(2014-06-04) Super Best Friends
Super Best Friends
Summary: After her chat with her cousin, Kara feels the need to talk to her best friend, Laurel.
Date: 2014-06-04
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"Sorry for the wait." Laurel says as she settles into a seat atop one of the many suspension bridges that cross the river. "I promised that I would sign autographs and one thing led to another…" She smiles. "Anyway." She lays a hand atop of Karen's shoulder. "You sounded concerned. What's up?"

Once Laurel lands and takes her seat, explaining, Kara turns and wraps her arms around her friend, laying her blonde head on Laurel's shoulder. "Well. Let's see. First up, I'm pretty sure someone out there is hunting me. They were trying to get their mitts on Kryptonite in Metropolis the other night, and someone attacked my cousin with a red sun radiation canon yesterday. They'd have murdered her with sniper rifles to finish her off, but she had friends there to help out and get her to safety." That's serious enough to need a hug, right?

"Then there's the fact that my cousin doesn't hate me, but cannot imagine that I would care for her or love her, and now blames me for the fact /she/ is being hunted, /and/ for the fact that people I know are concerned for her and want to help her through difficult times." Yeah. Kara's a little wound up.

"And then," Kara lifts her cheek off Laurel's shoulder, peering at her friend up close. "there's the fact that my best friend conspired with another friend of mine to /set me up on a date/. And lied to me to do it. I'd say I've never been so humiliated in my life, but I still remember being a budding teenager. There was worse."

Laurel's cheeks burn into a blush as the last comment is made. "Well. I'm not going to apologize for setting you up. I'm hardly the first or the last best friend to ever do that." She notes before squeezing Karen hard and drawing her close. Total platonic cuddling. "The hunting isn't surprising. That was bound to happen to eventually. We all have people trying to hunt us down, sweetie. That's part of the job. And why we're part of a team now. So we aren't alone and can deal with it as a group. You should bring it up at the next League meeting."

"As for Supergirl…" Laurel sighs softly. "She's a teenager, you know. They tend to be prickly."

"I should tickle you with in an inch of your sanity." Kara comments to Laurel. But she's smiling when she says it. "I felt almost as embarrassed as I know you did when you threw that poor friend out the window during your first time." the blonde admits, referring to a story they shared together when becoming such close friends. "But I know you didn't mean any harm by it. I'm just surprised that you would fib about it." Or that Diana would. After all, supposedly Diana cannot lie.

"If they build weapons to get ready to take me on if I show up, that's one thing. But they hunted down Supergirl /out of costume/, and hit her without warning. She was just walking in the mall." Kara explains. "This is not about that they want weapons to confront me, hoping to protect their criminal exterprises. This is the fact that they pierced her secret identity, and then they hunted her down to /assassinate/ her." Oh, Kara intends to bring this up at the next League meeting. But she wants to be very sure her friend knows how vitally important this is.

As for Linda? Kara just sighs. "I just don't understand why she rejects me. I'm not trying to run her life. I just want to be her family, and love her. What the heck is so wrong about that?"

"They might not know who she is. Just recognized her out of her clothes." Laurel says, trying to give Karen a reason for hope. She takes her friend's hand and holds it between both of her own. "And neither of us lied, really. We had a problem that we needed help with and you came to our rescue. Just like always." Laurel smiles impishly but then her expression turns more serious.

"You just need to give Supergirl time. From what you've told me, she feels like she's been living in your shadow for a long time and people are full-sunlight sort of flowers. Maybe you and she need to do something together. Nothing grand. Nothing spectacular. Just something small. Ice cream, maybe."

"To have gone there prepared like that? Laurel, I love your optimism, but you do realize how unlikely that is, right?" Power Woman asks her friend, softly. She hates the thought of this, but she has to face it. Face it, and find a way through it. It's the only way.

"If you needed help, you should have been there." Kare nudges Laurel, shaking her head. "I'm just surprised, is all. I don't know what possessed either of you to do that." C'mon, Kara's not that pathetic. Well. OK. Maybe she is. But no one is supposed to notice that part!

"I doubt, honestly, that I could get her to agree to anything like that. She has decided she wants little or nothing to do with me. And I promised to respect her boundaries. It's the only way to earn her respect: to give her respect in return." Which doesn't mean she won't try. Only that Kara won't hold her breath on that one.

Laurel laughs. She can't help it. "Diana's just started a relationship with Tony." She notes. "So she must be in that stage where she's convinced all her friends should be in relationships. And you and I are probably her best friends outside of Themyscira. I went along with it because I thought you would enjoy spending time with Steve. At the very least he might have some nice stories about Superman."

Then she grows more serious. "She's a teenager. She's been seen around Salem Center. And there was a mall. They could have had it under surveillance, waiting for her to appear. We also can't dismiss the idea that they have some sort of scanners that can detect alien DNA. They might not know specifically who she is." Laurel lets out a long sigh. "And ask her. Worse comes to worse, she says no. But maybe she'll surprise you."

Kara's eyes go a bit wide. She knew that Tony had asked Diana out on a date. But she'd had no idea it had progressed beyond that point. "I didn't know that." she offers, nodding. "I suppose that does make a bit of sense, why she'd go to such lengths." Kara considers Laurel for a moment, and then grins. "We did talk a bit about Jor-El. But we more talked about ourselves. Each other. It was nice getting to know him a bit. I hope he would agree." But she has no idea. He did say there was no spark, after all. Even more embarrassing at that point.

"I'm not really sure that I buy that kind of coincidence. But I'll agree that it's at least possible. But nevertheless, they didn't just test out their weapon; they intended to murder her. And that's much too far." And scanners for alien DNA? Yeah, if that's going on, Kara's existing paranoia and concern is going to increase a few hundredfold. It could well spell the end of her secret identity. "I'll give it a try. We'll see what happens."

Looking perhaps for a change of subject, the Kryptonian blonde decides to ask, "So. What about you? Mmm? Why isn't Diana trying to set /you/ up with Steve? Or anyone else, for that matter? I know Jean seems to have an interest in Green Lantern, which I suppose - fair being fair - takes him out of the running. But there are others."

"I told you about Emma Frost." Laurel says, bumping her shoulder into Karen's. "I guess I forgot to mention we've seen each other a few times since then. We've both been pretty busy, either with our own business of League business. Diana knows about it, too, so I'm safe from being set up." She grins a bit wickedly. "For now, anyway. We'll see. Emma's not an easy woman to get close to. There are layers there. And under those? Armor."

Kara smiles and nods. "You'd mentioned asking her out. But I hadn't heard anything more. I didn't want to pry, but I'd rather assumed it hadn't worked out." After all, Kara's assessment of the Headmistress would have been even more unwelcoming than Laurel's, no matter how incredibly sexy she might be. "Well, I'm glad that you're making some kind of progress. I hope it works out. But I won't be offering to help you slice through that armored exterior." She grins, and shoulder-bumps her friend. "You're on your own, sister."

Laurel can't help but laugh at that. "Oh, I found a way. It wasn't easy but I think we might make it. At least for a while. I don't want to pretend we have a love that will span the ages. Or even love, yet." After all, neither woman has said it. "But you never know. It isn't easy. She's spent so many years hiding herself from the world she's hiding even from herself."

"Well, like I said. Good luck." Kara offers, one arm wrapping around Laurel's shoulders to hug her firmly. "I wish you all the best, and you know it. If anyone can convince her to stop hiding so hard, it'd be you." After all, Laurel gives Kara lots of support. They believe in each other, which works for them. "Well. I should probably get back. Thanks for coming out to meet me. I'l see you at the meeting, if not before. And I'll be sure to give everyone a report on the attack."

"Good idea. Chances are if they're testing weapons for use against you they'll be gunning for all of us." Laurel says. "And someone leaked information about Black Widow to that jackal Godfrey. Not that I really know her background but it bothers me that he knows more than we seem to about one of our founding members."

"I noticed that." Kara mentions. "But freedom of the press protects him, and ostensibly his sources." Which means as much as she might like to do so, she hasn't gone hacking into his computer systems to look for the identity of the mole passing him intel. "I imagine SHIELD isn't happy, either."

"Especially since the leak is more likely to have come from SHIELD's end than our own." Laurel hops off the bridge and begins floating in mid-air, surrounded by a field of silver sparkles. "I've also stopped three different tech robberies in the last week. Different groups each time but all were hired by the same person who hired the thieves after the Metropolis technology STAR Labs had."

"The Calculator." Kara offers, as she slips off her seat and floats in front of Laurel, nodding. "There have been at least two more that I know of, including rumors on the WorldWatching network that the train that derailed in New York had experimental power tech on board. And apparently led to the creation of a new metahuman menace."

"The Blockbuster." Laurel nods her head. "Yes, I read the papers. I'm glad he was contained and the wounded were evacuated to a hospital. Still, this is dangerous. Another thing to talk about at the meeting. It looks like we have a full agenda on our hands. At least Genosha is quiet, though I've heard they've sent an ambassador to the United States."

The blonde nods. "I heard that too. But we have an ambassador too, and I'm sure she'll keep an eye on this one at the UN." Kara doesn't say much about her, though it's painfully obvious that she must have seen her in action during the coup. "Busy meeting indeed. We'll need to start taking notes." she teases.

"That's what JARVIS is for. Well, one of his functions." Laurel leans over and kisses Karen on the cheek. "Don't wait so long to come see me next time you feel bothered, alright? I'm your friend. My job is to help you work through things. Or at least be an ear for you to talk into and a shoulder for you to lean on."

Kara hugs Laurel. "I get busy, same as everyone else." Yeah. Not quite. More like ten times as much as everyone else. But that's just her nature. "We should do a movie or something fun." Of course, they tend to do that stuff in Karen's dorm room, since they are almost never free for a whole movie scheduled at a theater. Thankfully, Karen has ways of working around those problems. "Now, go moon over your girlfriend." she teases, and kisses Laurel on the forehead as she lifts off.

North Bridge — Metropolis
One of the many suspension bridges that cross the rivers of the world. However, this particular bridge is quite modern, if not even futuristic. The bridge is multi leveled; trains, one way vehicle levels, and a pedestrian level. In all, the bridge is quite reinforced from metahuman powers, but not invulnerable. It, like the rest of New Troy has self repair robots that will fix any damage done.

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