(2014-05-07) Mall Sprawl
Mall Sprawl
Summary: Linda and Lana hit the mall, topics include Mr. Sexy Mask, The Coach, final exams and getting Lana some wheels.
Date: May 7, 2014
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Location: Salem Center Mall

The weather refuses to get above 65 but that's no reason not to go to the mall! Linda's dressed in baggy cargo pants, a Power Woman t-shirt (ironic!) and a jean jacket. Her skateboard's tucked under her arm. Her backpack's slung over her shoulder. So far, no shopping bags. "So, what do you think? Hot Topic? Or do you want to go straight to Cinnabon?"

A mall trip is always a good way to entice Lana to go out and be sociable with the masses. She may grump about it at first, but once there is her version of happily into it. Her stripped shirt is tight and denim skirt bordering on to short, but that's nothing new for the teenage girl "Cinnabon." there is no hesitation in the choice which means there must be a hottie working there "Though I think I would rather have a pretzel.

"Guy at the pretzel stand is hotter, huh?" Linda says with a smirk. "Annie's it is." Like any teenage girl she memorized the mall layout in a matter of seconds so she knows exactly which way to head. "So, you're in Gotham with Mr. Skullface the Pirate and you run into Mr. Hot Ass and he knocks you out with gas? Man, wish I was there." Not that she's immune to gas but she can hold her breath for hours.

"Totally. Though a bit to old. Doesn't hurt to look though." Lana goes along with Linda on the way to get the peculiar shaped snack food. At the summation of the events she looks around a bit paranoid, she has no clue how she hasn't gotten detention for being out after curfew, even though she was technically with a teacher. "That about describes it. I'm tempted to go back and start blowing things up just to see if he shows up again.

"Strange he took you all the way to Gotham for this, though." Linda says. "I wonder if he wasn't using you for some reason. Get this guy out in the open. Or maybe find the Batman guy thing whatever he is." She orders a cinammon sugar pretzel and a diet coke.

Lana gives a shrug "I was thinkin' because people there tend to ask fewer questions and look the other way when they see something suspicious." for her its a pretzel dog and a Mt. Dew "I should have thought he may have an ulterior motive. But he did seem a bit surprised by Mr. Sexy dropping down on us.

"Guy's weird anyway. Skull mask but he's teaching us? Something's wrong there. He says he works for money but.. I dunno. Strange." Linda shrugs her shoulders then takes a bite out of her pretzel. "Makes sense, though, that there are more of us out there. People around our age doing the hero thing."

While her food is being bagged up Lana watches the hot guy a moment, apparently he is the assistant manager, upper college age. "Maybe he is horribly disfigured and doesn't want to scare us?" which of course makes no real sense, because the nature of how he hides his face "You've done a bit of that heroing stuff right?" she certainly hasn't, except for the Tribot attack she has been trying to stay under the radar.

"Yeah." Linda says. Once they're away from the pretzel stand and sitting on a bench she says more. "Back home. Not against anyone with powers. Just muggers, robbers, idiots putting other people in danger. That sort of thing. You had a mask though. That from the old days and you just happen to have it around?"

Dropping onto the bench, Lana sips her soda as she watches people pass by and listens to the girl beside her "So against people like my mother." she gives a smirk as she imagines that scenario "It is yes. I keep it on me as a reminder not to back slide. It came in handy that day.

"You're not who you were." Linda reaches over and pats Lana's shoulder. "And you're not your mother. When something ws out there doing something harmful to others you stepped in without worrying about your identity or your safety."

"I was hella worried!" Lana exclaims after shallowing a bite of her snack "That thing could have stepped on me, or flattened me with one of those laser blasts." She does seem that she was more worried about personal injury than being found out "That was awesome though, the way we took out that thing.

"We did kick ass." Linda agrees. She finishes off her pretzel and polishes off her coke. Both get deposited in the nearby bin. "You pulled some fancy moves, too. It was awesome being part of a team-up with you."

Lana pretty much inhaled her food, but she is nursing her drink "Well I wouldn't have been able to pull off those fancy moves if you and Megan hadn't provided a distraction." she frowns, chewing on the straw of her drink a moment "Wish I could have pulled some fancy moves when Mr. Sexy was around. He called himself Robin." she pulls a face maybe an indication that its an odd name for his apparent hotness.

"Robin. Like, what? The bird? That's a stupid name." The teen who goes by 'Supergirl' says. "Maybe he didn't pick it for himself. Maybe it was given to him by some sadistic adult hero or something." She considers that. "And, my point. We, the three of us, made an awesome team."

"I know right! I can think of quite a few names that would fit better than Robin." Lana shrugs "I hope it was assigned. Though if someone named me after a bird I would have a few choice words to say." all of them four-lettered ones no doubt "We do make a good team. But I'm still not joining Megan's pep squad.

"I'm guessing some of those names would fit porn stars better than they would a superhero." Linda says with a laugh. "You don't have to. I think… I think Megan has this idea, right? Of what life on Earth should be? And she's determined to make it happen."

Lana cracks up laughing "Probably quite a few actually. Though they are quite fitting." she gives a nod at not having to join the squad "She's a few decades to late for her view. And someone really needs to tell her that the squads skirts aren't short enough.

"Well, Ms. Frost is letting Megan order uniforms. I can keep them for ten years from now when I have a boyfriend who wants to roleplay or something." Linda pauses. "Or a girlfriend. Whatever."

There is another guffaw from Lana at the other girl's idea "Well in the case you might want to hold onto your school uniform." she thinks a moment "Maybe I should wear mine next time I'm in Gotham." there is a suggestive waggle of brows. She gives a questioning look at the mention of possible girlfreind, but no judgment "When is that supposed to happen anyway?

"The Megan thing? I don't know. We haven't set a real date. We're moving towards finals and I…" Linda sighs. "I don't want to do horribly. My folks want to see good grades and they're actually, you know, trying to not be jerks."

"Ugh, finals. Don't remind me." Lana slumps, she isn't the best of students, mostly because she doesn't apply herself and spends more time in detention goofing off than doing homework as intended "I think about the only final I will pass is P.E and maybe…and this is a big maybe literature." an eyebrow goes up "How is one date going to mess up your finals?

Linda shakes her head. "Don't know. Not the point. You should come study with me. You're not stupid. You could do better if you wanted to." Genuine truth. "You never know, you might find out you actually enjoy something."

Lana sucks on her straw and all she gets is the noise signifying she's hit bottom "I enjoy things." she drawls out, "Movies, video games, pizza" her eyes follow a particualry attractive teen boy as he passes "pranking Chavez…blowing shit up." nothing really constructive of course.

"Yeah, but you're sixteen. Eventually you'll need to find something you enjoy that you want to, you know, do for a living." Linda points out. "I mean, school can suck but I want to be a sculptor. I want to be an artist. I love it. Don't you love anything?"

"Seventeen." she corrects, which doesn't make it any better really. She's going to be a senior next year and has no direction in her life. Bot considering how her life has been up until she went to Xavier's that shouldn't be much of a surprise "I loved kicking that robot's ass. I really like the training that coach puts us through." she ponders a moment, "and cooking." and she isn't all that bad at it either she does take life science (aka home economics) so she will probably pass that too.

"Well, maybe you can make me dinner." Linda says. "You know, in a non-dating sort of way." She bumps her shoulder against Lana's. "And kicking ass was fun. We should suit up and go on patrol in the city this weekend."

Lana grins, glad that the uncomfortable real stuff is past for the moment "Totally non-date way, I don't want to get pepped to death by Megan." there is a nod and a broad grin of agreement "We should totally do that. I'm all for kicking ass and taking names. Maybe even swing into Gotham." she gives Linda a nudge.

"Sure. I can fly us there pretty fast. We'll rig up a sling if you don't want to ride piggy back. No problem carrying it." Linda considers. "Or we get you a motorcycle and I'll fly you there on that."

"That's cool. Wish I could fly like you do." Lana is on board no matter how they get there. She looks thoughtful for a moment "Where are we supposed to get a motorcycle? Legally that is?" one or two of the school staff have them, but borrowing one wouldn't be a good idea.

Supergirl considers that. "Not sure. I don't have any money. Maybe we could get a junk one and repair it? I don't know much about fixing cars and bikes but I could save us a mess on tools I bet."

Despite the cup being empty Lana continues to chew at the straw occasionally, "Finding a junker shouldn't be to hard. We may be able to take whatever we get down to the public high school and see if we can get the auto shop class to fix it up for us. Or at least get one or two of them to help us get it done quicker.

Linda nods her head. "Sounds like a plan. You're going to need a ride." She fistbumps Lana. "And we'll make sure that happens. Hell, there's got to be someone at our school that can do meta stuff with machines."

"Beckett, it's why he is so good with video games." Lana supplies as she fistbumps, without the fireworks this time, "Not sure if that transfers to repairing bikes though." she runs through the other forty-nine students and those she knows the powers off "Coach seems like he knows a little bit of everything. Could ask him, and I doubt he will care one way or the other why." never having a father growing up she has started to think of the skullfaced man as a father type figure and mentor.

That won't end badly. Not at all. Nope. Linda listens. "We'll figure it out and get you some wheels. For now, if you need to get somewhere just ask and I'll fly you there." She stands up. "Come on. Let's go look at stuff we can't afford to buy."

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