(2014-05-20) Nick of Time
Nick of Time
Summary: Power Woman and Miss Marvel arrive at the sight of an explosion and do what they do best.
Date: IC Date (2013-05-20)
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It's a relatively beautiful day in mid-May out in the Queens burrough of New York City, when a fireball of an explosion erupts into the skies, coming from one of the service runways of JFK Airport.

In New York to make her report to the United Nations, Power Woman reports in immediately, tapping her Justice League communicator to reach whomever is on Monitor Duty at the moment. "This is Power Woman, over Queens. Fireball, explosion out at JFK. I'm diverting from my visit to the UN to check this out. Tracer activated." Then a white, blue and crimson streak shoots across the sky and heads for the airport, skimming /just/ below the threshold for the sound barrier in the area.

Elsewhere, a phonecall is made automatically, informing those at the UN who were waiting on Power Woman that she is responding to an emergency and will be delayed. More details will be forthcoming as soon as possible."

Miss Marvel is enjoying her post-school activity of flying around. Not only is she getting used to using an older body, she's also getting used to flying. She continues to go slow, so as not to disturb commercial flights or.. well.. birds. She smiles as she feels the warmth on her back from the sun, and the wind as if flows over her as if she weren't there. She doesn't answer to anyone at the moment as both parents are at work. She smiles, daydreaming, thinking of someone as she moves on with no particular destination in mind, though Westchester sounds more and more tempting.

Her reverie is broken when she too hears the same explosion that alerted Power Woman. Dropping all other ideas, she springs into action and zooms towards the airport, a red and gold blur shooting through the sky.

As soon as she arrives, that streak of colors that was Power Woman resolves once more into the powerfully built blonde woman, red cape billowing in wind made all the more turbulent with the roiling fire ongoing. Twin beams of incandescent reddish light streak from her eyes, slicing a trough around the fire as quickly as possible to try to contain the spread of the burning fuel, and then she streaks off again, gathering injured personnel and getting them to safety as quickly as she can, prepared to summon medical aid to them once she finds a safe place for a triage center. Spotting the arrival of another flying figure, she can only hope this woman means help, rather than harm. Lives are at stake.

Miss Marvel sees the woman in red and blue, and she perks up."L.. I mean, Supergirl!" She shouts and makes her way to the ground, quickly sizing up the situation. She comes up with a plan to contain the fire, but the lives must be saved first. With no time to talk, Miss Marvel runs through the flames and grabs as many people as she can before going, back and forth, back and forth multiple times, delivering them to a safe area. She looks over to the other woman and realizes that she isn't her friend, Supergirl.. "Oh.. I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else." She says, before starting to run around the base of the fire.

At the call of her cousin's callsign, Kara pokes her head up again, looking towards the young brunette in gold-trimmed red. "Obviously." she answers, when Mary speaks, smiling. "Don't worry, Supergirl is family. I'm Power Woman." Duh. Few in the world wouldn't know that, but introductions help. "You can call me Kara. Thank you, for your help." The tall blonde stands, laying down the last of her rescued workers, and then lifts off. "Normally, I'd go get some water, but I don't want that fuel in the groundwater. Can you see what you can do to help the medical teams get to the people we evacuated? I'll see if I can't freeze the fuel for containment." Power Woman offers the brunette, who might actually be a couple years older than she is, or at least looks it. Then she flies back to the firebreak, staying aloft as she inhales, aiming super-cold breath down at the burning fuel.

Miss Marvel nods and stops running. "Oh, that's an even better idea." She says. "Sorry. I met Supergirl the other day, I didn't know you were related." She nods. "I'm Miss Marvel. A pleasure, Kara, despite the circumstances." Mary needs to remind herself to speak 'older'. "I'll help transport the EMTs. No problem." With that she flies of and guides the incoming ambulances over to the evacuees. She stays with them, helping to transport whomever needs it, all the while watching Kara do her thing.

"No apologies required, Miss Marvel." Power Woman offers, watching the other woman work so efficiently. It's odd, for Kara, to meet a woman so similar to herself in abilities, who seems older, but who also seems - or so she would guess - to not have her level of experience. But she has learned to accept command presence even with people like Batman, or Wonder Woman, and Captain America. She can do it here as well.

Kara's supercold breath quickly extinguishes the flames, and frosts-over the area of the fuel spill. She keeps it up, however, making sure the fuel is well and truly frozen, and then borrows a few tools to chip it up and gather it into a few containers, which she then seals up. She can't very well keep it frozen like that for long, after all.

Once the spill and fire are dealt with, Power Woman talks with the fire crew for the airport, as they arrive, and explains to them what she has done, knowing that they will now need to follow up, to follow the procedures that will assure future safe operation here, when she is gone. Then she makes her way to the medical triage center, to check in on the patients and Miss Marvel.

"Thank you for your help, Miss Marvel. I really appreciate it." Kara extends a gloved hand and a smile to the brunette in gold-trimmed red.

Miss Marvel stands up after caring for a patient and smiles, blushing a bit. She shakes the offered hand firmly. "I'm just glad I was in the neighborhood and saw the explosion." She says, smiling. "I hope we can work together again, in the future." She looks back. "Everyone's accounted for and the most damage was some scrapes and minor burns. It looks like we're in the "plus" column today."

"So it seems, which is a lucky thing. An accident like this, here, could have been far, far worse." Kara offers, smiling with her own show of relief for how well things worked out. "I was actually flying up to visit the United Nations. I have a few things I need to talk to them about." She doesn't immediately alude to Genosha and what happened there, but clearly there's something of import behind her words. "What brings you to this area?" she asks, hoping it's not too intrusive. Only way to know, though, is to ask anyway.

Miss Marvel blinks.. "Wow. The United Nations? Well, I'm glad you were able to be diverted. Hopefully we can get you back over there, it must be very important." She nods, fully understanding the Genosha incident and the possible fallback and future issues arising from such upheaval. She blinks slowly, thanking the Wisdom of Solomon. "I was randomly flying around. I'm rather.. new.. to this role and I'm still getting used to my new abilities. I happened to be patrolling the area and noticed the explosion." She nods. "Do.. you need help getting to the UN? Some way to divert traffic?"

Kara smiles warmly, apparently pleased by Miss Marvel's response though she says nothing of that. "Don't worry. I contacted them to let them know I'd been diverted, and I'll let them know I'm coming back in. Thank you, though, for the offer of help. I truly appreciate it."

Normally, Kara would dash off at that point, seizing the opening to get on with whatever it was she was doing. But she remains, at least for a few more moments. Things are changing, and she needs to adjust her actions accordingly. "Would you mind, Miss Marvel, if I asked one more question? I understand about being new to such things; I remember when it was all pretty new to me, too. I'm just wondering if there's a safe way that I, or one of my colleagues, could contact you in the future? We don't want you giving up secrets you're not comfortable revealing. But some of us are working on trying to … build something bigger. It might be a good idea if some of the others met you, too." Kara would give Miss Marvel her own JL comm unit, but she's going to need it to get back to the UN, and she's not carrying a spare at the moment.

Miss Marvel blinks again at being offered… "A group that handles.. well… Pardon me, but you've rendered me speechless for a moment." She blushes and asks a nearby EMT for a piece of paper and a pen. "Here.. This is my email address.. It's the only way that I'm comfortable with contact right now. As you say, we all have secrets." She smiles and makes a mental note to set up that email address as soon as she gets home. "I'd be honor to join you and your colleagues in your endeavors to ease the world of its hardships." She smiles, thinking that that sounded grown-up enough. "Thank you so much. Please, be on your way. I don't want to delay you any further from such an important event."

Kara accepts the piece of paper, and makes very sure there's no impression left on that pad before it is returned. She reads it once, then again, and then … she incinerates it. "There. No evidence but what's in my head. I promise, I have a really excellent memory." The Kryptonian blonde smiles at Miss Marvel, and nods firmly. "OK. Secrets kept, arrangements made. Be safe, and do good, Miss Marvel. I'll see you again soon." And with that, the Woman of Tomorrow becomes but a blur again.

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