(2014-06-07) Justice League Meeting
Justice League Meeting
Summary: The League gathers to discuss adding to their own ranks, and several other items of import.
Date: 2014-06-07
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"So," Moon Maiden says as she walks in with Power Woman, "It turned out it was a sliver about a centimeter in width and five centimeters in length. It took me a few minutes to find and extract it. I've placed it in lead box inside the Chamber of Artifacts. It might be, someday we'll need it. I want it far enough away so it won't be a danger to you but close enough that if we need it, someone can grab it quickly."

"Red? Really. Hunh." Power Woman comments, walking in with Moon Maiden. "Still, I agree. Thank you for taking care of it personally. I really appreciate that." The League members would all be aware, or at least able to look up, the fact that Moon Maiden and Power Woman responded the day before to yet /another/ meteor swarm that was going to crash into Earth dangerously. Apparently, they took Miss Marvel with them for the mission. And there's an item on the digital agenda relating to this meteor swarm, for some reason. "There's no one I'd trust more with something like that." The caped Kryptonian moves to the table and pulls out two chairs, one for herself and one for Laurel.

Tony enters from the outside, wearing one of his business suits as opposed to a metal one. He whistles to himself, heading in after the two ladies have arrived. Making his way into the meeting room he heads for one of the seats, "Ladies, how's every little thing?" he asks genially as he sits.

It's not long afterwards that Diana arrives to the Perisphere via air. She walks into the meeting room, dressed in her Wonder Woman garb, smiling wide as she sees her friends. "Hello. It is good to see you all." She takes a moment to stop next to Power Woman and places a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Kara, I am afriad that I may have made matters with your cousin worse. I am sorry." It's rare to see Diana sad, but it's clear that the Amazon feels an extreme amount of remose. Whith her appology deliveres, Diana takes a seat at the table. Conviniently, there happens to be a seat next to Tony…

"Thank you." Laurel says to Power Woman before sitting down. "And I promise not to betray your trust." She brings up the holographic display and interface built into each seat - one that gives each member access to the mainframe and the central holographic display over the table. "Full agenda tonight." She notes.

"Hi, Tony." Kara offers as the business mogul cum superhero enters. "Things are going pretty well. We actually gathered some more raw materials yesterday. I'm planning to head up after the meeting and start smelting the first frame members. I assume the sections we discussed should be ready on time? I think I'll be ready in plenty of time to attach them. The solar collectors are up to full generating capacity, and the cells are holding just fine. They should be at capacity within another week." Oh, look! Technical garbage! (feel free to ignore it, Kara is just indulging in technobabble with someone who will actually appreciate it.)

When Diana enters, Power Woman nods, smiling at her friend. That smile dims a bit as Diana addresses her failure with Linda, but she shakes her head. "It's alright. You tried, which is all any of us can do. I still don't know what will happen. But that's just the way life is. I do have several items I've had to add to the agenda for tonight." They touch on situations with Supergirl, which is why she brings them up now.

On tonight's agenda are indeed quite a few items. There's a scheduled discussion on possible new members, with a vote intended. There are also items including: the Watchtower orbital station; concerns regarding increased large meteor storms; and an item entitled simply: we are being hunted.

Tony nods to Kara, "Sounds good, and everything on my end is progressing on time or ahead of schedule. We should be fine on our timetable for assembly and activation. I'll have JARVIS send you a progress report when we're done here."

Diana nods as she reads the agenda. "Then, let us begin with the issue of new members. Miss Marvel and Green Lantern have both been suggested for membership in the League. I have met both and beleive that they would make excellent additions to our roster. Also, Miss Marvel helped us with the island evacuation and proved her power then. Is there anything anyone wishes to comment about the prospective candidates?"

"I've had the pleaure of meeting both Green Lantern and Miss Marvel. I've worked with Miss Marvel twice now and was on monitor duty when Green Lantern assisted us against the Terror Twins in Metropolis." Moon Maiden says as the meeting begins and the question of membership is brought up. "Miss Marvel has shown herself on par with Power Woman, physically and works well as part of a group. During the problem in Metropolis Green Lantern made helping civilians his first priority, trusting in Captain America, Marvel Girl and Black Widow to deal with the Terror Twins. That shows remarkable foresight in my opinion." She pauses, then goes on. "Moreover, the Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic peacekeeping force. I think having a member on our team might be very useful."

Jean was, as it turns out, running a little late, but enters in costume. She glances around, "Sorry that I'm late, there was something I had to take care of." She catches the tail end of the conversation, and nods over towards Laurel, "I think both of them would be excellent candidates for membership, for the reasons that you stated. K… er, Green Lantern, definitely works well with a group and with his connections to the Green Lantern Corps, would be useful. As for Miss Marvel, she's definitely powerful, if a bit inexperienced. Having her on the team would allow for the more seasoned members to guide her along, I think, which would also be a benefit."

"I too have worked with Miss Marvel several times, including an accident at an airport, the island evacuation, and the meteor storm yesterday." Power Woman offers for the record. "She has proven herself to be an exceptional heroine, with her heart in the right place. She saves lives, keeps her head and situational awareness, and her powers extend beyond the physical: she actually has a gift of Wisdom, which clearly has aided her more than once."

The Kryptonian pauses for a bit. "I have also met with Green Lantern, and I second all of Laurel's words on him. He stepped back and clearly worked well in a supporting role, and has what seemed to me good training in operating within a team structure, especially adapting quickly to support others in their efforts. I vote in favor of membership for both of them." She didn't sponsor either of them to the vote, but supports them fervently. Oddly, she doesn't seem to find Miss Marvel quite so inexperienced. Then again, she's not a telepath.

Tony Stark shrugs slightly and looks around, "Well, I can't say I've ever met either one but I will defer to their judgement. But I do want to the voice the concern about getting too big too soon. We don't to have to worry about franchising in the first year, is all I'm saying."

Diana listens to the others, nodding to each as they speak. When Tony raises his concern, Diana considers for a bit. "I can understand your point, Tony. However, I would counter that we are not trying to grow a business here. I think that when new members might come along, we should consider them on their own merits, not based on how large we are. The purpose of the League is to band together to do more good together than we could achieve separately. Thus, the more members we have, the better we can accomplish our goals."

"Plus, we're down one member already with the Batman going to reserve status." Moon Maiden points out. "I vote aye for both Green Lantern and Miss Marvel. I think they'd be strong additions to the team and I think we could use the help. At the very least, this will spread out our monitor duty shifts a little more."

"I've made my votes clear, and I stand by them. I don't see a problem with our current or proposed size." Power Woman answers. Which is not to say that there might not be groups out there with real concerns about the size of this team, but she's not going to let that stop her from voting her conscience.

Jean Grey smiles wryly, "And as someone who interns full time, I do appreciate the monitor duty spread. I'm pretty sure that Ky… er, Green Lantern will be happy to accept membership if offered." She leans back in her chair, and looks over at Tony, "I think having one more net member will be a plus, just because it frees up our responses to emergencies when they arise."

Tony Stark nods, holding up his hands, "Like I said, just bringing a point to consider forward. I wasn't disagreeing with their being voted in, like I said, I'm deferring to your calls there since I haven't met either person. There's one thing to be said for having a large team to cover more area, and other to be said for team cohesion and awareness. That's just me, though."

"In addition," Diana says. "Both of their sheer power rivals Power Woman's and my own. It allows us to send multiple heroes to respond to crisis' where lifing power are needed. So, I vote aye for both as well." Diana smiles at her teammates. "I will ask for the votes from those who are not here to confirm, but I believe we have a majority vote in favor of both candidates." She looks at Jean, smiling slyly. "Marvel Girl, I will leave it to you to inform Green Lantern. And Moon Maiden, you can inform Miss Marvel." Diana returns to look at the agenda. "Moving to the next item, I see that we have a discussion on the recent meteor shower?"

"There have been two meteor showers of significant size in the last few months." Laurel brings up data and displays it on the holographic center point of the table. "Power Woman and I dealt with the first one. We also dealt with the second with the help of Miss Marvel. I say meteor but we're looking at asteroids large enough to have, in each case, posed a significant possibility of an extinction level event. The odds of two such storms occuring within a few months of each other are remote, to say the least. NASA and other space agencies are on high alert for more and will inform us right away if there's an issue. In the meanwhile, Power Woman and I are working to trace the asteroids back to their point of origin. I'm hoping Tony can help us there. If these events are deliberate we need to find the source and stop them."

Jean Grey actually blushes a bit when Diana mentions her being the one to tell Green Lantern he's in, but then perks up and looks over at Laurel, "Perhaps Green Lantern can help that as well… given he's probably more experienced with local space than most of us would be?" She frowns a bit, "Outer space is a bit beyond my capabilities."

Power Woman nods. "I've already established data models with what we have from the standard NASA telemetry. They're working on getting us some additional data, but it's from a non-standard source and they're being a bit dodgy about it. However, they've said this data should give us tracks on it all the way out to beyond the solar system's outermost limits. That should enable me to map against the gravity wells sufficient to then plug it into galactic models. Obviously, JARVIS is going to be vital in our ability to process this much data in any kind of reasonable time frame." Kara doesn't make mention of the unusual makeup of the one asteroid, despite the fact that she and Laurel entered the room talking about just that. She doesn't have any evidence that it's germane to the case, so she's leaving it off the table for now.

Tony Stark nods quietly, "Consider it done. When we're done here, I'll reprioritize him to work on this until it's figured out. I'll also get into NASA and figure out whatever it is they're holding back. We can't have enough data on this as far as I'm concerned."

"Thank you." Laurel says to Tony. "This is worrisome. And asking Green Lantern to help is a brilliant idea, Marvel Girl. Between the data and his help I'm sure we can pinpoint the source of the problem. Which brings us to the next issue." She looks to Power Woman. "I think Kara should explain what happened. This is quite serious."

Power Woman nods, looking around the table, making eye contact with everyone, before she then speaks again. "The next item on the agenda is the fact that I believe we are facing a potentially very organized effort to actively /hunt/ and /assassinate/ us. By us, I mean possibly all heroes. But at this time, the evidence I have all mostly points to attempts to develop weapons and kill /me/." Kill potentially the most powerful single figure in the world. That should be scary to anyone.

"There have been attempts to obtain Kryptonite. Thus far, none has been found that I know of, but it was, frankly, a very near thing." Kara begins. "Then, someone attacked my cousin, Supergirl, while she was /not/ in costume. She was out in public in civilian attire. A trio of figures who appeared to be identical attacked her in a Mall. One possessed a weapon that hit her with red sun radiation, which gravely weakened her. It reduced her to normal human ability, and did so almost instantly. The other two were armed with sniper rifles, and were taking aim to kill her when two other heroes intervened. Had they not done so, my cousin would have been murdered in cold blood in her civilian guise." Everyone present can hear the fearsome anger - no, best to call it rage - Kara feels in her heart about this. But she stays calm. Rational. And determined.

"It's one thing when villains try to develop weapons to attack us if we interfere with their efforts. That's a risk we all take when we decide to do this." Power Woman states. "That wasn't what this was. They hunted her down, in civilian garb, when she was doing nothing to threaten anyone's criminal enterprise. And they were going to /murder her/. We need to find out who these people are, and put a stop to them. And all of us need to be on alert and prepared to defend ourselves against similar attacks."

Jean nods, eyes widening as she hears about that attack, "I don't think this is related, but I was attacked a few days ago when I was going home from the Embassy. Ninjas, actually, who didn't know that I was a meta. Though I did have some help in dispatching them, I don't believe that it was related to this. If only because they had no idea of my abilities." She glances at Kara, tilting her head, "So that was likely unrelated, considering the preparations they made in their attack on Supergirl." She frowns, "I wonder if this is related in any way to that woman that I met on the island, when we were dealing with the tsunami."

Tony Stark hmms. "If there's footage of the attack, I can take a look. See if I can lock down who's weapons they were using. If they were designed specifically to attack Kryptonian physiology, they weren't Kalishnakov or something massed produced." he looks around to the others gathered. "Let me handle this one. I'll deal with 'em."

Diana listens to the the conversation, looking very concerned as Kara gets to the meat of the matter. And the attack on Supergirl is also very disturbing. "TOny, I agree you should examine the weapons that were recovered. Hopefully we can trace down their manufacture. Jean, I don't know if it has anything to deal with that woman, but I think we should consult with Zatanna as soon as possible; perhaps there is another clue to aid her mystic investigations. Kara…" Here, Diana falters. "I cannot think of what the bet course of action would be regarding your cousin. I want to help protect her, but I fear that she would not approve of any more offers of help." She thinks more on the situation, then asks, "The weapons used to attack her and yourself, were they projectile weapons or energy?"

"Kara gets her powers through exposure and absorption of energy from our yellow sun." Laurel explains. "These men had a weapon that could force Supergirl's body to absorb red sun radiation, robbing her of her powers. After that, they didn't need specialized weapons. Regular bullets would do the trick. We also need to consider that the two of the three men were captured. They were identical and both killed themselves with poison rather than allow intergotation. After their deaths they turned into some sort of goo which suggests a metahuman or paranormal ability."

"Video captured at the scene is of exceptionally limited usefulness, only simple mall security cameras. There's not much to see." Power Woman offers to Tony. "The sniper rifles will tell us nothing, though they were captured, along with the skycycles that both of the snipers were using. The vehicle of the third individual, and his weapon, were not recovered. But what most concerns me here is the fact that they hunted down Supergirl out of costume, in her civilian identity. This implies they had the ability to track her, either by facial recognition, or some means to detect her alien DNA. Either way, they /hunted her down/ and intended to murder her." Power Woman takes a breath, relaxing, though the keenly aware might notice damage to her chair's arm from a super-tensed hand. "One of the skycycles is in SHIELD custody, if that would be of any use to you, Tony."

Jean Grey hrms, "They also were making sure that we couldn't interrogate them." Her eyes harden, as she looks quite capable of ripping the knowledge out of them if they were captive, but she looks at Kara with concern, "How is she holding up? The stress of that has to be incredible for the poor girl."

Tony Stark nods, "It would, as would the mall footage. I can clean it up and get some valuable info from them. I can also run a short list of who has cutting facial recog software as well as who has DNA detection as well. That won't be too hard to run down." he says and looks evenly at Kara, "If anyone can track down these guys? It's me."

Diana frowns, very unhappy with the situation. "If you think that these enemies are only targeting you and Supergirl, Kara, then perhaps we can remove the two of you from the equation. I can offer shelter and sanctuary on Themyscira, if you wish. At the very least, if someone is hunting Supergirl down, it puts the school she is at in terrible danger." She takes a few moments to think. "Another option is for one of us to go to the school to help keep watch over her. Although I am not sure how the staff would take that offer. Or Supergirl, for that matter."

"Well, I will let you interface with SHIELD to examine the skycycle, and I can forward you a copy of the mall footage to you. But I will warn you: I've done some pretty serious enhancement on it, and it hasn't given me much to work with, even with my vision." Kara won't say it's impossible. Only that she doesn't know there's more to be found there. She turns to regard Jean, and shrugs. "She is doing the best she can. It upset her, naturally. She's a bit freaked. But mostly, as with much in her life, she has found solace in blaming me. She is sure that they were doing this to test their tech in preparation for going after me, so she blames me for the fact that my enemies are now hunting her for sport." Scary, the way the teenaged mind words, isn't it?

"Honestly, I refuse to hide. And I can tell you now that no matter how you put the offer, Supergirl will not leave her school to hide, either. She has friends there. She won't abandon them. And I cannot blame her." Power Woman answers, honestly. "And I do not think that the school would appreciate any of us trying to move in and guard them. They have assured me that they are taking this very seriously, and I will have to trust them - and Supergirl, and her friends - to do what they can. For now, she has promised me that she will not leave the school grounds alone. That will have to do. But if they are hunting me like this, it may only be a matter of time until they are hunting all of us. I want everyone to be careful, and aware."

Jean Grey looks wryly at Kara, "Power Woman, I graduated from that school two years ago. And as I said, I helped train Supergirl with some tactics. Perhaps I can reach her a little better, at least to try and set her a bit more at ease. And I'll make sure to communicate with the teachers so they know what exactly is happening." She hmms, "While that is going on, we'll need to track down these attackers." She glances over at Tony with that.

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