(2014-05-30) A Powerful Consultation With a Sorceress
A Powerful Consultation With a Sorceress
Summary: Power Woman decides to follow up on a lead from Jor-El's journals of his time on Earth, and reach out to the daughter of John Zatara, to see if magic flows in her veins as well. Then she asks for some advice and guidance regarding some supposedly mystical and magical recent encounters.
Date: 2014-05-30
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Darn magic! So confusing!

Power Woman just doesn't /get/ magic. To her, it makes no sense. And she needs to find someone to whom magic /does/ make sense, because she has questions. Big damn heroic questions! Or something like that. Having heard rumors that the vaunted stage magicienne Zatanna Zatara, daughter of the Mighty Zatara, in fact uses real magic and sorcery in her shows, Kara has decided to venture out in a shaky limb. A quick phone call to Ms. Zatara's booking agent allowed her to leave a message for Ms. Zatara, whom apparently lives somewhere - magically shielded, no less - in the Gotham City area. So Kara left her message, asking Ms. Zatara to meet her at Grant Park at two in the afternoon, if she possibly could.

Not many would turn down an invitation to meet Power Woman in person, whatever the reasons.

At the appointed hour, Power Woman flies overhead, circling twice, and then lands at the center of Grant Park. Somewhere, Batman is surely cringing at the thought of a bright, shiny 'cape' in his City. But he'll just have to get over himself.

Zatanna Zatara has suddenly grown in popularity in the heroic community. It's becoming a little puzzling to her but at the moment there's not much to do but at least see what these interesting folk want. This time it's Power Woman. So.. Grant Park. It's a nice and easy place to meet.

At precisely 2pm, just as the super powered heroine circles and lands, a shimmering portal opens not twenty feet away. Stepping through is Zatanna, dressed as she always is for public appearances. No less flashy than anything these heroes wear.

"Power Woman I presume" she deduces in a light playful tone as she looks to the other woman. "I'm Zatanna Zatara." She offers a smile and steps forward. "How may I be of service?"

One presumes correctly; Power Woman is definitely a figure none can mistake, with that costume and that look. The virtually six-foot tall Kryptonian blonde actually offers a warm smile at Zatanna's appearance, and a nod, inclining her head. "Good afternoon, Ms. Zatara. A pleasure to meet you, Ma'am." She extends her hand as she would to anyone upon first meeting. "That entrance virtually assures the answer to at least one question of mine: You are in fact a full wizardess, like your father." And how does Kara know the original Zatara? Good question. "I am hoping you might be able to advise me a bit, regarding actual magic. I'm afraid it is rather beyond my own expertise."

Zatanna Zatara shakes the hand and smiles. "Well.. I do like to make an entrance.." Her grasp is firm but polite. And then she tilts her head, "You know of my father?" She seems curious about that. "As for magic.. well I'm quite certain you'll find no better source for information.." of course nothing is free, right?

"I'll gather that these questions are of a sensitve nature that will require utmost discretion."

Kara nods. "Definitely an entrance. And yes, I know of your father. I have Jor-El's journals from his time on Earth, and I have read them often. I pretty much have them memorized." And Zatara was an associate of the Jusice Society of America. So he would be known to Jor-El, and thusly to Kara's voyeuristic interests.

"I was rather hoping you might say that." Power Woman offers, when Zatanna confirms her own preeminence in matters mystical and magical. She always appreciates going to the highest authority in a subject area. "Some discretion would be appreciated. But as for how sensitive the information may be, I am not sure. You are the expert on the magical, so I will bow to your wisdom on the matter. Whatever you think is best."

Already there are gawkers. Fans. Onlookers. All taking out their camera phones to take pictures of the two women in the park.

Looking about, Zatanna smiles. "We will not be able to discuss anything here if we stay much longer, Power Woman. They'll be too busy clamoring for your autograph." She gestures, "With your permission I will gladly spirit us away to a private and safe location where we will be able to converse to your satisfaction?"

Truth is, Power Woman isn't one to worry much about public gawking. She signs autographs when asked. She's pretty personable. But she can admit that might not be conducive to a conversation. And apparently Zatanna cannot fly; Kara has been a tad spoiled by that ability from many of her closer friends and allies. "Very well, Ms. Zatara. Lead on, and I shall follow."

Zatanna Zatara can fly with magic. But it wasn't brought up as an option. Instead she does what she does best. Turning she holds her wand and murmurs, "!nepO latroP" A shimmering portal opens and she smiles. "This way please." Stepping through the glowing gateway, she enters what appears to be a very lavish Victorian styled sitting room complete with a fresh pot of water with an exquisite china tea setting.

When Power Woman steps through the portal closes behind them.

"Welcome to my home. Please have a seat. Tea?" she asks as she gestures toward the setting.

Zatanna might notice a moment's real hesitation in Power Woman, even having seen the portal previously, before she trusts herself to the arcane, and steps through into Zatanna's home. The intensity of the sweep of her gaze is equally noticeable; she just did a pretty thorough job. Clearly, the Woman of Steel is not quite so confident when it comes to dealing with magic, even when it doesn't pose any obvious harm.

"Thank you kindly, Zatanna, for welcoming me into your home." Power Woman offers. "I would love some tea. And I should tell you to call me Kara. Power Woman can be quite a mouthful. My Kryptonian name is Kara Zor-L." Which, of course, she would know if she chose to follow Power Woman in the news, as Trish Tilby has reported as much in the past.

Zatanna Zatara can understand hesitation. It's difficult to grasp magic and how it works when it defies the laws of (known) physics.

Taking the pot in hand she pours a cup to steep with a tea ball of fresh leaves. The color starts to darken slowly as the water soaks into the leaves.

When Power Woman scans the room she finds the house is certainly nothing special. Built as all Victorian Gothic mansions were in late 1800's Gotham City. The location is not all that far from where they were in the park. Simply more private and comfortable.

Moving to sit as the tea steeps, Zatanna smiles. "Now that we are in private.. how may I set your concerns at ease Kara? And you may call me Zatanna if you like. Or Zee." She smiles and knew of Power Woman's public name but chose to give her a measure of respect over familiarity until bidden otherwise it would seem.

Once Zatanna has taken a seat, Kara moves to take a seat beside her, sweeping her crimson cape up gracefully with one arm - lots of practice, there - and laying it over her lap as she sits, preventing herself from sitting on it. "I have a few different things I'm trying to … figure out, as it were." Kara explains. "I do appreciate you welcoming me into your home, Zatanna."

"The first is that several of us in the Justice League have run into a figure calling himself the Juggernaut. He's massive, and incredibly strong. Even moreso, he seems virtually impregnable and unstoppable. And I /think/ he is magical in nature." Of course, Kara has no idea if Zee has ever met the Juggernaut or knows anything about him. But it can't hurt to try, right? "I had never previously encountered a figure I could not harm with my punches. I could drive him back, but he was virtually unharmed, and the punches were quite literally breaking my hands." The fact she kept fighting is clear testament to her fierce will and heroic determination.

"That fits what Jor-El's journals describe about his few encounters with magical creatures. Laurel - Moon Maiden - and I were able to get underneath him and carry him into the air. But he proved impervious even to the cold and lack of oxygen. Eventually our best solution was to drop him into the waters. But we're pretty sure he survived." And that isn't remotely ideal. "I'm wondering if you would have any knowledge of him, or where he might get his power. Anything that might help us when confronting the like of him again."

Zatanna Zatara watches the deft cape handling with a smile as she listens to the question as she leans foward to prepare the tea. Offering a cup and saucer to Kara she takes one herself. "I have no direct knowledge or experience with this Juggernaut.. My general travels and explorations tend to lead me into conflict with more esoteric and vile beings I suppose. Demons, wizards and the like." She shrugs a bit. "But to withstand attacks from your levels of prowess? That… is a bit unsettling isn't it?" Mostly a question to herself voiced aloud. "Do you have any other information on this person? Any details on him you could have sent to me? I can look deeper into the matter but it may take some time."

Kara accepts the tea, and sips as she lets Zatanna think, ruminate aloud, and then respond. Then she shakes her head. "Sadly, not much. A few picturs, a video clip. Nothing more." And clearly she's not expecting that will be of much use to Zatanna. "I had to ask, though. If you find something, I hope you'll let me know."

That said, Kara brings up her next magical question. "My cousin, Supergirl, also ran into what I am supposing is a magical creature. Something written about in the histories of Gotham, as a matter of fact. A figure that called itself Solomon Grundy. The description I've heard implied … well. What would popuarly be called a 'zombie' or an 'undead'. And the force of his blows hit my cousin in ways similar to Juggernaut's blows to me." Hence why she's asking about this. "Most importantly … though everyone thought he'd been defeated and slain, there was no body found in the wreckage. I'm wondering if it could have … teleported? Portaled? Or something else? I mean … /is/ there such a thing as undead?"

Zatanna Zatara considers, "I will look into the matter. But it is difficult without more information to go on. His abilities could be entirely technologic. Your Captain America and his Shield for example. Something like that could be aiding him. But I will see what I might be able to turn up."

Then the second question and she frowns. ".. Solomon Grundy.. born on a Monday.." She looks to Kara. "This.. it's a really old legend.." She stands, taking this question far more seriously. "… Gotham has had.. a very dark and dangerous history, Kara. Despite the crime. The so called Bat-Man and those who take inspiration from his legends.." She steps over to a book case build into the wall, scanning through the titles there. Most of these are simple more.. socially.. acceptable titles. Tobin's Spirit Guide? That she keeps in her library elsewhere in the mansion for example. Picking an old book from a shelf, she walks over and sits down. "Have you heard the poem before?" She doesn't really wait. Another rhetorical question it seems, she recites it,

"Solomon Grundy.
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end,
Of Solomon Grundy."

Flipping through what looks like an early 1900's history book of Gotham. In it are pictures of 1800's Gotham's World's Fair and the so-called Wonder City. Among those pages is a poster for a so called Freak Show Carnevale on the fringes of the fair. And a poster for a "Man who cheats death" - who may,perhaps, bear some similarities to the creature Kara speaks of.

"There are a lot of things in the universe no one can easily explain Kara. But Zombies? Vampires? Demons? Yes. They exist. And they're not half as romanticised as we see in movies." She looks at the blonde. "If there truly is a creature such as this.. it would be a very dangerous adversary and extreme caution would be the best course. Finding a way to defeat the undead is not an easy task."

Kara nods in the affirmative as she hears out all that Zatanna has to say, without interfering or interrupting. That happens to be one of her pet peeves, and she fights it in herself as much as she condemns it in others. She digests what Zee has said, and nods in the affirmative. "I suspected that if magic truly exists - which evidence seems to support - then such creatures could, at least potentially, exist. Hence why I was concerned about this one."

Kara thinks for a good while, mentally chewing through whatever is on her mind, until she is ready to speak again. "I have no idea if … those with your particular interests … tend to stay aware of one another, or not. I suppose I suspect it to be somewhat akin to other closed, skill-based communities: yes, and no, with many variations on the theme. Another of my friends encountered what appeared to be a woman, but one with a mind unlike anything she had ever encountered. My friend is a telepath. She described a feeling of … slimy darkness … when making contact with the surface of this mind. And being rejected. The woman appeared to fly under her own power and will, and seized my friend, seemingly draining her of much of her energy and vitality. She did not bite her, and this was under full sunlight, so it doesn't fit the classic literary definition of 'vampire'. But … I wondered if any of that might ring a bell with you?"

Zatanna Zatara considers, closing the thick book. Setting it down she nods some. "We do, to some degree Kara. I suppose it would be not unlike you being mindful of those of you peers and their abilities. But.. wizards and sorcerers are not always good.. we're not always bad either of course.. but when it comes to trying to keep track? There are thousands. maybe more throughout the galaxy. Hundreds of thousands or millions through different realms.. And if one wishes to not be tracked or not observed? It is possible to make it very very difficult to do so. As for this being that gave you the trouble. I still do not have enough information. Princess Diana came to speak to me. But at the moment.. none of the behavior or information I have been provided is enough to enable me to narrow down who it might be as yet. I would hope to speak with your telepath directly when possible."

Again, as has proven true previously, Power Woman listens intently, not interrupting as Zatanna explains; this woman is the expert with the knowledge she has come to seek, and she has done all she can to pay greatest respect to both Zatanna and her knowledge, whatever her own frustrations might be with the matters at hand. When Zee - that's what she told her to call her! - finishes, Kara nods slowly, showing that she was listening, trying to internalize it all.

"I was afraid that might be the case. Nevertheless, I had to ask, to try to find something to go on. I'll do my best to convince our telepath friend - Marvel Girl - to come see you. Perhaps she can describe something to you that might be more useful than our third-hand recollections." Kara is well aware of how limiting that kind of intel can be in other matters, so why would it be any different in magic? "I appreciate that you haven't at least laughed in my face at all of the vagueries that I've been trying to hand you."

Zatanna Zatara laughs now. But not at Kara.

"Kara. If I had a dollar for every time vagueness or incomplete information came up in regarding any given arcane or occult topic I think I would be the richest woman in the world." She shakes her head, "It is why we keep such meticulous notes." She stands. "Regarding Grundy?" She looks back to Kara. "I believe I can give you a little more inforation.." She pauses. "If you'd like to come with me to my library I'd like to look him up in another book." She gestures toward the hall.

Kara smiles, relieved that her vagueness hasn't been too annoying to Zatanna. "Of course. I would be happy to stick around for the chance at more information. Lead on." With that, the caped woman stands smoothly and follows, keeping one hand on her cape to be sure it doesn't whip out behind her and cause trouble with delicate or small, light knick-nacks and furnishings. Breaking a tiny mirror in here might be more than just a mere seven years bad luck, after all.

Kara really has no idea in that regard… which is just as well.

Zatanna leads the way from the sitting room to the main hallway, a long corridor through the mansion framed with dark wood. Along the hallway various other rooms can be spied, a large formal dining hall among them. Then the library.

There have always been jokes about movie sets being impossibly large on the inside compared to the outside. This room seems to fit that meme. The mansion is large from the outside. But the library seems to be far larger than is physically possible and taller as well. A number of large dark hardwood desks and tables are situated about the room with antique gas lamps glowing warmly. The walls are floor to ceiling built-in book cases that seem to rise more than three stories up. A second floor balcony circles the large room and various ladders wait to be put to use.

One such ladder is rolled along and Zatanna climbs up it quickly. "Mmmm… just trying to find…" She switches sides of the ladder, looking at another group of books. "Ah..mmm. n… yes. there is." She takes an old leather bound book from a shelf and then slips down to the floor and walks over to a desk. Carefully opening the leather journal, she begins to scan the pages. "… my father… kept.. amazing notes.." Finger scanning the page quickly, blue eyes sweeping across. A dozen pages are flipped then she taps the page. "Here. I knew it." She look sup at Kara, "Cyrus Gold. That's your man. Solomon Grundy is just a poem, really. The man behind the name was Cyrus Gold. Rumors say he was murdered, but all that is known.. is that he definately died in the swamps beyond Gotham."

She skims further, "Father believed he was found and forced into the freak show carvevale I showed you in the Wonder City book.. he'd have been weak and thus easily captured. But eventually he became strong enoug and vanished" her voice is a studious murmur as she continues.. "… he has been sighted and encountered a number of times since the late 1800's.. the early 1900's.. Green Lantern… faced him in the 1940's.. but he again vanished." She sits back, flipping the pages. "Mmm… The Green.. it does make sense.." The wording would suggest that 'The Green' would not be The Green Lantern. But something else likely.

Not really sure what some of that means, Kara nevertheless watches and listens carefully, staying with Zatanna throughout the house. The library is impressive, if only in its sheer size and the volume of non-computerized data contained here. Her inner tech geek is screaching in agony at the sight of all of this without a scanner anywhere to be found. Card catalogs? Any kind of actual organization beyond the knowledge and wisdom of the one woman assigned as the caretaker here? She'd almost shudder at the thought of it all, but she tries to restrain that response if only due the questions it would raise.

Instead, Kara tries to listen carefully to all of the details that Zee is able to bring up. "That sounds almost like a song I heard, once." She doesn't say Lucias Clay, but it wouldn't be hard to figure out. "So it is definitely undead. And powerful. And dangerous. And has disappeared more than once." she acknowledges. "Thank you." She's not at all sure what 'the Green' is, but she's also not sure she's supposed to ask. "You know, it's odd. We've met a new Green Lantern. But he's nothing like the one Jor-El met all those years ago. Which, I assume, is the one spoken of in your father's journals."

Zatanna Zatara nods. "Undead… eternally living.. never dead.. something like that." She nods. "Yes. My father mentions a Green Lantern in the 1940's. I doubt any such person now would be the same some seventy years later… but.." She skims the notes further. "Ah.. my father speculated that Grundy is actually.. a plant-like creature now.. The Green - not the Green Lanter I'll note - The Green is a term used to refer to the sentience and mystic consciousness of all living plants and trees on the planet — They -are- alive. They are aware.. and The Green will sometimes create or choose protectors. Guardians. My father believed that Cyrus Gold's death in the swamp somehow tied him to it. And that may be the source of his.. undeath. That when he dies or is vanquished.. it requires some time for him to regenerate." She skims a few more pages. "That's.. as much time as he devoted to it. The rest, here, is discusssing the questionable ethics of the Wonder City expo.. but nothing more about Grundy.." She looks up, closing the journal.

The system here makes perfect sense to Zatanna.. the myriad of arcane and occult tomes. The value here? It's really beyond calculation. There are easily many thousands of books given the size of the room.

Power Woman is clearly a tad non-plussed, but she listens dutifully to all of the facts as they are laid out, always respectful and attentive, even if some of it seems to want to slide right past her mind and never stick. "I meant … though. The new Green Lantern is apparently part of an organization with connections in the stars. Other worlds. The old Green Lantern wasn't a part of anything like that, according to what Jor-El wrote, anyway." Of course it would be a different person. Unless, of course, it wasn't! After all, apparently Diana's mother is still alive and well on Themyscira. How awesome would that be, to meet the /original/ Wonder Woman?! But Kara's mind digresses.

"Ah. So having been somewhat destroyed, it is possible that Grundy is 'regenerating' in the swamps, and will return. Well, that could be good, or bad, news. Thank you, though. I really appreciate all that you've done to try to help." Kara smiles, offering her gloved hand to the lovely enchantress. "Hopefully I can return the favor somehow, at some point." Not that she has any idea how she'd manage that, but her offer is earnest and heartfelt.

Zatanna Zatara stands up, quickly returning the journal to its place. "You're welcome Kara. I am not a heroic woman in the sense of you and your friends. It isn't my calling. But if I can be of assistance I will do what I am able." She smiles. "For now I'm afraid I've no other information I can impart to you." She offers, "I'm sure you've got quite the busiy schedule. If you'd like I can open the portal for you to return to the park. Or if you want, you can use the front door. I'm not quite so unusual that it doesn't work.." Her voice amused.

"Then I can use the front door. No need to impose further than I already have." Kara offers. She also extracts a small card from inside her gauntlets and offers it to Zatanna. "If there's ever anything I can do to help you, Zee, please don't hesitate to give a call. The switchboard can always get a message to me. I really appreciate that you've made this time for me and done all you could to help, and I really would like to return the favor." That done, and perhaps a brief hug, and Power Woman is ready to make her way out of the library, probably escorted, as she makes her way to the front door and out. Then it's up, Up and AWAY! Or something like that.

Zatanna Zatara smiles and takes the card. She produces one of her own with a snap of her fingers. Flicking it into the air, the card sparkles and folds itself into an origaml swan that flits over and unfolds itself into Kara's palm. "And if you need to reach me, you can… bypass my agent using this number." The card now fully normal. Lacking any creases at all. She offers a hand, her other clasped over it. Sorcerers are particular about close contact it would seem. But it is no less friendly. She leads the way out and murmurs to the rustling ivy growing about the front entrance as Kara steps out, ".. don't even think about it.." the ivy seems to settle. A small little interaction possibly lost in the moment. She waves to Power Woman as she rises up and flies off the ground and departs the Shadowcrest estate.

Zatanna Zatara

Standing at 5'7", this woman is certainly eye-catching. Her features are a blend of delicate eastern European and sultry Mediterranean influences. High cheek bones lead to clear blue eyes. Vibrant, like the heart of a glacier, they are framed by thick sooty lashes. Above them, arched brows match the inky mane of shimmering black hair atop her head. Her hair spills in wild curls about her cheeks and neck ending just below her shoulders. A slender nose with a softly rounded tip perches above luscious lips painted a glossy red that contrasts perfectly with her complexion.

She wears a highly stylized tuxedo, a signature outfit that has helped her become widely recognized: A white bustier covers her upper body, pushing her breasts into a generous swell of flawless olive-hued cleavage. Three studs of polished onyx offset the tightly fitted top, buttoning it up the front. Over the top she wears a fitted black tuxedo coat with tails reaching to the backs of her knees. White dress gloves cover slender, dexterous fingers, matching the bow tie around her throat.

Her hips are clad in figure hugging fishnets that trace strong, toned legs before ending in glossy black patent leather heels that bring her height to 5'11". Over the fishnets she wears a daring French-cut bikini bottom of black satin that leaves her hips and flanks on display while offering somewhat more modest coverage in back. She often wears a black satin top hat perched at a rakish angle atop her head to round out the alluring and sexy, yet somehow suitably dapper outfit.

Power Woman
There's no denying who this tall, voluptuous figure is: this striking young blonde could only be the world-famous Power Woman. Standing six feet tall, there's no denying the bountiful curves encased within the fit of her body-hugging white bodysuit. Her chin-length pageboy cut to the pale golden blonde hair is accented by longer than usual bangs that frame her high cheekbones and wide azure blue eyes.

The costume of Power Woman consists of a white bodysuit with a raised nehru-style collar, wrist-length sleeves and ankle-length legs, two barely-noticeable seams running from the collar down either side of her suit and down the middle of each leg. Dark blue leather-like gloves cover each hand up to mid-forearm, a matching belt girls her waist and rests on her hips, a five-sized, elongated pentagon shape point-down in golden metal as a buckle. Upper-calf height boots gird her feet and legs. A mid-calf length crimson cape trails behind her, attached at her shoulders by two more gleaming golden elongated pentagons echoing her belt buckle. All three seem to have a vague sort of S symbol inscribed upon them.

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