(2014-05-22) Sister Stormtrooper's Spider Hunt
Sister Stormtrooper's Spider Hunt
Summary: Following the repeated news stories about how dangerous this criminal Spider-Man is, Power Woman heads to New York to hunt him down. She doesn't quite find what she expected.
Date: 2014-05-22
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NPCs: The Enforcers (thugs for Kingpin)
Scene Runner: Spider-Man
Social/Plot: Plot

High noon in the great city of New York to most people there means lunch time. It's a break from the day and a chance to collect your wits. But today, for at least one vigilante in the city, high noon means cowboys!

Alright maybe just one cowboy. One cowboy, one big guy, and one short guy witha snazzy chapeau.

"You chose the wrong day ta stick yer nose where it doesn't belong, dude." Says the man in the cowboy hat with the rope swirling over his head.

There on the top floor of a parking garage stands those three men, all wearing similar black suits save for their different affectations. A set of blue vans are parked up there, all haphazardly deployed, one of which the small guy is taking cover behind with a gun. But there's another silhouette there, that of the Amazing Spider-Man!

"Really? Bad day? Should I make an appointment?" He dives to the side as the pistol fires even as the huge guy charges forward trying to bear Spidey to the ground!

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Power Woman!

Seriously, right here in the Big Apple, Power Woman is flying overhead. If one were to follow her flight pattern on a radar screen - hey, who would do a thing like that? - it would become apparent that she's using an opening spiral search pattern. But what could the Woman of Tomorrow be looking for so intently here in New York City?

The answer becomes apparent when she spots a certain red and blue costume on the move on a parking structure rooftop. She pauses, telescopic vision taking in the scene as telescoping hearing adds to it. And then …

A white, blue and red blur resolves into Power Woman, hovering in mid-air above the parking structure. Right in front of Spider-Man's latest leap. "Excuse me."

Arms crossed over her chest, hovering, red cape billowing in the wind, she cuts quite an impressive figure. Kara eyes Spidey, and the other three, waiting to see how this will play out.

Abruptly Spider-Man's stopped in mid dodge. He straightens up at the appearance of this apparition and then cocks his head to the side. For a moment the Enforcers all stop what they're doing as well. Looking at her with those mirrored lenses giving her reflection back to her, Spidey finally is able to speak. And when he does he says, "Uh, hello." Oh so eloquently.

The three thugs, on the other hand, do seem taken aback. Montana at least keeps his senses long enough to say, "C'mon boys, this ain't our affair." Even as the three men start to pull off towards one of the vans.

The hovering Kryptonian woman looks down at Spider-Man, meeting that mirrored gaze impassively. It's not hard to see why folks like the Enforcers are a little afraid of her. "Hello. You would be the individual known as Spider-Man, correct?" She seems content to wait patiently for his answer.

Interestingly enough, however, the Enforcers will find that their vans … suddenly have flat tires. Quick bursts of heat vision just melted holes in them. Oops.

"Uhhh, yeah. One sec." Spider-Man holds up a finger to her as the tires of the vehicles all burst one after the other. He turns and breaks into a run towards the vehicle that The Enforcers had been running towards. But when there's that laser lash and burst of sound Montana gives up the ghost and abruptly shouts, "Leg it, boys!" As the three of them make a break for the stairway.

Spidey, on the other hand, leaps to land atop the van. He reaches over to yank the back door open. The door comes free cleanly with a metallic groan as he tosses it aside. Another leap and he's inside the van, pulling out the twisting and frantic form of a frantic woman who seems to be dressed in a business suit. She's blindfolded, bound, and gagged as Spider-Man pulls her free.

The gag is torn free as he says, "It's ok, you're safe now." The woman starts to scream angrily, cursing and railing, a bit frantic. He removes her blindfold and when she sees Spidey… she screams, gets a spasm of pain on her features… then passes out.

Spider-Man leaps away … and Power Woman frowns. A moment and a blur later, and the three Enforcers suddenly find their legs bound together - one to the next guy, and so forth - with spare bits of metal. And then Power Woman appears by the van. She is about to stop Spider-Man from ripping it open, when X-Ray vision spots a person inside, struggling. She hovers, watching him pull her out, and then remove her gag, then her blindfold.

"A suggestion. Just a small one. Next time? Blindfold first. Then the ropes. Then the gag." Power Woman offers, as she frees the woman and then scoops her up into her arms, Kryptonian senses sweeping her to check for any signs of injury, though she expects to find none.

"I'm here to take you into custody, Spider-Man. There has been a duly-issued warrant made out for your arrest by the NYPD." the tall blonde woman offers. She's not rushed, and doesn't seem angry at all. Just so matter of fact about it all.

"Wha?" Spider-Man looks a little confused as much as a man in a mask can be, but then his gaze shifts to the woman. In his little world right now his spider-sense is tingling, going wild with the alert to danger, but it's not just for him, perhaps for the woman being held in Power Woman'sarms

And then when she makes that scen she'll sense the woman's heart stopped. They both perhaps sense it in their own way in the same moment. He frowns behind the mask, "Look, lady. Get her to the hospital… I… I'll wait here for you. I promise."

"Hell with that." Kara opines, startled as she realizes the poor woma has had a heart attack. "You stick to walls. Stick to my back. We're leaving."

Power Woman doesn't brook any argument, and she's quite capable of trussing up Spidey in her cape if need be, before then zipping off to the nearest hospital. The world fades out in a rushing blur, and then resolves again as they are inside the Emergency Department of Manhattan General.

"Nurse Williams, I need that gurney /right now/, please." Power Woman barks in a command voice that marines would obey without question. It seems to work on hospital medical staff, as well, especially when addressed by name.

"Cardiac arrest, started forty-seven seconds ago. I am not going anywhere. I will leave her in your capable care." the Kryptonian heroine offers, as she releases the woman onto the gurney and into the custody of the staff of the hospital. Now she has time to turn around and regard her second passenger.

For a moment it weighs heavily on him. If he goes with her it's almost as if he was surrendering. He'd be giving up his identity, endangering his loved ones, people might die. But then in less than a nano-second, the decision is made. A thought spared for his uncle, for the man's words. His family -might- be endangered, and if he stops to argue with this woman… or resists, or struggles… she _will_ die.

His minds is made up and he clambors onto her back. There's no wisecrack at the moment. They get to the hospital, he waits there with Power Woman, getting angry stares from the occasional person. When she turns to look at him, he gives a nod.

"Do you know her name? If so, they'll need that, to notify next of kin for medical reasons." Power Woman inquires of Spider-Man. She acts as if his coopreation is a foregone conclusion. There's no anger. No threat. Just calm, cool conversation. She also makes no accusations. She just asks the question, and accepts the answer.

"I am assuming the armed goons were the ones who kidnapped her, given it's their prints on the van?" She sounds so sure. But Spidey sure never saw Kara print the van.

"I don't know who she is," Spider-Man rubs at the back of his neck. "Basically I was swinging by and well my umm, ahem, my 'spider-sense' tingled." He looks straight at her for a time, then continues. "It lets me know when there's danger. I saw those guys moving her from one vehicle to another. I swooped down and saw what was happening… and you know the rest."

He clears his throat and steps back, "In any case, I figure I should be.."

Kara nods. "Right. That's about what I assumed. Let's get back. We can demand answers out of the goons, and see what they know. Maybe some of her belongings are still inside one van or the other." Kara was more interested in the woman than looking for any of that, earlier.

"You coming?" Power Woman asks.

"Umm, yeah. Sure." Spider-Man starts after her as she moves. While they walk down the corridor they're accompanied by the occasional gasp, some for Spidey and some assuredly for Power Woman. Once they're back in the open outside the hospital he looks at her askance and then asks simply, "I, so what about that whole Sister Stormtrooper Robocop 'you're coming with me' thing? Is that on hold or are you… you know… nevermind. Lead on."

'Sister Stormtrooper' indeed. Kara turns to look down at Webhead, and extends her hand towards him, leaving it for him to grasp. In the next moment? Zoom, everything's a darned noisy, wind-rushing blur again. And then they're standing on the roof of the parking structure. The Enforcers don't seem to be here, though that may only mean they made it down to the next level despite their four-legged status. Or they may have pulled a phone and called for help getting out of here.

"Sister Stormtrooper, hunh? That's cute." Power Woman answers, as she lets go of Spidey. "I can tell, generally, when people are lying. You weren't. You knew there was a warrant out for you, and you still got involved because you knew she was in trouble. And when I put her life in the offing, you surrendered rather than risk slowing down getting her to medical assistance."

See? Spidey is getting some credit. That's a good thing, right? "I came here looking for a dangerous figure the NYPD couldn't catch. I found a misunderstood young hero, struggling with a crappy public image problem. I'm not a stormtrooper, Spider-Man." Power Woman smiles.

She can probably observe the subtle shifts her words have on his body language. There's all this stress and tension before she speaks. But then as she goes on she can probably sense the heightened pulse of his, the faint catch of his breath. She might even be able to see the ghost of the smile behind his mask. Up there atop the parking garage with the vans parked nearby, Spidey listens to her… and when she finishes he looks away.

Peter has never been too comfortable with his emotions. So as the discomfort grows he crawls up the side of the van, perching there and pointedly not looking at her. "Now you've done it." He extends a hand as if warding himself from her. "I'm all verklempt." Though she can probably tell he's more smiling than anything else as he shakes his head, "Talk amongst yourselves."

"At some point, we should discuss strategies to help you fix this crappy public image you've picked up. But I'm guessing we would both agree that there are more important matters right now." Power Woman has a simply excellent public image, so she might well be the right person - or one of them - to talk to. Pretty much only the most extreme nutjobs have a problem with her. And they generally get shouted down by the ones who adore her. "I'll probably need to report this to the police, at some point. It's up to you if you want to stick around, or go."

"I…" The Wallcrawler brings his feet up and balances there with his forearms resting on his knees. "I kinda feel like… if I try to do things differently, or try to look for good press… then I'm not doing what I should be doing? Feels like it'd just cheapen my efforts. Besides I figure that eventually, you know, if I do enough good it should sort itself out."

He lets that hang there for a time before he adds, "And I should probably go. I mean I want to stay, since it's kinda rare to find someone who isn't throwing things at me." He looks off to the side into the distance, then back. "But yeah. Should go.S

Kara nods. "I firmly believe in doing the right thing, Spider-Man. But I also don't want people to be afraid of me, or the help I can offer. So I do what I can, when I can, to project a public image that helps put them at ease, reassure them, and provide them with a way to understand and accept me." She would be the last person to criticize Spider-Man's choices. But she also worries for him. It's her nature to help, even other heroes. "I'll call the cops once you're clear, and we can go over the evidence. We'll keep her safe. I promise." That said, she lets the Spider-Man go.

"Seeya around, Sis." And as he says this she'll catch the smile behind his mask. Yeah that's pretty much going to be his nickname for her from now on into perpetuity, and only she will have an inkling as to what he really means.

The next instant he casually flips backwards off of the van, rebounds off the rooftop wall of the parking garage and then /thwips/ his way off into the distance. Soon he fades from view.


In motion, Spider-Man seems Amazing. He's a blur of red and blue. But when he stands still and one gets a look at his uniform he looks very curious. The costume clings to him, contouring perfectly over his whipcord lean and defined musculature. The choice of red, blue, and black is an interesting one. Red booties with black webbing over them cover his feet which in turn lead up to blue and red webbed tights. A semi-metallic belt circles his waist with a spider insignia at the fore. His chest is covered by a form-fitting long-sleeved shirt of red and blue with a large black spider directly in the center of the webbing upon his chest. His gloves are red and webbed, and his head is covered by a red mask with black webbing as well. Under his arms is a strange membrane of webbing as well that might seem like it could aid him were he to try gliding.

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