(2014-06-01) Overture to an Invitation
Overture to an Invitation
Summary: Diana asks to speak with Kara. They discuss Supergirl.
Date: 2014-06-01
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It's a bit later on Sunday night, but Diana is still up, with the light spilling out of the upper levels of the embassy. She had left a message through the League communicators that she was wanting to talk to Kara whenever it was convieniet for her friend. Diana really isn't expecting visitors tonight, but she's just relaxing by lounging on one of the couches, dressed in traditional robes nd playing a lyre.

When Kara received the message - a bit after the departure of her own unique nighttime guest - she changed and flew to New York easily enough. She doesn't come through the front gates of the Embassy, since it's so late at night. Instead, she alights on a balcony on the upper levels, and makes her way to an entryway so that she can knock lightly, and see if the woman she can see inside relaxing is up to still dealing with her this late at night. She won't impose further, as she recognizes that most people need a lot more sleep than a Kryptonian high on yellow sunlight.

Diana looks over to the source of the knock and smiles when she sees who it is. The lyre is set aside and she walks over to let her freind in. "Kara," she says as she smiles and hugs the Kryptonian. "I wasn't expecting you to answer so quickly. But it is still a pleasure to see you." She gestures Kara inside towards the lounges. "Can I get you some refreshments? There's still some wine and fruit on the table, but I can have something else brought up."

The tall blonde welcomes the hug from her friend; the Amazon ambassador is truly one of a kind in the way that she so warmly welcomes even a near-midnight interruption. "I was still awake. I had a visitor this evening, but once … well. I guess she is the right pronoun. Once she left, I was free to check my messages, and respond." Kara flows into the room easily enough, smiling as she takes in how relaxed Diana can be. It isn't a part of her she has seen much of, and its' rather neat. Rather like spending time with Laurel at the Lunar Villa. "No need to go to any trouble. This is fine." Kara offers, as she pours herself another glass of the wine, and a small plate with fruit slices. She wouldn't normally drink alcohol, but it's what Diana has handy, and it shouldn't affect Kara in the slightest. So why not. "So, how can I help, Diana?" Clearly this is a social call. And isn't that a wonderful thing?

"Laurel and Jean were here," Diana says as she rejoins her friend. "I was doing some combat training with them and afterwards, we all got to talking." She takes her seat again on the lounging couch, taking a sip of wine. There's a bit of a pause before she continues. "Laurel and Jean were talking about your cousin, Supergirl. And her recent activity in Gotham. They were rather concerned about how the girl was handlig what happened."

Well, this turn of topic rather kills Kara's appetite. But being the polite woman that she is, she keeps holding the plate and glass. But she is pretty quiet for a noticeable long several moments. "I'm aware of what happened. And I've asked some questions about it, from someone who knows magic. A connection to a contact mentioned in Jor-El's journals." She doesn't just out Zatanna, but it wouldn't be too damned hard to figure out. "I don't think the creature is actually dead. I don't think it can be truly killed. But that's not really the point." And Kara knows it. "She's attending the school she's attending specifically because they can and will help her to deal with all manners of what it means to have and live with the powers she now has."

Kara is aware of how Laurel is likely coming into information about this. It doesn't thrill her, but Kara isn't angry, either. And she understands why Jean would have some opinion, since she was once one of the students at the same school. "I gave Supergirl my word that I would stay away, until she told me she was OK with seeing me. She has … issues. They're not entirely of her making, either. The best way I can help her through those is to let her be in control of when and how she sees me. So I have to leave her to the professionals at the school, until she's ready to take my advice." Kara's help, love and support, all held at bay because of teenaged jealousy. Ain't life grand?

Diana nods sympathetically as Kara tells the tale. "I thought it would be something similar to that," she says quietly. "I didn't think you would keep your distance wihout such a reason." Diana sighs and drinks her wine, saddened by her frined's troubles. "Do you think she might listen to me if we talked? I can only imagine what a burden having to live up to the heritage Superman set can be for such a young girl. I know I was intimidated by my mother's legasy at first. Perhaps I can help give her perspective." She pauses again, taking a drink then setting the goblet aside. "I was want to extend to her the opportunity for her to visit Themyscira. It is a place of refuge and perhaps it can help her deal with her demons. Again, if you think that will help her."

Kara considers Diana's words for a while; clearly, this is a really big deal and a very loaded, emotional issue with a lot of complexities involved. She does eventually put down her plate and glass; she's unlikely to finish either at this point. "I love her, Diana. She is my family. In some ways, she is more my family than potentially anyone else alive." Except perhaps Kal-El, assuming he survived the journey to Earth. "She was born human, raised human. Something happened - we're not at all sure what - but somehow, just several months ago, she changed. She's a Kryptonian Human hybrid, now."

Kara sits down on one of the cushions nearby, lowering her gaze to her hands as she considers further. "Right now, I'm not even sure she really worries much about Jor-El's legacy. She's mostly focused on me, and mine. Hence her resentment and anger towards me, and our distance." The pain of this is pretty raw in Kara's voice; this hurts her, in a way few things ever have. "Personally, I would welcome any help for her. But … it's not my choice. It's not really my call."

Kara continues to think on this for a bit, and then offers a bit more feedback. "My best suggestion, Diana, would be that if you really think you can help, perhaps you should contact the administration at the school. I'm sure they are counseling Supergirl on this. They would frankly have better insight than I would on her current state of mind. If, after you talk with them, they think that she might benefit, then they should be able to arrange matters so that you can talk with her and make your offer." It is, helplessly, the best Kara can do.

Diana nods. "Very well. I am already arranging to speak with the Headmistress to arrange for a donation from the Embassy to be made to the school. I will talk with her then. I just wanted to speak with you first and make sure that you are agreeable to this and that you don't think I will make the situation worse." She smiles reassuringly. "She must be willing to accept the help, but we will offer it with open and loving arms."

Seeing Kara like this is honestly one of the few times when she really looks as young as she truly is. Young, vulnerable and emotional. She's usually so in control. "I appreciate your offer, and I hope it goes well." The words slip from Kara's lips, as she seems to just stare into the night that lies beyond that balcony. Maybe she's looking at the Watcher, up there on the Moon? Or maybe at the Justice League station they're building? "I hope it goes well." She finally lowers her gaze to Diana again with a little sigh. "I'd ask you to give her a hug from me, but I'm pretty sure that would ruin any chance you had of getting through to her. So just … do whatever you can, if you can manage it. I'll appreciate anything you can manage."

Diana smiles and reaches over to lay a comforting hand on Kara's shoulder. "She's your family," she says gently. "Or something as close to it as can be. You care for her. That means that she is my concern as well, sister. And I will treat her as if she were my own as well."

Kara lifts a hand to lay it over Diana's hand, squeezing lightly as she tilts her head, resting her cheek against their clasped hands. "She is my family. By adoption, and now by genetics, as impossible as that seems." She smiles gratefully at the dark-haired woman. "I appreciate it. I really do."

Diana nods in response, smiling, and stands up to give Kara a hug. "It will be fine. If she shares the same blood as you, then the blood of heroes is within her. I know how delicate this matter will be. But I think being able to get away and have some perspective, talk to someone who understands some of what she's going through. I think that all of this will help her in the end."

"I hope so." Kara offers, leaning into the hug of comfort offered. Kara herself didn't have any real help, beyond talking with her adopted parents, or time spent in the virtual worlds created by the symbioship's computers. She'd have given a lot, back then, for Diana and the Amazons in her life like they are now. "If there's anything /I/ can do to help her, I hope you'll let me know. I honestly don't think she will." That said, Kara stands and gives Diana another brief hug, then dashes away in a blur and a rush of air, returning with her glass and plate gone, already cleaned and ready for their return to wherever they belong. "Anyway. I should go. You have a good evening, Diana, and take care. I'll see you again soon."

"Sleep well, sister," Diana says with a nod. "And may the Gods watch over you."

Themysciran Embassy — Upper East Side — NYC
Set apart from the other buildings that line the street, the Themysciran Embassy has been built to echo the palaces of Themyscira itself. A great gate circles the entire complex, a security for those that work there, versus needing to protect the Ambassador. Four marble columns rise up at the entrance, with twin great doors that proudly lead into the Embassy itself.

Inside, a lone reception desk proudly sits in the middle, with a golden plaque situated above that proudly displays the Amazon's code.

Hallways and doorways lead off to different sections of the Embassy, including to the kitchen and help quarters, Diana's own personal quarters, the armory, den and library.

The back of the Embassy is a great garden, with many native plants and trees brought in from Themyscira itself.

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