves her hand a little,"Okay, but I get the next one. You like craft beers?" She is meanwhile, studying the man's nails. The girl is already bouncing on her feet,"You take care of your fingers! Anyway, I'm at Metrocon! I'm going as Princess Moongloria of the Lunadon Kingdom. I've got SO many ribbons, and sparklies. I worked on my wig for, like, ever." She seems very proud of herself. Look, she's not even blushing or anything. "What kind of guys do you go for? They way you're asking, I'm betting you like the beefcakes? You're cute enough.

"I have the prissy role filled, but I can knock some heads when I need to." He says lifting his hands up, "Well one has to, when one bakes. It ruins your nails and they look rather dirty all the time. So I treat myself to a manipedi weekly. It's my little me time." David smiles, "I know a few drag queens that will probably be willing to help you next year.. Maybe you can go as Princess Calpernia next time… Or even someone more flamboyant." He offers, "I've only been to one of those conventions. There was a guy I thought was to hot to survive.. Then come to find out he was something called a furry.. That kind of weireded me out. So of course we did our business but, well.. yeah it wouldn't work out. I have other.. things I want." He grins a bit as the man hands over a box of sodas. David pulls out a bright pink colored soda and then hands the box over, then retrieves his card. "There you go. Careful, don't put on to many pounds… I bet all the ladies die for you.."

The girl blushes even further, reflexively looking around. "Dude, I have to manage more than five thousand calories a day just to make sure I have the calories to burn during marathon-training. Trust me hun, it's almost like carrying a cross having a body like this- Well, hell, look at you. You know." Then she clears her throat and lowers her voice,"Mmm… At this point, it feels like I'm wearing a big white forever-alone t-shirt." Maybe it's not the gay thing. Maybe it's the 'I totally strike out always' thing. "Um. I mean… sometimes I think they're flurting, but then I try to say something cool, and I just vomit awkward all over everything. I have no game." She waves her hand a little bit, even as she takes the box and pops one open. She guzzles about a third right off the bat, and then sighs with satisfaction,"Mmmmph. Caffeine." She kicks around for a table. "Still, if you have the hookup, I will totally take you up on it. I could always use some notes, and those girls live and die accessories." Pause. "Also, I'm pretty open minded, but… Even I find furries creepy. They always want you to pet them or something." Another pause,"How are you not fighting off wang from ten different directions RIGHT NOW?"

"Most men, even gay men, are a bit put off when someone is as open as I am. I mean, truth be told I have other things that kind of puts me out there.. Plus, how can they be the man if I…." David trails off and leads to one of the streetside benches. He sits down and reflexively crosses his legs as he pops off the top of his soda and takes a sip. "Sugary goodness." He says with a smile. "As for game, hunty. Game is for players most people just want to know that you have a place for them and want them." He sighs wistfully, "And if you're playing game… Be ready to get played." He smiles, "Well the convention was interesting. Most of those guys there were a bit more effeminate that I'd care for, but there were a few bears there.. And well… mmmm Those are some big old boys.."

She follows to plop down on the bench. She takes frequent sips of her soda -Rootbeer and Blueberry-,"Oh my god, this is so good. Thank you, for this, so much! Mmmph. I'm totally going to come back for some of this next time I'm in Metropolis. And it's totally going on my blog. You got a business card? I will totes pimp it on my site." She wrinkles her nose happily, then goes on,"For me… I just want someone sweet. I don't care so much. I never really cared about the whole butch/femme thing either… Though when Ellen Page came out, I was totally, like: Oh… were you not out before?" She giggles. "Seriously though, she's cute." She swats at his shoulder playfully,"We need to get you up to Canada for a lumberjack convention then! Thousands of big muscular hairy dudes in flannel who do nothing but spend all day around big muscular hairy dudes in flannel…"

David is visabily blushing for a few moments before he nods, "Yeah." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a sterling silver card case, he flips it open and pulls out a rather anti-climatic business card. The words "The Bake" on it. "I can be reached through there for normal things." He says, it's not that he's hiding his extra-ciricular activities, he just doesn't brag about them. "Other stuff I tend to stumble into." He grins, "Ellen Page eh? Have you seen some of the costumes of these Heroines? I mean Power Woman, Miss Marvel and let's not mention that Amazonian woman… Diana or something…" He rolls his wrist a bit, "I don't know. I just don't really follow the super-hero thing as much as most people. They seem a bit… stuck up, like the forget who they are helping." He takes a sip of his soda, "But then maybe it's just me. I have been known to be wrong before."

She reaches into her pocket now, and after a moment of fishing around, comes back with a white business card that is lettered in bright green neon with 8-bit style block letters: Mary Maxwell - MarMaxTheDestrOyer. "I'll totes post it on my blog. I hope it doesn't overwhelm your business. I've got a pretty good viewership in Metro, NYC, and LA." She finishes off her own soda (quickly), and cracks open another one while barely paying attention,"Oh wow. Yeah, Diana! Oh, I am so into her. If I had a notebook, I'd probably write her name on it and draw little hearts around it. Personally, I prefer The Flash with those ribbons. She wears full body-covering clothes. Now THAT'S self-respect." Pause. "I still look, though. I'm not blind." Pause,"Do you like t-shirts? I've got a few I'm giving out later." She wriggles off her backpack and starts digging.

"Who doesn't love t-Shirts. I wear all kinds of them." He nods, "Self-Respect is sexy as hell." David agrees. "I like her costume, it reminds me of a pride flag, just not quite as complete." He grins, "I like it. I know a few heroes that are rather, prideful." A pause is given, "Makes one wonder why we don't have a Pride related heroic squad." He grins, "The Pride." He offers jestfully, though maybe a mental note is taken. "Any shirts or stuff you want to pimp out at the Bake stop by and talk to Angelica. Tell her David sent you and show her my card. She'll hook you up with a spot to pimp em out. We don't charge for a little space to friends of the family. Anything to help, ya know." He grins. "Sides, us girls have to stick together."

The girl pulls a t-shirt out of her backpack, one closer to the man's size. It says:I exude attitude. Much like the one she's wearing. She offers it to the man and winks before standing up. "Yeah. Well, the Flash is all about the do-gooding. How much you wanna bet she's a big ol' Butch?" She snickers for… some reason, then follows up with a shrug, and makes kissy faces at the air,"Well, I've gotta hurry if I want to get to the con on time for the costume event." Mainly because it's starting in a minute and thirty seconds,"I appreciate you hooking me up… Listen, if you ever need a place to crash in Manhattan, totally shoot me a message, and I will primp the spare bedroom, girlfriend." She winks over her shoulder as she begins to walk,"This won't be the last time to see me. Metropolis has a hell of a lot of cons. It was nice meeting you David. Thanks for the soda." They're all going down her gullet before she even reaches the con. NEED CALORIES.

He tucks the shirt into the Couture bag and nods, "Sure thing. Taking New York by storm sounds like fun." He stands up as she departs. "Enjoy and like I said, look me up when you need something. I'm around." He offers as he finishes his soda and drops the bottle into the waste basket. "Nice girl, a bit on the off side." He mutters to himself, "I like it." He offers to himself as he turns and heads in the opposite direction. "The Pride… Why didn't I think of that." He grins.

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