(2014-05-25) Grief Stricken
Greif Stricken
Summary: Supergirl is full of angst after thinking she killed Solomon Grundy
Date: May 25, 2014
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Salem Center Mall - Rooftop

It was all over the news. Earlier that night Supergirl and two other heroes (one with a flaming skull) fought a chalkly giant with super-strength. The fight ended when Supergirl tossed a pile of cars onto the giant (who called himself Solomon Grundy) and then the flaming skull guy melted the cars. Needless to say, Grundy melted, too.

Lana got a text. A brief one. Killed someone. Bring beer. Roof of the mall.

Mary didn't get a call. The last thing Linda wants to do is face her girlfriend with the horror of what she's done. That doesn't mean, of course, that Mary won't come looking for Linda. Or that the Wisdom of Solomon and Power of Zeus can't be used to find her.

Right now, Linda's just sitting on the roof of the mall as Linda, not as Supergirl. Hugging her knees to her chest and staring glumly into the distance.

Mary was growing concerned when Linda wasn't returning her texts. Then she saw the news. Her heart sank, imagining what Linda must be going through. She tried calling in the morning, and got no answer. So without any other course of action available, she snuck off from her folks, telling them that she was practicing her cheerleading at the gym at school. Once out of sight and earshot, she utters the magic word and changes to Miss Marvel. Knowing that Linda must be at the school, Westchester is her destination. She looks for the highest point in town to get a good look around, and heads for the roof of the Mall.

@emit OMW!, was the only reply and with the beer gotten Lana climbs up to the rooftops, using the maintenance ladder. Her normal method of getting there would certainly draw to much attention. She doesn't care if she is breaking curfew, not to mention a law or two by having beer, her friend is in trouble that's all that matters. "Linda?" she hurries across the roof top to where the other girl is "Are you alright." she shakes her head "Okay, stupid question of course you aren't." she drops down beside her, setting the beer down so she can put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

Linda lays her head against Lana's shoulder. That she's been crying is obvious. There are mascara tears down her cheek and her eyes are nice and red and puffy. "I just wanted to hold him. He hit me and it hurt so I thought he was as tough as I was and we needed to hold him. There was this chick made of liquid metal and this guy whose head was a skull and it was on fire and I thought if we sculpted a cage of cars around him, you know? Only the cars all melted and then this guy melted and it was horrible." The tears start again.

Miss Marvel spots the pair on the roof and floats over, hovering in her red and gold, and looking a good bit older than the two. "L..Linda?" Asks the woman. "I heard…. I'm sorry." She says, and swallows nervously when she sees Lana. She says nothing when she sees the beer. She lands softly on the rough and slowly walks over. "Is there anything I can do?"

Lana never had been good with this kinda thing, but she came when she was needed so that has to count for something. "It was an accident. You'd never do anything like that on purpose." her arm tightens around Linda "You need a beer." she pulls one of the bottles from its container and hands it over. The approach of the costumed woman gets a suspicious look, but the woman seems to know her by name and the teen girl isn't tactless enough to get confrontational, not when her BFF is a basketcase.

Linda accepts the beer and tries to twist the cap off. Instead, she manages to break off the top half of the bottle. Beer goes splattering everywhere. Linda roars in anger and tosses the bottle for miles. "Shit." She mutters. "Lana, this is Miss Marvel. She's… she's a friend of my cousin's. Power Woman's. Miss Marvel, this is Lana. She goes to school with me." Linda sniffles. Not giving away anyone's secret identity.

Miss Marvel cringes at the beer mishap. She walks closer to the two and places a hand on Linda's shoulder. She nods to Lana. "I've heard about you." She says with a friendly smile. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." She then turns to Linda. "You're still starting out. These kinds of mistakes will happen. You were also working with people whom you didn't really know. You cannot be held responsible for something that someone else did. You're not the one who melted the cars… Your reasoning was sound." She says, in an effort to comfort the girl. "Mary was concerned. She sent me over."

"Well damn." Lana says without thought when the bottle is broken "Let's try that again." she releases Linda long enough to grab another bottle and opens it before handing it over, "That makes one of us." she tells Miss Marvel, before opening a beer for herself. Sure it's early in the morning, but she is probably going to need it "The lady is right. It was the other flamey guy that melted it, not you.

"I have heat vision." Linda says miserably. She swallows all of the beer. Chugs it down. Its easy when you have super powers. Then as if to prove her point she tosses the empty bottle into the air and evaporates it with her heat vision. "I could have done it instead of relying on some guy I don't know. I could have grabbed Grundy and carried him off. I could have done a lot of things." She closes her eyes and slams her forehead into her knees.

Miss Marvel sighs and takes a seat opposite Lana, fixing her skirt as she does so. "Did you discuss tactics with these folks? What you were going to do once you had him incapacitated?" She shrugs. "You learn from this experience. Know your team, know your mates, and try to have as much information on your side as possible. Acting rash gets people hurt." She swallows nervously. "I…I'm glad you made it out in one piece." She keeps her hand on Linda's shoulder.

Lana sips her beer as she listens and continues to offer comfort as best she can. Her gaze goes to MM when she questions the situation and gives her advice. She has nothing really to add to that. "And I can blow shit up. We all have the capacity to be deadly." she's been thinking hard about what to say "You aren't a killer Linda. You were just in the wrong place with the wrong people. How did the other two react to the guy mel…" beat "the unfortunate incident?

"I don't know what the metal chick thought. The flame skull guy didn't care." Linda says. "And yes. You can blow things up. You robbed how many banks? Stores? Blowing shit up ALL over the place! And YOU Never killed anyone." Linda says getting to her feet angrily. "And I bet you'd never make a mistake like that." She says to Miss Marvel. "Let's face it. I shouldn't have this power. I'm a monster."

Miss Marvel sighs and stands, taken aback by being criticized. "I also have constant guidance and millennia of combined experience. You're just starting out. How many of these events have you taken part in? What kind of training do you have?" The questions are rhetorical, as Mary knows. "And the very fact that this bothers you so much proves that you are indeed not a monster."

Lana stays where she is for the moment, it takes a lot to not snap back at Linda. A long pull from the beer is taken to help control the impulse "That was just good luck on my part." she mutters under her breath, though she knows full well that Linda would be able to hear her just fine. "Listen to the lady, Linda. She's talkin' sense. You can't expect every encounter to go all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. These things are going to happen, especially if you don't know who you are working with.

"I went in angry!" Linda shouts, whirling on the two women on the roof with her. "I went in angry because someone pushed my buttons earlier and I made stupid mistakes! Before buried and burned him I snapped his wrist so hard BONE was sticking out! I didn't ask to be a hero. I don't WANT to be a hero. Hell, I'm NOT a hero. I'm just a stupid kid with issues who got handed the powers of a god. Well, I don't want them. And I'm going to find a way to get rid of them."

Miss Marvel slowly walks up to Linda. "Ang… I mean.. Linda.." She clears her throat, still having issues with pretending to be a grown-up. "Think about this. Will getting rid of your powers help you with your anger? Your self-control? Think about what could happen if you *didn't* have the ability to help others. It may not necessarily be your powers that are at issue here."

Lana jumps to her feet when the shouting starts, she doesn't do well with being yelled at. "Fuck Linda, no one asked you to be one either. No one expects you to be anything but a boy crazy teenager." when the rant about issues comes up she frowns deeply "Let's not start a which of us is more broken contest Linda. Issues isn't the issue here.

"Would you be saying the same thing if I had been texting and driving and killed someone?" Supergirl wonders. "Neither of you see it. Neither of you can do what I can do. Everytime I hear a guy smacking around his kids miles away should I do something about that? Everytime I see someone has cancer forming because I can see their cells should I say something? I'm NOT A HERO!" She shakes her head. "And I don't want to be." She looks from Lana to Mary and back. "I… you're both…. I need time alone." She gently hugs Lana. Then she does the same to Mary. "Don't follow me." She tells the Mightiest Mortal alive. Then she zooms off into the sky.

Up. Up. And away.

Miss Marvel sighs and nods, face and spirits falling. She turns to Lana and shrugs. "She just needs time. She'll come around." She says to Lana, offering support. "We all come to crossroads at different times."

"Linda!" Lana calls out after her, but the other girl is already gone. "I hope so. That's a hard blow for her." she turns to Miss Marvel "Thanks for showing up. I don't think I could have handled this by myself." it's hard for her to admit that too.

Miss Marvel nods and walks over to the girl, remembering to keep her hands to herself. "My pleasure. She values you and your friendship. Don't forget that." She begins to hover. "Can you get back to the school? I could… give you a ride?" She inwardly smirks, expecting some sort of answer from the teen.

Lana shakes her head "I'll sneak in the way I snuck out, on my own two feet." she begins to gather what is left of the beer "I have enough detentions as it is." she then begins to head to the maintenance ladder to climb down.

Miss Marvel nods. "Good day, then." and she flies off back to Queens.

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