(2014-06-18) Set Up Over Breakfast
Set Up Over Breakfast
Summary: Xavier students at breakfast, Linda pushes Bobby into going out with Jada
Date: June 18, 2014
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Location: Xavier's Dining Hall

It's a humid Wednesday morning, a threat of being a real scorcher for June. Bobby's making his rounds through the Dining Hall grabbing breakfast. Toast, eggs and bacon. He looks around and shrugs before grabbing a seat at an empty table.

"One of the joys of having my powers?" Linda says as she walks in with Lana. They're both in uniform already, though each with their own touches. Linda, for example, always leaves her tie very loose, with the knot about two inches lower than it should be. Her skirt's usually about two inches too high, too. She's got on a pair of very metal boots, too. Black leather with lots of metal studs. "Heat doesn't bother me anymore. Hey, Ice cube!" She shouts out to Bobby.

It's to early in the morning for Lana. Were it not for Linda dragging her, sometimes even literally, out of bed, she would still be asleep and probably miss first period. "Lucky you." she says in a grumpy tone…yes she is grumpy face in the morning…or rather more so in the morning. While she may be in uniform her shirt is still untucked and her tie is just draped around her neck, it will get tied on her way to her first class, as usual. "Icee." she greets with a upward nod as she passes Bobby on her way to the coffee. Caffeine first.

Bobby Drake nods and waves to the girls as he takes a bite of toast. He doesn't drink coffee, but takes a swig from his milk. "Hey girls." He says.. "Hey, did you meet the new girl(s) yet?"

"The quintuplets?" Linda asks before she grabs some food and some orange juice. There's no point in coffee anymore. It doesn't wake her up any more than alcohol gets her drunk. She sits down at Bobby's table. "Yeah, I gave them their orientation tour. Her their orientation tour. Whatever. Pretty wild power, having six bodies."

Coffe, foodage, then Lana joins the other two as the new girl is brought up "You mean that Jada chick?" the six bodies comment was enough of a clue to figure out the gist of the conversation "She's a weird one. I met her at lunch the other day. Said Ms. Frost reminded her of her grandmother."

Bobby Drake nods to Lana and Linda. "She's pretty cool. She's into tech and video games. And yeah, there's six of them." He smirks, glad that Emma's not in the room. "Well, she was homeschooled all her life. She got really flustered at something I said. She may have a differentupbringing. That could explain the odd grandmother and the way she acts." He shrugs. "She thinks I could be a heart surgeon or something."

"Her grandmother is a dominatrix who looks like a super model?" Linda asks sarcastically. "No wonder she was homeschooled." She dips her toast into her eggs and then nibbles. "She seems alright. Talks in text speak a lot but who doesn't do that sometimes?"

Lana is focusing on her coffee for the moment, and not the pancakes and bacon on her plate "I was wondering the same thing, but I didn't ask." though she probably would "Homeschooled…I guess that explains it." setting the coffee down she takes a bit of bacon "I warned her about Chavez, not that I think he will bother her, not with the odds against him, six to one.

Jada Doakese comes in from Gathering Hall - Xavier Mansion

Bobby Drake sits at a table with Linda and Lana as they eat their respective breakfasts. The air is thick, though the mansions air conditioners are working hard to keep the environment conducive to learning. The talk of the morning seems to be about the latest student(s) to arrive at the school. He rolls his eyes at Linda. "Ms. Frost isn't a dominatrix. She just has an eclectic taste in clothing. What I meant is, perhaps her grandmother had some sort of ability, y'know, like reading tarot cards or tea leaves." He shrugs and nors to Lana. "Well, one of these days, Chavez is going to go after the wrong person and he'll be sorry. He picks on the ones that look weaker. I'm sure he hasn't said a peep to Pete yet. He's too chicken-shit."

"I have, like, ten thousand kinds of vision powers. Trust me. I know what I'm talking about." Linda says to Bobby. And no one's stupid enough to try to piss off Piotr. He's like a Russian tractor. Slow to get going but it'll run you over and break you. Which Lana wouldn't mind." She winks at her BFF. "Chavez is a moron anyway. He tried to paint a bunch of rocks with glowing green paint and put them in my book bag. I almost broke his wrist."

"OH EM GEE." That's the sound of six identical, in-harmony people exclaiming in unison. Linda, Lana, and Bobby! Having sidled her way through getting something to eat, one of the clones, #2 is balancing what can be assumed to be #1's tray as well as her own. One is currently holding her right wrist and slowly flexing her hand open and closed. It's an awkward sort of motion. Having seen three neat people congregating together, she's made her way over. "Linda, Bobby, Lana!" Seems #1 is the vocal one today. "Would it be totes cool if I sat with you?" Pause. Oh. It's Chavez conversation. "Chavez is angry. He thinks he's a hottie…" #6 finishes the quip for her,"… but he's a nottie." Well… she's TRYING anyway.

"Spare us the details please. I'm trying to eat here." Lana says around a bite of her food. Ms. Frost's bedroom habits are the last think she wants to think about at anytime, much less when she is having pancakes. Her eyes roll at the Piotr comment. "You should have broke his head." she points our drily. At the arrival of the peppy six, she gives a slight scowl, but hides it by taking a drink of her coffee.

Bobby Drake smiles and waves as The Jadas arrive. "Hey!" he says with a smile. He notices the one with the wrist problem. "Are you alright? Do you need to go to the Infirmary?" He just waves off the discussion of Emma for now. He shakes his head at the Chavez situation. He laughs slightly at Jada's quip. He shrugs,looking to Linda and Lana for heir reaction. "I'm cool if you joind us…" He refuses to speak for the others.

"Hey, Jada. Sit." Luckily it is a long table. Plenty of room for six more bodies. Linda takes another bite of her food then wiggles something out of her blazer pocket - a canister of Play-Doh. She pops the cap and pulls out a big ball of the stuff, black in color, and begins playing with it. Squeezing to get the stuff pliable so she can work on sculpting. "If Chavez bothers you, Jada, let us know. We'll take care of him."

The girl has a sunny smile for Lana. Either she doesn't care about the scowl, is oblivious… or she can't see through coffee cups. Whatever the case, #1 shakes her head at Bobby, lying as smoothly as she ever does,"Oh, nah. I think I just need to clean the joints in the mechanism. The fingers are working a bit slow today." She DOES tug her gloves on a bit more tightly, though as she sits. She'll just quietly favor her left hand,"So far… I don't know if he IS bothering me, but I'm pretty sure I caught him staring at Four's behind yesterday." The other five are eating in relative silence. "So why are we breaking things?" Lind gets a tild of the head,"Oh neat! I Play-doh? I used to eat that stuff by, like, the pint when I was five!" Really, is anyone surprised? Pause. "I'll let you know, thanks. This is all just so much to get used to."

Lana doesn't comment, just gives Jada and upward nod of her head. The comment about joints and cleaning gets an odd look but she'd rather bash Chavez than ask about the girls joint issues. Especially since its not the kind of joint she has any interest in. "He was, and if you were facing him it would have been your boobs." she is used to Linda and her sculpting at random moments, so tht gets nothing but a passing glance.

Bobby Drake shrugs as he finishes most of his breakfast. "Well, can't blame a guy for looking if the display is nice.. He just doesn't have to be creepy about it." He shrugs, drinking his milk. He has a feeling that Jada's got something up her sleeve but doesn't know her enough to pry further. "We're not breaking anything. It's just wish-fullfillment." he smiles, then looks over as Linda takes out the play-doh.

"Nothing wrong with looking." Linda notes. "We like being looked at. Guys, too. But there's a line between appreciating for a second and leering." She pushes her tray aside and sets the lump of Play-doh down. Her hands move in a blur and the lump is now a man laying face down with six knives sticking out of his back. The detail's remarkable considering the limitations of the medium. Linda's hands blur again and now the Play-doh has been sculpted into a demonic set of tentacle, each with a wailing head on the end.

Jada Doakese looks down at said boobs, then frowns,"Maybe I should stop playing them up so much, then. For some reason, it's more creepy when Chavez does it and those eyes of his just… linger." She makes a face and shudders, even as #5 chimes in alongside #1,"Besides, there's so many nicer people to be admired by. It's even funny. Ell oh ell. Girls, how do you do it? Until I came here, I'd never been flirted with before." She actually flushes. "I'm still trying to figure out all the rules for it, and all the wikihows on the subject suxxorz." Maybe her power should be 'walking meme'. #5 takes up talking while #1 eats,"Oh wow. Linda, you are super-talented, and that is hella neat… But wow, that's super-scary looking."

Lana gives Bobby a smirk, "Speak for yourself Icee." destroying things is her schtick and while she might no be actively doing there is always a plan in the works. Linda's words have her looking askance at her BFF "Don't tell them that. That's girl code trade secret!" if she didn't have mug in one hand and fork in the other she would surely facepalm. "I like the stabby dude, you should make one in art class." she grins and then nearly spits out a drink of her coffee at Jada's comment about her boobs. It takes her a moment to control her laughter for her to answer "It depends, if I like the guy flirting I flirt back, if not I punch him." its that simple for her.

Bobby Drake isn't paying attention to sculpting, especially since the topic of conversation had turned to boobs. He raises a brow.. "Um…." He thinks… "Yeah, there's nothing that I can add to that conversation without sounding like a creep, so…" He takes a piece of bacon and shoves it in his mouth.

"There's nothing wrong with what you six have." Linda murmurs. "A push-up bra will work better than… umm… other alternatives." Like stuffing. She frowns and her fingers fly over the clay at super-speed. Its clear she's trying for a female form but in the end it droops. "Dammit." She mutters and her eyes narrow. Beams of red light strike out and vaporize the Play-doh down to a smear on the tabletop.
The girl makes a face and finally #1 gets up without explanation and… leaves? The other five, predictably take no notice other than to snatch her tray bare of food and scoot to fill in her seat. #3 takes up active conversation,"I don't know if I COULD punch a boy, even if I didn't like him. Can I just call him a butt-nose or something instead?" She's not very good at mean, yet. As for Bobby? Well, #3 reaches into a pocket in her uniform, pulls out a little purple plastic pouch-thingy, and withdraws from it… a chocolate chip cookie. She says to him,"Good boy. You get a cookie." She holds it out to Bobby. #5 is looking at Linda now,"Push-up bras need SOMETHING to work with though." She's got that super-plaintive tone in her voice… That is quickly squelched when Linda vaporizes the Play-doh,"EEP!"

As the others take their turns inthe conversation Lana works on demolishing her pancakes and bacon "That's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say." she says to Bobby with a gesture to him with her fork. As the play-doh gets vaporized the delinquent girl will nudge Linda "You show that stuff whose boss." Jada #1 gets a look as she walks off, Lana is pretty sure it was something she said, it almost always is. She's a people person…in Bizarro World maybe. "Asshat or better yet, fucking asshat." of course she had to drop an f-bomb somewhere.

Bobby Drake blinks and graciously accepts the cookie. "Thanks?" He says, then looks up oddly as #1 walks off. He still can't say anything right, but he tries. He looks to the Jadas. "Girls… I say this respectfully and not as a creep. You're all fine-looking women. Don't go comparing yourself to others and thinking you need to change. If the boys here don't accept that then theyneed to go to a different kind of school." He says and thenhushes as he puts cookie in his mouth, stopping him before said something stupid. He raises a brow at te play-doh. "Um… Hmm.. Is this where we ask if you're alright?"

"I'm fine." Linda mutters. She places the now useless Play-doh cannister on her food tray. "I'm fine. Sorry to bring the drama." Linda knows enough to know if there's five Jadas present than one wandering off means pretty much nothing at all so she doesn't stress over that. "Anyway. Bobby, you should take Jada into town later. Maybe down to the arcade." Hint. Hint.

"OH EM GEE, YOU SAID THE F-WORD." All five Jadas are just staring at Lana owlishly. Like she's from another planet. Yep. F-bomb dropped and detonated. She's totally scandalized. At least she didn't shout it it. Then Bobby is complimenting them, and lower jaws begin to work in that dumb sort of 'I-don't-know-how-to-take-a-compliment-so-I-just-work-my-jaw-like-this' way of hers. Oh, look! #4 to the rescue,"Mrrfle." Articulate, #4. Articulate. "Linda… I think I have some silly putty in five and six's room, top drawer. You can have it if you want." But wait! She's saying things! To Bobby! About going into town! In a social manner! Now Linda has laser death-beams pointed at her. Except, they're totally imaginary. Heads don't explode from staring, do they?

The speech by Bobby while listened to isn't commented on, her issues have nothing to do with how she looks, so she has little to say on the body issues of another, though she does give him an approving nod. Lana briefly puts an arm around Linda "Does someone need a pizza and beer intervention down by the lake later?" its her lets do that now and skip classes voice. She jumps a bit at the outburst, dropping her arm from Linda "I'll say it again too." and she does so, several times in a row.

Bobby Drake smirks at Lana's language and Jadas' reaction. then at the mention of the arcade, he blinks.. "Oh.. Sure. I could do that sometime" He shrugs and looks towards the group. "Whenever you like, if you like, I mean.." He stammers as well. Then his nervousness is broken by Lana's string of vulgarities. He snickers and just facepalms.

Linda laughs as well, in reaction to Lana's cursing and Jada's reaction. "I can't afford to piss Frost off anymore than I have." She says to Lana. "Or I'll never get off campus to see Mary ever again. So, it'll have to happen after class. Besides, you need to not earn another detention. You're going to class today. I love you, babe, so I'm doing this for your own good."

Scandalized. Absolutely scandalized. Her eyes, all ten of them, are as wide as saucers, staring at Lana. Then nothing happens as a result of 'the f-word'. She looks around, as if expecting a meteor to hit them,"Nothing happened." So why isn't Jada bothered by the drinking? Mysteries! Then Bobby is stuttering. This is confusing to her. She doesn't understand, really, and isn't about to make it easy on Bobby,"Oh totes! I am so gonna kick your butt on Soul Calibur! We are gonna have so much fun!" Pause. "Mary? Is that your giiiiirlfriend?" She gets all sorts of giggles from this. "What's your number, Linda? I realized I wanted to text you something yesterday, and I totes didn't have it."

Lana is a straight faced as can be, despite the reactions of the others, until Bobby looses the ability to speal coherently, then she is chuckling at him. "Some way to show your love Linda, by dragging me to math class." or any class for that matter. A sly look is given at Jada's request for the number and she quickly speaks up "Oh her number is 555-2368." Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters. That's there number not Linda's.

Linda rolls her eyes. She pulls out her phone and does the number exchange with Jada. "I'm going to go brush my teeth before class." She pokes Lana gently. Because if she poked her hard, she'd break some of Lana's bones. "You show up at class or I will find you. I'm for serious, babe. If I'm suffering you're suffering. That's why we're BFFs." She stands up, grabbing her tray so she can bus it. "Bobby. Jada. Arcade. You two crazy kids have fun."

Bobby Drake nods. "Sure. No problem. We've got games here too, but it's better getting off school grounds for a bit. Plus there's the mall too." He pays no attention to talk of dating and significant others. Whomever Linda's dating is her business. He finishes his breakfast and starts to tidy up his place at the table.

She starts to type in the phone at this point, when suddenly #2 pipes up,"Wait a minute, 555 is the number reserved for movies and… Thank you Linda." She types in the contact information happily. Then she informs Lana,"You have such an awesome BFF. You should totally give her cookies." She dumps her little plastic pouch of cookies in front of Lana. She totes trusts Lana not to eat them. Totes. Bobby gets a nod, and the girl opens her mouth to say something… Then her face goes all sorts of doofy. "Oh, nice. The infirmary uses the good stuff." Some tension leaves her posture even as #6 moves to bus empty trays.

Lana waves a hand at Linda "I'll be there. I have to cheat off someone. And I don't trust Beckett's answers to always be right." she is only partially serious, she doesn't cheat…all the time. "Lots of hotties work at the mall. Check out the guy working at the Cinnabon or the assistant manager at the pretzel place." she nods knowingly, possibly totally sabotaging the setup, not on purpose this time. With the others getting ready to head to class she does the same, she grabs her tray, wrinkling her nose at the cookies set in front of her by Jada "Oh great…another one." peppiness on top of baking, almost more that she can handle.

Linda drops her tray off for cleaning and then heads for the door. Since her phone's already out she's soon texting as she goes. Considering most of her friends are here, that means there's a very special Mary getting some Linda text love right now.

"New York is full of hotties, too! I met this nice guy there in a coffee shop, and there was this cute girl who I think was flirting with me, but it was kind of weird, 'cause her girlfriend was glaring at me-" Oh. She's leaving. Shrugging, Jada grabs the rest of her stuff and rises,"By guys! Thanks for the tips about the mall!"

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