(2014-06-18) Black Queen's Rook Rising
Black Queen's Rook Rising
Summary: Dinah Lance takes her place as Zatanna's Rook amongst the Lords Cardinal of the Hellfire Club
Date: 2014-06-18
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Plans are set into motion. The decisions have been made. Preparations were completed. The.. interview was performed and a vote was taken.

The result is that Dinah was summoned to the Hellfire club. Zatanna informed her of her attire. The only modest bit was a cloak/cape she would be allowed to wrap about herself in public. Once inside, she was informed of her proper conduct.

At the library, The Black Queen met her newly appointed Piece. "Welcome. Please come with me."

Into the library, then down into the lower levels, unmasked, ungagged. Brought into the open as all of the inner circle conduct themselves when in private.

Entering the meeting hall, The Black Queen looked to the already present White Queen. "My Queen. I present to you, The Black Queen's Rook" she gestures toward the very scantily clad blonde.

Already present indeed. Unattended save by one of the faceless (not really) servants, Emma Frost - the White Queen of the Lords Cardinal of the Hellfire Club, otherwise colloquially known as the Inner Circle - arises from the sumptuous divan upon which she had been reclining, a crystal goblet of white wine in her white-gloved left hand as she makes her way over to Zatanna's side to meet her recruited and approved 'Piece'. "Welcome amongst our number, Black Queen's Rook." It is a voice that Dinah would remember quite clearly, though heard previously within a dream. Or what she took for a dream. "As you might surely guess from my attire, and your Lady Queen's address, I am the White Queen."

Dinah Lance takes her place beside her Queen, chin lifted proudly with a toss of those long, blonde locks. She's not quite casual in her scanty underwear in front of the assembly, but she carries it off well for now. Blue eyes gaze around the chamber, and yes she remembers that voice. As well as the woman's taste. Red lips smile and she bows respectfully. "It is a pleasure to meet the White Queen." she replies simply.

Zatanna Zatara smiles and brushes fingers through Dinah's hair before offering a hug to Emma. "You look ravishing as always, Emma." She looks back to Dinah. "She will take a little time to adjust to her role here but I expect she will settle into her duties quite well. She does sing a lovely tune. As it were." Harking back to that nice subsonic oral 'tune' Dinah put to use on Emma.

"Remember always, Ms. Rook: Your first loyalty must always be to /your/ Queen, and that loyalty absolute. You are her hands, her eyes, the object of her will upon the world, and the primontor of her defense. These duties, you understand, and accept, now as you join our Company?" Emma intones with precision, as she clasps Dinah's hand in her own. Her pale blue gaze is piercing, almost soul-reaving, as she awaits the answer. Yet once given, she simply nods and releases the other woman's hand, making all the other feelings fade away as if they were but a flight of fancy.

"Then we, the assembled host of the Lords Cardinal, welcome you, Black Queen's Rook, into our number." Emma offers as she steps back. The assembled voices call forth, one and all: "So say we all."

"I believe you have chosen quite wisely, My Queen." Emma offers to Zatanna, smiling. "Your Rook's song is a beautiful one, full of power and verve. We, all of us, look forward to the results of her development."

Dinah Lance smiles and she nods, gloved hand meeting Emma's own with a firm, sure clasp. "I understand, White Queen." she replies softly. Red lips curl a bit wryly once the assembly votes and accepts her into their number. Blonde hair is given a light toss, and then Dinah turns back towards Zatanna. Heels click-click-click as she struts over to take her place back at the magician's side. And in light of her new role, she gives the assembly another once-over. Assessing threats.

Zatanna Zatara watches and smiles as acceptance is measured then given. She looks to Dinah, The blonde has encountered, endured much that is against her usual moral standing. Yet she has done all that was expected and exceeded. She comments to Emma, "Her contacts and skills will be put to full use." She trails a finger along Dinah's spine, pleased with the woman's quick adoption of her duties.

The White Queen nods towards the Black Queen, accepting of her words on the matter. Being Emma, she believes nothing until she sees it done, but she trusts Zatanna to stay on top of the matter until it is done. The sorceress has proven resourceful, determined, and careful, all things Emma approves of quite a lot. "And what news, My Queen, from your other contacts? Anything of news or import to the Lords Cardinal?"

Dinah Lance shivers a little with the wandering fingers along her spine, breath catching and body reacting predictably. She remains outwardly calm, however, wetting her red lips as she takes up a casual stance to Zee's left. Shoulders back and hands clasped casually behind, the vigilante becomes more fully alert. Glancing over, she offers a small smile to her Black Queen.

Zatanna Zatara smiles. "I do have more news. Though I should also ask the same of you My Queen" she replies to Emma. Gently applying pressure to the small of Dinah's back the Black Queen moves over to take a seat and get comfortable, letting her Rook find a place very close beside her to be vigilant.

"The Justice League. Of which our fond outer circle companion, Tony Stark is a member I believe, has had a bit of an… issue." She takes a goblet of red wine from a barely clad serving girl as she passes by. Sipping she continues. "I have had two come to me for.. counsel. It would seem that there is a risk implied, a threat made against one of their most powerful members. The Amazon. Diana of Themyscira. It was made against her via a telepathic member of the League. They refer to her as Marvel Girl. The being was very powerfully shielded it would seem. This Marvel Girl was unable to determine anything of her." She pauses to sip at her wine again.

The White Queen nods, sagely. "The Marvel Girl is known to me. She is a telepath and telekinetic. Moderately well trained and not inexperienced, though she is not of Our calibre as a telepathy, nor directly comparable to such as their Moon Maiden in telekinetic ability. Still, she is respectably capable." Emma shares, to elucidate others. She would never name the girl's secret identity in open council, but neither will she deny knowing of her. "I know of some capable of remaining obscured to her levels of ability, but not many. None that I know of have reason to set themselves against the League in any open manner."

Emma waits a bit, letting others of the council discuss amongst themselves what they have heard, before she spreads any of her own news. "I am also aware of two other dangers floating about. Someone has been putting together technology and means, with the intention, I believe of potentially assassinating members of the newly-formed League. They put together an attack on Supergirl, the cousin of the League's Power Woman. The girl survived thanks to the intervention of allies, and is safe. But a weapon was employed that robbed her of her abilities, making her quite vulnerable. So far as I am aware, there are yet no leads to follow towards those responsible."

Emma waits a bit more, before adding, "And it seems that word has been passed to many underworld and criminal figures of someone called the Calculator, hiring individuals and groups and planning out robberies, aimed at stealing various bits of technology and power. The backing behind this is sizeable, but my agents have not yet been able to narrow down its source or intent."

For her part, Dinah listens to the discussion. She knows her place, and this sort of planning isn't really her forte. The attack on Supergirl gets her full attention, however, blue eyes narrowing a touch. As does the Calculator. And she speaks up when discussion opens on the matter. "I'm pretty comfortable in underworld and criminal circles, my Queen." she offers to Zee. "Let me see what I can learn about the Calculator."

Inner Circle Meeting Hall - Hellfire Club - New York
Long red velvet curtains hang from ceiling to floor about the room. Along the three interior walls of the room is a large and long table shaped like a squared horseshoe. Ten high-backed stately and softly cushioned chairs sit around the edge of the table for the lords and ladies of Cardinal. Four of theses sit at the head of the eastern table for the kings and queens, and then on each side table are six chairs for the lesser cardinals. A banner hangs behind each seat denoting the rank of each courtier. The chessboard floor is made of marble plates, black and white, and gleams under the light of the huge brass braziers which light the corners of the room. Gold candelabrae are space about the table, slender black tapers burning. Gold decanters also sit on the tables, on service trays bearing ornately jeweled gold chalices. The ceiling is vaulted Cathedral-like, but instead of the serene faces of angels, demon faces leer down at you with impish delight. The room is well lit from the roaring flames in the huge fireplace about six foot high and at least as wide. The room itself has a middle-ages look and feel to it, the walls set in large stone blocks like that of a ancient castle. Banners bearing the ancestry symbols of passed and present members of the Inner Circle hang down unmoving.
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