(2014-05-22) New Roommates
New Roommates
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Date: IC Date (2014-05-22)
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Static, or rather Virgil Hawkings has had an interesting few days in New York City. Meeting a strange Cybernetic Dragon, and to top that off. A Flaming Skull bike rider, when Cyber took Static along to smash up the Scorpion's Headquarters. That event… would not be forgotten by many.

Still Life on campus Grounds can be expensive, but perhaps something that caught the Eye was a college Student asking for a room mate in the Royal Oaks Apartment to Share in expenses. A John Coltan. And after a few emails The two decided to meet at Pizza parlor. There were only three major rules he talked about.

NO drugs or criminal behavior.

No stealing from him, he actually said he would rather be approached and told you need 20 30 bucks to make it to the end of the month, then later repaid with a Pizza after the first.

and Three, must like dogs. Along with that was a picture sent of a very big Tibetan Mastiff, Beautiful. And looks like an over grown Ball of fur in the Snow with children all over him playing with the big dog.

John is in the Cafe where he said he would meet Virgil. His treat on the meeting. John stands out more that just having a dragon Tee Shirt on, There is something about his Electrical Aura… one that is Extremely weird to those sensitive to it. It is almost like he is tethered to something that is not here. John of course left his Dog named Cyber at home.

Virgil actually doesn't have a problem with any of the points brought up their mails back and forth! Point one… wellllll… about the drugs part definitely no problem. The criminal behavior? Technically he -is- a 'vigilante' and not exactly a licensed member of New York's peacekeeping force… but he decides to let that one slide under the same carpet of white lies the whole 'secret identity' thing comes with. Point two, definitely no problem with stealing — it's comforting to know if all else fails he can fly back out to Dakota and raid the family fridge. And point three… actually, he's not quite sure -how- that's going to work. Some dogs like him okay. Some are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic activity and go nuts around him. Some, he could swear, end up giving him some petulant looks about what static cling does to their fur. He really hopes the huge dog that he's shown the picture of won't be a member of the second crowd…

But all in all, Virgil is feeling good about his chances as he makes his way towards the place arranged in their interview. He himself is dressed in a simple sports jersey and a pair of baggy jeans, hair in its usual short dreads as he makes his way along. Poking his head in the cafe and blinking a bit, and….

…whoa, okay. He's guessing -that's- his prospective roommate. Who's got something very weird going on about him, EM-wise. It's enough to leave him staring for a moment — but then he gives a quick shake of the head. The whole 'Bang Baby' thing may have been a Dakota-specific experience, but he knows enough about the world around it to know not everyone needs a faceful of mutagenic gas to have something different about them, and chances are they won't want to talk about it. So he puts that behind him, offering his a friendly smile — and completely unaware of his own electromagnetic aura, one that seems to crackle faintly around him in a sort of electric violet color — as he walks up to the table. "Hey! John, right?"

Looking up as his Name is called. John himself can't sense Virgil's own electo aura. He can only see or sense that when he is joined with Cyber. "Virgil Hawkings? John Coltan." With a Small Line John says, "Want something to munch on or drink before we get heading to check out the apartment see if you like it?" he asks. John stands up willing to pay for the drink. After all he is the host here.

"I forgot to mention a Question, I am training to be a professional Chef, You allergic to anything food wise I should know about?"

Grabbing his bookbag and closing a laptop. He will start to pack up, Perhaps John's a little too trusting. But that's him.

Reactions to food? "Only not having any — I tend to have a pretty bad reaction to that," Virgil replies with a grin. Prospective flatmate who's a professional — well, learning-to-be-professional — chef? Oh yeah, things are definitely looking up! "And nah, I'm cool, thanks. Anyway, hope you don't mind if I take advantage of you trying new things out? I can make a pretty mean pizza bagel, but that's about it." Then again, cold leftover pizza is supposed to be a staple for college students, isn't it?

"At Least it's not Raman Noodle Cups we will be having." John says sliding his Laptop into his book bag and says. "Oh I wouldn't mind Trying some things. At least I won't be a hard ass and give you a Scalding smack down if you are terrible. Unless It could be considered more Bio-hazard than food."

As John Grabs his Soda he says. "Don't worry about my dog, Might take a little getting used to you, but Cyber's well trained and well behaved. And after a couple weeks he should be accepting orders from you. Just a warning he is on a very strict diet schedule to avoid some… Health issues." John is of course worried a little about how to keep up the appearance of a normal Dog with a room mate. But fact is he has no choice. "And Don't worry I will be the one taking him for his walks. Not you." John says heading to the Royal Oaks Apartment.

"I took the Liberty of doing some sound proofing of the apartment, New bed, dresser, desk, carpet. All it needs is some sheets and a few covers and pillows. Hell the Bed is still encased in plastic from shipping."

"You know, I gotta ask — why 'Cyber?' Please don't tell me it's because he likes chewing up cars." Or flatmates. "Because I gotta tell you, that guy looks big enough to -do- it!" Virgil wasn't intimidated by the picture, exactly, but he was certainly… impressed.

The rest sounds pretty impressive too. "Did you say 'sound proofing?'" Falling into step beside John, Virgil giving him a curious look as he walks along. "You in a band or something on the side… ?"

"No I Got him from someone as a pup from a Cybercafe, Added that I had him chipped, I felt the Name Cyber fit him." Ok John's turn to give little white lies. "Well I like to play my games and movies a bit on the loud side. So as long as the Volume doesn't go above a 7 on most sound systems there shouldn't be any sound through to the other apartments." As the pair get to the Royal Oaks Apartment Building John starts to lead Virgil into the Lobby and then to the Apartment. "Here we are, Apt. 01." And with it John leads Virgil into the apartment. Looking around "Cyber must be taking a nap." He says coming in and closing the door. Pointing to a room "Well that's your prospective room, Mine is right there."

Chipped? Virgil blinks a bit, but figures it must be a New York thing — probably works better than putting up 'Lost' posters on street lamps. "So you're a gamer, huh? Cool!" Sadly, the system that he was given as a gift to help with his studies before leaving Dakota probably won't run the -really- fancy games, but Virgil can certainly appreciate them. Even made one or two with a friend of his back in Dakota.

But then there's the apartment, and Virgil just sort of stares as he steps through the doorway, taking it in. " …whoa!" He wasn't quite sure -what- he was expecting — maybe some snug little place just enough to make two people living there on the wrong side of comfortable, but this… this is a -lot- better than what he was hoping for. "I like it! Got sort of a 'hunting cabin' meets 'bachelor pad' thing going for it!" he adds brightly, blinking a bit as he takes in the sets of antlers.

"I got to go hunting before. If they bother you I can put them in my room." As he listens to Virgil and nod. "I needed a new place when my rent sadly got jacked up Due to my needing a Dog." As John smiles at Virgil. At first it sounds exactly like John is speaking, except there is a light Reverb through it like through an electronic speaker, I think fate is with John on choosing his room mates. And then Standing in the door way to John's bedroom is a dog sized Quadrupedal dragon. Identical to Cyberdragon from when the two met, even the Electical aura which is much weaker, but also has a strong link to John himself. Only much more slender as he walks out looking Virgil over.

You Must be Virgil Hawkings…. John is absolutely terrified at Virgil's reaction as Cyber says. "Like a shark I can perceive the bio-electral field around people and objects. And I have encountered one person who has your exact Aura." Cyber sits down on his haunches and looks at Virgil with a soft smile.

Turning to Look between Virgil and The dragon John is trying to put two and two together as he is putting the who, what, where, when, why and how together.

At first it doesn't sink in. Virgil just sort of blinks at John as his words seem to go out of sync with his mouth. It takes a fraction of a second later to realize that the voice sounds off, another after that to realize it actually wasn't coming -from- John, and one after -that- to realize it's coming from somewhere in the room entirely. Virgil looking over to see something that's… well, NOT a Tibetan mastiff, that's for sure.

"WHA — ?!" Virgil jumps back about a foot as the quadrupedal dragon saunters its way out, and starts looking him over. He'll get to work on plausible deniability in a moment — right now it's dealing with just about the last… person? Pet? Thing?… he expected to see here that's leaving him struggling, turning to stare at John with an equally shocked expression…

After a few moments John looks to Cyber as the dragon nods. Then Turning to Virgil, "Static?" he asks. And then as Johns Sighs, "I think the cats are out of the bags." At that point Cyber asks.

Who put's cats in bags anyway. Cat hate that? Cyber says Quoting Sheogorath from The Oblivion expansion Shivering Isles.

That makes John address his dragon, "Cyber your not helping." Turning to Virgil he says, "Yes, Cyberdragon." John seems a little on the Flustered side.

" …wha?! Static?! Ha ha — no no, I'm not — " Virgil has to pause though, and turns to look — not kindly — at the talking -mechanical dragon- in the room, the aforementioned cat-unbagger. And realizes that any kind of protest he makes is going to be kind of a lost cause here, as even if he tries for a plausable explanation here, John probably isn't going to take his word over his…. buddy's?

" …okay. Yeah. Wow, um… really wasn't expecting this." Virgil huffing out a breath and rubbing behind his head. "Look, um… if it's gonna be a problem, I'll just be on my way. Can we just kinda keep this on the down-low for now… ?"

John looks at Static and smirks, "Well… I think it would be a lot easier on both of us if neither of us have a roommate we don't need to explain weird habits of vanishing when trouble starts up. I uh, only recently got joined with my Friend here, so I am fairly new to the Super Hero Business, I won't turn down some advice or help." John says.

John sees the advantage of a more experienced Super Hero for a room mate. "I took the Liberty of looking Static up when I met you. I have to say… you done a Lot of good." Cyber just sits there watching the two…

And now Virgil looks -really- embarassed as John says that last. "Thanks. I just, um… I just do what I can, you know? With what I got… " Clearing his throat as he now turns his attention on the watching Cyber, and now scowling a bit. "And -you- almost gave me a heart attack just now! What gives?!"

Cyber smiles as he says, Would you rather I have been a big fluffy doggie? And then Cyber's form shifts and wavers, altering it's self to the form of the Big Dog from the Pictures John sent. Then have me talk to you and then turn into a big dragon? Cyber says talking perfectly normal.

John says "I'm sorry, He has a weird sense of humor." John smiles as he offers his sympathy. "He's harmless for the most part."

" …harmless. Riiiiiiight." Yeah, that little display was pretty unsettling. Virgil just huffs again, running a hand through his hair as he takes another look around the apartment. " …think I gotta sit down for a second." And hey, it's a good chance to test out the couch. Which Virgil does so with a 'thwump!' Just sort of peering at Cyber again — then turning a look at John. "I'll tell you one thing — I am -not- cleaning up after him!"

As he comes over to sit down on the easy chair John laughs. "Actually he doesn't eat. It's why I said he has a strict Diet. Which would explain why you would hardly see him eating. I have seen him plugging his tail into the outlet from time to time. Some type of Symbiotic Alien bio armor." Slowly Cyber turns back into his dragon form and then lays down on the ground and takes hold of the TV remote and starts to Play some old Sci-Fi movies.

"Yeah I won't blame you if you wanna bail on it, and yeah. Don't worry, I would not want exposed any more than you would." Referring to a Secret Identity, But that large screen is nice, the more modern game systems. Of course, not needing to tip toe around a room mate hiding a secret.

"Well, I -guess- it could work out more convenient for both of us… " Virgil just sort of peers as Cyber goes flipping through the channels. " …alien symbiote huh? He's not gonna try and eat my brain or something while I'm asleep one night, is he?"

I'm more technology, I feed on energy like electricity, heat, sunlight. Symbiotic yes, but I am more a Universal Environmental Survival suit. John is My host. And I am sorry for scaring you. Cyber says with an honest tone.

"Hey Just don't challenge him to any PVP games, he'll kick your ass." John says, "Well if you are going to consider this. I need to let you know of an enemy I managed to attract, But I also have powerful allies. Cyber has been on earth for many thousands of years. Recently some sort of being claiming to be Ares God of war tried to Reclaim Cyber. Thankfully Princess Diana of the Themysciran Embassy in New York and her Amazon Sisters were there to help fight Ares off. Sooner or Later he's gonna try again Virgil. I am sure Diana and her sisters will help me, but I don't want you caught unaware in the cross fire."

Cyber's reassurance… actually isn't that reassuring, since he just mentioned that he feeds on the sort of stuff Virgil himself is positively brimming with. Luckily — or not so luckily — Virgil has other stuff revealed that takes his attention away from -that- in a hurry. "Wait. Your'e saying the God of War — like, THE God of War — has beef with you? And you roll with an Amazon Princess?" Virgil just stares at that. "-How- new did you say you were to this?!"

"This is not the Ares from the God of war games, and I am not Kratos. Virgil." And John swallows, "As Cyberdragon I can unleash up to three explosive Plasma Bolts. Each about the explosive force of 20 pounds of C4 plastic Explosive. He took three of them in his chest simultaneously and got back up. I don't believe he is a god, but he has some serious durability and power behind him."

About a month and a half. And Princess Diana is very beautiful. Not sure how often we will be running with her, but We did offer her our help after she offered to help us with Ares in the Future.

Virgil remembers those plasma bolts quite well — he knows they're no joke. "Whoa." He blinks as he considers the sort of heavy hitter they're gonna be ending up against in -that- regard… then looks back over. "Sounds like you can definitely use a hand. And not to brag, but I've been known to bring it a time or two! So… if you need someone to get your back for you… " Giving Cyber another skeptical look before nodding to John. " …consider it got."

Extending his hand, "Welcome Home Roommie." John smiles and says, "Alright, now you don't need to tell me any details. But anyone in your immediate Family know of your alter ego I don't want to mention something inadvertently and it needs explaining away. My mom knows about me and Cyber. My only living relative."

Cyber smiles as softly as he can can ready the uneasiness. He tries to explain. I can absorb a lot of different types of energy Virgil. Under normal conditions I have unlimited energy from Sunlight and heat. Unless I unleash Plasma Bursts of that level again, You have nothing to fear from me, and then you could perhaps recharge me faster on your own. My own concern is for John's safety and well being, My primary function is to ensure his survival.

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