(2014-06-17) 6 vs 1
6 vs 1
Summary: The Jadas meet The Bobby
Date: 2014-06-17
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Well. She's certainly got an appetite! All six of her! Numbers one through six are currently in their shiny new uniforms with their black, red-numbered armbands at a table with STACKS of pancakes and orange juice. As if six identical people weren't odd enough, there's the fact that none of them are speaking to each other and they're wearing gloves. Whatever the case, though, it's a beautiful day alright! Right now, the morning bustle hasn't really gotten started en masse.

A fine Tuesday morning, the sun is shining and Westchester County isn't due for rain for another couple days. Bobby whistles as he makes his way through the kitchen with his tray. He raises a brow at the sight of six identical girls. He takes a moment to plan his approach, realizing there's strength in numbers. He just heads to an adjacent table and sits. He looks over to the group and waves, with a simple. "Hey." to any that may look in his direction.

#3, the only one without food in her mouth is also the only one that looks over when Bobby speaks, though she's got a perky smile and a wave prepped for him when she does. "Hi! 'M Jada, or JD." Pause. "I don't think Lana warned me about you…" She pauses, thinking very carefully, and wonders out loud,"Do we have classes together?" Another pause, and she says,"I sometimes forget…" She points to the other five of her,"We're all Jada, by the way. You can sit with me if you want. I'm still meeting people here, myself."

Bobby Drake smirks and grabs his tray heading over. "That's because there's nothing to warn about. I'm harmless." He smiles and sits. "The name's Bobby, by the way." He looks at all six, checking them out. "Wow.. That's… remarkable. Is there always six, ro do you make more, absorb them back.." He shrugs, truly fascinated. "Sorry.. My thing's not nearly as cool." He listens and answers the question. "You look about he same age as me, so yeah. We should have the same classes together."

Without looking up, #1 tugs the glove off her right hand. Her fingers on that hand as it turns out, are robotic prosthetics, strapped to the limb. After showing that off, the glove goes back on, and #3 explains,"Nice to meet you Bobby. And yeah, there's always six. I can make more, but the process is uncomfortable. Snip off a piece, and a new one of me grows. Can't absorb though." She tilts her head as if examining the boy, then says,"We're all the same person, so if you want to use the same name or address one of us at a time, I'm not offended, but… if it's weird for you to do that, I'm also numbered for convenience and you should feel free to call me by it." Still, she looks apologetic mere moments later,"I'm sorry I didn't recognize you right away then. I'm still settling in. It's all so new. So… what IS it that you do? I bet it's way cooler than you think it is."

Bobby Drake shrugs. "I'm not uncomfortable.. I just feel rude if I'm leaving any of you out of the conversation." He chuckles. "It's all good. I remember being new." He smiles. "And watch out. Every new student gets pranked. It's nothing bad, usually in good fun." He smiles. "*I'm* not the one that does it, so don't blame me." He smiles.. "Cooler? Well, that is the operative word." He puts his hands together and makes a snowball. "I can form ice out of the moisture in the air." He tosses the snowball into a nearby trash barrel, so as not to get in trouble.

"Heh. I said cooler, and then you made ice." Yes. The girl likes puns alright. "That is so awesome… So how does that work? Is it, like, technically a water control power, or are you absorbing heat out of the air! Oh man, I bet you're like, at every party in the summer!" Yes, she's gushing. It's at this point that all six of them are suddenly staring at Bobby with the exact same facial expression. They say in unison,"Cool!" Then they break up in exactly the same giggle at the same time. There's not even an echo. Most of them go back to eating, though this time #6 is talking,"Oh wow! Well, I guess a prank is okay. I've never really been part of a, like, tradition or something!"

Bobby Drake smiles. "Well, I'm here to learn how to control it. I don't quite know the science behind it just yet. Once I get control, I don't plan on it being more than just a parlor trick." He nods and smiles. "I'm indispensable at parties. I never run out of ice for drinks." He chuckles, blinking.. "Wow… My own fan club. This could be awesome." He grabs a bit of food and eats, remembering that it's breakfast. "Well, it may be embarrassing, just not painful. And Welcome to Xavier's." He says with a smile.

All six of them blush at the same time as well, but otherwise have little to say on the issue of a 'fanclub'. Most of the girls just shovel food into their mouth anyway. "Well, anyway, your thing is totally useful. At a MINIMUM you have a future doing awesome things. You could, like, totally help heart patients with that kind of awesome." She nods as if this were official. Then she's forking up a bit of pancake,"What are you headed towards when you graduate?"

Bobby Drake blinks. "Heart patients?" He never thought of that before, and smiles. "After? I don't know. I was thinking college. Go into accounting or something. What about you?" He scratches his head. "Can you go out, just one of you, or do all six…?" He shrugs. "Sorry.. Just trying to think of something that can involve all six of you. Become you're own choir?" He shrugs, not teasing, but being light-hearted.

She nods to Bobby Drake,"Oh yeah! Totes. You could be a doctor one day or something. Rapid cooling after heart surgery enhances recovery for hear patients and reduces chances of hyper-thermi-" Suddenly, they blush. "Sorry. I got carried away. I have, like, this thing where I babble." Cough, cough. "Mmm. Yeah. Distance doesn't seem to matter to my bodies, though I rarely go anywhere without at least another clone. We had a bad experience." She giggles,"I could be my own a capella group!" More giggling. "But seriously… It's more likely I'll find a different think for each body to do. I get bored easy."

Bobby Drake smiles. "I don't have a problem with babbling. Your babbling makes sense." As opposed to others he's listened to. He nods at her further explanation. "Ok.. So.. Are you, like, sharing a mind, or is it a hive kinda thing? If all six were working different jobs, is it like one brain multi-tasking?" He reddens. "Sorry.. I don't mean to get personal. I just really find what you're able to do to be really cool."

She actually smiles really widely. Apparently, she's not offended, even if she IS a little blushy. "Um… There's only one person you're sitting with, it's like… You know how a clover has three leaves, but it's still just one clover? Well, I'm more like a clover with six leaves. It's one mind that's multi-tasking. The running theory is that my mind is kind of like… distributed. Basically, I can multi-task heavily because I have six physical brains to handle all the activity? It's why, I think, Miss Frost gave me a full workload for each body. It's sort of only fair I get challenged as much as everyone else." She reaches for some bacon. Because hell yeah bacon,"I dunno… did any of that make sense?"

Bobby Drake nods. "Totally… So.. you're like a cpu with six cores, each core working independently, but when necessary you can share the computing power between all six. Because you have the higher capacity, you can do higher things." He smirks. "Cute, super smart, and there's six of you. It's going to make dances really interesting." He laughs as he eats some toast. "Yeah.. Thankfully I haven't had a run-in with Ms. Frost yet.. I'd like to keep it that way."

"Oh. Em. Gee. Yes. Exactly like that! I'm totes a tech junkie. The Starkpads here are AMAZING." If the fact that at least three of the clones are texting, tweeting, or facebooking while eating right now is any indication. "Oh, well thank you, though I'm not sure I ever learned dancing that wasn't ballro- BUH?" That last failure of brain right there has to do with the fact that someone referred to her as cute. She doesn't exactly have the experience, sheltered as she is to know the right response.

Bobby Drake blinks. "Well.. I've never seen a dance here at the mansion, but I know schools have them, so why not?" He shrugs. He's not outright asking her, since there's nothing to ask for, but he's laying the thought down. He looks to the girl. "Sorry.. Are you ok? Did I say something stupid? I do that sometimes. Oftentimes, and then I ramble. See? I can ramble just like you."

#6 shakes her head, clearing it, though they're all still fighting the blush. "No. I'm fine! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I'm weird. Ugh. And awkward. Um… I just… I've been homeschooled, like… literally all my life. Until I moved here, all my friends were sort of limited to my parents and people I met online." She takes a drink of Orange Juice.

Bobby Drake smiles. "Well.. I understand, but that's no excuse. I went to public school and I'm *still* plenty awkward." He smiles and laughs, finishing up his breakfast. "It was a pleasure to meet you, jada.. All six of you." He smiles and picks up his tray.

Jada Doakese they all actually titter in their own awkward way as Bobby excuses their awkwardness. "If you ever get on Steam, I'm JDConquersSmurfs! It was good to meet you, Bobby." She wiggles her fingers as the boy departs, then bites her lower lip and sort of pushes food around her tray for a moment… Then her Starkphone is brought up and she begins texting rapidly.

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