(2014-06-18) Skids Meets Sonja
Skids Meets Sonja
Summary: Sally decides to ask Mary Jane about her big friend.
Date: 2014-06-18
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With summer vacation now in full swing, Mary Jane Watson is spending a good bit more time around the Defenders' office than she had been. She isn't always working, of course. Sometimes she's just hanging around, sprawled on the guest sofa with a used StarkPad, reading or browsing the internet. She obviously does a lot of investigating, trying to follow down leads when they don't require her teen self to head out into dangerous places and ask dangerous questions of dangerous people. But since she's around, she's also handy to make coffee, fetch drinks, or welcome a client or potential client if they come in. Right now, she's actually reading one of the prep books for the New York State licensing exam for private investigators.

The blonde exits from that back office, simple summer attire, t-shirt and shorts. The woman yawning before tilting back the bottle of juice she was sippng on. Mmming a little, pausing to stretch and yawn in the middle of the reception area, "Ah…-oh! MJ." she says, noticing the redhead.

Mary Jane looks up and waggles her fingers at the blonde. "Hi, Sally. Do you need anything? I'm just reading, right now. It can wait." She's always so eager to help. Her grey, framed backpack with the pink trim is sitting against the wall behind the desk she uses when she's 'on duty'. "Need anything to drink?"

"Well I was talking with Kate this morning, and she told me to talk to you about…magic." she says with a smile, parking herself against the desk, the edge that faces the couch, smiling, "So…what don't I know about you and magic, MJ?"

The redheaded teen makes a little face, and then shrugs, smiling. "Well, I did promise. So, I'll have to show you. One sec, please." MJ locks up her StarkPad and swings her legs around, coming up off the sofa with the grace only the truly young can acheive, then ambles around the desk to her bag, where she tucks the StarkPad away. "Now, please don't flip out." she asks Sally, as her hand moves, flipping up a cleverly disguised flap of fabric at the top of the pack that opens up inside the actual frame for the backpack. There is a glint of metal, and something else, inside as her hand closes on it, and the redhead murmurs something in an alien-sounding language. A corruscating flare and flash of light later, and the backpack - and the teenager - are gone. And in their place is a much taller redhead, barely dressed in a scale mail bikini, holding a glittering sword.

Sonja eyes Sally for a few long moments, and then flips the sword up and sheaths it in a scabbard across her back. "Hello. You would be the one Mary Jane calls 'Sally'. Also 'Boss', yes? The woman with the golden glow, who shields the innocent." She extends her strong right hand. "I am Sonja, sometimes called 'Red Sonja'. Pleasure to meet you. I would be your 'magical consultant,' as your Kate described me."

She watches, "Well I make no promises MJ, but go ahead." She watches but doesn't interfere witht eh redhead as she changes, and thenjust stares a long moment, placing her hand into Sonja's, "Yeah, I'm Sally, and nice to meet you Sonja." she says, "So…how much do you know about us, you see what MJ sees, or do you two talk? And, well, yes, Kate would call you that, I would thinkg friend of the team, possibly teammate." she says softly.

Sonja shakes that hand warmly, with strength but not crushing, and then releases. "I do not see what Mary Jane sees. When I am not here, she is but herself. However, when I am here, she can see what I see, hear what I hear, and can speak to me, though I do not believe anyone else can hear her. She has told me some about you and the others. I have met Mary, the fast one, and your Kate. And I have seen you, before, when the creature was born from the crash of the large public conveyance." Yeah. The train wreck. "I would welcome being an ally and member of your 'team.' Mary Jane has told me how you seek to help those less fortunate. This is good. Too many find power and ability, and use it only for their own ends."

"Well Sonja, that decision isn't mine alone, and it's somet you and Mary Jane would need to talk about with each other well, but I would give my blessing to you and her helping where and when you are both able, just as long as Mary Jane stays safe." she begins. There's a slightly confused look though, and hrmms, "Um…why are you saying 'Your Kate'?" She asks, curious, something she'd heard the woman say once before in the so far brief conversation.

Sonja smiles at Sally and nods. "Of course, Mary Jane must be kept safe. Your Kate apparently explained this quite firmly. Mary Jane understands, and she will do her proper duty, even if she might wish it otherwise." Sonja has this on the highest of authorities, after all.

The tall redheaded warrior laughs aloud, pleased at something. "Ah. Well, Mary Jane explained that she'd overheard that you and Kate are lovers. It is merely a means meant to respect that bond between you as worthy of mention." In short, it's Sonja's way of respecting their union. "Yes?"

There's a little flush to Sally's cheeks, "O…oh, I guess it just sounded like she belonged to me, which um, she doesn't. She's her own woman, and I'm mine, just we're dating, and all." she says to the woman. "And…um…" she looks around, face still flushed, "Yes, no matter what MJ stays safe. I don't know what i'd do if she got hurt while working;

Sonja smiles broadly. "Sally, when one is in a relationship, whether based on merely mutual need, or mutual desire, or in truth mutual love - I am told such things do exist - then a part of that other belongs to you, as a part of you belongs to that other. That makes neither of you property. Ever." There's one thing that will get Sonja to start earning that Red title in new and vicious ways, and that's slavery of any kind. "We will keep Mary Jane safe." She grins, shaking her head. "Much to her chagrin."

"I…I guess I never thought about it like that, I just, I guess it's just not what I was expecting to hear, and heard it one way with you meaning another." Sally smiles, "Thank you Sonja, for the help you've given us, and down the line, if you want too." Smiling, "So anything you need or want that we can keep here in the office for you? Sure Mary Jane sis going to be around more, but I am certain you'd like to be made to feel welcome…"

The tall redhead smiles, and finally walks around the desk Mary Jane had been standing behind when the transformation occured. "I thank you, kindly, for your consideration. Mary Jane usually does not call me unless I am needed, so there will be little need to keep anything 'special' on hand for me. That being said, I have found I appreciate the hot drink your people call 'coffee'. I understand that horses are not often as useful in this time, but I have now ridden on one of the horseless carts. The Canary of Black called it a … 'motor cycle', yes? I think I would very much like to learn to ride one of these. Mary Jane insists it is unnecessarily dangerous." And Sonja adds that last almost as if it is half the reason she wants to learn.

"Well, we'd need to get you ID and stuff, or find someone out there who'd teach you without going to a school, and…clothes. Jeans at least." she offers, "I could make some calls, and give the results to Mary Jane, and some time off to allow you to get riding a bike down." Sally smiles, "And do feel free to grab some coffee in the office any time you're around and we have it, I don't drink it, but everyone else seems to like it."

Sonja considers this for a few moments, looking at Sally curiously. "Jeans? These are long pants made of the blue cotton fabric? Odd. Canary rides in fishnet stockings, wearing not much more than I." OK, OK, she does wear a leather jacket. But Sally didn't mention tops or jackets, only about jeans. "Is my armor truly insufficient for the riding of the 'motor cycle'?" After all, she has already ridden one, if not alone. Clearly, Sonja's not looking for a wardrobe change. But she does make her way over and examine the articles around the coffee pot, until she figures out - thanks to Mary Jane - what is what, and prepares a mug for herself. After a sip, she mmms. "Not quite as good as the Canary's, but good enough. Thank you."

"Well, it's metal armor, and you'd be riding in the main seat, not on back, it could get a little uncomfortable, even a burn isn't unheard of, cause, the engine and everything is right there, and your armor is metal, it'll pick up heat quickly. Jeans, yes, heavy blue cotton, would be a little warm, but wouldn't grab as much heatas your armor would."

Sonja merely frowns. "I do not understand. If the Canary can ride as she is, her legs bared by fishnet stockings, wear boots far shorter than mine, why should I need these jeans? The metal of my armor would remain on the seat, which is naught but leather." Still, it's not worth arguing, beyond the fact that Sonja has no real desire to accumulate clothing from this alien time. Who knows what it might mean? Even she does not, hence her caution.

"Well this other person likely rides regularly, knoes how to sit and what's going to keep her from being singed, while you've never ridden one alone, plus, dangly metal bits and machinery don't mix. You and MJ talk it over though, how ever it is you two communicate." she says with a smile.

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