(2014-05-15) Frosty Meets Brickhouse
Frosty Meets Brickhouse
Summary: Bobby meets Supergirl on the Xavier grounds
Date: 2014-05-15
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By now, Bobby may have heard it as a rumor. Power Woman's cousin attends this school. Normally, she's a somewhat bad tempered brunette who hangs around with Lana, the school bad girl. Other times, she's a taller, bustier and blonder chick in a blue and red and yellow costume with the famous 'S' across the chest. Today, she's in Supergirl form. She seems to be… walking on water… at the moment. About twenty feet out from the shore, taking first one step and then the other. Careful observation, of course, will see that she's actually a few scant centiments ABOVE the water. But it is a nice illusion.

Bobby Drake hasn't really heard of anyone talking about anyone in class. He just meets who he meets and goes his merry way. He noticed the clear sky this evening and saw the way that the sun was setting. He'd heard about the lake and decided to grab his camera after class and head down. He makes it to the cove, enjoying the breeze and the soothing calm of nature. He brings his camera up to take a shot of the sun setting over the water and… stops when he sees someone. He brings the camera down and peers.. Yes.. there's someone.. standing on the water? He brings the camera back up and uses the zoom to see who it is, and finds a pretty blonde girl in some form of outfit. Well, no time like the present to make an acquaintance. Bobby makes his way down to the water line and smiles. "Where are your disciples?" He shouts out at the girl.

Supergirl can hear for miles. She can see for miles and to the core of atoms but CAN be snuck up on. She leaps, spinning around as she does so, and ends up about ten feet in the air. For a moment her eyes literally glow red. "Holy crap." She mutters before descending towards the shore. "Do NOT sneak up me. I almost sliced you in half with my heat vision."

Bobby Drake watches as the girl descends and thanks his lucky stars. "It would've been worth it." He smiles and raises his hand, now encased in ice. "It would've been interesting too.. Fire and Ice." He jokes. "Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. My name's Bobby. I was trying to get a picture of the sunset.. and well… the sun seemed to be bowing down to something better looking." He smiles, trying to be smooth. He shakes the ice loose from his hand and offers it in friendship. "No hard feelings?"

"You're the new guy." Supergirl lands, red boots firmly on the ground now. She examines the hand then shakes it. Her grip's firm but not bone crushing. Her skin actually pretty soft and supple considering it is also bullet proof. "Lana mentioned you. No hard feelings. Ice, right?" Well, duh, Supergirl. "Can you do sculptures?"

Bobby Drake raises a brow.. He's been spoken of! "Boom-Boom mentioned me? Cool…" He doesn't ask what was said.. Ego makes him think it was something awesome. At the question of sculptures, he shrugs.. "Well, not really. Not like,the swans at weddings and such. Hold on." He claps his hands together and looks inside, then keeps looking up at Supergirl and back into his hand. After about 5 minutes, he opens his hands to display a small bust of Supergirl's head, in exact detail. The entire piece is only a few inches in thickness. "That's the best I can do. Why? Did you have an occasion that needed an ice sculpture?"

Supergirl squints her eyes, using her microscopic vision to magnify the details. "I'm an artist." She says as she steps to the left then the right. "A sculptor, specifically and THAT is amazing. You made in a few seconds perfectly. The detail's right on. I'm jealous as hell, Frosty."

Bobby Drake smiles. "Thank you.. but it's easy with such a perfect specimen." He smiles. "So, you go to the school too?" He asks, the most obvious of obvious questions, trying to make small talk. "Are you allowed into the Dangerous Rooms yet?"

"Oh my God please don't flirt." Supergirl says. "You don't have much of a chance and we stand a better chance of getting along if you aren't constantly trying to figure out what color my panties are." She lets out a long breath. "Yeah. I have weekly power practice in the sublevels. You will, too."

Bobby Drake laughs.. "Um.. ok… Sorry. It's not like I'm successful." He chuckles. "I get it." He nods. "Ok.. Lana mentioned it.." He uses Lana's real name, knowing that the nicknames do get on people's nerves. "I haven't been down there yet.. I don't even think I can do much, besides throw snowballs." He shrugs.

"I'm sure you can do something. Cold's a pretty handy thing." Supergirl says as she looks out to the lake. "I mean, think of it this way. A girl's drowning out there in the middle of the lake. You need to rescue her and it is FAR. By the time someone swam out there she'd be gone. So…" She takes a deep breath and then blows it out. The lake surface freezes in a widening pattern, about ten feet out from the shore and five feet wide at the farthest end.

Bobby Drake smiles. "Wow.. Nice… Or I could just do this." He encases his entire body in ice and begins his slide, going out over the lake and turning back, finishing the loop back onto the shore. "I can't fly, or walk on water, but it can pretty useful." He smiles, letting the ice dissipate, as if it melts from his body. "So.. heat vision, freeze breath.. Any other secrets in there? I mean, that you don't mind revealing to some kid you just met?" He laughs, jokingly.

"You know who Power Woman is, right? World famous heroine? Woman of Tomorrow? Woman of Steel?" Supergirl smirks. "You're a teenage boy who isn't gay. Of course you know who she is. Anyway, anything she can do I can do." Supergirl doesn't add 'better' because that wouldn't be true. She does, however, use her heat vision to melt the ice she created.

Bobby Drake smiles and nods. "Well… I can see the family resemblance, Brick." He nods. "Interesting." He looks in the direction of the mansion. "We should start heading back. I don't want to break curfew."

"Yeah. Probably. They aren't too strict about it if we're on grounds and not doing anything wrong." Supergirl says as she begins walking towards the mansion. "Ms. Frost always knows where we are if she's on campus."

Bobby Drake nods and walks with Supergirl. "Cool.. And thank you… for not cutting me in half, or laughing at my bad pickup lines." He smiles and scratches the back of his head nervously. "So.. what do you plan to do when you're done here? Follow in Power Woman's…. footsteps?"

Supergirl shrugs her shoulders. "I think I'll do the hero thing. Just seems like the right thing to do. I dunno. Beyond that? I told you. I'm a sculptor. So, I'll probably go to art school. If I can get in."

Bobby Drake nods and smiles. "Sounds like a good idea. You'll have something to fall back on.. Maybe even a secret identity." He jokes.. "I still don't know what's up yet.. I think I have a couple years left to figure that out.. I don't think I'm cut out for this hero thing.. I just want to keep my powers under control so people won't be afraid of me."

Supergirl nods her head in agreement. "You don't need to be a superhero. Not why we're here. You do what you want to do. You control yourself so you don't hurt people. And you go on and you do what makes you happy. That's all anyone really needs out of life."

Bobby Drake smiles and nods. "And in between we get an education, too." He smiles as they get closer to the mansion. "Thanks for being so cool."

"Hey, look at you making ice jokes." Supergirl says with a smirk. "You'll fit in perfectly. Come on. I think they're serving dinner. One of the benefits of being here. Food is better than the crap from public schools."

Bobby Drake laughs. "I'd challenge you to a race, but why would I want to lose so soundly." He smiles and heads in.

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