(2014-05-14) Second Hand Recruitment
Second Hand Recruitment
Summary: Linda pulls Lana into the new teen hero team that is forming and another prank is planned.
Date: May 14, 2014
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"Okay." Linda says as she leads Lana away from the school and prying ears. "So. Last night. I'm flying around. No big. Just wanted to get away from studying for finals and I hear someone." She touches her ear. "Like, high frequency. DOG frequencies. And he wants to meet. So I look around and GUESS who is on a nearby rooftop. Come on GUESS." Linda's almost bouncing with joy at this little reveal.

She shuffles her feet as she follows behind the unusually energetic Linda. It didn't take much convincing to pull her away from the school. Anything to get away from the hyperactive, motormouth underclassman that had her cornered. Lana looked about ready to blow something up when her classmate found her. There is a shrug, "Hell if I know…Santa Claus? Mr. Bojangles?" she starts off a bit cynically, "Captain Sexypants?"

"Green pants. Red shirt. Cape. R on his chest." Linda says, drawing a circle around where Robin's logo is on emblazoned onto his uniform. "Mask and a sweet ass. I mean, this is grade A Captain America ass." She woofs and grins. "Guess who’s forming a superhero team." She singsongs. "And guess who asked me to jooooooin."

"That sounds about right." Lana says as she slowly nods her head "Especially the ass part." she makes a face when she is told that a team is being formed and he is the supposed ringleader, "Seriously? A team? Robin and his super-powered merry men?" she shakes her head a bit in disbeleif "You going to join him?

"Don't know the name." Linda says with a shrug. "Of the team I mean. But, yeah. He wants to put together a team of young whatevers. Training. Working. He wants you, too. Mentioned you by description. I told him your name." She holds up a little communication device. "And hey. How else are YOU going to get into his pants?"

Lana gives a derisive chuckle "Me?" the chuckle fades and one of those 'you're serious' expressions comes to her face as she eyes the little device, "Wait…you aren't f*cking kidding?" a fist comes to her mouth and she bites a knuckle "Exactly how did he connect us?

Linda frowns. "Well, he mentioned other people he knew and I said something and he figured out I knew you. He's wicked smart." She shrugs. "And I said you were Bombshell. I didn't tell him who Coach was, though. I think Coach bothers him some. And no, I'm not fucking kidding." She fistbumps Lana. "You are totally in. I wouldn't do this without you."

"Coach bothers a lot of people." she says absently, though after the late night sojourn he has quickly become her favorite teacher. As usual there is a minute explosion as their fists connect, though Lana doesn't seem convinced just yet, "You told him I'm in? How's that supposed to work? I don't play well with others." she barely gets along with most of thier classmates, now she is asked to join a group of mostly unknown teens.

"You, Megan and I totally worked well together." Linda points out. The explosion doesn't bother her. Its part of the charm, of course. Something only she and Lana can do together. "You can work well as part of a team. If anyone screws with you on this team I've got your back. Besides. I'm hoping Captain Hotmask leads from the front. So we can be behind him while he flexes." She winks at Lana.

Lana concedes the point of the teamwork that went into defeating the tribot thing, though verbally she has to be her cynical self, "I'm pretty sure that was a freak thing." A sudden smirk comes to her face, "Well if you have my back does that mean Captain Sixpack has my front?" a laugh finally comes from her at watching the guy in question from behind, "With cameras.

"With cameras." Linda wraps her arm around Lana's shoulder. "You can do this. You don't want to be what your mom wanted but I know you can't leave the thrill behind. You want to be a hero. This is a good chance."

Ewww, touchy feely stuff, Lana grimaces at the mention of her mother. There is no love lost there, at least from her perspective. "Yeah, a good chance to violate all sorts of terms of my probation and get me a one way ticket back to juvieland." but of course her grimace turns into a rebellious grin, "I'm so fucking in." nothing like being able to thumb her nose at authority to get her to do something.

Linda doesn't let the touchy feely go on too long. Instead, she grabs Lana, puts her in a headlock and gives her a noogie. Not a super one. She holds back so there's no hole in Lana's skull. Isn't she nice? "You and me, girl. We're partners."

Lana gahs! as she is grabbed and noggied "Watch the hair!" she squirms to get free, but even if Linda isn't trying the delinquent probably couldn't get free without getting all explody, and she isn't about to use her powers on her BFF, even if the other girl was impervious to injury "As long as I don't have to date you!" she jokes.

"Hey! Just because… ugh." Linda gently shoves Lana away. "Jerk." She shoves her hands into her pockets. "I talked to Megan. We're square again but we're not going to try to go out again. Better off as friends."

Considering it was a bit of a jerky thing to say Lana isn't insulted, but she doesn't apologize either. "That's good. She's a bit on the perkily annoying side, but I like her better than most of the people around here." she then changes topics, distract from the awkwardness by bringing up something and someone new "Have you met the new guy yet?

"Bobby something, right?" Linda accepts the change of topic. Awkward is over. Time to discuss the new fish. "I haven't met him. Saw him around. Sort of cute in a twelve year old way. What's his story?"

"Yeah, I met him while lounging 'round the pool." Lana snickers at the apt description of his fresh off the farm, boyscout appearance "Don't know his backstory, though he seems to think of himself as a class clown." there is a roll of eyes "Has some sorta ice powers which he was quite easily convinced to show off, despite being worried about getting into trouble for it." she then wrinkles her nose in distaste "He called me Boom Boom.

"We'll learn him." Linda says with a smirk. "Ice powers. That could be useful. Were you in a bathing suit? When he called you Boom Boom was he refering to your powers or your tits?"

Lana raises her brows "Are you suggesting a prank of welcome?" in this case she isn't quite sure, but she would probably be all for it if that was the case, "We weren't having a 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' moment." she glances down at her chest "I didn't mention what I could do, just that it was destructive." apparently it never occurred to her that the boy could have been referring to her assets…she slipped that moment. "Next time I see him I'll have to ask." and the way she makes a fist it will probably not be a verbal question.

Linda can't help but laugh. "Yeah. We need a prank of welcome. We'll have to do something fun. Small. Don't need to turn him into an enemy if he's a potential friend, right?" She thinks about it for a minute and then smiles. She snaps her fingers. "Treasure hunt. Every left sock he owns."

"I suppose." Lana shrugs, she's made few friends because of her attitude so really hasn't been optimistic about gaining more "Sounds fun, and probably won't get me as many detentions as punching him would." she ponders a moment "I'm not sure who he was saddled with for a roommate. I can keep him busy at lunch if you want to sneak into his room and grab his socks. We can skip fifth period and hide them around the school

"Done and done." Linda says. "If he's like most teenage boys it won't be hard to distract him. Sounds like a plan. I do love the way your mind works, babe."

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