(2014-06-02) Stakeout!
Summary: The Defenders scope out a drug supply house and "run" into a new acquaintance.
Date: 2014-06-02
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A small suburban neighborhood and the time is approaching 8pm. The sun is setting and the houses are cast in a faint orange glow. The spring air is warm, a gentle breeze coming in off of the Hudson. Three young women have been moving into their new off-campus house for the summer, playing music loudly and laughing it up. For now, the U-Move truck is closed up and the party has moved to inside the house.

Once darkness falls, that's when the predators come out to play. A few houses down, in great view of the house where the girls are at, is a large house with lots of activity. Cars come in, stay for five minutes, and then move out. A couple non-descript white vans escape a separate garage and depart to parts unknown. A few men stand on the stoop, laughing it up. On closer inspection, the men are armed with handguns.

Kate keeps the music at a loud, but not bothersome level. She sets up the cameras aimed at the house, and makes sure that the night-vision goggles have full batteries. She's wearing a purple short-sleeve blouse, tied in a knot in the front, showing off her pale mid-section. She wears a pair of cut-off jean shorts. Not overly tight, but she's trying to fit in as a party girl. Her long chestnut hair is in pig-tails. Five pizza boxes are off into the small kitchenette along with water and soda. Kate takes up a position at the window with a set of binoculars.

Sally is checking on the computer set up, acting as a DVR for their recordings of the surveillance, shuttling all that's being recorded back to the office and into the cloud. The 'living room' of the house, hair left down, nothing special done to it just yet. A Pink Yankee's short sleeved top with loose fit jeans, nothing too out of the ordinary for a nice day.

"Bored." Mary says. "Bored. Bored. Bored." Ever try to make a speedster stay in one place for long periods of time? She moves around the house, doing this, doing that. Never for more than a few seconds. She's already polished off three of the pizzas and two litters of soda. She's been to the bathroom three times. She's broken her GameKord. Again. "Hope they make a move soon."

Having heard about a few odd things going on around here and break-ins, Kyani wanted to check out the area and so he does. Keeping out of sight and keeping within the back areas of the neighborhood. Seeing the cars and then vans coming form one of the house, the speedster grins a little bit. 'Good.' he thinks to himself but wanting to wait a bit longer to see what else is happening. Granted he's got good music to listen to coming from the girls down the street.

Kate Bishop shrugs, though she continues to look through the binoculars. "They've been moving all night. It's just a question of what we want to act on. The cars are dealers picking up supplies while the big vans are distributing elsewhere. What kind of move are you expecting them to make?" She turns to Sally. "Is everything picking up well?" She then turns to Mary. "If you want, you can place these directional mics up on telephone poles. Perhaps we can get some decent audio at the same time. Just don't get spotted." She places a small box on the nearby table.

So far activity hasn't changed. The vans come back in, pick up more supply, and move back out. Men walk in and out of the house so often that it's difficult to get an accurate head count.

She looks between the manual and the computer, tapping here, tapping there, to bring up the feeds, the devices. "Yeah, and I've got the mic's set up so once pointed and turned on, they'll pick up too." Sally calls over, looking between Mary and Kate, then back to the on-screen action.

"Right." Mary says. She grabs the directional microphones and woosh, there she goes. One. Two. Three of them. She runs right past one of the armed thugs keeping watch over the house and he even comments on the breeze feeling nice on this hot night before Mary rushes back inside. "And done." She drops down onto the floor, crosslegged. "That was a fun three seconds."

Keeping where he is and crouching down seeing pretty well from where he is. Watching the house and the cars as they move back and forth, there is a lot of activity at this house for this time of a night. It's when Mary begins running that he is able to track her, hyper perception is a very good thing, to see things moving at extreme speeds, wondering what she is doing here, granted he's only met her the one time, but now he's intrigued. The men don't see her as she moves, but he doesn't take his eyes from the house, and as they drive back and forth, he makes sure to write down the license plate numbers, but he feels they may change them, but for now, he doesn't leave his post for now.

Kate Bishop looks through the binoculars again. "Well, Mary.." She begins to say. "Another shipment is heading out. Perhaps you can tail it and see where they're distributing out of?" After Mary sets the mics up, Kate picks up the headphones connected to the computer and checks the feed. She nods. "Perfect. We can hear just about anything said outside."

Right on cue, the two white vans emerge from the garage and pull out onto the streets. The men at the door are muttering to themselves, about what they'd do to girls walking down the street, to baseball scores, and somehow a name is mentioned. Something about a Neko.

Once she's certain it's all set, Sally hops up, moving to stand next to Kate, "So, when do we call the cops? That was the plan after all, we've got a lot of stuff that's circumstantial, but nothing definitive…"

"Got it." Mary's out of the door again. She's not on costume today so there's no rainbow streak. Instead, she leaves behind a breeze. Now, here's the problem. She's the only one who can really tail the vehicles. They're driving between 45 and 70 miles per hour depending on the speed limit at the time. But when you're used to running past the speed of sound? Going 70 MPH is very slow. Still, Mary stays with them as the two vans head towards their final destination.

Without having any backup, Kyani knows that he must be careful but also has to rely on himself. When the vans begin moving off, he reacts just as fast as Mary. Coming out from a side street and moving at 70mph, Kyani is easily able to keep up, noticing the woman, he chuckles a little bit. Keeping out of sight and directly behind the vans. This is SLOW, why do things move so slow, this is a bit of a issue for Kyani who loves moving faster then what he currently is going, but still he can't allow for these guys to keep doing what they are doing. Checking his cell and finding that it is on silent and secured against a small secure tie on his belt.

Kate Bishop holds up a finger to Sally and writes down a name. Neko… and another conversation mentions Mr. C. She writes that down as well. "Once Mary gets back with the locations of the vans. I think we have enough to send to Vice. If he's this big, they'll already have a file on him. All they need to do is find out when he's going to be there and get a warrant to raid the place." She smiles and turns to Sally, with a shrug. "It's not a lot of hoopla, but… Mission Accomplished?"

The vans split up and stop is separate locations, pulling into identical garages. After some time the two emerge once again and begin their return trip home.

"Ok." she says. Sighing a little as she moves to the front door, peeking through the glass to the house they're surveiling. Sally sighs a little, "Well thankfully it's just a quiet, business as usual night for them tonight."

"Vans are splitting up." Mary says into the bluetooth earpiece she's got glued onto her ear (otherwise the speed she moves at would send it flying). "Which one should I… wait a minute." She spots something out of the corner of her eye and smirks. "Got company." She falls back so she's side by side with Kyani. "Follow the one on the left. I'll go right. Get the address. Meet me back at…" And Mary gives the address. The words all hyper compressed into about one second. Only a speedster would understand her. Then, she twists off to the right to follow the one van, get the address and then a run back to the "summer home" of the "college girls".

From where he was it was best for him to keep out of sight of the mirrors from of the vans. Still it would be hard to see someone running at those speeds, and hard to believe someone is running that fast. When Mary drops back to him and Kyani seeing the vans looking to split up, he nods his head, "Alright." he tells her as he splits up from her and heading left, keeping up easily with the van and making sure to memorize the address of the meeting place, and the location of where this van is going. To Kyani it's a bit strange knowing of another speedster, but lately he's been encountering all kinds of people with abilities lately.

Kate Bishop nods to Sally. "It's the best that we could hope for. We didn't want to o scrapping with these guys. This isn't what we do." She stands up, putting the binoculars and headphones down and walking to Sally, wrapping an arm around the girl's waist from the side. Her eyes go wide at the sound of Mary's voice mentioning company. "Spoke too soon." She says as she fixes her own earpiece. "Company? What do you mean by company?There isn't supposed to be any company. Hummingbird, get back ASAP, abort if you have to." Yeah, Kate panics when there are other people out there.

After the vans make their drop, they follow the same route back. Obviously no one has contested these men yet, as they see no need to change up their methods.

Sally frowns, "Keep going, only come back if you have too, and if you have too, office." she says into the comm, frowning some, looking to Kate, "She can't come back here, or we'll be blown, if something's going on out there, plus, she can probably handle anything better than you or I could." she says, "Gotta trust each other, and our judgement when we can't see each other."

It takes about twenty minutes, all told. For guys carrying drugs, these morons in the vans aren't very bright. They break any number of laws as if daring the cops to pull them over. Still, they make it home and Mary makes it back to her comrades. "We'll have company in a minute." She says. "I ran into a helper out there. He followed one van while I took the other."

Once he is at the location of the vans, Kyani keeps out of sight. With his parkour skills, he is able to watch from a better vantage higher up. And yes they are SLOW, hell he could call the cops and they would get here before they thugs were done putting away the damn drugs. A shake of his head is given when they are finally done, Kyani remembers where they were and in about a minute Kyani is back and he waves to the ladies, "Nice seeing you all again." he smiles.

Kate Bishop nods to Sally. "I.. wasn't thinking of that." She sighs and nods, then her eyes go wide as Mary returns.. "A… helper?" She looks to Sally.. "That doesn't sound good." She shakes her head and starts packing up equipment. She hands Mary the notebook with the names on it. "Could you write down the address? This and all the recordings are being forwarded to the police. Hopefully we can put this entire operation to bed shortly." When Kyani arrives, it's time for Kate to play bad cop…. In her party-girl outfit. "You!" She walks over to the man. "Next time you interfere with one of my investigations, I'll have your ass hauled in for obstruction, got that?!" Of course, it's not as if the operation was sanctioned by the police either. "Here." She says, handing Kyani a business card with the address of the office. "Meet me there tomorrow morning and we'll talk. Get home and stay low." She orders.

With the information in hand, the girls pack everything back into the van. The house goes quiet for a few weeks, and a raid is made on the supply den. Drugs are seized, men are arrested, unfortunately no one was able to find a Neko C. on premises. The site is shut down, but the boss got away.

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