(2014-05-12) The New Guy
The New Guy
Summary: Bobby meets Lana the delinquent of Xavier's
Date: May 12, 2014
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[ Pool Area - Xavier Estate ] -

This Olympic sized pool stretches north and south with the shallow end to the north. On the southern end there is a high and a low dive as well as a Jacuzzi tub adjacent to the poolside. Surrounding is a patio of flat pavers with many lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas and other affectations for pool side enjoyment.

From here one has a clear view of the pool area, the tennis/basketball courts and even the patio and mansion. All around the Xavier estate is laid out in north, east, and southerly directions. Most of which are dotted by various copse of trees, a dense forest and one can even catch a glimpse of the lake to the east between the trees.

Bobby Drake makes his way to the pool area. He's dressed in his official Xavier's blue hoodie and swimtrunks. Sneakered feet pad through the outdoor areas as he finds the pool. He takes a seat on one of the chairs for a second, collecting his thoughts.

With the unseasonably cool weather lately the pool hasn't seen as much use as it usually does by now. But finally the warmth comes and with it students hanging around the pool, though there aren't many. Lounging on one of the lawnchairs is the deliquent of Xavier's. She is dressed for the warmer weather in board shorts and t-shirt with something snarky across the front. As the school's latest student wanders to the pool, seemingly deep in thought, she looks up from the magazine she is flipping through, "Heya." she greets giving an upward nod of her head. "It's just a pool, not a tank full of sharks."

Bobby Drake looks over, not noticing the girl earlier as he was stuck in his reverie. "Oh..uh.." He shrugs nervously and blushes slightly. "I'm not afraid of the pool.. I'm just thinking of what I could possibly do with it." He waves awkwardly in greeting. "I'm Bobby… but you probably already know that. Everyone else seems to."

An average sized teen boy with short-cut brown hair and brown eyes. His face is almost always in a friendly smile. His frame holds a decent amount of muscle for a boy his age, his torso making the shape of an inverted triangle, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Legs are average length and are in proportion with the rest of his body. He's currently wearing a royal blue polo shirt and a pair of khaki pants. He wears a pair of clean white sneakers on his feet.

Her gaze moves between Bobby the pool and back, "You mean besides swimming in it?" Lana lifts a shoulder "Whatever you do just make sure you don't do any damage. Unless you like a week's worth of detention." the magizine is laid across her chest a moment "Of course they do, we all knew within a few hours of your arrival." with less than a hundred students, news travels fast "I'm Lana.

Bobby Drake nods. "Well, I don't plan on damage. I don't even think I can do what I want to.. Not just yet." He smiles as he takes off his hoodie, tossing it onto a chair. "Lana? Cute name." He says as he walks to the pool and sits next to it, dipping his hand in. He concentrates for a bit and then pulls his hand out, encased in a block of ice. "Well, that's better than what I was expecting, but not my ultimate goal.." He turns to the girl. "I'm guessing your thing has something to do with damage?" he smiles awkwardly.

"Of course you don't /plan/ on it." Lana's tone suggests that the inevitable will happen, if not today, then soon. Her nose wrinkles, cute isn't her schtick so having her name called that probably isn't all that pleasing to her. "Nice trick. I'm sure that's a hit at parties." she is now looking over her sunglasses at him or specifically his ice covered hand, "Lotsa damage.

Bobby Drake smirks. "Something tells me that you're the type that /does/ plan on it." He winks as he absorbs the ice chunk, making it move like liquid… ice. He covers his arms and chest with it. "Parties? of course. When the icemaker's busted I'm downright invaluable." He leans back. "Plus I'm natural air conditioning during the summer."

Lana gives another shrug, probably thinking it best to just let him assume how much damage is accidently versus on purpose. "I didn't earn the name Bombshell because of my ability to arrange flowers." she will share that much at least. "So your claim to fame is icing drinks and saving on summer energy bills?" yes she finds that amusing.

Bobby Drake blinks. "Bombshell? We get.. nicknames? Cool!" He lets the ice melt off of him. "I can do more, just not here. Like.. I can have my own snowball fight anytime I want?" He forms a snowball out of thin air. He makes like he's going to toss it at Lana but instead throws it into the pool. "The *best* thing is how I can travel.. I don't think we have enough room on the grounds to show you.. At least without getting in trouble."

"Well some of us come here with them, others earn them or choose them during their training here." from the sounds of it Lana came here with hers. When it looks like a snowball is going to come her way, one of her hands start to glow, but quickly fades with the thing is thrown elsewhere. "Snowball fights, 'eh." she looks thoughtful a moment so many pranks she could think up "Wow, someone that let's a little trouble stop them." so /not/ like her at all.

Bobby Drake shrugs. "I'm new.. I don't want them to kick me out just yet." He looks around. I mean, its Bobby.. of course he's gonna bow to peer pressure from a pretty girl. "Real quick.." He covers himself totally in ice from head to toe before aiming his hands down at his feet. He begins his ice ramp and starts to run up it. Shortly after, it extends and it looks more like he's sliding on it. It curves away from the pool area, towards the basketball and volleyball courts, and back to the pool. "See?" He asks, as the ice ramp melts, making the grounds look like it just rained heavily. He lets the ice armor fall as well.

"If they were going to kick students out just for showing of their powers, there wouldn't be any students left." Lana points out drolly as she watches the run up and slide around on the ice structure formed "That could almost be a sport." she leans forward to brush the water droplets splashed up onto her legs from the water splashing onto the ground.

Bobby Drake shrugs. "Still.. I need to behave a bit. I'm kinda known as the class clown where I come from." He smirks. "I mean, I know you're probably thinking more of the class hunk." He says, flexing ridiculously. "Do we have someplace safe for you to train? That wouldn't blow up the school?"

Lana snorts with amusement, though at which comment it is hard to tell since they are both equally amusing to her, especially the behaving part. That's a word that probably isn't high in her vocabulary "We have training rooms. They are underground and pretty much damage proof as far as my abilities go. You must not have had a chance to meet Coach yet." she circles her face with a finger "Wears a skull mask.

Bobby Drake blinks.. "Wait… Our Coach wears a.. mask? Like.. a serial killer? What the hell?" He chuckles nervously. "Getting an A in his class must be a real bitch." He nods as the mention of underground rooms. "Oh cool… That sounds like it would work better."

"Don't worry, he is no Jason, Freddie or Michael." Lana assures, she seems pretty confident that he isn't at least "He's not your typical p.e. teacher either. Sure we occasionally throw a ball around when other staff is looking but it’s usually more hands on stuff. Useful stuff." she nods "Yeah, they are nicknamed Danger Rooms, they are very high tech. They are kept off the new student tour though. Once you see them you'll understand why.

Bobby Drake blinks.. slowly… "Danger… Rooms? Why is that not giving me images of warm and fuzzy?" He chuckles as he grabs his hoodie, pulling it over his head. "Well, smells like lunch is ready. I'm gonna head in. Catch ya later, Boom-Boom." He smirks and heads in the direction of the mansion.

Another amused smirk is pulled from the deliquent "I don't think it is supposed to." as Bobby prepares to depart Lana lifts her head again in an upward nod "Later Icee."

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