(2014-05-28) Russian Import
Russian Import
Summary: Headmistress Frost checks in on one of the latest students to join the student body, Piotr Rasputin.
Date: 2014-05-28
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Seated comfortably behind her desk in her pale office, showing blonde hardwood tones and warm off-white shades highlighted with pale blues, Emma Frost looks like a queen surveying her demense. And well she should, really, for she is the Headmistress of the Academy and the face of its leadership on a daily basis. Most would argue she is almost outrageously young for such a position, but none would ever deny the skill with which she executes her duties. She is far from what one would describe as warm or gentle, but she is very personable and capable. Most would add manipulative to that list.

Currently, Ms. Frost sits at her desk, reviewing paperwork displayed on the StarkPad in her hands. Her office is very much paperless, outside the classic volumes of literature which are part of its ambience. Unlike some at larger schools, she eschews the presence of a personal assistant or secretary, and demands efficiency such that only paperless will do. She doesn't look at all like a woman waiting for an appointment to arrive, and yet she is. The young Russian gentleman is not late. Not yet. But Emma always sets such impossibly high standards for everyone. Especially herself.

Piotr arrives at the Headmistress' office and knocks on the door precisely on time. He's panting a bit, having ahd to run to make the appointment after being delayed in a seach for shirts. He finally made do by asking one of his neighbors to borrow a shirt, but given the difference in frames between the two boys, the loaned shirt is very tight on Piotr.

When he is asked to enter, Piotr does so, bowing his head to the headmistress when he enters and gently closing the door behind him. He doesn't take a seat, but stands attentively until asked to sit. "Miss Frost," he says in his accented speech. "I hope I am not late to this meeting. And I also hope I have done nothing wrong?" The question belies the curiousity at being called to the office. He's unsure of why he's here and Emma doesn't need her telepathy to see that he's worried he's in trouble for something.

"Please come in, Mister Rasputin." is murmured just loud enough to be heard through the door, when Piotr arrives. Emma doesn't bother to look up as he enters, and continues with her paperwork while he settles himself as he sees fit. When she looks up, she keeps her features placidly schooled, revealing nothing of the impact of that physique so fetchingly packaged. He is a student. Her student. That is all.

"You are not late, Mister Rasputin. You are precisely on time, as I am sure you are aware." He timed it too well, otherwise. "You have done nothing wrong. I merely called you to my office so that I could check in with you regarding the start of your time with us, thus far at the Academy." Emma smiles, but there is no warmth in it. Nothing predatory, either. It's just pro-forma. "I try to check in with all of the students a few times during their first few weeks, to keep track of how you are adjusting and adapting." It's the sort of thing a Headmaster or Headmistress can only really do when they are running a very exclusive, very small school.

Piotr nods, looking very releived that he's not in trouble. "Thank you, Miss Frost. I appreciate your concern." He takes a bit, reflecting on all that's happened in the past week or so since he's arrived. The impromptur shirtless modling on the patio at the request of Linda while she did her sculpture. Meeting Boby, Megan, and Everett. And the semi-disasterous talk with Linda where he tried to be freindly and commented on her being a hero and her angry response to the assertion. "I suppose I am doing well. I am…adjusting. Life here is not like on the farm. The students are nice, but…very different. Not so reserved. Very open on many things. But, I will adapt to them, yes?"

"One does hope so, Mister Rasputin." Emma responds. She does not correct his form of address for her, as she is well aware that his adjusting to the new language has not yet solidified to show him the differences between the alternative choices for addressing a woman in formal setting. But she'll help him with that over time. "I understand there are some difficulties with your wardrobe?" So droll, how she brings it up. "Perhaps a small additional stipend would be of use, in replacing lost items?"

Piotr sighs, feeling how tight the shirt really is on him. "I would appreciate it, yes. But I do not wish to become a burden or have special treatment." He takes a deep breath, looking very earnest with the Headmistress. "I confess, some of these pranks make me feel…uncomfortable. But I know they are just jokes and that they are trying to welcome me in their own way. I just do not wish to upset anyone here; this is America, not Siberia. If feeling uncomfortable for a bit will make them accept me…perhaps it is alright." Piotr puts on a brave smile. "As I said, I will adjust."

Emma considers Piotr for a few moments, and then nods. "I'll have the funds added to your stipend card immediately. It will be up to you to go shopping for the replacements. But we will make this a one-time arrangement, Mister Rasputin." Emma's voice is not sharp or incisive, though it most certainly can be. Instead, she is rather calm. But she makes her point afterwards.

"I would like to suggest you try to be perhaps a bit less accomodating, Mister Rasputin." Emma offers, with a cool smile. "You are a capable young man, just as worthy of being here as everyone else. A few pranks are fine. But eventually one must make it clear that such behavior will no longer be tolerated, lest you become better known as the butt of jokes than as the young man from Russia." She knows Piotr is capable of great strength of character, else he could never have made the transition he already has. He'd have stayed home, and enrolled in programs in Russia. He came here to make a difference in his life. It's her job to foster in him the will to see that through. If there's one thing Emma knows about, it is will.

"Yes, Headmistress," Piotr replies with a nod of his head. "Thank you very much. I will most likely go into the city today to acquire some more shirts. If that is alright?" Yes, Piotr always has to ask permission, even when it's subtlely given already. "Is there anything else you wish to speak with me about? Or anything else you are requiring of me?"

A part of Emma longs to say, 'A spine', but she does not. Her point has been made. It has to be up to Piotr to take it to heart and work with it. "That will be fine, Mister Rasputin, so long as you do not miss any classes, and adhere to our safety and curfew regulations." She considers the young man for a few moments. "If you have no further questions or needs, then that will be all. Please, do not hesitate to come to me if you have a problem. I am here to help facilitate your success here."

"Then, thank you again," Piotr says as he nods to the headmistress. He turns and heads out the door, waiting until he is out in the hallway to tug at the tight shirt. "Bozhe moy…" he sighs as he walks awya. "How do I get into these messes?"

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