(2014-06-20) Surprise!
Summary: Jada finds the courage to tell Bobby the truth
Date: 2014-06-20
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Bobby Drake sits on the roof, after having climbed up from the observatory. he leans against an incline as he watches the sun setting in the west. There's a decent, cooling breeze coming across the rooftop.

It's Jada's head that pokes up from the hatch. Surprisingly, there's only one of her here. She's in a one-piece dayglo orange bathing suit and shorts. No identifying patch this time (as if it's really needed). She is also, perhaps surprisingly, much less curvy out of her suit. "Mind if I come hang out- Oh, wow, this is NICE."

Bobby Drake smiles, no, beams when his favorite new student pokes out. "Wow… You're like my very own Genie." He chuckles. "Sure thing. Grab a seat. The view is awesome up here." He smiles.. "And it just got better. How's the pool?" he asks with a nod, noticing the swimsuit.

There's a steep blush,"Oh stoppit. You keep doing that I'm not gonna stop being red." She clambers up onto the roof and pulls her knees up underneath her chin, arms wrapped around her legs, and stares off into the sun. She's got a quiet kind of air about her,"It's fine, but Mary and Linda are down there, so I decided to give them some alone-time."

Bobby Drake raises a brow. "Who's Mary?" He takes a look at the girl and notices a change in her. "What's wrong? You're here by yourself and you look… pensive. Like a trapped lion, pacing it's cage." He leans over and places a hand on her knee. "You can tell me, and I won't even spread it around school, honest…"

"Mary? Um… crap… I dunno if it's a secret? Mary is Linda's girl? They're very cute together." She looks at the hand on her knee and wince a little. "Nothing's wrong, exactly… I just never have had to do this before? I kind feel like, though, that you have a right to know… You know I'm not like other girls. Like, I'm different. Really different. And I'm having fun with you, and I don't wanna ruin it. I just kind of feel like by telling you, I'm gonna?"

Bobby Drake blinks. "Linda's…." Then his eyes go wide in realization. "Oh!" He says, before blushing. He turns to the pool briefly and smirks. "You go, Linda." He turns back to Jada, and seeing the girl's face, he takes the hand back, fearing he hurt her or offended her or made her feel uncomfortable in some way. "Wait.. What? I know you're not like normal girls. We don't *have* normal girls here. Remember? We're all "exceptional"." He even uses his fingers to make air-quotes. He smiles. "I like you, because you're not like other girls. You're smart, you're funny, you're pretty. You like tech and video games and all sorts of cool stuff." He shrugs. "What's so big a deal that it's got you worked up?"

"Oh yeah, totally. They're smoking hot together. If you get a chance, totally say hey." As for what's bothering her? Her face kind of falls again. The smile Jada makes is downright painful somehow,"I mean different from the way they're different. Not just exceptional. DIFFERENT. I'm different from other girls because I wasn't… technically… born one, physically. Like, I'm taking all sorts of medicine to transition. And I don't wanna lead you on, so that's why I decided to tell you, sooner than later. I know reputation and cred and all that means a lot to boys."

Bobby Drake listens to the girl as she rambles, and needs to take a second to run it through again at a slower speed. When he does, certain key words stick out. Transition. Medicines. Physically. He goes to make an angry face but he couldn't even pretend without cracking a smile. He wraps an arm around her and pulls in close. "First of all, reputation and cred don't mean shit." Yes, he swore, because he's being brutally honest. "What kind of reputation would I get for turning down a friend… or possibly something more.. just because of who they want to be?" He shakes his head. "I understand why you're so worried now." He sighs. "I'm also honored that you think I'm important enough to tell about this."

Jada Doakese she makes a relieve choking sound about this time, but this time doesn't really push away. Instead, she just lays a head on the boy's shoulder,"I can't be otherwise. It'll get out eventually, I just… wasn't expecting, you know, for it to be… necessary so soon?" She chews on her lower lip, closes her eyes and sighs,"I'm sorry for the drama." She's quiet for a long moment,"If you've got questions, now is the time to ask them. But so help me god, if you ever scare me like that again…" She closes her eyes. "It's just… like I said. Everyone says you're a good guy, and you've been really welcoming. I was worried holding onto it longer would've made you feel… betrayed?"

Bobby Drake nods and listens, welcoming the closeness. "I know. We've been going kinda fast, even though I've been trying to slow down." He smiles. "There's no drama. This is important to you… and.. well.. it kinda means that I am too." He blushes and shrugs. "You're timing on telling me is whenever you feel comfortable. If it makes you feel better, I am glad to know now.. I mean… so I can support you and help you out any way I can." He shakes his head. "I wasn't looking to scare you, just to break the tension." He thinks, and chuckles, blushing deeper. "I… don't have any questions." He shakes his head. "None that are appropriate, anyways." At least he's honest. He clears his throat. "I'm here for you… in any way you wish, at whatever capacity. If you need anything, let me know."

The girl actually giggles even shifting a little so she can elbow him,"Oh em gee, just ask already. I swear, you can't ask me something I haven't heard online before. Unless it's which bathroom I use. That's not inappropriate. Just stupid." She sticks her tongue out. "Do you mind if I bring up three and six? Two and four are sleeping and one doesn't do climbing very well." Yes, she asked… permission. "If you want to help me, just… stick by me… I don't think anyone here's going to be horrible… but… I'm kinda fragile. Part of why I'm here is that someone kidnapped me because of what I am and who my parents are. It's why there's six of me, and why I need a prosthetic for one hand. So just be… um… you?"

Bobby Drake shakes his head. "No.. it's… for not now. Later.. perhaps. If we get.. closer." He smiles with a wink. "No.. No stupid questions. You're you and that's all that matters." He looks around. "Um.. Sure, they can come up.. as long as there's room enough for them to be safe up here…" He nods. "Yeah.. We didn't get to discuss much of your past.. This is more important, though, so one breakthrough at a time?" He smiles and nods. "I'll be me. Your biggest fan."

The other two aren't long in mounting the ladder. Blue and yellow are their suits. One takes Bobby's other side to lean against, and another tries to fit her chin on top of his shoulder from behind. Still, the statement and wink gets a flush alright. "See. Plenty of room." She settles comfortably,"Unless there's something else you want to know, I think… that's all the secrets I've got hiding in the wings? You got the JD cliff notes."

Bobby Drake smiles and nods as he's… snuggled by multiples. "This… is gonna take some getting used to.." He chuckles. "It almost feels like I'm cheating.." He blushes. "But it won't take too much time." He smiles and nods. "That's good. I don't have any secrets really. I'll have to tell you how I ended up here at some point, but it's no big deal." His face blanches and then reddens deeply. He slaps himself in the face.

The girls all close their eyes. Apparently they're quite comfortable. Now if only they weren't doing that thing where they all say the exact same thing at the same time,"Trust me… I'm living it and it's still takes getting used to. Sometimes it makes it a challenge to really… be entirely there when I'm around people. It's easier when my other selves are in the same place." She actually giggles,"Jeeze Bobby, if you slap yourself everytime you have a dirty thought, you're going to take the skin off your face. It it makes it any easier, just try to think of it this way? You've got multiple servings of dessert instead of one? Besides, I thought guys dreamed about this kind of stuff."

Bobby Drake nods and smiles. "That explains why you try to keep all of you in one spot. That makes a lot of sense." He nods, and then blushes a deep red and nearly chokes. Thankfully he wasn't drinking anything or there would've been a fountain. "I.." He shakes his head. "It's just a good thing you're not a telepath.." He chuckles nervously. "And I'm trying to be respectful of you, and not to think of you like that. It's difficult, but I'm trying. And…." He stops, trying to find the right words. "I like you for you. What's inside. Not what you are on the outside, or what you are as a group, ok?" He squeezes both of the Jadas at his side closer to him. "I'm not here because of the fad-ness or the coolness about what dating a multiple would be like. I'm here because of what dating *you* would be like."

The one behind Bobby squeezes in return. "I know Bobby. I know you are, but believe it or not… as long as you KEEP respecting me and what's inside, you're ALLOWED to think of people like that. I'm not going to hurt you for your imagination, even if I could read thoughts." They snuggle in as one,"I'm a teenager too, you know? Even if my hormones are screwed up, they exist. I understand. Probably better than most girls, in fact. What's going on in your head belongs to you and only you. I'm not going to flip out as long as you share some of the gushy, corny parts with me on occasion."

Bobby Drake shakes his head. "I'll keep that in mind, but you're not screwed up. Even your hormones." He smiles. "Ok.. I'll share." He turns to the first, the one who sought him out to talk. He reaches over, taking hold of her chin as he brings her closer to him. He leans in and kisses her. Softly, gently, firm lips moving in unison with Jada's. No tongue, no slop, just a decent kiss.

Her reaction is surprised. Stunned really, at first. Then she relaxes. Her mouth isn't full of descriptors like 'plush' or 'cupid's bow'. But it's soft, and it's willing, and it opens slightly, almost like a light exhalation. Her head turns slightly to the side and tension eases in her body as she sort of melts… metaphorically. That also earns the boy a pair of soft lips on the back of his neck and one of his temples. They just sort of rest there, leaving all three somewhere between a puddle on the ground and ready to bolt like a rabbit.

Bobby Drake smiles and disengages, turning and giving the same attention to the one on the opposite side for a bit before pulling back and doing the same with the one behind him. He smiles. "I could get used to this… but it may tire me out." He chuckles, leaning his head affectionately. "We should get in, before curfew. Ms. Frost will kill us.. As it is I need to really be guarding my thoughts now… Keep classical music running in my head, or World Cup play-by-play."

Which leaves three very breathless girls fanning themselves. They're definitely blushing,"Well, then, you're going to have to build up stamina. After a bit of practice, it'll be second nature. Lots of practice. Mmm." As for guarding his thoughts? She leans in, on more time. One kiss to his lips and one to either cheek, all at the same time,"Muah! Tell you what. For being so patient, after school tomorrow, I'll put on my best stuff, and you can take a picture of all of us together that you can totes show your friends back home. I know how the internet works: pics or it didn't happen!" Two of them rise on their own, and help the third up, then the three of them hold out hands to help up Bobby.

Bobby Drake blushes and stands, accepting the help. "I don't need to brag. But I'll certainly look forward to spending time with you tomorrow, no matter what you're wearing." He smiles, and in turn he helps the three get back in through the hatch. He then follows, closing and locking the hatch behind him. "Until tomorrow, fair maidens." He smiles and bows with a wink.

One of them shoves Bobby's shoulder,"You're such a geek! Don't ever change that." As each on files by, he gets a relatively chaste kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad. I'll feel more comfortable tomorrow with more clothes on." With a wave and a sort of self-satisfied sashay, they depart for their own dorm

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