(2014-05-29) Pizza Run
Pizza Run
Summary: Piotr and Lana make a pizza run into Salem Center thanks to the machinations of Linda
Date: May 29, 2014
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Salem Center — Westchester County

Salem Center is the epitome of a small Upstate New York town. A few small shops line the streets, namely a book shop, boutique, and a few supermarkets and the like. A church or two are scattered around, while residential districts are home to cookie-cutter middle class homes. Salem Center is on the border of upscale Westchester County, home to the wealthy and powerful of New York. There's a ski resort not too far away, for the convenience of the powerful, although many prefer Aspen or the Alps. On the outside of town is Harry's Bar, one of the many old and comfortable taverns that populate small towns all over America.

After being sent on a quest for pizza and a short bus ride the two intrepid adventurers find themselves in downtown Salem Center. For a small town it is quite posh though there really isn't much to keep teens entertained expect perhaps the arcade and the mall. There is though top notch food, only the best for the upscale residents of the town.

As the bus pulls away from one of its stops in town Lana glances up and down the sidewalk "It's not much to look at compared to Manhattan, but it's a lot better than Gotham. And you aren't likely to find yourself at the business end of a weapon."

"it is still larger compared to the collective farm where I grew up," Piotr chuckles. "I think it is nice; not as big and overwhelming as New York City. It helps me get my feet wet, yes?" He walks along with Lana, occasionally looking over at her. "But, I suppose that you like the big city better?"

"Not many big towns where you grew up 'eh?" Lana moves toward where a few buildings are in the middle of reconstruction "I guess so yeah. Though I am more of a head first type of person. Go all in or go home." she points to the construction site, what was formerly an ice cream parlor "We see some action here though, a three tentacled robot did that. We managed to stop it though." a partial grin comes to her face "Yes, I prefer New York City over this place. More to do. The place is open 24/7.

Piotr shakes his head. "I grew up in Siberia," he says to Lana on the topic of where he's from. "There are a few small towns, but nothing as big as Salem Center." He looks over at the ruined shop, nodding cautiously. "Well, at least you are all safe and you managed to prevent it from doing more harm." Piotr looks to Lana and smiles. "And now, you have me to help out as well, so the next robot will be stopped even faster, yes?"

"Really?" Salem Center is probably the farthest Lana has ever been out of the city, so smaller places don't really compute, "Smaller than this?" she gestures around "Man, we need to get you to New York." she pauses for a moment at an intersection to let a car go by and then crosses "Hopefully there isn't a next time, but yeah, you'd be quite helpful if there is.

Piotr chuckles and nods to Lana's amazement. "Yes. The nearest town had…" Piotr lists off the buildings on his fingers. "A post office, a local police station, a train station, a movie theater, a dry goods store, and a mechanical shop. And four houses." He shrugs, smiling wide. "There is much more to the world than big cities, Lana. There are many people that are happy with a simpler life. Still…I really do wish to see New York soon."

Lana nods at his listing, a bit amused that the place would have a theatre, but seemingly no restaurants "All that and you still decided to leave." she chuckles, the comment is mostly meant as a joke "I'm sure it is, but as I've only seen the big parts its all I really know." she points to their destination further down the block. The smell of pizza is starting to permeate the air "Maybe a group of us can head there this weekend. It's a pretty quick train ride.

"I think I would enjoy that very much, Lana," Piotr says with a smile. When they reach the door to the restaurant, Piotr opens it up and holds it open for Lana so she can enter first. Once inside, Piotr breathes deep of the aroma of the delectable pies. "I think I will like it here," he says to Lana with a big grin. "Linda said all meat, did she not? I find myself agreeing with her."

"Hopefully Linda will be ungrounded by then, between the two of us there probably won't be a part of the city left unseen." Lana walks in, she isn't used to having doors opened for her but she takes it in stride. "This place has the best pizza in town. On weekends there is a line out the door. And only some of them come from the school." she makes her way up to the counter and stares at the menu board, not that she needs to, she probably has it memorized by now "We will probably end up sharing whatever we bring back, so we may want to get a few different options. How much pizza can you put away in one sitting?

Piotr thinks of the question for a bit. "I do not know. I've never had a whole pizza before, only single slices at the airport when I arrived." He shrugs. "I could possibly eat a whole medium or large one by myself." When it comes to the topic of Linda being ungrounded for the trip, Piotr nods. "Hopefully, yes. She is fun to spend time with and is an excellent artist. And you are also fun to spend time with, when you are not stealing my clothes, yes?" Piotr gives Lana a teasing smile.

Lana makes a look of disgust "Airport pizza…ewww. That hardly counts are food, let alone pizza." she isn't all that surprised by how much he can eat, she isn't a light eater and even Linda can eat more than her, teenage boys twice that "Five larges, two all meat, one supreme, one pepperoni black olives and one just cheese." she's done this enough to know who will be partaking in pizza and what they like. Once the order is in the steps away from the counter "If your idea of fun is causing trouble, than yes, I am a riot.

Piotr chuckles as he follows Lana away from the counter. "No, not the trouble part. I mean like this. Talking. Pleasant conversation." He shrugs and crosses his arms, leaning against a booth. "I am not trying to change you or Linda. You both are who you are and are happy with that. I just like quieter moments. Sharing food with friends. Just simply being with them. That is what makes me feel like I belong." He looks over at Lana and smiles. "So thank you. Because moments like this make me feel that I belong here."

"Well if you are going to hang around with me for any significant amount of time you will need to get used to a certain degree of it. No matter how hard I try it always seems to find me." Lana's potty mouth and usual belligerent attitude couldn't have anything to do with it! The touchy feely bits make her shift, maybe a tad uncomfortably "On our way back we will have to stop by the store to get bee…" beat "beverages." yes beverages..not beer, not at all.

Piotr chuckles. "As I said, I'm not trying to change either of you. I've learned that lesson. I probably will not join in, but I will always stand with my friends. Does that make sense?" Her correction of the form of drink that she's looking to acquire makes Piotr look suspiciously at her, but he shrugs. "I think drinks would be a good idea, yes. Plenty of bottles of soda, since there are none at the School. Where are we going to eat all this, anyways? In the cafeteria? Or are we going to have a small party with others invited somewhere else on the school grounds?"

Lana gives an amused chuckle "You couldn't even if you were trying. If the criminal justice system of greater New York can't do it, I don't see how you possibly could." she has no qualms about mentioning her criminal past, it's an open secret all over the campus anyway "We can get soda, sure." she pulls out the money she collected from various students as they left. She certainly wasn't going to pay for it all "Not the cafeteria." she points out quickly "Sometimes the woods, other times the lake. It's a nice enough day so probably the lake. Bring swimtrunks, we are all liable to go in at some point.

Piotr lifts the numerous loaded pizza boxes with ease as they go. He chuckles and shakes his head. "You are still trying to get me to spend most of my time with my shirt off, aren't you?" He winks at her good naturedly. "Fine, I will do that. but only if you and Linda show up in bikinis." He smiles at her playfully as they walk down the street.

Handing the money to the cashier Lana follows Piotr out "I can neither confirm or deny that remark." well she could, but she won't, sparing him a potential blush because the way she would say it would probably come out risque at best "As if I would be caught dead in a one piece. I can't make any promises for Linda though." she'll lead the way to their next stop and then onto the school then the impromptu pizza party!

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