(2014-06-04) Red Sun Recap
Red Sun Recap
Summary: After being attacked at the Mall, Linda decides to contact her cousin about it.
Date: 2014-06-04
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Ten minutes ago, Power Woman received a text from, of all people, Linda Danvers.

Was attacked. N2T. @school.

It takes maybe a minute, probably less, before a reply comes in.

RU hurt?

Chances are, Kara is probably already on her way. Some shipping out in the Atlantic may be complaining about sudden sonic booms and weather disruptions. Maybe.

Linda sits on one of the occasional big boulders that dot the landscape of the mansion's grounds. She's still blonde, dressed in her school uniform.

Im OK now.

Another sonic boom sounds, out at sea, but close enough that Linda's superhearing would pick it up without any real effort at all. Another minute or two and the crimson-caped, white-suited form of Power Woman lowers out of the sky, alighting with her blue boots in the grass a few feet from Linda.

Kara brushes back her bangs in an unconscious gesture, as she longs to come forward and hug her cousin. "I'm here. I'm really glad you're OK." She takes a half-step closer, telegraphing her urge to hug Linda, but doesn't close the distance until she's sure Linda will be OK with that.

Linda stays on the rock, hugging her knees to her chest.

"I just wanted you to know. I was at the mall yesterday with Lana and Mary." Linda doesn't elaborate on who Mary or Lana are. Despite Karen having no way of knowing. "Someone attacked us. Three guys, all with the same face. Two of them were on hover bikes with sniper rifles. The third had a red flashlight that made me feel like I was as weak as a kitten."

Rebuffed, Kara stays where she is, though that doesn't hide the microexpression as the corner of her lips turn down.

"Red …" Kara murmurs, listening to Linda's recounting of events. Yes, she wants to know who Mary and Lana are, but right now she assumes them to be students at the school, and not really any of her business. If only she knew!

With a more pronounced frown, Kara nods. "OK. That has to have been red sun radiation. Rao, the Kryptonian sun, was red. Under red sun radiation, we are no stronger than we would be as normal humans. It affects all of our powers, weakening them. The more we take in, the closer to normal human we become." There goes Kara the science nerd, explaining everything.

"You said all three attackers looked identical? But only one had this weapon?" Kara seeks to confirm.

"Only one had the weapon. Like one of those big spotlight flashlights cops have when doing searches." Linda says, and she would know, "Hooked up to a backpack. It worked instantly. Light hit me and I was on the ground like I had just run thirty miles without my powers. Tired. Panting. Sweating. I think they were trying to follow up with sniper rifles but luckily Lana has powers and Miss Marvel showed up. I wasn't in costume but I was blonde."

"You weren't in costume …" Power Woman utters, whisper-soft. Naturally, Linda will still hear her. And the pained shock in her voice. Because it means someone has figured out who Linda is out of costume. Or they have some kind of device that detects and tracks Kryptonians. Either of those is potentially even more disastrous than the red sun weapon.

"I'm glad you're OK. Really, really glad." Kara utters, fervently. "I'm not your Mom, Linda. But I care about you and I want you to be OK. I hate to say this, but I think you should try to make sure you don't leave school without at least one other person with you. Someone who will call for help if … something happens." One can almost hear the knife twisting in Kara's gut as she's saying this.

"In the air of full disclosure, I should mention that I'm pretty sure someone out there was trying to find Kryptonite in Metropolis the other night. I don't think they got it, but they're hunting it, and that's not good for us." Kara finishes that, and stays quiet. When she arrived, she had a compelling need to hug Linda. Now? Now she has a real need for a hug herself.

They're being hunted.

Or they have facial recognition software and waited in an area that Supergirl has shown up before.

"This is about you." Linda says, pursing her lips. "You're the one everyone thinks is the biggest hero ever and you're the one in the Justice League. This was, what? A test? To see if the weapon would work on you?" She nods her head as if that makes sense.

"You need to be careful."

Kara nods, admitting. "You're probably right." /She/ doesn't think she's the biggest hero ever. But she knows an awful lot of people do. "I'll be as careful as I can be, Linda. But I still have to live my life. And I can't see not helping people. Even if they're going to hunt me." How like Linda's father Kara must sound, when she says things like that. Kara cannot help but wonder if that's one of the reasons Linda still dislikes her so much. And yet, Linda is doing the same thing. That's what Supergirl was all about. And still is, obviously.

"Okay." Linda hops down off the rock. Hopping is different when you can leap tall buildings in a single bound. What might seem a little awkward in a regular person is a graceful and small motion in a Kryptonian. "I've got to get back to class. And Karen?"

Linda pauses. "I don't need your friends coming to offer me therapy vacations. I'm not a pet project. Okay?"

Kara frowns a bit, and shakes her head. "You're not anyone's pet project, Linda. No one." She's not going to lecture Linda, but somehow she has to make this plain. "Diana heard - and not from me, so don't you go looking at me like that - how badly the fight with Solomon Grundy affected you."

Kara continues, after only a moment. "She came to me to ask permission, and I told her point blank it wasn't my call. I gave you my word I would stay out of your life except as /you/ decided to let me back in, and I've kept my promise." It may sound a bit defensive, but that's only because Linda seems to delight in implying that Kara is trying to run her life.

"She wanted to help, because she sees a lot of promise in you, and because her people have a lot of experience dealing with that kind of stress and pain. The only thing else I told her was that you are an artist, and that if you went, she should make sure you got a chance to work with the artisans, because I thought you'd think that was pretty awesome." Kara finishes, proving that she /does/ pay attention to Linda, and cares what is important to /Linda/, not just herself.

"Yeah. Well. Anyway. Whatever." Because in addition to being a SUPERgirl? Linda's a TEENAGE girl. "Like I said. Class. Ms. Frost will probably fry my brain if I'm late." She waves to Karen and then takes off for the mansion, taking long running strides… at about a hundred miles per hour.

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