(2014-05-28) Two CEOs and an Idea
Two CEOs and an Idea
Summary: Karen Starr has an idea, and she wants to talk to Zinda Blake about it.
Date: 2014-05-28
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The car that pulls up to Blackhawk Industries' headquarters is nothing special; no stretch limo, no sparkling SUV, no Jaguar. It's not even a Tesla Roadster. It's just a towncar working for a cab company. It even has a standard medallion and partition. But the woman who climbs out is anything but average; one does not apply 'average' to a phenom in mathematics and applied sciences who has her own company and hasn't even graduated university with her dual-disciplinary Engineering degree yet. Especially not when she's virtually six feet tall of stacked blonde beauty. Karen Starr might do what she can to dress it down and not look 'all that', but there's only so much one can do.

StarrGaze glasses already in place, a small backpack on her shoulders and a StarkPhone clipped to her belt, she strolls up to the front desk on her own. No entourage for her, either. "Excuse me. My name is Karen Starr. I realize I don't have an appointment, but I was wondering if there was any chance Ms. Blake might have time to see me? If not, it's really OK. I'd just like to make an appointment that would be convenient for her. Thanks." It's an odd move, trying to get in to see a CEO without an appointment, or calling ahead.

The receptionist, blinks, then smiles, "I can check, if you'll just wait in the sitting area." the woman says. The decor is a mixture of very old school pre-war era, over modern architectural designs. Behind the receptionist desk lays another desk, manned by 2 security guards and a full security station to allow people in and out.

The receptionist puts the call through to Ms. Blake's office, and then, it's a few moments later before the woman, thw pinup, the pilot herself exits the elevator. Pilot's cap, jacket, miniskirt, boots, all in black with the Blackhawk logo over her chest, and…white gloves. She breezes past the security station, heels of her boots clicking on the tiled floor, "Ms. Starr?" she asks as she steps towards the woman, extedning a hand, "Zinda Blake, what can I do for you today?"

The towering blonde stands, offering her hand to the gloved Zinda. "Good afternoon, Ms. Blake. It's a real honor and pleasure to meet you, Ma'am." Karen offers, smiling warmly. "I realize I showed up without an appointment, and you may be busy. But I was in the City for the day, and I wanted to take a shot, on the chance you might be available." Karen does deferential and respectful quite well.

"I was hoping to discuss a few different ideas with you, if you have the time. I would really value your input." Karen doesn't seem to want to explain out in public, but she isn't pushing, either. Just waiting to see if that's enough to interest Zinda into allowing a slightly more private meeting.

She blinks. Her input. "Ms. Starr, I am not the most technically minded person on the face of the planet." she begins, "I barely can work the phones here in the office, much less the one that's sitting in a box in my desk upstairs, and I do know your work is…quite technical. I'm not sure what help I could provide you." she says. The woman smiling pleasantly. She may not be technically minded in the modern sense, but she does know enough that other CEO's and who they are, is something she does need to know about.

Karen smiles warmly and shakes her head. "I promise, Ms. Blake, I didn't come to you for technical expertise. But I did come for expertise, nonetheless. Please." She tries again to instill confidence and interest in the other woman, hoping for her chance to make her pitch. She has no intention of out-teching Zinda; that would be neither fair nor respectful, and she would die rather than be either of those things to anyone, let alone a woman like Zinda.

She considers the woman, and the proposal. It's a curious thing. Enough so that she's willing to agree. "Well Ms. Starr, i'd love to hear what you have to say, perhaps we can set you up with appointment for a time when we're both free, and not under the constraints of an impromptu meeting in a lucky spot on my schedule." she says with a smile, "I should have time in the near future, have your office contact mine, and we can pencil each other in?"

Unable to help herself, Karen chuckles at that, while extending her hand to accept Zinda's. "I'll do that. But just so you know? You're looking at 'my office'." She winks at the lovely lady pilot. "It really was an honor to meet you, Ma'am. I look forward to an opportunity to talk further."

Once Zinda has headed off to her next appointment, Karen walks over to Zinda's secretary, and turns on that high-wattage smile of hers again. "Thank you for your help, today. It was really awesome to get to meet Ms. Blake. Now, perhaps you could help me to find a date on her schedule that might work out?"

The receptionist pulls up Zinda's tenative scchedule as it's something the CEO is apt to change on a whim, but does begin to rattle off several dated in the comming weekes for the woman before, until one is either taken or it looks like the tall blonde CEO plans to grab a spot.

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