(2014-06-02) Invitation Made and Rejected
Invitation Made and Rejected
Summary: Diana comes by Xavier's Academy to meet with Emma, and to make an invitation to Supergirl. It does not go as the Amazon Ambassador had hoped.
Date: 2014-06-02
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In the upscale township of Salem Center, limousines are not an uncommon sight; especially ones that drive up to the prestigious Xavier School. After all, the Xavier School is one of the top-ranked private schools in the United States, if not the world. But the passenger that the limo carries is rather unique, however. For once the car pulls up to the front entrance of the school, it is Diana of Themyscira who emerges from the back seat. Dressed in a black business suit and heels, rather than the more famous costume she wears as Wonder Woman, the Amazon gives her thanks to the driver before being greeted by a few of the students. Diana patiently smiles and makes idle chat with them while she looks for the Headmistress, one Emma Frost. Diana is here early for the meeting that was arranged on rather short notice.

It is true; limos are not unheard of here. Emma Frost herself often travels in a long white limo, though hers is nowhere to be seen today. It only comes out when Emma needs to travel, and she's not going anywhere today.

An early arrival would throw most such school administrators into a tizzy, all of their carefully laid plans lying in ruins. Instead, the white-bedecked blonde form of said Headmistress simply appears gracefully within less than a minute of Diana's arrive, though she does not immediately interrupt her students' glee and excitement at Diana's appearance, or break up any requests for autographs. Instead, she merely observes for several long moments, peacefully, before gliding in to make her appearance.

"Madame Ambassador, I am so pleased you could come." Emma offers, without specifically ordering any of the students to depart. Most do almost immediately, however; they know better than to try Emma's vauntedly non-existent patience. (Not true, of course, but she loves to make them think it is.) As Emma approaches, offering her hand to Diana, the rest of the students eagerly reiterate how awesome they think Diana is, how great it is to see her her, and a few just how excited they are to maybe, someday, join the ranks of the newly-formed Justice League, before they too retreat to leave the adults to their business.

Emma would never deign to speak to a driver not her own, but sometime soon one of the staff will approach the car, and invite the driver into the kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee and some relaxation. He can be assured he will be informed in plenty of time of his patroness' intention to depart, so that he can be ready when the time comes.

"Welcome to Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youth."

Diana is indeed gracious with all the requests from the students, laughing with them and giving a few autographs. But, it's not polite to keep those you have meetings with waiting. So when the Headmistress appears and the children disperse, Diana walks up to Ms. Frost and shakes the welcmoing hand. "Thank you, Headmistress. I am honored to be here and that you accepted my request for a meeting. I tried to arrive as discretely as possible to prevent any media furor and focus on here. I beleive that I was rather more successful than if i were to have simply flow here in my costume." Diana smiles, laughing a bit, then nodding to Emma. "I am glad this could be aranged and I hope that my offers of assistance will aid the school. Shall we adjourn to your office?"

"Please, you may call me Emma, or Ms. Frost if you prefer." the tall blonde offers, accepting Diana's hand and then guiding her through the school easily enough. "I of course realize all of those in your newfound organization have been informed of our existence, and I appreciate your efforts at discretion. I suspect there are limits to what can be done, but I appreciate any attempts you - and others - make on our behalf."

Emma will give Diana a very brief tour of the expansive grounds, indicating which wings hold classrooms, and which are residences, for students or for staff. They'll get a chance to see the central courtyard, and glance at the dining hall and the patio beyond, and through windows in stairwells Diana may get to see the hedge maze, stables and other facilities including pool, tennis and basketball courts and so-forth.

Emma's own office is on the second floor of the north administrative wing, and Emma leads Diana in before closing the door behind them. "Can I get you anything to drink, Ambassador? Please, have a seat and make yourself comfortable." Once her guest is seen to, Emma moves around and sits behind her desk, not as much to establish a dominant position - unnecessary in this context - as because she would not presume to be more familiar with the likes of a Princess of Diana's caliber without specific invitation. Nevertheless, Diana may notice that Emma has a very regal air about her.

"How may we be of assistance today, Madam Ambassador?"

"Very well, Emma," Diana replies with a smile. "But only if you call me Diana." She walks alongside the headmistress, nodding at the descriptions and thouroughly engenged with the tour. Diana thinks that it's wonderful that such a grand old house is being used for such a noble purpose; much better than mansions in the area that are only used as 'summer homes' or just house a few people. Situations like that, where land and housing go to such waste, Diana cannot understand.

When they arrive in Emma's office, Diana sits down in the offered chair, smoothing her skirt once seated. "I would be fine with just some water, thank you," she replies in respons to the request for refreshments. "And I wished to visit the School for a number of reasons. First, to see first hand such a wonderful and worthwhile institution. I realize that this is not a training ground for producing new heroes, but I highly approve of a place where metahuman youths can go and lead normal lives and learn control of their abilities. From the accounts of my freinds, you are peforming that task admirably." And Diana smilesregally, nodding her thanks to Emma. "Second, one of the other reasons has less of what you can do for me, and more of what I wish to do for you and this school. I understand that you accept chariatable donations to help fund the school and provide for those students who could not normally afford this opportunity. So, on behalf of the Themysciran Embassy, I would like to make a donation. Anonymously, of course. Would $100,000 be a viable donation that you could take in secret so as not raise suspicions?"

Of course, Emma provides Diana some water from a pitcher and glasses situated on a tray atop the credenza behind her desk, then pours one for herself, and sits quite attentively while listening to what the Ambassador and Princess has to say. Naturally, Diana eschews the use of title, as many a gracious royal has in the past. Emma can follow that example, even if inside she is perhaps a bit less magnanimous.

"Of course, Diana, we would be only too happy to accept whatever largess you wish to bestow. But if your desire is to arrange true anonymity, it would best be accomplished with a series of payments through multiple financial institutions, each totalling less than ten thousand dollars. I would suggest a random variation in the amounts, as well, to further assure later examination of the records will not immediately flag for question a series of donations just barely under the ten-thousand-dollar reporting limit." And just like that, Emma helps out while revealing just how able and aware she is of how to avoid IRS and government scrutiny. Emma is a Queen of the Hellfire Club, after all.

"We are glad, of course, to know that our efforts are appreciated by the likes of yourself, and your organization. I am aware that one of our alumni is amongst your ranks, and I know that brings great pleasure to Professor Xavier." Emma offers. She dosn't name the person, but assumes Diana knows already. "We certainly approve of the efforts you and others are making, to use your abilities to the aid of all mankind, fitting in with society productively and usefully, while demonstrating control and responsibility." All of these are touchstones of the program here, of course.

"Yes, Jean has proven herself to be a gift from the Goddesses," Diana says with a smile. "She is interning this summer as my personal assistant, and she is quite invaluable. Not only for her organizational abilities and attention to detail, but for her educating me in the customs and ways of Man's World." Diana truley is grateful to have Jean on her staff, and the feeling is almost palpitable. "I shall instruct my agents to do just that. And will keep that in mind for any donations made in the future."

Now, for the first time, Emma can sense a bit of uncertainty in Diana. It's more than just a mental feeling that the telepath can sense, there's small, subbtle clues in Diana's posture that anyone less observant of human behavior would miss. "There is another reason why I came here," Diana says. She's speaking cautiously and delibrately now, thinking of her words before speaking. "As i said, I am an admirer of what you and Mr. Xavier have done here. You and he are both the ones that determine what is in the best interests for your students. And i have no desire at all to interfere with that process. However, two of my friends, Moon Maiden and Jean, have both spoken to me about Supergirl, and her reactions to her recent activities in Gotham City. I also spoke with Power Woman last night before wishing to bring the topic up with you. As I said, I have no desire to interfere with your work here or undermine your authority. I would, however, like to make the offer of providing counsel to her, or to any of your students that you think might benefit from it. I thik that I can provide some unique perspectes to Supergirl, based on what Power WOman has told me of her and on what I observed in here when we briefly met when she and a freind of hers visited the Embassy some weeks back. If you say this is something that should not be any of my concern, I completely respect such a position and will not broach the subject again." Of course, Diana means every word that she's saying; she really does only want to help those who might need it and not try to supplant Emma's or Xavier's authority.

Emma sits quietly, hands folded on her desk, and does not interrupt. She lets Diana have her say, without interruption. Only once the Amazon ambassador is finished does she consider her response carefully, and then offer it. "We are attempting to counsel the student you know as Supergirl regarding her feelings after the incident in Gotham. We are aware of how severe her intial reactions were, and have already stepped in to moderate those behaviors. Currently, she is attending counseling sessions with me three times a week." Proof, at least, that they are being very proactive about this.

"That being said, however, I genuinely believe that the student in question" — Emma never refers to her by name, and rarely by her callsign, proof positive of how careful she is with privacy and secrecy —"could benefit from an additional resource. I had hoped to put her in contact with her cousin, but that does not seem to be working. The challenges in their relationship are still too great for her to invest Power Womam with the trust required to ovecome her resistance, and accept Power Woman's aid in battling these inner demons."

"If, Diana, you feel prepared to take this on, I would welcome any assistance you might be able to offer. She is an exceptional student with great promise; I do not wish to see that promise squandered by her continued self-destructive impulses." Emma offers. "I only ask that if you take her off school grounds, that she be made to inform us, clearly, before departing, and when she can be expected back. And I would prefer that any missing of classes here be kept to a minimum. She will be responsible for all class assignments, regardless of where she is." Clearly, Emma is a firm disciplinarian.

Diana listens to what Emma has to say and nods along. "I understand, Emma," she says with a light smile when all is said and done. "Power Woman told me a bit of the difficulties and I understand her reasons for staying at arms length. I understand that Supergirl did not voulentarily come into either her powers, nor the inheritance of this particular legacy. That is why I thought I might be of assistance in acting as a third party and counseling her. I know something myself of having rather large shoes to fill, as I believe the expression goes." Diana's smile widens a bit, but is still warm and understanding. "What I would propose, actually, is for her to join me on a trip to Themyscira, perhaps for a weekend, if that is acceptable. I think the solitude and natural serenity of my home would help her. No one would be pressuring her or judging her. And it would be far enough away that she could have time to think. Also, on a slightly differnt level, my sisters are warriors born. There will be those that understand the feelings that Supergirl may be experiencing right now. The taking of a life is a horrible burden to bear, especially in one so young. She might be able to find a way of coping with what happened and coming to peace with it that she might not be able to find here. Again, so long as all this is agreeable to you. If there are things you would rather not have occur or think would be counter-productive, your wisdom would be heeded."

Emma nods. "My only bit of wisdom is a simple thing, really: Don't dwell too much on the thought that the crature in question is dead by her hand." Emma holds up her hands, smiling. "Don't get me wrong: With her power, and her already-proven intent to follow the heroic path, the difficulty of having taken a life, for failed to save one, WILL come up for Supergirl eventually. But keep in mind that the creature in question was not truly alive, and that no body was found. I suspect it departed, rather than was destroyed. And she herself did not actually destroy it. She merely failed to anticipate that another present would 'layer on' after one of her own attacks in a disastrous fashion." That being Ghost Rider, though Emma has no name for the flaming skull creature.

"All that being said, please feel free to take her for a weekend. Her homework will still be due on Monday, as normal. But she is as welcome to travel to Themyscira in your company - if you allow it - as she would be to travel into New York City, or visit any other location. So long as she does not miss classes. all of our students are given quite free reign. She would be exempt from needing to check in each evening, since she would be with you. She would merely need to inform us that she is going for the weekend, and return before classes begin Monday morning." Emma explains.

"Understood," Diana says with a nod and a smile. "Thank you for allowing me the chance to help here, in what ways I can. If things work well with Supergirl, and there are other young ladies you think might benefit by talking with me, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll have the dontaions set up within this week. Also, I was rather impressed with the collection of art on display here. I am speaking with my mother, the Queen, to begin some more cultural exchange with Man's World. I believe that I could add the Xavier School onto the list of institutions that could be given a few pieces to display."

"I would be most pleased, Diana. Most pleased indeed." Emma offers, smiling. "If I may: While you have Supergirl in Themyscira, might I suggest pairing her up with one of your artisans? She has a true budding artisting talent, and temperment. I believe she would flourish if shown an opportunity for her art to 'matter', more than modern Western society often allows."

Diana nods and looks very pleased at that idea. "Of course. That sounds like an excellent suggestion. I will make sure that she is allowed to speak with them and work with them, if both parties are agreeable. And I agree, I think that she must be made to feel that she matters in a unique way that others of her legacy have not done before. Being the first artist from Man's World to display her tallent on Themyscira would go a long way helping her see that." Diana smiles, happy and feeling like she is contributing to something special here. "I can see why Jean speaks so highly of this school. And I am glad to do what I can to help it continue in it's mission."

If Emma is surprised that Jean Grey speaks so highly of herself and this school, she makes no sign of it. Instead, she merely smiles and nods quite enthusiastically, as she arises from her seat and comes around her desk to grasp Diana's hands in her own, a guesture not so much of an agreement sealed as of solidarity. "I personally thank you for your generosity, Diana. It is most appreciated." It is nice to meet this woman who works so closely with Laurel; she can see even more clearly, now, that they are more sisters than anything else. "Please, make yourself welcome here whenever you like. Obviously, some manner of discretion would be appreciated. But keep in mind, our students come in and out of here already, and some have affected costumes just as colorful and attention-grabbing as your own. You need not 'dress down' for our benefit." And the kids would surely go even more nuts to see Diana in costume.

Diana nods and smiels as she stands to accept Emma's gesture. "Then perhaps after my trip with Supergirl, I will schedule another visit to appear 'in costume' as it were. Even if they do not become heroes, I like to inpsire the youth of the world to make positive changes to the world in whatever manner they can." She continues the handclasp for a bit before breaking it. "Now…perhaps it is time to speak with Supergirl directly? If she is not in a class that is. I can always return when it is more convinient for her schedule."

"I believe that can be arranged." Emma offers, as she glances at the clock appearing in the holographic display of her computer on her desk. "She should be just finishing up with her classroom session on ethical use of powers." Emma's eyes don't flutter closed.

There's really nothing outward to show that she has done anything at all. But elsewhere in the school, Linda Danvers will receive a gentle telepathic prod and a message. « Excuse me, Linda. I beg your pardon for interrupting. I know you were heading to Pep Squad practice next, but could you perhaps come by my office, briefly? » It's all worded so politely. But anyone who knows Emma knows that's just the velvet glove over the ice cold iron fist.

In fact, Linda was headed towards Pep Squad practice. Something she loathes, to be honest, but something she made a promise to do. The excuse to beg off, though, has her quite happily telling Megan that she'll try to be back but, gosh, if this trip to the office takes long she might miss it altogether. Then Linda walks inside. With each step, though, the worry begins to gnaw at her. Is she in trouble because of her unauthorized trip to Metropolis to see Karen? Or perhaps this is about making out with Mary on school grounds while watching the sun set the other night. Or maybe this is the final moment where she's kicked out altogether for being too much trouble. When Linda reaches the door, she takes a deep breath and then steps through. She is, it might be noted, still in her blonde Supergirl form. She hasn't switched out of it since returning to the school.

"You wanted to see me, Ms. Frost?" Linda's eyes travel from Emma to the Amazon and back again.

Case of nerves? Now times ten.

Diana waits patiently in the Headmistress' office, idly smoothing the skirt of her business attire. If she is curious as to what Emma did to communicate that Supergirl was wanted in the office, she makes no indication. When the Girl of Sttel arrives, Diana stands up and smiles at her. "Hello, Supergirl. It's nice to see you again." When she sees how nervous the teen looks, Diana smiles gently and shakes her head. "Do not worry, you are not in any trouble. Perhaps it would be best if I let Headmistress Frost explain." Diana sits back down, letting Emma explain the situation so that she doesn't contradict what the Headmistress wants Supergirl to know.

Emma is keenly aware of every bit of nerves coursing through her student. And she - being Emma - does nothing, absolutely nothing to abate those nerves. When the young woman steps inside, the tal blonde Headmistress nods. "Supergirl." It is a name Emma has never, ever used. Not once. But she uses it now. "I believe you know Her Highness, Princess Diana of Themyscira, the Amazon Ambassador to the United Nations. Would you come in, please, and take a seat?"

As she watches Linda's actions - and the whirling confusion in her mind - Emma moves to her own seat behind her desk, and takes her seat calmly and coolly. Then, when Linda is also seated, she endeavors to explain. The cruel witch.

"Princess Diana has extended an offer to personally escort you to the Isle of Themyscira, for a weekend as is convenient for both of you. She wishes to get to know you better, and perhaps endeavor to help you shoulder the burdens you bear. The decision of whether to participate in this activity is yours, but I strongly encourage you to consider the honor that is being bestowed upon you." Yeah. Emma is laying it on. There must be a reason.

"… excuse me?" Linda stares at Emma. Then she stares at Diana. Then she stares at Emma again. "I'm sorry. Did you say she wants to spend the weekend with me on… umm… a mythological island full of nothing but warrior women?" Who, despite what Linda once read ages ago, seem to have both their boobs.

Diana nods, smling calmly. "That is essentially correct," she says. "More precisely, I'd like to extend to you the opportunity to vist Themyscira with me as a way of gaining a bit of distance from school and from others, to go to a place where you hopefully will not feel as pressured as you may here. To avail yourself of the peace and serenity that Themyscira has to offer. And to possibly speak with any of my Sisters, who have a clearer understanding of some of the issues that my be troubling you, if you wish." Diana lets that sink in for a bit. "Understand, no-one there, not even myself, will pressure you to speak or judge you in any way. Themyscria has always been a haven for women, and I offer you a chance to partake of that haven. If you simply wish to spend the days by yourself walking on the beach or in the jungles, that is entirely your choice. But, I hope that you do chose to interact with us, if only to show my Sisters and my Mother sone of what Man's World is like." Diana smiles a bit more, trying to reassure Supergirl. "I also understand that you are an exceptional artist, and I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to share your artistic ability, possibly learn some from our artisans, and perhaps begin to pave the way to closer ties with the outside world through this exhange."

Emma stifles any laughter that might have erupted in response to Linda's reaction, because she is Emma. Nothing more needs be said where that is concerned. "The decision to avail yourself of this opportunity is yours alone. The usual rules will apply: you will inform us of where you are going when you are ready to leave, and you will return before classes begin on the following weekday. During the time that you are away, you are Diana's responsibility, and that of her sisters. You do not need to report back in to us, even for evening check-in, until you return." That would be much like those students who leave for a weekend to spend with family.

"Oh." Linda says as the reason is explained. Her shoulders drop. Her chin falls a fraction of an inch. "I see. Thanks but no thanks. I've got things I need to catch up on this weekend. Maybe someone else will enjoy the trip." She stands up, "I have to get to pep squad practice." Hated activity turns into convenient excuse. "May I go, Ms. Frost?"

There's a slight look of disappointment in Diana's face; she thought everything had been going rather well. But she nods to Supergirl's decision. "Well, if that is your decision," she says gently, "then I will accept that. This isn't intended to force you to do anything. Rather, I was hoping for this to be a chance for us to help each other. I would ask you to re-consider, though. The chance to be the first official visitor to a society that has been closed for thousands of years is not an opportunity that comes along often. And I honestly thought you would be one of the best candidates to demonstrate what I find special about Man's World." The Amazon nods and smiles a bit. "If you do reconsider, the invitation will always be open to you."

Emma barely arches a pale blonde eyebrow at Linda's decision. She does not speak up or defend the opportunity. She also does not dismiss Linda until such time as she has heard out what else Diana has to say. Then, and only then, does she speak up. "Very well, Supergirl. You are excused. Please apologize to Ms. Morse for me, for making you tardy to practice." And with that, she waits until the girl is gone before she makes any attempt to explain.

"I apologize, Diana, for her dismissive attitude." Emma offers, softly. "She interpreted your offer as being about her problems, not about the girl herself. And given her self-esteem issues, she responded negatively. I'm sorry." Emma's insight is, obviously, very keen. But she did nothing to solve the problem or head it off before it began. It had to be Linda's decision, to accept or to flub, as she saw fit.

Diana shakes her head and waves her hand. "It is fine, Emma. I am not offended in the least. As you say, it sounded like this was more about her problems and less about her. So, if there is a fault here, it is mine. I still hope that she does choose to go, though. She is a remarkable young woman, and I want to give her all the support she desires. She is family to one that I consider a sister in all but blood, and that makes her a part of me in a way. But even beyond that connection, she deserves the chance to shine on her own. I may not be able to help every girl in this world overcome the obstacles that society has in their way, but I try to help the ones that I can." Diana takes a deep breath, centering herself. "Regardless, I thank you for this meeting and for the opportunity to help your school. The donations will arrive by the end of the week."

Linda doesn't retreat as quickly as her powers allow but she does scramble out of the room. Her next stop isn't pep squad, however. Instead, she finds her way outside and into the woods where she can just collapse beneath a tree and where no one will see her bawl her eyes out.

"There is no great hurry, Diana, but we thank you for your generosity. I promise that I will do what I can to help and support Supergirl through this, and if I can get her to accept the offer in the process, I will let you know." That said, the blonde Headmistress arrises to gather up Diana, one more handclasp, and then she escorts her down to her car. As promised previously, notice is passed to Diana's driver as they head for the door, and so he is ready at the car when Emma gets the Princess there. "Drive safe."

Office 1 - Xavier Mansion
This is a generous sized office. The lower half of the walls are a burnished blonde wainscoting with the upper half decorated with a pale blue multi-hued colored textured wallpaper. Covering the floor is a plush carpet that matches the wallpaper.

Tasteful landscape paintings hang in a cluster on the right wall and against the wall to the left is an eggshell white fabric-covered sofa with another painting hung above depicting the New York City skyline.

In front of the office door are a couple of wingback chairs in eggshell white that face a gleaming neo-modern chrome and glass desk on which sits a holographic projection monitor and other desk things. Behind the desk is a white leather chair and a broad credenza decorated with plants, personal photos and books, beneath the wide window to the outside, flanked by two hutch tops.

You see before you a tall, statuesque, beautiful woman; one whose appearance could outshine any supermodel or actress .Standing as tall as a man, her athletic frame is easy to discern. The olive skin of her Mediterranean heritage is well tanned, almost as if she's spent her lifetime living on a sun-kissed beach. Long, slightly curled black hair cascades down to below her shoulders and frame her face. Dark blue eyes with long lashes combined with an aquiline nose give her a noble, some might say regal, appearance.

She's wearing a red corset that leaves her shoulders and upper chest bare. The top edge of the corset is rimmed in gold and worked into the shape of two stylized 'W's on top of each other, with the outer arms then angling back again to go around her chest and back. The corset is tucked into a pair of skintight blue leggings, with a bad of gold circling her waist. The leggings are decorated with white five-pointed stars running down the outer seam. The leggings are tucked into a pair of red calf-high boots with the same double 'W' tops as the top of the corset, only worked in silver rather than gold. Her wrists are adorned with a pair of silver bracelets and her left bicep sports a silver armband with the double 'W' symbol. The symbol is again present on a silver choker around her neck. The last piece of ornamentation is a golden tiara upon her head, with a red, five-pointed star in the center.

Before you stands a tall, fit, strikingly beautiful caucasian young woman with a long-limbed hourglass figure. She appears to be in her mid- to late teens, or perhaps her earliest twenties, with modest but quite noticeable curves and a toned frame, subtly showing athletic musculature. Her face's high cheekbones, beneath wide azure blue eyes with neatly sculpted golden blonde eyebrows, framing a narrow and 'pert' nose above full lips and all positioned symetically and appealingly within an overall ovoid shape and smooth, blemishless peaches and cream complexion, framed by mid-back length bright golden blonde hair, completes a package that most would fairly call 'model quality' good looks. Her voice is a sweet soprano, with just the slightest hint of an accent from south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Her current attire really can't be imagined as anything less than a superheroine's costume. A relatively skintight deep blue top with wrist-length long sleeves covers her torso, the neckline a simple crew. The blue of the top frames a bold elongated scarlet-trimmed pentagon 'shield' shape of gold, filled with a matching scarlet 'S', a symbol almost everyone would recognize from the hero Superman of World War II fame. Attached around the back and sides of the top's collar is a flowing red cape that drapes down to mid-calf when it isn't billowing out around or behind her, an all-gold repeat of that S-shield emblazed across what would be her lower back. The blue top tucks under a gold belt that drapes over her hips, dipping down front and back, from which descents a pleated, flouncy matching scarlet skirt that reaches mid-thigh. Her legs are bare, down to a pair of almost knee-height scarlet leather-like boots with gold band trim along the tops echoing the belt at her waist, points raised a bit at the fronts just below the knees.

Emma Grace Frost:
A vision of beauty, poise and grace now before you to feast your eyes, this stunning woman makes such a striking and commanding first impression that many can't tear their eyes away no matter how impolite it may be to stare. At just an inch or so shy of a full six feet in height - and that before adding the seldom-absent high heels - her willowy and sumptuous form is the equal to or envy of supermodels and the like, with platinum blonde hair perfectly coifed by one of today's best hairstylists and pale ice blue eyes that sparkle almost luminously. Her complexion is flawless, the healthy creamy pink unmarred by sun, strain or age. And her body's tone and shape are the kind of idealized miracles that have sent generation after generation of women in search of new and better ways to use and abuse themselves in vain to come anywhere close to the like. Her face's features are the perfected high cheek bones, small pert nose, symmetrical eyes, thinly arched and sculpted eyebrows, and full, ripe lips that are often called aristocratic, and given this lady's clear and firm control over herself and seemingly everyone else around her, that title is all too fitting.

A woman of such calculated perfection would not wear anything less than the absolute best, and this beauty is no different. Indeed she would seem to be the penultimate expression of that very truth. The outfit of the moment is quite obviously - to those with the experience to note such details - specifically designed and tailored to fit her and to enhance her best features. An unstructured white single-breasted jacket of raw silk covers a shimmering satin-finish pale blue silk chemise, and the top of her matching raw silk white pants. Her feet rest in a pair of open-toe white leather mules with two inch heels. Her ears are graced with a pair of dangling diamond earrings that easily cost a fortune each, and match the diamond chain choker about her neck set with a single pale blue lapis cameo at the nape of her throat. All in all, this woman doesn't just look like a million bucks. She looks like she alone is a million or two and she's wearing a few million more.

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