(2014-06-13) Turbolift Boredom
Turbolift Boredom
Summary: Mirage and Blackout meet on the turbolift
Date: IC Date (2014-06-13)
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-==[ Turbolift - S.H.I.E.L.D. HeliCarrier ]==-----——

The lights in the cylindrical TurboLift brighten instantly as you step in. The steel frame of the sleek lift is paneled with blue tile, and at waist height a plexiglass window encircles the carriage, giving a view of the tube in which the turbolift operates. The magnetic tube makes it possible for the lift to be operated without any attachments, giving a smooth ride to your destination. Were it not for the plexiglass, you'd have no idea you were travelling.

The doors close and an even male computer voice asks you,

'Deck number of destination?'

Blackout stands within the turbolift with his back to the rear wall. He wears standard male attire. Slacks, polo shirt, and a light SHIELD blue breaker. His hands are placed on the handrails along the wall and seems to be impatiently waiting on his destination.

There is of course the inevitable pause in the lifts movement and the door slides open to let on another passenger. This one a woman of darker complexion and wearing the standard SHIELD field uniform and weaponry. She steps on giving the occupant a cursory glance "Afternoon." she greets with a polite nod. Then pushes the button that will take her to the command deck…or whatever it's called.

"Is it?", asks Blackout as she greets and enters. His tone isn't hostile, but could be considered confrontational. He does not continue his questioning or commentary, just leaves his remark/question, as is. Wondering if she will offer engagement.

Mirage glances at her watch briefly "It is if we are still parked on the east coast of the states." she leans against one of the side walls crossing her arms over her chest "And I haven't felt us move in the last 24 hours."

"A reflection of my life. Parked. Unmoving. Coiled, ready to strike, yet, no direction or target on which to unleash.". The words are dry and demonstrate the boredom of Blackout. Lending to that he has no orders to follow, no goals or aspirations (personal or otherwise).

Her eyebrows lift at the seemingly melancholic and bored words and tone coming from the man, "I bet you are great at partys." she quips her tone equallt droll, but then with her next words her tone changes to a more understanding one "Between assignments, eh? Yeah, nothing worse than being in assignment limbo.

A soft scoff is heard from his flared nostrals when she comments about parties. Yet he doesn't deny such assumptions. Instead, his hands release the rail. Knuckles of his left hand enter the palm of his right and he presses firmly to cause several popping sounds. His eyes still do not fall upon her, they peer blankly toward the door - awaiting its opening. The turbolift comes to a halt and the doors whisper open. He takes two steps into the threshold of the lift door and pauses, "Utter boredom. Perhaps you could put in a word, get me on an op. We'd work well together, Mirage." And then he departs entering the depths of the helicarrier.

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