(2014-05-10) First Day Blues
First Day Blues
Summary: A day of 'firsts' for young Bobby Drake as he enters Xavier's Academy for the first time.
Date: IC Date (2014-05-10)
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Comet X..Iceman..

Bobby Drake makes his way into the Gathering Hall, looking around. "Just… wow…" He's got a backpack over his shoulder and a suitcase in his hand. Looks like someone just arrived and is taking in the sights.

Lexxie has finally been allowed out of the medbay after what seem so long. She wanders the school some since before she got sick and ends up in the hall about the same time as Bobby. She looks you over and smiles, "Hello! I'm guessing you are new to the school. Though I guess you could be leaving which would be sad since I never met you before." She grin and walks closer to you and offers a hand, "I am Lexxie or you can call me Comet X!" She takes a pose that make Sailor Moon proud.

Bobby Drake blinks and takes a look at the girl as she makes her way over.. "Oh my… garters and stars…" He says, shaking the offered hand.. "I'm Bo…Bobby.. yeah, that's it." He smiles awkwardly. "You can call me Bobby.. or anything you like, really." He blushes. "How about Lex? Does that work?" He looks around.. "Oh! Yeah! I'm new here. Cab just dropped me off. This place is great."

Lexxie hugs you, "WELCOME!" She grins at you, "Bobby! I'm going to call you Bobby! So what can you do, Bobby? Oh don't tell me let me guess um….. Oh I know you can fly!? No wait! You can shoot lightning from your hand!? Oh No I Know! You can teleport opening portals in space and time like in that game by Steam! That'd be so cool can you show me? Make a portal to UK, no wait! Rome! Oh I know! Japan! Yeah then we can see Baby Metal!"

Bobby Drake's eyes glaze over as he's hugged. Then he blinks as he realizes the girl is talking to him… Rapidly. "P..Portals? No.. Oh!" He holds his hand up and the air around him begins to cool. A ball of ice forms in his hand, and then begins to coat his hand, going up his arm. He smiles, glad to have the chance to show off in front of a pretty girl. "How cool is that? get it?"

Lexxie watches you and grins, "So cool! You're like the queen from Frozen or the snowman at least! So can you make snow storms and cool ice castles!? Can you make living snowmen who are big goof balls?!" She pokes you now, "oh so cold! I bet this is a awesome power to have in summer you can stay cool no matter how hot!"

Bobby Drake laughs. "I.. can't make castles, no.. Not yet at least." He looks around. "That's why I'm here. What's your thing? You fly around and knock stuff down, or is it just the ability to be a celestial body?" He grins goofily, a blush on his face.

Lexxie laughs and reaches up and readjusts her large breasts, "Well they are celestial bodies." She winks at you and gives you a grin. It seems she's not shy about her body, "My power is to teleport up into the air! Like real high! and then I fall! While falling I get these pretty sparkles around me! When I hit the ground It explodes messing everything up!" She takes that Sailor Moon pose again, "That's why I am Comet X!"

Bobby Drake coughs shyly.. "I.. meant you but… oy…" He just shakes his head. "Sounds good. Perhaps you can learn to redirect yourself and go in other directions than down." He smiles.. "So.. do you know where the boys dorm is? Or perhaps the dining hall?"

Lexxie shakes her head, "Sorry. I'm sorta new here myself. I haven't discovered the boy dorms yet." She points, "The dining hall is that way." She looks at you and grins at you, "by the way would you like to go out sometime?"

Bobby Drake turns in the direction of the dining hall. "Oh cool! Thanks. I'll see you…" He blinks and stops, turning back around. "Did you just…?" He blushes awkwardly. "I mean, sure. Sorry, I'm not used to… Yeah.." He says nervously. "I'll definitely be seeing you around."

Lexxie laughs, "I did and you better get used to it. Women around here are very strong types. One warning: watch what you think around the head mistress!"

Bobby Drake nods. "Sure. Thanks for the advice." He says as he turns back and heads to the dining hall again.

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