(2014-06-08) Oh What A Night
Oh What A Night
Summary: Bobby and Lexxie talk in the pool. They get close, until someone pushes away.
Date: (2014-06-08)
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It's an early Sunday evening, before curfew, and Bobby plans on getting some exercise in the pool before lights-out. He walks out in just a pair of swim shorts, with a towel around his neck. He tosses the towel onto a deck chair and makes his way into the pool, acclimating himself to the temperature.

Lexxie laying on a deck chair. She looks at you and smiles at you, "hey Snow ball how are yo today." She on her belly and the strap of her swim top is untied

Bobby Drake blinks. "Oh.. I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." He's looking up at her from the pool. He can't see the strap that's undone behind her. "Heya Lex. I'm good. Chilling before sleep. School tomorrow and all." She says, floating on his back. "How about you, Gorgeous?"

Lexxie reaches behind her and ties the straps before sitting up, "Just relaxing. Yeah school not a fan of that. When is it going be summer leave?"

Bobby Drake laughs and tilts his head. "We don't have summer leave. We have school year 'round." He smiles. "Well, we have those four weeks off in a couple weeks, but I think I'm going to stay up here anyways. It might be safer all around if I do." He smiles as he watches the girl admiringly. "What do you have planned? Are you going to leave me alone for the whole break?"

Lexxie raise an eye brow, "school all year round that's no fun. where would I go? I was homeless before I can to the school." She tilts her head, "why would it be safer?"

Bobby Drake nods and smiles. "Ok.. SO you'll be here too. Rock on." He smiles as he floats around. "Oh.. Safer, because the town was trying to kill me, before the Professor was able to get me out.. So if I go back… there's nothing saying that they won't try again."

Lexxie smiles, "just give them the cold shoulder and everything be fine." She walks to the pool edge and dives into the water with grace and beauty

Bobby Drake shrugs. "It's alright. My parents can come here if they want to see me. I don't want to put them in danger neither. They have to live in that town." He smiles as he watches the girl dive in. "Not bad… and you didn't destroy the pool." He winks, jokingly.

Lexxie laughs, "I grew up on a island there was lots of swimming and diving. Well before I moved to New Jersey" She swims around you and grin, "so your family is okay with your powers?"

Bobby Drake smiles and watches the girl as she swims. "They don't have much of a choice.. And then Professor Xavier explained it all to them, they were happier to keep me alive than to condemn me for my powers." He swims around a bit as well, making sure not to invade Lexxie's space.

Lexxie smiles and watches you swim, "so how the power practice?"

Bobby Drake shrugs. "It's alright.. Slow going for the time being. I'll get into it. I'm not really expecting to do anything useful. I just don't want to lose control, and say, turn this pool into a chunk of ice." He smiles, as the water begins to chill slightly. He watches Lexxie to see the effect.

Lexxie keeps swimming, "yeah no making me a fly in a ice cube." She shivers, "is it getting colder or is it me?"

Bobby Drake smiles and releases whatever hold he had on the temperature. "It's me… i just turned the water temp down to about 60.. It should return to normal soon." He waggles an eyebrow. "I could always warm you up?" He smirks. "Sorry.. Bad joke, I know."

Lexxie smiles, "you think you can warm me up snow man? By the way have you seen the movie Frozen?"

Bobby Drake blushes as he's called on his bull. "Oh.. well.. um.." He sputters. "I could try?" He smirks. He rolls his eyes at the mention of Frozen. "Yes…. Many times. It's a joke the girl's seem to have with me." He doesn't have his phone with him or else he'd show her the ringtone. "Why?" He asks, as if he doesn't know the answer already.

Lexxie smiles, "I haven't and I thought we could watch it sometime together." She then moves closer, "if you think you can warm me go ahead and try?" She giggles and winks.

Bobby Drake blushes.. "Oh.. sure.. We could see it. We could even watch it in the media room… and I won't even use realistic effects." He swims, backing away from the girl nervously.. "Well.." He says, shaking a bit as he attempts to wrap his arms around the girl. "Since you're challenging me.." He says as he leans in close, tilting his head as he holds his breath, planting a soft, chaste kiss on the girl's lips. It's short, since he's expecting a slap to the face next. He even cringes reflexively.

Lexxie lets you hug her and kiss her on the lip. She then giggles and cups her hands around your cheeks and leans in and kisses you back. It lasted longer then your but it was short, "your right you can warm me up." She giggles again.

Bobby Drake's eyes go wide as he's grabbed. After the kiss, he seems to have a permanent blush.. "Oh.. well… Wow…" is about all he can say.

Lexxie laughs, "thank you. Your the first boy I left speechless." She chuckles.

Bobby Drake blushes still and chuckles, still holding the girl. "That.. well… That was my first.. Sorry." He smiles. "Thank you." He says. "I should.. probably go shower off before bed.." He says, reluctantly. One of the cons of his powers is that cold showers don't necessarily work.

Lexxie giggles and nods, "go ahead sweetie." She giggles again and strokes your cheek, "just don't go crazy over this."

Bobby Drake scoffs. "Wow.. Ok..Sheesh. Think much of yourself?" He pulls himself out of the pool. He grabs his towel quickly and wraps it around his waist for some reason. "Don't worry. You won't be finding a love note by your bed in the morning." He waves off before heading inside.

Lexxie smiles, "well I mean your already throwing snowballs at guys who look at me."

Bobby Drake yells from the door. "It's alright. See if I defend your honor anymore, then." He says, before shutting the door behind him.

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