(2014-06-19) Paradise Lost, Memories Found
Paradise Lost, Memories Found
Summary: Mary visits Linda at Xavier's. the visit turns into something else as Linda's memories begin to return.
Date: 2014-06-19
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After school and Linda and five of Jada's bodies are hanging at the pool. Linda's blonde and in her one piece blue swimsuit, currently floating on a pool chair. The sort that floats in the water. "I appreciate your offer, Jada, but this was power practice. Not chores. I don't think you can fill in for me there. Piotr's the only one who comes even close to that."

The girl lets out a soft 'oh'. "And power practice takes as long as it takes. Yeah. Right now, for me, learning about powers seems to mostly consist of 'finding limits' and reading a lot of books. I'm surprised that there were even things I /could/ practice before I got here." She kicks her feet in a lazy sort of way, while #2 and #4 nom on something by the side of the pool,"Well… is it still supportive if I say I would fill in for you if I could?"

Mary Bromfield makes her way sheepishly through the mansion, aware of the eyes that are on her at all times. She's wearing a cover-up and carrying a towel as she makes it to the pool area. "SO this is how hard you've been studying? And there I was at home feeling so sorry for you.." She addresses the blonde who seems to have not a care in the world.

"Mary!" Linda leaps into the air and hovers over until she can hug her girlfriend. "I didn't expect you! You didn't call to say you were coming. And I was studying earlier. Had extra freaking class and everything." She whispers. "Glad you're here." Then, when her feet touch the ground she's leading Mary over to the pool. "Mary this is Jada. All of them are the same person. Multiple bodies. One brain."

"Yep! Miss Frost has been up her butt, like craycray to get her to do power's practice!" #1 (who just spoke) slips her right hand behind her back. Still sensitive about the missing fingers. #3 is the one who speaks next as they all begin to exit the pool to meet Linda,"Hi, Mary! We were just discussing you! And oh em gee, you're, like, crazy hot just like she said!" They surround Mary soon in a cacophony of fussing over how pretty she is. Finally, #5 cuts through the whole thing and asks,"Can I get you some snacks? They're totes tasty."

Mary Bromfield blinks as she's swarmed. "Um…" She blushes as she's hugged by Linda and ushered to the pool. "Hey…" She says to the Jadas. She blushes.. "Um.. Thanks?" She shrugs then looks to Linda. "I thought I surprised you. I got permission from Ms. Frost and everything." She turns to #5 and shakes her head. "I'm good with the snacks, thank you so much, though. You have… quite a remarkable ability there. Most people would kill to be able to be at two places at the same time." She smiles before pulling off her cover-up, revealing the purple bikini that she has on underneath.

"Damn, girl." Linda says as she steps back so can admire Mary. Then she can't help it. She goes for the big PDA and pull her girl into a long kiss. "Mmm. Missed you." She winks and steps back. "So, how long are you here for? Is there a curfew?" She takes the cover-up wrap from Mary and tosses it onto a chair. "No hiding that body of your's now."

Three clones fan #1 when PDA occurs, even as another winks at Linda. "Thanks for the compliment. The circumstance were douchey, but the results weren't so bad, lol. It mostly just means I get six times the chores and classwork." Yeah. She said lol. "Oh em gee. You two make the hottest couple. Nobody tell Beckett she's here." She giggles, and then the Jadas shuffle towards the pool,"If I'm not hiding my body (which is MUCH less curvy when she can't stuff her clothes), then neither can you."

Mary Bromfield blushes as she falls into the kiss with Linda. "Yes, there's a curfew for both of us. I'm only here for a couple hours." She blushes at all the compliments and decides that the best way to hide is to get in the pool. "Well, it's a pleasure to meer you, either way, Jada."

"Gorgeous." Linda says again before diving into the pool. She goes into the deep end so don't worry. Not that she'd break her neck. The pool would crack first. When she comes up, though, there's something odd. Despite Linda having used her super breath to chill the pool earlier, the water around her is bubbling. She doesn't even seem to notice it as she swims back over towards her floating pool chair.

"Whoop! Nice to meet you too, Mary." #4 picks up a beachball to toss it to Mary when she notices Linda bubbling. She points it out,"Um… Linda… I think you're having… gas issues?" See, she assumes it's mundane. "Let me know if either of you need anything from inside." #1 has relaxed enough to worry less, so now even she's fumbling with a pool toy to bat it at #2,"How'd you two meet anyway? Is it a cute story?"

Mary Bromfield looks over to Linda.. "Uh.. yeah.. Babe.. Did you have the tacos for dinner or something?" She asks, by way of bringing attention to the issue without actually hinting as to what it may more likely be. "I'm good Jada, thank you… Us?" She looks between Linda and the girls.. "We met at an art museum.. I was ditched by my so-called friends… Linda was working on a sculpture."

"What the hell." Linda frowns as she looks down. She leaps into the air and out of the water. "What the hell was that?" She frowns and then settles down on the deck. "… I should ask K… my cousin if there are powers she didn't tell me about. Fuck, that's what I need, right? More powers I need to learn how to control?"

"Well… I mean… at least it's super-gas? Wait. No part of that sounded comforting. I'm sorry. I know you have a lot on your plate." The Jadas frown, trying to figure out how to spin that one. She looks at Mary at this point,"Well, except for friends being douchey, that is SUPER sweet… Lol, team Mary and Linda." After a moment, the Jadas ask in unison,"Silly me. Did you two want some time alone? I totes have other stuff I could be doing."

Mary Bromfield waves off Jadas' offer. "This is your home. Feel free to be where you wish. We're fine…?" She looks to Linda. "What happened?" She thinks. "Is this the first time that happened?"

"… unless I start setting things on fire later let's not worry about it. We've only got a few hours before you have to go home and I don't want to waste that." Linda finds a lounge chair before pulling Mary down into her lap. "You came all the way up here to visit me and I am totally taking advantage of that." She pauses. "In a public friendly way since we're socializing."

The girls all giggle as one and begin climbing out of the pool, now. She looks around this way and that, then moves to begin clearing the table,"I'm gonna give you two you're relative privacy. Linda, let's hang out sometime? We'll have dinner. Make it a… uh…" #4 counts on her fingers,"Nontuple date or something if the talk goes well?"

Mary Bromfield nods and sighs happily as she's pulled into Linda's lap. "Fine.. If I hear of any odd heat signatures…" He leaves the warning at that, Linda can fill in the blanks. She turns to Jada and smiles. "Well, it was a pleasure to meet you." She does the math quickly. "Talk goes well? Trying to chat up a special someone?"

"Good luck." Linda says to Jada, focusing on whichever body is closest. "If he says anything stupid feel free to punch him in the face." She settles against the lounge chair, happy to cuddle with her girl for a little while. "Though you might want to just bring along one body for the talk. It'll make him feel less crowded."

"Um… sort of, Mary… Let Linda fill you in on the details if you want them? And if he says something stupid, I'll totes do that, or come get you to do that, Linda. Don't worry, I'll take your advice." Jada waves as they pack off towards the house, leaving the two alone.

Mary Bromfield smiles and waves at the retreating…group? "Have a good night." She says before she turns to Linda and sighs, curling into the girl. "Is everything alright?" She feels for Linda's state of mind, not even planning on venturing into a discussion about Leesburg. Easier to keep it focused on Linda and school right now. "What's going on?" She asks, indicating Jada.

Jada Doakese goes to Sand Volleyball Courts - Xavier Estate

"Now. What are the two of us going to do to pass the time until you have to fly home for curfew?" Linda wonders, her fingers exploring all that leg Mary is showing thanks to her very nice bikini. How thoughtful of Mary to wear it today.

Mary Bromfield sighs as her questions are ignored. She feels the fingers and places a hand on Linda's. "We're in public. We have to behave. I don't want to be banned from coming back."

Linda sighs. "Fine." She doesn't let go but she stops stroking, letting her hand be still on Mary's thigh. "Everything's fine. I had some extra classes at the end of school today but nothing major. Just stuff. Jada's transgender and she's worried the guy she's thinking of trying to date might freak. But she's going to tell him anyway."

Mary Bromfield blinks.. "W..Wow… Out of all the issues we go through.. I mean, that *you* go through… Life has to throw that on top of it." She sighs in sympathy for the girl. "Well, if he can't accept her, then he's a jackass and she shouldn't date him anyways. It's better that she tells him now." She nods. "You haven't been feeling anything different, except for the pool thing?" She asks, just making sure. "I worry about you." She swallows. "Kara does too…" She makes sure she says it quietly so that only Linda oculd hear it. It's her subtle way of telling Linda something.

Linda closes her eyes and lays her head back against the plastic headrest of the lounge chair. "Yeah, I know. I… don't know, okay? What to do. The pool thing is new. I don't know. Maybe I just used my heat vision and didn't realize it. I can turn it on very low intensity and it barely makes any light sometimes." Its a flimsy excuse at best and she knows it. "And I know you're both worried. Just, I don't know. There's nothing to really do about it."

Mary Bromfield nods. "I know. I understand. I'm not trying to stress you. I had a talk.. We… met." It doesn't seem like Linda noticed the differentiation between Karen and Kara in her speech. "We know… About each other.." She says, this time not so subtle.

Linda's eyes snap open. "No! No, you're not… you… you'll get kicked out of the club. Crap. No, Mary. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this… this is all my fault." She groans and gently pushes Mary off her lap so she can get up. "I'll go find her right now and tell her that if you're kicked out of the clubhouse I'll knock her into next week and she knows I can do it, too."

Mary Bromfield is pushed off the chair. "Linda, stop…"She sighs and shakes her head. "I didn't tell you this to get you freaking out. We're cool…" She sighs as she gets up off of the deck and sits on the chair. "We both saw the benefit in keeping the secrets to ourselves. I just wanted you to know that you don't need to hide us from each other anymore."

"… this is too messy. This is all stupid." Linda mutters. "I'm really just tired of this all being stupid and messy and this should just be fun, you know? Me and you having a good time. The most stressful thing in the world should be school or something." She turns to Mary. "I don't know how you can stand me."

Mary Bromfield sighs and puts her face in her hands. "I didn't come here to stress you out." She stands, wiping away tears. "I thought this would be good news." She grabs her cover-up and towel.

"Oh, hey. God." Linda moves over to Mary. "I'm sorry. God, listen to me? I'm a bitch. I just mess everything up and I just…" She sighs. "And I'm making this all about me again, aren't I? Okay. You're here. With me. What do you want to do?"

Mary Bromfield sighs and places her hands on Linda's wrists. "Stop. Freaking. Out." She says.. "Take a deep breath and relax. I was just trying to tell you that I get along with your cousin and that she really does care about you. That's all. Nothing to get upset over." She sighs again. "Thank you for your concern. I understand, but we decided that it was better to keep things at the status quo." She smiles. "So we're good. Ok? No need to worry." She guides Linda back to the chair. She looks as the sun begins to set in the west, the sky aglow in orange. "I also want you to stop being who you think I want, and be yourself. I never asked you to change."

Linda settles down into the chair, guided as she is, by her girlfriend. She sighs softly. "I don't know who I am." She says, softly. "I don't know anything about myself. How do I know I'm really even Linda Danvers? Lately I have dreams. Dreams of science fiction cities and waterfalls made out of rainbows and entire valleys made out of diamonds. Sometimes I dream about fighting Nazis. Maybe it isn't Linda Danvers who got powers. Made its someone else who somehow thinks she's Linda Danvers." She whispers all this, as if saying it will make it real. Something to be afraid of.

Mary Bromfield smiles and leans in, touching her forehead to Linda's. "You're having the same battle every teenager does. It's what existentialism is all about, only you have Kryptonian DNA thrown in." She wraps an arm around her girl. "What do you know of Jor-El? He was Superman and he fought in World War II. You might be experiencing some of his memories."

"I know he existed." Linda says. She takes comfort from Mary's presence. How close she is. How she smells. "I know he didn't have as hot a girlfriend as I have." Deflecting much? Maybe. On the other hand, Mary IS a cutie pie.

Mary Bromfield sighs and sits up, looking at Linda. "Karen said something about the DNA inside you.. That it was closer to Jor-El than she was. That's why I think you're experiencing this." She thinks and looks up pointedly. "Could this be, like, a Kryptonian form of puberty? Like… a coming of age thing?" She shrugs, not being an expert. "I mean, it's possible, right? It'd explain the new things happening to you? Hell, I remember simple human puberty and it SUCKED."

"You remembered human puberty? You're still in it." Linda says with a smirk. Then she gets up from the chair again. "Come on. I want to show you something I sculpted yesterday." She grabs a towel to dry off enough to go inside. "I didn't really want to sculpt it. But… sometimes it isn't what I want to make. The art demands."

Mary Bromfield nods and stands, pulling the cover-up over her and grabbing her own towel. She slips her feet into the flip-flops and follows. "Yes and no… Remember?" She smirks and gives Linda a pointed look.

Linda laughs. "Yeah. I guess. Just remember when you're in the club with all those pretty chicks, despite your… umm… changes there… you've got someone your own age at home." She leads the way inside and to her dorm room. It is pretty much just like it always is. Messy and covered in posters showing half-clad guys, half-clad girls, and various bands and some art type posters. There's a picture of Mary and Linda on one of the nightstands. Linda walks over to her desk and picks up a clay sculpture. It shows, in incredible detail, a man laying face down with six daggers or knives sticking out of his back.

Mary Bromfield growls lowly. "Please don't tell me that that's a bit of insecure jealousy coming through. Those people are way too old for me and two of them already know my real age." She says as she follows and stops dead in her tracks when she sees the sculpture. "When did you do this?" She asks, trying not to sound neither dramatic nor ominous.

Linda wrinkles her nose. "I think I'm allowed a little jealousy. You're sexy both ways." She sits down on her desk chair, perching on the edge. "I did this earlier today but I've been working towards it since…" She pauses, then says. "Since our trip into the city with Karen."

Mary Bromfield sighs and swallows, closing her eyes. Now she's forced to talk about Leesburg. "You know. Deep down inside somewhere, you know." She runs a hand nervously over her forehead, into her hair. "I went there… to the coordinates. Karen too. That's how we found out about each other…" She starts to pace the floor. "He was there… In that state…."

"You…." Linda sighs. "Of course you did." She stares down at the clay in her hands. "He's a preacher. Pastor." She says. "Used to be my mom's boss before he vanished. I remember his wife. She was really nice to me. She…" Linda frowns, eyes closing. "She… there…" She smashes the clay, which hasn't been fired or dried out yet. She begins working again. Fingers tugging and pulling, pushing and shaping. She never forces the shape out of the clay. Linda plays it like an instrument. Soon it is an angel - stylized with sweeping, soft lines. More a suggestion of an angel than a pure representation of one. "She liked this." She whispers. "I don't remember why."

Mary Bromfield nods and listens, watching. "He wasn't the only one there… A teenaged girl, dead, stabbed." She swallows. "It was a ritual of some sort. There was writing on the walls in a language that no human was supposed to know. Originally angelic, but then was tainted and demonic." She swallows again, nervous. "Like a sacrifice of some kind.. And there was Kryptonian DNA… along with your fingerprints on a knife…" She sighs. "I'm sorry, Babe.. I was hoping Karen would have approached you with this. We have…. resources looking into this." Resources, meaning the Justice League.

Linda leans forward, placing her head in her hands. For a long moment, she's quiet. "I killed him." She says. "I killed two people." She puts pieces together based on what she's told. Half-forgotten dreams. "I…" Linda sits up and she's sculpting again. A man. Tall. Thin. A long face with a pointed chin and rodent-like teeth. Not handsome but somehow compelling.

The man from Metropolis who knew the secrets. "He was there, I think."

Mary Bromfield nods and sighs. "We were afraid of that. We were looking into getting help to unlock your memories, but.." She stops and sits on the bed. "We couldn't really think of anything that you wouldn't object to." She thinks.. "I.. think you were the sacrifice… It wen't wrong. The DNA found you, merged with you right before they were going to sacrifice you and…" She looks up with tears in her eyes. "It saved you."

"You must think I'm a monster." Linda whispers as she drops the clay to the floor. The man staring up with half-sculpted eyes. "How can you stand to be in the same room as me?" She hugs herself, tears spilling from her eyes as she makes conclusions based on words and half-memories.

Mary Bromfield walks over to the girl and uses all her strength to lift her up to her feet with a big hug. "You're not a monster. You're my Angel. You did what you had to to survive. THEY are the monsters." She holds the girl close and kisses her forehead. "That is, if my hypothesis is correct."

Linda lays her head on Mary's shoulder. Clings to her as she cries. Sobs. And likely gets Mary wet considering Linda's in a bathing suit and just took a dip in the pool. Towels only soak up so much water, after all. But after a few minutes, the sobs turn into hiccups and Linda whispers. "I'm going to need to talk to Ms. Frost. I have to remember. I don't have a choice. I can't… you need me to remember."

Mary Bromfield sighs and nods. "You need you to remember. There are other otpions, but if you trust Ms. Frost most, then that's perfectly fine." She holds her hand. "Do you want me to be there with you?"

Linda shakes her head. "No. She's… she'd figure out your secret. She still might, I guess, because she might find out from my brain but I don't want to take the risk. Enough people have found out about you because of me." She kisses her girlfriend. Tender. Soft. "Go home. I'll call you tonight. I love you. I hope I'm someone you can love when this is all over, too."

Mary Bromfield squeezes the girl tight one more time while kissing her back. "Alright.. And I will. You're still you." She lets go reluctantly and walks out.

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