(2014-06-05) Come Riding With Me
Come Riding With Me
Summary: Emma takes Laurel riding across some of Xavier's estate.
Date: 2014-06-05
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As promised, Emma Frost is working on wooing Laurel Klein. This afternoon's experiment has started off as the two met at the school. Emma's attire this day was far different than her usual pristine white business attire. This time, she's wearing pale tan skintight jodhophurs, with a short-sleeved white mock turtleneck, dark brown knee-high riding boots, short matching leather gloves, a dark brown helmet atop that braided, coifed pale blonde hair.

"As promised, my dear. This afternoon's activity will come in at least two parts. The first of which will require that you change. I have a complete suit of clothes for you, right here." Emma hands over a bag that is pretty heavy, given it includes a matching pair of boots and a helmet. "When you're dressed, please follow that path, right there. I'll meet you at the end." And with that, and a brief kiss to Laurel's lips, Emma trots down that path, hips sashaying demurely.

"I would ask how you know my sizes but I imagine you're very good at figuring that sort of thing out." Laurel takes her time to change. She didn't arrive in costume, of course. Rather, she wore a simple summmer dress - silver with shimmering cresent moon patterns and a pair of lovely strappy heels. However, she changes quickly enough into an outfit that matches Emma's quite nicely. Since her hair is cut short, it is easy enough to fit under that hat. Then she walks down the path in her very smart riding boots.

And she noticed the sashaying in those skintight pants. Laurel did not mind that. At. all.

When Laurel arrives at the end of the walk, she finds the stables - naturally. The people door at the end of that path is open, and leads right to the central run of the barn, where Emma is standing brushing a gloved hand over the nose of one of two horses she is keeping to hand. One is a lovely grey-dappled white Andalusian (the one Emma is currently spoiling with more attention), while the one at the end of the other lead she is managing is a glistening dark roan with a nearly black coat, lightening to show the red highlights around fetlocks and hooves, as well as along nose, mane and tail. Both are saddled, as well. The Andalusian also has a pair fo whicker hampers over his withers, saddlebag style.

"Allow me to make introductions?" Emma offers, as Laurel enters. "This is Blizzard, my stallion for the last two years." And then she guides the grey-haired young woman to the dark roan. "And this is Harvest Moon. I assure you, she will take good care of you, and she can keep up with Blizzard, even at his brattiest."

"Congratulations, Emma." Laurel says as she offers her hand for the horse to sniff at, "You have picked an activity I have very little experience with. I haven't been on the back of a horse since I was in high school and at summer camp." Now that introductions have been made, though, she slides her hand along Havest Moon's muzzle. "You are a beautiful lady though, aren't you? Gorgeous." She glances slyly over at Emma Frost. "Not quite as beautiful as you, though."

Emma smiles broadly, though it's anyone's guess whether that's in response to her success at surprising Laurel with an activity with which she has little experience, or to the compliment. She doesn't say, either way. "Do you need a hand in mounting?" she asks Laurel. Sure, the other woman could easily do it with lunarkinesis. But will she?

Once Laurel is mounted, Emma moves to Blizzard's side and puts her boot in the stirrup, swinging herself up and her other leg over, until she settles on the massive and beautiful creature's back. She then gently flips the reins, and starts Blizzard leading the way out of the wide-open north-facing barn doors.

"I thought we would go for a ride. It's a wonderful way to see the sights and be a part of them. And a chance to get away from anything and everyone. I even brought a picnic dinner along, for later." Emma offers, turning her head to look at Laurel. "And I promise a massage, to help work out the ache from the riding, later."

"I'd like to think my muscles are in pretty good shape." Laurel notes as she places her foot in the stirrup. She takes a deep breath and then pushes herself up, swings her leg around and…

… almost falls completely off the saddle because she overjudged. Only her lunarkinetic powers save her, silver sparkles pushing her upright until she can jam her other foot into position.

"But I'm not going to deny a massage from you."

Emma smiles, a sparklingly amused expression, as she catches Laurel's gaff. "Well, I didn't /think/ you would turn that down." she teases, as she leads the way. For now, she's going with an easy, distance-eating canter across the northern grounds of the Mansion, pointing out various sights, sharing each and every one with Laurel. And she never goes very far from the other woman, always within reach.

And, fortunately, Harvest Moon seems well enough trained to follow the lead horse without Laurel's direct participation because, it seems, she remembers very little from her brief horse riding lessons all those years ago. However, Laurel's quite content to enjoy the tour. She asks questions as she goes, enjoying the lovely tone of Emma's voice. A voice built to be listened to… either as a student or a lover.

Amongst the various sites that Emma shows off is a cliff-face waterfall fronting on the rather massive lake on the property. Of course, Emma also shows off the rear view of the mansion and grounds, and the forested stretch's boundary of lush, vibrantly alive vegetation and beauty. And she will eventually lead Laurel around to the seaward side of the property, and the overlook. Because that's a good long way away from the mansion, and a safe place for a quiet, intimate, and very romantic picnic dinner.

Emma isn't the first person to use the overlook for a romantic moment. She won't be the last. Still, Laurel appreciates the beauty of the estate. Even though she's seen Earth from space and seen the wonders of the Moon she still appreciates the joys of nature. The gorgeousness of the wilderness. When, finally, Emma announces that the ride is at a temporary halt, she manages to dismount without falling on her face. "Do we have water for our noble steeds?"

"We do." Emma answers, as she dismounts smoothly. "Had we chosen the lakeside, they could have drank there. But I planned for this location instead." Emma retrieves a collapsible bucket from one of the hampers on Blizzard, and then pulls out two large jugs. She empties these into the bucket, and then sets it down so that the horses can share. Then she sets about pulling things out of the other hamper, starting with a blanket to spread out over the grass. "They were both quite noble, weren't they? Taking such good care of us, to and fro, all over the estate."

"Indeed. Like the steeds of old." Laurel watches as the two horses begin lapping up water. Then she moves to help Emma set up the picnic. "Made me feel just a bit like a princess." She winks and then, once the blanket has been set, Laurel sits down. She proceeds to take off her boots and socks so her feet can air out. "Your estate is lovely, Emma. Thank you for sharing it with me."

Emma chuckles softly, as she settles onto the blanket and starts spreading out their lovely dinner. It's mostly finger foods of various types, from raw vegetables and fruits and onward. Of course, Emma doesn't use her fingers; she has tiny serving forks for that instead. She's far too fastidious to eat with her fingers if she can help it.

"In truth, this isn't my estate, Laurel. This is Xavier's estate, which he has given over for the school. My family's estate is north of Boston in Massachussetts. But I have not been there since I was fourteen." The only time Emma will ever return is if she manages to find the means to strip and ruin her father, and lay claim to the estate and everything on it from him. Then she would return, just to crush his spirit completely.

"I do have an estate in Wyoming, where I often go if I want to ride for a few days. But I wanted something else. Something special. So we're riding here, instead." Emma offers

The fun thing about eating with your fingers? You can feed someone with your fingers. Which is what Laurel proceeds to do. No shoving food into Emma's mouth, of course. But it makes for a fun and sensual game. "My family owns a ranch house." She notes with a laugh. "In the suburbs." Of course, Laurel owns an estate on the Moon but, well, that isn't quite the same as a ranch in Wyoming now, is it?

Northern Grounds - Xavier Estate
Beautifully manicured, this expanse of lush green land offers a scenic view of opulent gardening design. Hedges, flower gardens, pathways, small ponds and even rock gardens are featured here.

This area encompasses the immediate region to the north of the mansion. Here one can access the memorial gardens, the pathway to the stable, the northern forest and even the main house through side exits. It also connects to the eastern grounds.

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