(2014-05-07) A New Space
A New Space
Summary: Hawkette meets with Hummingbird and Skids at their new office.
Date: IC Date (2014-05-07)
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It's early evening in Hell's Kitchen, the street lights set the mood while the intermittent sirens of emergency vehicles lay a backing track to the night's festivities. Katherine Bishop is wearing her big girl clothes. A lavender blouse and matching skirt covered by a plum-colored blazer. The alabaster skin of her legs lead down to a pair of sensible black pumps. Over her shoulder is a backpack which contains her outfit and gear. In one hand is the newly signed lease for the office space above McGinty's Pub, in the other jingles the set of keys that allows legal entrance onto the premises.

It was easy to find, though the new phone does help, what with walking navigation and gps. She could not have bought a better phone, but when it's given to her, well, yes. Getting inside well, that was pretty easy, what with some previously learned skills and social networking, and then, a knock. Well a pair of knocks on the proper door. She's clad in her ueusal fair of well worn and faded jeans, comfy running shoes, and Yankee's Jersey T-shirt, vintage styled, Babe Ruth's number and Ruth on the back. No ball cap though.

Kate Bishop looks up, pretty much guessing who the entrant is.. Well, at least one of the two. "Think quick." She orders as she tosses a set of keys at Sally. The space has seen better days. It's in good condition but dirty and dusty. One large space is used for a welcoming area, loose papers and a couple empty cardboard boxes on the floor. Another, smaller room runs off the larger, separated by a door. The door with frosted glass on it dictates the room is an *OFFICE*. "Welcome to our new digs. Don't mind the dirt. I'll have a crew come in the morning to clean up before I have the furniture and such delivered." She looks around before turning to Sally, a smile on her face. "How've you been?"

The keys are caught as she slides her phone into back pocket. Looking around, Sally offers a small smile, "It'll work." she says, "I've got all the stuff at the Embassy, i've been going over it all for the PI stuff, um, not sure about the bodyguarding stuff, that stuff's been a little hard to find and been going over the actual test i've gotta take for PI work…but it'll do." she says with a small smile.

Woosh! There's a breeze as the door opens and closes almost faster than the eye can track. "Sorry I'm late." Mary's dressed in normal clothes. Cargo pants. Sneakers. A Moon Maiden t-shirt. "Stopped on the way to deal with some bank robb… is this our new place? Sweet! Good call putting it over a pub. I'll need the calories but this place is filthy!"

What follows is about five seconds of Mary running around the room so fast Kate probably should hold down her skirt. However, when that five seconds is over? The place is spotless.

Kate Bishop blinks slowly. "Wow… You've been busy. You have the credentials for the license?" She blinks and chuckles as the blur arrives, reaching for the other set of keys, but before she can, the blur kicks up dust, and Kate's skirt. "Eeeep!" She screams as she tries to straighten herself and as she chokes on a bit of the dust. "Uh… Thanks?" She says to Mary and tosses her the set of keys. "Here's the idea. This is where we'll handle the paperwork and meet with clients. I'll have a secretary's desk brought in, at which either one of us can use. I've got a couch and a few chairs on order, as well as filing cabinets, phones and a computer for in here. The office" she points to the other room. "Will be for more private matters. I'll have another desk, couch, and computer in there. We can use it for keeping our indentities secret, if we need a place to crash for the night, whatever." She said, looking to the girls. "We still need to come up with a name, so that I can get the LLC rolling. Currently I'm the owner of the space, and once the LLC is set-up, I'll transfer ownership." She smiles.

"Well I'm non-qualified, but can still app-." She stops short as Mary arrives, and then whirls through the room, "Um Hey…" she offers a hand, "Sally." she offers to the new arrival. The blonde looks over to Kate, "So yeah it'll be awhile before i'm a qualified applicant, but between now and then, yeah, I figure since i'm good at fitting in where I don't belong now, I can do basic PI work, once i've got my BG check, fingerprinted, and all that." she says, "There's no hiding my time at DEO so no need for me wear a mask, maybe a costume, but no mask, no need too." she offers, "Also, fridge, energy drinks for her…"

"Energy drinks are good." Mary agrees. She shakes Sally's hand. "Mary. Hummingbird when I'm in costume. Be right back." The door opens and closes again and then again a second later as Mary runs out and returns with a large bowl of nachos. "There's a Mexican joint down the street. So, for a name. We should have something with style, don't you think? Helping the helpless. Bringing justice to a world where it falls through the cracks. That sort of thing. It should inspire confidence in people. Set them at ease." She pauses, then says. "Defenders?"

Kate Bishop nods and listens to Sally. "Alright. Let me know if there's anything that I can do to move that along. I'm already taking CJ classes, so that will help." She laughs and nods. "I've got a fridge, nuke, and a Keurig coming in too, don't worry about that." She pulls off her blazer and… neatly places it on the floor since there's no place else. She places her backpack down and opens it, pulling out her gear one by one, carefully. She looks up to Mary as she begins to unbutton her blouse. "Defenders is good, but *just* Defenders? We need to sound like we're a serious business though. Defenders Inc.?"

"Hero(ine)s for Hire? We're all women, but we could add on a few guys, or Dial a Hero, or something, I dunno, Defenders for Hire, even?" Sally offers up an idea or several. "So Mary, you're fast, I've got a forcefield that can take alot of punishment, and Kate…" she pauses, looking over the equipment, "Archer? Cool." "So Bodyguarding work, I figure if we get any, we can work it out, but I was thinking of just trying to blend in and stay close, with what I can do I can protect against a lot…with warning."

Mary points to equipment. "Bow. Sword. Arrows. Mace, spray kind. Mace, hittie kind. Lots of fun stuff." She devours her nachos. It takes about two point three seconds. "Defenders Incorporated sounds good. Gives us more range than, say, Defenders Investigations."

Kate Bishop hmms.. "Defenders for Hire, Inc.? How's that?" She stands there holding her blouse and folding it to put with her blazer.. "Oh.. and no, I'm not crazy. I just didn't have time to change into my costume before getting here. Phonebooths are rare nowadays." She nods and looks to Sally. "I didn't know what you could do, I just knew you could do *something*." She smiles.. "Yeah, I'm not just an archer. I've got swords, staves, and I still kick ass without a weapon. We can all investigate things, and the bodyguard stuff works well too." After placing the blazer down, she pulls off her shoes and skirt, grabbing her costume.

"Sadly you'll both have to apply for non-qualifying licenses then, and it'll have to be real names…or just not care and say I did the work and we all get paid, and the big stuff pays for the small stuff, the people that really need the help we can give." she says. Sighing a little, stepping over to lean against the wall, "I think the name is less important than what we actually do…"

"I don't really care about money." Mary says with a casual shrug. She settles down on the floor, sitting… as the kids call it these days… criss-cross applesauce. "I have enough to pay the bills. I just want to help people and Kate asked and she seemed cool and hey, we're already so comfortable with each other we're undressing!"

Kate Bishop nods to Sally. "We can worry about the licenses later. My father is totally psyched about me running a business. He's giving me extra money to use as a starting budget, on top of what I get from my trust. If we do it right, all we need to do is pay him back and pay the upkeep on this place." She finishes slipping into her costume and zips it up. She wraps the scarf around her neck and pets her sunglasses on her head. She turns to Sally and looks pointedly. "And you're getting a decent salary. No arguments!" She slips the bow and quiver over her shoulder and sheathes her other weapons. "You're right Sally. The idea is to do some good here. This City, hell, this neighborhood needs some help. Perhaps we can do just enough to tip the balance in the Good Guys' favor for once." She smiles.

"…I get a small stipend at the embassy, and room, and board…" she says, "I work part time at their IT desk, and I don't need much right now, and… I cam help pay him back in a few weeks, I found out the states got some money from my parents, so, I can use that. It would just sit in my bank account, better it help us cut expenses." Sally shrugs, "So, where did you both get costumes? Cause I really, well, it's just whatever I'm in at the time…"

"Made mine. Got a lot of cosplay experience." Mary explains. She's about to say more when her phone beeps. She snags it from a pocket. "Cops are chasing a fugutive on the freeway in LA. I'm going to go pull out the spark plugs. Its a neat trick. I run backwards at the same speed as the car, open the hood and woosh." She winks. "See you both soon."

Kate Bishop grumbles at Sally but isn't going to argue with her over money. Before she could open her mouth, Mary excuses herself. "Oh! Be careful, ok! I'll talk to you tomorrow!" She shouts, hoping Mary hears her before she reaches Poughkeepsie. She smiles and turns to Sally, lights in her eyes. "Oh my goodness, I have a guy!" She makes a frame with the thumb and index fingers of both hands and looks at Sally. "He'll make you something amazing. He makes all the training outfits for the Olympics. He thinks I use this for competitions."

"I'll take client fees, ok?" she says on the subject of payment, "And, well, let's wait and see, ok?" she says about the possible costume. "Or do you just wanna get me in as little as possible?" she asks playfully.

Kate Bishop nods. "Fine." She cants her head to the side and looks at the girl. "I want you to be comfortable being you. You'll also need something protective. YES!" She says, before Sally can interrupt. "I know you have a forcefield, but still.. a little body armor won't hurt you. You'll need it to allow for full range of movement." She demonstrates by moving and twisted in her costume. no riding or bunching as it flows with her. "However, I do love the idea of dressing you up." She smiles.

And cue a blush. The blonde turns slightly. "I'll think about it." she says as she pops her forcefield on, and skates around the room, "You could hit me with your arrows, your hittie mace, swords, anything, it'll bounce off." she says, shifting her stance, slowing and lets the forcefield fade away.

Kate Bishop nods. "I know.. But what if you're knocked off guard. You're gonna need to rely on something other than your field. Versatility is the key. The less you become dependent on one thing, that's less that your enemies can use to cripple you. Like my old sensei used to say.. "It doesn't matter how big you are. Somewhere around the world is a bigger, meaner, tougher motherfucker than you."" She chuckles. "You look good. Happy. They're treating you good at the Embassy?"

"I…I really like it there, I was thinking of applying for citizenship through them, and if they'd allow dual citizenship, or something, I dunno." she says shrugginf her shoulders, easing to sit down, leaning up against the wall, "Diana's been really wonderful to me."

Kate Bishop smiles warmly and nods. "That's good. I like seeing you happy. Remember, though. The three of us are a team. If you need something, anything, let us know. If you need help with the Embassy, we can do that too. We're not limited in our scope and we support each other, ok?" She leans back against the wall. I need a coffee. Beer would be great, but coffee's legal." She chuckles.

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