(2014-05-29) When Pranks Go Wrong
When Pranks Go Wrong
Summary: Linda and Lana's prank on Piotr goes sideways
Date: May 29, 2014
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Student Laundry Room - Xavier Mansion

This area services the student wing of the Xavier estate and is quite large. This room is akin to a standard self-service public laundry center. Having 30 washers and 50 driers, the room is spaced out with clothes-folding tables, chairs, and even a large flat screen on the wall to help pass the time. The room is well ventilated so as to prevent excessive heat build-up and smells of detergent and dryer sheets. Overall, there's normally someone's laundry in one of the machines, forgotten or left to the cycle.
There is storage from this room while the only exit is out to the eastern basement.

The next day. Linda's back at the school but, oddly, she returned in her Supergirl form and hasn't shifted back. So, she's blonder, taller and curvier than normal. Dressed, though, in her school uniform and not her Supergirl uniform. She and Lana are in the basement. The laundry room, specifically, because, well, laundry must be done and students are responsible for taking care of their own clothing care.

"How many shirts do you think he's collected so far?" Linda asks Lana. Totally avoiding, as she has since she returned, any conversation about the Grundy incident.

Lana is perfectly fine not talking about it. She figures when Linda is ready to do so she will and pushing won't help. She doesn't find the Supergirl form a bit disconcerting though, but after a few comments earlier has left that alone too. She sits a top of one of the dryers as she waits for her own laundry to finish in the washer "I don't know." there is a bit of a shrug "He had a lot less shirts then students here, so maybe half, if he wasn't all bashful about it.

Well, speak of the devil…Piotr Rasputin himself comes walking into the laundry room, toting a mesh bag with pants and other clothing items still in his posession. And he's not shirtless. But…Lana and Linda would be hard-pressed to figure out who Piotr got that shirt from; it doesn't look familiar to them. Piotr sees the girls, pausing for a bit beofre continuing in, and gives them a nod. "Allo," he greets them before starting to put his load into a washing machine."

"You cheated." Linda says, pouting a little. Its easier to slip back into her life - blonde or not blonde. Which meant getting right into Piotr's welcoming prank. "That isn't your shirt. It isn't fun if you don't play along with the hazing, Piotr."

There is a metallic thumping as Lana taps her heels on the front of the dryer "Well played." it may be cheating, but that's something she can respect, she has learned in her short life that playing fair isn't always the way to get ahead "I just wonder how many shirts you are going to be able to borrow." her eyes focus on the shirt that doesn't belong to him.

"I didn't borrow this one," Piotr says as he pulls a pair of jeans right-side out and puts them in. "I did borrow a shirt from Larry, the boy next door to me. The one that's half my size." Piotr's not angry, but his tone isn't it's normal, relatively happy sound. It's more like he's frustrated. "That shirt, I wore to the meeting I had with Headmistress Frost." He looks over to the girls, his face expressionless. "She had asked me to stop by her office in the morning to check on my progress. So, I didn't go complaining to her when I woke up and couldn't find any shirt to wear." He sighs and continues stuffing the washing machine. "Of course, showing up in a shirt that was 2 sizes too small for me, she figured out something was wrong rather quickly. She gave me a little extra cash and I went and bought more shirts."

"Ooooh." Prank ruined by Headmistress. "Well. It looks good on you." Linda says. When the washer buzzes, she opens it up and begins the process of tossing her clothes to the dryer. "Look, everyone gets a welcoming prank. We get it done and then it is over." She promises Piotr. "That's the rule. Anyone who breaks the rule deals with me or Lana." She's firm on this. "Before then, pranks were out of control and being used to bully everyone. This was just our way of saying welcome to Xavier's."

A frown comes to Lana's face, not liking the way the explanation is going, though when it turns out snitching wasn't involved the the expression goes to a more neutral one "Trust us, if it wasn't us it would have been Chavez, and that would have caused bodily harm if not property damage." she pulls her cell phone from a pocket "If you want your shirts back without all the posturing it can't be arranged."

Piotr sighs, shaking his head. "I can understand wanting to prank someone. I can understand wanting to try and 'break the ice'. But this was something more than that." He looks at the two girl, an actual frown on his face. "This was just an excuse to try and get me to go around shirtless and pose like…like a syemnik." He switches to his native Russian in his frustration. "Like a stripper. Just for your entertainment. You stole Everett's socks, walking around barefoot is a big difference than walking around with your chest exposed. Would you have done this to another girl? Ask her to parade herself around like that?"

Linda thinks about that. "No. But that's because she couldn't. Social whatever and all that. We might have stolen her bras, I guess. And yes. You have a sexy body. Get over it." She says with a shrug. "We stole Everett's socks because of his powers. He duplicates. Becomes half of a pair. So we took half of every pair of socks he has. You? Your powers are to be really buff. So we took your shirts. For Bobby, it was an ice joke."

"Or her underwear…maybe both." Lana probably would have done both though she probably would have been pulled back from that by Linda. "It was all in fun. To make you feel included. We didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." that's at least partly true. She begins a rapid fire button pushing on the cell phone "There, your shirts well be returned." she gives a glance to Linda "Pizza?" Linda would probably understand it as a peace offering to give to the somewhat disgruntled teen.

"I am sorry," Piotr says with a bit of a slump. "If I am angry or frustrated, it is becasue this is all very different than how I grew up and was raised." He sounds much more consilatory, willing to accept the appoligies. "I am not used to being…admired by girls in this way. I was the only child my age in the community, aside from my sister. So, that is making this adjustment a bit more diffcult." Piotr brings forth a smile and nods. "I know that you both were trying to make me feel welcome in your own way. And I appreciate that. But, just go a bit slower, maybe?"

"Trust me, Piotr. The older women in your community noticed you when you hit a certain age." Linda says with a faint smirk. "They just maybe didn't advertise it. And yeah." She turns to Linda. "Pizza. Meat lovers. Boy needs his protein."

Lana only has two speeds, fast and explosive, slow is a foreign concept "Well there is a lot to admire." she gestures in his direction "Kinda hard not to notice, no matter your age..or gender really." getting the confirmation from the other girl "How about you let us make it up to you. We'll treat you to New York's finest pizza, maybe even in New York… detention willing.

The mention of the possibility of all the old farm wives admiring him from afar makes Piotr blush heavily. He coughs and tries to get himself back under control. "Yes…well…" He can't see anything to do except maybe return the compliiment. "You both are very attractive as well." Which causes him to blush deeper. "Pizza! Yes…I think pizza would be good. I am looking firward to having real New York pizza for the first time."

"I might be stuck on campus for a few days." Linda says, wrinkling her nose. "So, maybe we might have to order in." She leans back against one of the washers. "There are worse things, I guess. I mean, I could have been grounded all summer."

Lana chuckles at the blushing "Oh please, I'm a plain jane when standing next blondy there." she slides off the dryer to get her clothes from a washer. She does laundry in much the same way she does everything else, without thought or plan. Darks mixed with lights in one damp clump and she tosses into a dryer carelessly, if she drops anything she probably wouldn't notice. "It blows that you were grounded. Guess it will be Gino's then, they do a great New York style pie. I'll have to pick it up though. They refuse to deliver here after the stunt Chavez pulled last year. Been to Salem Center yet Piotr?

"Just to get new shirts," Piotr says when asked about Salem Center. "But, maybe it is not so bad, Linda? Maybe if I go speak to Headmistress Frost and say that the items that were taken were returned overnight, there will be no punishment?" He sighs and slumps his shoulders. "I don't want anyone to get into trouble…"

"I'm not being punished for that, Piotr. I'm being punished for skipping school and breaking curfew." Linda explains. She picks up one of Lana's socks and holds it out to her BFF. "You'll have a mismatched pair if you don't put this in, babe."

"So just the mall then?" Lana would have to assume that since that's where she would go if she needed shirts. Not that it is much of one when compared to the one in Brooklyn. "I don't suppose you know how to dirve do you?" Better a sock than a different type of undergarment, Piotr's face probably couldn't handle that "It will match all my over pairs then." she takes the sock and throws it in the dryer with the rest of her clothes.

Piotr nods at Linda's explanation. "Ah. So, no chance of me getting you a reduced sentence then…" He gives the girl a sympathetic smile, then turns to Lana. "I can drive a tractor. And also trucks. But I do not have a license to dive in New York, yet." He shrugs. "But, it is not that far of a walk, no? Or, there is always the bus."

"You guys go." Linda says. "I'll stay here and watch the laundry. Enjoy yourself." She smiles and gently pushes Lana towards Piotr. "Bring back tons of pizza and some soda. I'm jonesing for something bad for me. Too much good for you food here in the school."

"That makes two of us." usually that doesn't stop Lana from driving, though not having a car does, she's 'borrowed' a few in the past from staff, but after threatening to expel her last time she has stopped doing that for now "WE can take the bus there, taking it back with a 'ton' of pizza," she eyes Linda stumbling a bit as she is pushed forward, "might be an issue." she couldn't agree more about the lack of junk food a the school.

When Lana stumbles, Piotr instinctively reaches out to catch her or help her remain steady. Once he's sure she's alright, Piotr thinks about the problem for a bit. "Well…I suppose that you and I could take the bus there…" He nods to Lana. "And then, I can walk back to the school, carrying the rest of the pizzas and the sodas." He shrugs. "It should not be that far, and I would have everything here well before dinner." Piotr shrugs and smiles, feeling the logistics problem has been solved. "See? No problem."

"Sounds like you two have it." Linda agrees. "Maybe you can find Bobby to help you. I bet he can put down a lot of pizza. Just don't let him carry much or it'll all end up cold and we want it hot as can be."

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