(2014-06-03) Mall Crawl Brawl
Mall Crawl Brawl
Summary: Supergirl, Mary and Lana encounter thugs intent on taking down Supergirl
Date: June 3, 2014
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[ Salem Mall — Salem Center ]

This three-level atrium mall allows views up to the second and third floor walkways as well as a skylight system that floods the corridors with natural lighting during the days. Decorated in greys and blues, this mall is quite modern and expansive in it's cross way design. There are more than 150 lots here of storefronts which offer a wide variety in selection for the entire family.

After brief introductions were made (Lana, my new girlfriend Mary. Mary, my best friend Lana) mall crawling begins.

"So, I got called into Ms. Frost's office yesterday." Linda says as she walks along with her best friend and her girlfriend, one on either side, through the mall. "And I get there and freaking Wonder Woman is there and she wants to take me to her island paradise and at first I'm all 'whhhhat?' and giddy because, you know, how awesome is that? But it turns out its supposed to be therapy to help me get over all my issues." She blows a strand of hair out of her eyes. "Like I want that. I'm tired of being treated like I'm a mental patient first and a person second."

And, yes, for those wondering, Linda's still in her blonde form. She hasn't changed back yet.

Mary Bromfield nods and listens, walking. "I met her. She's an imposing figure. That Embassy of hers is just amazing. I can't begin to imagine what her country is like." There's a stirring inside, but Mary puts on a brave face. "I hope you get what you need there. What you're looking for." She looks around for a distraction. Look! An Orange Julius.

A call to Ms. Frost's office can mean many things, usually nothing good in Lana's case. There is a sympathetic wince at first, followed by the raising of eyebrows "Well that fucking sucks. All ulterior motive wrapped up in a shiny package with a Wonder Woman shaped bow in it. I hope you told them to shove it." if anyone knows how it is to be treated like a mental patient, it’s her.

It’s like having your own angel and devil, one for each shoulder. "I thanked Wonder Woman very much for the offer and then said no." She said. An Orange Julius does sound like a good idea, though. Linda changes course and heads for the purveyor of tasty liquid treats. "I'm not a charity case. I'm not a mental case. Hell, I actually went and apologized to my cousin for treating her like a bitch all these years when she wasn't."

Mary Bromfield follows and listens, getting in line. Her face shows mixed emotions, then smiles at the last bit. "Well, At least you and Kara could bury the hatchet." She says, trying to stay positive. She looks up at them neu board deciding what she wants. Unfortunately she doesn't have the same issues that Linda and Lana have. A stable family, a good school, an awesome girlfriend. She suffers in her own way #richwhitegirlproblems. "Do you think you can do this on you're own, though?"

Lana walks with the two, doing her best to to feel like a third wheel. Instead of the menu board she checks out the hottie in line in front of him, which the girl he is with takes immediate offense too, not that she cares. "She's not on her own." the delinquent seems to be a bit offended by the comment "She has me, and I would have thought she had you. Not to mention her other friends at school and others.

"Lana's right. I have you two. I don't need a… AAGH!" What comes next is strange. At first it seems like a spotlight. Like what you'd see in a school theater - a big spotlight with a red gel across it. It falls across Linda and she crumples to the floor.

"Crap… I… don't… feel… so… good…"

The source won't be hard to pinpoint. This is one of those double level malls where the upper level is essentially walkways with big open areas between. A guy's up there with some sort of oversized flashlight connected by cables to a high tech backpack. He's probably not the problem though.

The two guys on some sort of hovercraft motorcycles with sniper rifles taking up position? They're likely the issue.

Mary Bromfield grimaces. "Of course she has me. That's not what I meant. We can support her, but ultimately she has to do this on her… Linda!" She rushes over to the Kryptonian. "What's…?" She looks up and sees the techno-dude, and then the snipers. Mary has no idea what lana can do. Figuring that this is an attack on Linda, she tries to get the girl to move, trying to provide cover between Linda and the snipers. "We need to get her out of here, and probably away from that red flashlight thingy!" She tries to run for cover.

While Lana knows this isn't a competition for Linda, she can't help but feel like she won, when she is agreed with. All that goes out the window when the red spot light seems to cripple her BFF. Her gaze follows the light up to the three high flying thugs that thing they can hurt her friend and get away with it "Get her out of here. I'll cover you." she knows she is going to get yelled out for not costuming up before going all explosive, but its guys with guns! Her brain goes through the lessons that Taskmaster has been teaching her, take out the heavy weaponry first. There is a concussive blast of sound and a flash of light from her hands as she points them at one of the gunmen. Guns, or at least the bullets inside to the result isn't pretty when the sniper rifle explodes in his hands.

The gunman seems surprised, indeed, when the sniper rifle explodes in his hand. He screams in shock and loses control of the sky cycle. It goes careening off and crashing into a StarkStore, sending high end electronics flying everywhere. Of course with first an explosion and then a crash the mall goers go into panic mode. There's running and screaming and there might be some trampling soon, though the mall cops are keeping a cool head and trying to direct people to the exists.

Linda's dragged along behind Mary. "Feel… so… weak." She says with gasping breaths. "Never… felt… so.. weak."

"Finish the job." The guy with the spotlight says to the other gunman. "I'll take care of the interference." He holsters the flashlight device onto his backpack and then leaps down to the first level of the mall. As he does so, he draws two pistols and begins firing, John Woo style, at Lana.

Meanwhile, the second sky cycle rider goes zipping after Mary and Linda. The bike seems to pilot itself because he's got both hands on the sniper rifle, trying to draw a shot. He fires and the bullet's on a straight shot for Linda's brainpan.

Mary Bromfield keeps running with Linda, heading for the ladies room by the food court. Luckily Mary had enough speed going to get the two of them in as the shot is squeezed off, hitting the door to the room instead of Linda. While inside, Mary shoves Linda into a stall and closes the door as tight as humanly possible. A few seconds later, she shouts "Shazam!" and emerges as the older Miss Marvel. She exits the ladies room with a look of anger on her face as she looks to confront the sniper. "Let's see you try that again!" As a red and gold blur charges after the man.

Maybe the guy firing should spend more time on the firing range and less time in front of the TV watching John Woo movies as it is Lana has to beatfeet diving for cover over the counter of the OJ shop. Thankfully the employees have fled or in hiding so she can do her own quick change. It's not as flashy but it gets the job done. She peeks over the counter to get a bead on the John Woo movie star wanna be, and then leaps up onto the counter. There is another concussive blast and flash of light, this time aimed at the man's feet. Whatever windows that weren't shattered with her first attack, certainly are now. The floor below the shooter explodes in a firey shockwave of doom, surely the guy is thrown quite a few feet backward, and potentially deaf..at least for a few hours.

Yep. "Mr. Woo" goes flying off and hits the wall, hard. He falls to the ground and bounces a few times. Which leaves only the second sniper.

He comes to a halt, his sky cycle hovering as he realizes he's outmatched. Outgunned. But not, it seems, willing to give up. The sky cycle sounds like a Harley as he revs it and then? Brace for impact. He puts the bike, and himself, on a collision course for Miss Marvel.

Miss Marvel growls slightly as she sees what the man is about to do. Her first instinct is to fly after the cycle and meet headfirst, but the possible collateral damage is too high a price to pay. So instead she braces herself, planting her feet, getting ready to catch the cycle as if it were a giant football. "Come and get it, PeaBrain."

Two douche bags down, one to go and it seems like that Miss Marvel person has that under control so Bombshell hopes off the counter and rushes off to where the other Skycycle crashed into the Starktower, to make sure that gunman is down and won't be popping up for some last minute, on the ropes below the belt attack.

The sky cycle's still there, crashed into the middle of the mall's StarkStore but the guy? He's gone. So is his fancy red flashlight weapon. Miss Marvel has no problem catching the sky cycle. She gets shoved back a few feet, sure, and the vehicle's crumpled beyond recognition. The guy on it goes flying. He hits the ceiling. Then the floor. Should have been wearing his seatbelt.

"Be careful!" shouts Marvel. "They're clones of some sort. There could be more outside waiting!" She puts the crumpled cycle down gently and goes to find it's driver, to ask questions.

There may be an idle wave at the warning, Bombshell is more of an act first then think about it later kinda girl. If the Starkstore has windows onto the outside though she will double check though, she doesn't want to get shot today, or any day really.

Like any mall store, there's no windows to the outside. They don't want you to remember the outside world exists, after all. Of course, this all ends so many superhero fights do - with sirens. The cops are coming. Supergirl, now dressed as Supergirl, staggers out of the bathroom. "We should get going." She says, though she still looks pale. She flies unsteadily up to the second floor and the StarkStore. "Nice bike. We should bring it with us."

Miss Marvel flies up to the second floor and grabs Supergirl. "Come on. This time you have no choice but to lean on me." She smiles, wrapping an arm around the girl for support. She looks for the nearest exit to fly out of safely.

Bombshell is studying the flying bike at her feet as she other two approach "You okay?" she asks Supergirl as she lands nearby and then a grin lights her face "I couldn't agree more." she pulls the bike back up to its wheels and throws a leg over "This is going to be hella interesting." she studies the controls and pushes several buttons until it roars to life and starts to hover. By then Miss Marvel has taken off and with a little more experimentation she is following them, though she takes out a few lights and hanging ads in the process.

A mile from the mall a black car stops and the man with the red flashlight and tech backpack opens the backdoor and slips in. He sheds the backpack, takes a deep breath and presses a button. In front of him, six screens light up, showing shadowy figures - one per screen.

"Multi-Paul. Report." a deep voice, like gravel scraping against steel, says from the left screen.

"The red solar ray worked. The Kryptonian was on her knees in seconds." the guy, apparently Multi-Paul, says.

"Did you collect DNA samples?" another shadowy figure, this one with a high-pitched, lisping male voice asks.

"No. Miss Marvel and the explosive girl interfered. It was… unexpected." Multi-Paul admits.

"Never mind." A third voice, this one male and cultured, "The mission was successful. We have a proven counter to the Kryptonian in Metropolis if it comes to it. Good work, Multi-Paul. Your duplicates?"

"They know the protocol." Multi-Paul insists. "They'll do what needs to be done."

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