(2014-05-21) Your Gal Friday
Your Gal Friday
Summary: Mary Jane Watson applies for the position of receptionist, et al., at Defenders For Hire, Inc., and meets Sally
Date: 2014-05-21
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It's a later afternoon, not quite evening time, and for a new PI and Personal Security firm, things are a little slow, even with social networking, and word of mouth, it's not that busy. A few cases, only a handful are even being worked. Sally's taken to a rather casual dress. Jeans, a yankee's Jersey T-shirt, and a pair of gladiator styled sandals, feet propped up on a corner of the desk, chair leaned back, and a rather new looking Starkpad held in her hands, doing something on the screen, tapping and sliding with her fingers occasionally.

Still convinced this is a good idea, a teenaged redhead stops outside the door to said small office, and takes one more deep, cleansing, centering breath. She has more than a few years' experience combating nerves, and easily enough stills the butterflies that want to be running riot in her tummy. Then she reaches out her hand and knocks firmly on the door, waiting to be acknowledged.

If beckoned in, the redhead opens the door, nodding to the blonde woman inside, and steps in to close the door behind her. "Hi. My name is Mary Jane Watson. I saw your advertisement for a receptionist. I was hoping I could drop off my application in person?"

MJ is of average height, neither tiny and short, nor towering in height. But what there is of her that is 'average' ends pretty much at her height. She's pretty well gorgeous, and packages herself well for her apparent youth, with style and without tarting up unnecessarily. Her style is simple, but shows artistic flair. And those piercing green eyes of hers don't seem to miss much. About the most interesting thing is that her backpack is not the standard 'day pack' variety of most teenagers. It seems to be a fully framed modern backpack, which makes it a good bit longer than usual. (Long enough, in fact, to hide away the 3'6" long sword in a sheath tucked into its frame.)

Ah yes, the receptionist, and looking over the girl, "Well.." she begins as she pulls her feet back and sets the chair out of leaned back position, "Can you answer the phone, show concern for people and their problems, and put people at ease till I or one of the other two women who work here can get back to the office to speak with a possible client?" she asks, "And just to be clear, it's answering phones, and talking to people, no field work, we've got three people for that…"

The redhead eyes the blonde curiously, a slight lift to her eyebrows. "Yes, Ma'am. That was very clear in the advertisement: Receptionist. Answering phones and emails, greeting people as they come into the office; and taking care of coffee and such. Maybe occassional typing." No introductions? OK, fine. Mary Jane continues. "I won't lie. I want to learn. But I recognize that for me to learn, I have to be useful, first. So, I will do the job I'm hired to do, and ask questions /when/ those questions won't interfere with you and the others' abilities to get the job done and serve the clients." And if she gets in on field work, she'll assume it to be unpaid until they negotiate a change in her status /together/.

"Well, we act as a team, in all things. I will talk it over with Mary and Kate, and we'll likely have a decision to you soon. I'm sure you've been told, we'll let you know either way, but I will call or email you back. My name's Sally." Sally says softly. She didn't even look at the girl's resume, "We're here more for little person, the one who needs help, who is in a tough spot, more than we are for the privledged." she says softly, a touch of strong conviction in her tone. "All that being said Ms. Watson, you'll likely here from me in a day or so on when you can start."

Defenders For Hire Inc. — Hell's Kitchen

The door opens up to a small office and waiting area. The walls are painted a pale blue and have various paintings from local artists hanging from them. A few fake plants occupy the corners of the room, along with a water cooler by the waiting area. A coffee maker and mini-fridge stand near the water cooler. The waiting area consists of four chairs lined up against a wall. Opposite the chairs is a large mahogany desk with a new computer and phone system on it. A bank of file cabinets occupies a far wall, and a number of windows allow in plenty of natural light.

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