(2014-05-31) Who Are You?
Who Are You?
Summary: Mary runs into Jean in a NYC coffee shop. Jean figures out Mary's secret
Date: IC Date (2014-05-31)
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Marvel Girl..Miss Marvel..

It's a comfortable, breezy early Saturday afternoon in the City. Mary took a train in and used public transport to get her to the Lower East Side, despite the offers of a driver from her parents. She's not wearing her school uniform, but she is carrying a new StarkPad. Looks like she may be working on an end-of-the-year school project. She takes a break from data gathering and makes her way to a nearby coffee shop. She smiles as she makes her way in and heads to the counter.

Jean is sitting at a corner table, working on a few things with her own StarkPad. She glances up at Mary, and blinks a little, as if thinking the girl looks familiar, but doesn't try to do mental prying, as that's just rude.

Mary Bromfield orders her double-mocha valencia and pays, leaving a decent tip in the cup. She walks over to the service area and has time to look around. The crowd is mostly in the to-go line, not many people loitering. She does notice the redhead, a certain feel of familiarity coming off of the woman as well. Once she gets her coffee, she makes her way over to Jean's table. "Excuse me, Miss." She says with a bright smile and with all her manners. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Jean grins at Mary, "I think you might." She tilts her head, and suddenly her voice is in Mary's head, » Miss Marvel? I thought I recognized your thoughts. « She definitely is recognizable as Marvel Girl, with her telepathic voice from the other day.

Mary Bromfield's face losses all blood as her eyes go wide. She drops both her StarkPad and her coffee as she runs as quickly as she can out of the coffee shop! Bystanders stare at the odd girl as she makes a hasty escape, and the barista groans as they have to get a mop and bucket to clean up the mess.

*Mary's thoughts are of sheer panic.. mostly a barrage of "OHNOHNOOHNO!! No one's supposed to know! WHATDOIDONOW?!?!*

Jean blinks in surprise, then picks up the StarkPad, helping the poor barista, saying that she didn't know what happened, but will keep it for her. Meanwhile, her thoughts are sent to Mary, » Look, first off, this is Marvel Girl. Telepath, remember? Second, you aren't keeping a low profile by panicking and running… we need to teach you how to have a poker face hon'. Third, I've got your Pad and I'll keep it for you if you want to come back. Or meet elsewhere. «

Mary Bromfield is a decent athlete, being both young and in shape enough for cheering. She stops a block away, as she slinks into an alley, back against the wall. Her breathing is more ragged from nerves than from the running. She closes her eyes and thinks. » I'm sorry. I panicked. No one's supposed to know that I'm only a teenager. They won't listen to me or take me seriously. *PLEASE* don't tell anybody. I don't want to have to leave the League before I'm even an actual member. «

Jean's laughter echoes in Mary's head, though it's actually nice and not condescending, » Oh Mary, relax… it's my fault, I shouldn't have startled you. But you seemed to recognize me so that's why I greeted you. Did you want to come back? «

Mary Bromfield swallows and sighs as she turns and makes her way back to the shop. » I'm sorry. I didn't actually recognize you. You just *felt* familiar, if that makes any sense.. Like I've met you before somehow and I just couldn't place your face. Unfortunately I don't have the Wisdom of Solomon to help me in this form. « She returns to the coffee shop and puts on a big smile. The same onlookers look shocked, and the barista rolls her eyes. Seeing everyone's looks Mary smiles brightly and holds out her arms in a pose. "Acting!" She says, much in the same tone as Jon Lovitz. She gets in line, orders another drink, and returns to table where Jean is, blushing. She takes a seat without asking. "The name's Mary. Mary Bromfield, by the way." She says, still feeling awkward.

Jean grins, and stops the mental communication, giving Mary a hug and her StarkPad back. "We'll talk about the audition later." She makes sure to give an extra tip for the barista for the trouble, and sits back down, "Jean Grey. I'm in New York now, with the Themiscryian Embassy."

Mary Bromfield nods and smiles. "I was at the Embassy yesterday. Well… the other *me*.." She says, still blushing slightly. "I met the Princess. We were talking about…. that thing we did, and do… as a group…" Mary looks around, not really an expert at the clandestine talk. She sips her coffee and sighs happily. "Thanks for saving my Pad… It's a good thing that they make them virtually indestructible."

Jean nods, "Oh, no problem. It didn't fall too hard, thankfully." She smiles over at Mary, "And yes, the thing we do… did you want to help out with that, or are you still thinking about it?"

Mary Bromfield nods and smiles. "That's what the meeting was about. I do want to be a part of it. So Diana wanted to meet, to ask me questions and make sure we both knew what we needed to know." She shrugs. "I apologize.. I'm sounding like a bad spy, like in one of those old movies." She smiles. "So how've you been?" She tries to be polite and put the focus on her companion.

Jean smiles, "I've been well. Working at the Embassy is interesting, I'm definitely enjoying the time there." She hmms, "Though I was nearly kidnapped by ninjas… a job hazard I was not aware of, to this point."

Mary Bromfield blinks at the news.. "Oh my.. Well, I do believe that our chosen line of work will put us in those situations from time to time." She smiles. "The Embassy feels more like a museum than an Embassy… not that I know what an Embassy should look like.." She says, rambling.

Jean hms, "Well, they didn't know about my powers… and I tweaked their memories of the event, so they shouldn't remember that either, hopefully." She keeps her voice down, so she's not overheard, but nods a bit, "It definitely has a distinct appearance."

Mary Bromfield nods and smiles. She stands and gathers her things. "Thanks for everything, Jean. I should get going. Unfortunately, despite our hobby, I'm still a girl in high school who has a project due in a week."

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