(2014-06-27) Chaos of the Soul
Chaos of the Soul
Summary: Scarlet Witch and Hellstorm encounter one another. Then they take a ride on his love chariot.
Date: IC Date (2014-06-27)
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Seated in a circular booth in the corner toward the back of the lounge, Daimon Hellstrom has found himself quite comfortable. On his left are two lovely women, on his right two others. They seem to desire to serve him grapes, scotch, and other foodstuff. They giggle and act like silly seductive girls should. In reality, if anyone can see it, they are succubi.

Presently, Hellstorm wears a medium grey business suit with a red shirt, no tie and partially unbuttoned to reveal the top border of his birthmark that presents with a magical glow. He himself can be discerned as half infernal (if one has the detection ability). Other patrons of the lounge are not bothered by his presenation nor those of his company. Perhaps they're soothed by the pheromones of the succubi.

Wanda walks in slowly, having heard about the place through various channels. Smiling faintly to herself, she wanders through the crowd, mostly unrecognizable in this place as she goes towards the bar. Once there, she gets a bourbon on the rocks, eyes calmly surveying the place, though she does do a bit of a start when she notices the auras by Daimon's table.

Before you stands a woman in her mid-twenties that looks, by most standards, to be quite attractive. Her skin tone is rather fair, as if she spends most of her time indoors, while her eyes are a brilliant shade of azure. Dark auburn hair falls down to spill over her shoulders, as it's so dark to almost appear brown, depending on how the light hits it. Her build is slender, but still somewhat athletic, though it definitely seems she is more at home in a boardroom than a gym.

Currently this woman wears a very sensible suit-jacket, a black silk shirt over a dark crimson jacket. A matching skirt fits snugly about her narrow waist, tied in place by a golden belt. The skirt flows quite sensibly down to just above her knees, revealing legs clad in black nylons. She wears a pair of dark red shoes, the heels coming to slender points. She has a delicate golden watch on her wrist, and about her neck is a silver medallion with the Seal of Solomon emblazoned upon it.

It is hard not to notice the presence of such a alluring woman - especially to that of one whom is always on the hunt. He watches the way she moves and sniffs the air in hopes of catching her scent. A half smile is brought to his lips when she glances his way. He raises a glass and gives a nod.

Wanda arches a brow at the raised glass, looking a bit derisively at the man, or perhaps it's his hangers-on that solicit the reaction. In any case, she returns the gesture, though it's hard to tell how much sarcasm is motivating the movements as she turns back towards the bar, talking quietly with the bartender.

Hellstorm continues to watch while remaining physically engaged with his companions. However, after few seconds he discerns the apathy that Wanda presents and he mutters, "Begone."

No sooner does the word touch their ears do the succubi disperse. Hellstorm then slides out of the booth, retrieves a filled glass and will begin walking in Wanda's direction.

Wanda has her back towards Hellstorm, but she does appear to have noticed or sensed his approach as she murmurs, "So, finished with the cheerleader squad?" She has a faint smile on her lips, as she seemed to sense just what exactly they were. As far as what Daimon is, she's not exactly letting on.

He moves in close behind Wanda, takes in her scent and then moves to her right side where he will take a seat upon the adjacent stool. He remains facing her with his right arm on the bar. "They were inconsequential compared to that which fills my every sense. An exquisite, unique beauty of which I have never encountered, let alone imagined. I am Daimon Hellstrom. Tell me your name, so that I may know the beginnings of your beauty."

Wanda looks, well, she looks a mix of charmed and cynical, "Well, if you get a nickel for every time you flatter, it's no wonder you're dressed so nicely. My name is Wanda." She leaves off the last, but up close, she's pretty easily recognized as a certain Ambassador that's been in the news lately.

"Wanda, the one who wanders.", states Hellstorm giving definition to the origin of her name. "A restless ship within the night that sails on an endless journey that holds no end or safe harbor. Tell me, Wanda; what finds you alone on a night such as this? Have you no companion that would dare try to define or control you? Or have you scattered them to the four winds in hopes of finding one that would celebrate your perfection?"

Wanda smiles wryly at that, "Sailing on an endless journey… sounds like the story of my life. As it is, well, a friend suggested this was an interesting place, so I thought I'd come and see what it was all about. But no one has tried to celebrate my perfection, though I'm certain many wanted to try and define me, without success."

"You cannot be truly defined. Any who would try would only find corruption within their own intent. Tell me, Wanda. Is it you of whom I see in the local media? If so, the photographs do no justice."

Wanda chuckles, "The Ambassador from Genosha to the United Nations? That Wanda? Yes, it's me." She sighs a little, sipping from her bourbon, "Had hoped that this might be a place where I wouldn't be so easily recognized."

"Forgive my intrusion in such regards. I will not mention it again and strike any inferred suppositions from the gained knowledge." states Hellstorm kicking aside the reference, "If you would allow, I only seek to know you better so that I can gain enligthenment through your words, your fragrance, the depth of your eyes and if permitted, your soft touch."

Wanda smiles wryly, "Preferring a woman that's a bit more down-to-earth than your former companions, then? I'm not exactly someone that blends into the crowd, Mister Hellstorm." Her eyebrow arches, as she does seem a blend of charmed and amused at this point.

His voice remains peaceful and speaks with a paced tempo, "Which is why I find myself enticed by your presence. Those that sat with me before were nothing more than succubi looking for their next meal. And in that light, perhaps you are Earthly enough to need sustenance? That you would accompany me to an establishment so that we may share a meal."

Wanda hmms at that, "Well, I must say that you are interesting, if a bit overly flattering." She smiles slightly, "And I have not eaten dinner yet, so a meal would be most welcome." With that, she finishes her drink, and slips to her feet gracefully, "Did you have something in mind?"

Taking the initiative, Hellstorm offers his left hand and says, "Allow me."

Wanda arches a brow at the courtesy, but smiles and places her hand upon his, "But of course. Nice to see that chivalry is not, in fact, dead."

"In this day and age, it is quite close. Albeit from the period I hail, it lives on." notes Hellstorm as he leads her to the door and then out onto the sidewalk where three demonic horses are seen tethered to a golden chariot. He notes as he motions to the spectacle that is clearly stopping traffic, "Your chariot awaits, my dear." With a smile, it's given that he's always wanted to say that.

Wanda shakes her head, and looks wryly at Hellstorm, "It must be remarkably bad mileage in the city…" She steps into the chariot, looking around with a rather stately expression, and trying to ignore the twitpics that are sure to result from this.

Stepping behind her, his very warm body pressed against her back, he takes the reigns with his right hand and the railing on the other side of her with the other. He clarifies as to why he's so close, "Wouldn't want you to fall out.." then snaps the reigns and the demonsteeds lurch forward and upward into the higher regions amid the skyscrapers of the city.

Wanda blinks in surprise at the sudden flight of the hellsteeds, pressed back against Damion as she reaches out, grasping the rail of the chariot with one hand, "Well, /that/ is decidedly unique."

The demonsteeds present a demonic winnie as they lash at the harness and drive the chariot through the buildings at moderate speeds. The wind doesn't seem to be as harsh as the speed would dictate (perhaps a magical field).

Daimon smiles at her reaction and notes, "They favor you. They don't allow just anyone within the chariot. Those that they don't like are typically devoured. So consider yourself unique in kind."

Wanda chuckles, "I'm not sure if I should be flattered or not, but I do consider myself fortunate for the experience." She glances at the skyline as the horses just phase through most of it, "A most interesting trip, I must confess."

The chariot heads westward toward Hell's Kitchen. While careening between buildings Hellstorm states, "Surely you've traveled in many exotic ways. You have not wandered through life without discovering the less traveled road?"

Wanda hmms, "Well, normally my magick just sends me from point A to point B. Occasionally I fly but… it's not quite the same as this." She glances around, and this close, one magically sensitive can feel the chaos magic rippling through her soul.

Hellstorm smiles and seems pleased that she confirmed the knowledge of her power. There's an audible hum of acknowlegement as he feels the chaos, the sensational chaos that is within her. "I find the journey often more important than the destination." he pulls the reigns to the right and the chariot banks northward perhaps adding a few minutes to the flight as they will soon find themselves over the evening greens of central park.

Wanda looks down, then glances over at Hellstorm, "Well, you didn't exactly state where we would be ending up for dinner, actually…" She smiles a bit, "I have to admit some measure of curiosity."

Central Park is lovely from above with the fiery hooves of the demon steeds just above the treetops. Once beyond and over Harlem, Hellstorm snaps the reins once again. The speed increases yet wind does not and New York State begins to whip by. He leaves it to mystery as to their destination and he asks, "Tell me, Wanda. What guides you?"

Wanda glances at the stars overhead, then looks back towards Hellstorm over her shoulder, "My people… well, metahumanity. After witnessing what Genosha had done, and was doing, first hand? I felt I needed to do something to aid them." She smiles faintly, "That is the cause I have dedicated my life towards."

Niagara Falls is reached and the chariot descends. They find themselves in an opulent restaurant overlooking the falls. Good food, excellent conversation, remarkable company, and incredible prospects adorn the evening. Eventually though, all amazing things much end and the two part for lives unrevealed.

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