(2014-05-03) Ancient History, Modern Dangers
Ancient History, Modern Dangers
Summary: Cyber explains to Diana some of his history and function to help her understand better what Cyber is. Their conversation is interupted when Princess Diana receives word that Ares God of war abducts some her sisters, and holds them in exchange for the Armor and John, leading to a Battle Where Ancient Sparta once stood.
Date: IC Date (2014-05-03)
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NPCs: Ares God of War NPC'd By Wonderwoman
Scene Runner: Diana/Wonder Woman
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It's been a few days since Diana brought the wounded Cyberdragon to the Embassy in order for him to heal. She'd given him time to rest and recuperate, not wanting to press the issue of his history. But now, there are questions that must be answered. Diana arrives at John's room and gently raps on the door. "John…are you available?"

John of course knows that there are Questions that have to be answered. More correctly, Cyber must be asked. Stretching and flexing as Cyber seems pleased with how he has healed. As true to their word, Neither Cyber nor John have caused trouble.

Finally as the Rapping comes to the door, Cyber turns his head as John gets hold of a Shirt, "Yes, One moment." After he buttons it up, he will say, "Come in Princess." Cyber is laying on the ground like a large Cat, tail curled around his form, wings folded. Cyber, the Armor of Ares, Living armor has seemingly settled down now that John has fully healed.

Diana enters as John grants her permission. She nods to the sentient armor as she heads towards a chair to sit down in. "How are you feeling, John?" she asks as she sits down. "Are your ribs feeling better?"

Stretching John says, "I can move much better and the pain is gone. Your healers are wonderful. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to them." John says, "As for the food, I am going to have to ask for some of those recipes, I love cooking." Coming over to offer a respectful bow as Cyber stands up slowly approaching John and sitting down beside him and John says, "I guess it's time for Questions and Answers to be given?"

Diana smiles and nods to the requests. "I will see that you are given a selection of recipes from the kitchen, then." When John says it's times to get down to brass tacks, Diana nods in agreement. "Yes, it is. Let us speak now of how you came across this armor and what you know of it's history."

Thinking as to how he came upon the armor, he had not given it much thought as John is clearly trying to recall. It is Cyber who speaks. He can't remember. No matter how hard he tries. It's part of the bonding process between me and my host. When I join with a Host. The process is not… painless. To know how to appear, I must enter their mind their brain physically, I read their memories. It also inhibits the formation of Short term memories he can't remember anything, with the last 12 to 24 hours.. This serves as a protection.

Looking at Cyber as John blinks. "I uh…He's right, I don't remember."

"I see," Diana says with a nod. "Then perhaps I should be speaking with the armor itself." She turns towards the armor lying on the floor. "What can you tell me of your history? Do you know who created you? What your purpose is? I want to make sure that we have an understanding in order to help lower the risk of conflict."

Cyber turns his head to the window and says in an almost mournful tone. I have history that spans over 5000 years of activation, when I am dormant, I have no concept of time. Imagine no sight, no sound, touch or taste. Darkness, but warmth or cold. Just waiting, Not dead, but never at peace. I remember my first activation, so many different races… but Who I was first bonded to… his memories were hidden. I was tested, talk of producing more, refinement. It's difficult to translate what I do recall. I was not as… advanced as I am now. Words were… different. No context to draw on like my other hosts. Like a new born child. I was growing, learning. Eventually he was killed and I waited.

I was joined with a young human man, his tribe thought I was a large block of gold. They were confounded when they could not melt me down, I took the form of a great lion. I know this because John knows what a lion is. He used me to become Chief of his tribe, used me to protect his tribe, and conquer those who threatened his people. Cyber keeps looking out the Window recalling the past with perfect clarity.

Diana already knows much of this, but listens carefully. "If you cannot remember your creators, can you remember your programming? Do you have specific goals that you must meet, besides the protection of your pilot? And what can you tell me of the time you encountered the Amazons." She quickly raises her hand in a calming motion. "I am merely asking so that we know how to avoid a repeat of that conflict in the future."

John's listening as Cyber seems to be searching. As if searching memories, If it is there… I can not find it. But I do recall through out the ages I desired to learn. I hungered for knowledge.

As John places his hand of Cyber's shoulder Cyber smiles as he turns to The Princess. I have encountered your sisters a few times in the distant past. While she was very much mortal, She was in service to Athena. I was referred to as Athena's Armor. She kept my existence secret save to a few of her sisters, fearing that people would hound and kill her for it. Eventually she was killed.

Thinking of the followings times, I was joined a few times to some heroes, They had interactions. Some peaceful Others… Not so much. The last time was when Torenis was marching on a neighbor state with two hundred Spartans. Cyber stops talking there, wondering if That will be the end of it, or will she ask why was he marching.

"So then," Diana says thoughtfully. "Our assumptions are correct. The armor is not allied with either good or evil by design. It is the will of the pilot that determines how the armor behaves." She turns her attention to John. "Which leaves us with the question: what are your intentions, John Colton? I have a strong suspicion that you wish to do good with the power you have been given, though." Diana adds a smile with her statement.

No, I have been worn by great heroes, and terrible tyrants. And with a gentle tone, Cyber says, I am not an object or tool to be commanded like a puppet. I have a mind of my own, and resent being considered an object. My host and I are Symbiotic. Cyber says pushing into John's hand scratching like a cat would.

John thinks and says, "Growing up, I had started to see heroes Emerge…" He starts to say as at that point a loud Pounding on Johns Door comes as the Amazon Princess is called for.

"Your highness, Your highness, please this is important!"

Diana looks equally parts perturbed and embarrassed by the pounding at the door. "I am sorry. Please, excuse me for a moment." She gets up and walks over to the door, opening it to address the Amazon on the other-side. "What is it you need? What is so urgent?"

As the door is opened what looks like a warrior and several guards if full battle armor. Are there, "Several of our sisters were attacked and captured by Phobos and several of his Minors. One of them was set free after being handed this letter by Ares himself. The rest are being held hostage." She says holding a bloodied Scroll. "It demands the return of what is his, or else they will Die." And The guard's eyes instantly to that suit of armor and the young man….

Diana looks enraged when the news is delivered. "I will take care of this, rest assured. This affront to Themyscira will not stand." She turns back to John and the Cyberdragon armor. "I will not ask you to join me, nor will I allow this armor to return to the hands of Ares. Especially since that would mean your death for him to have the armor back. And I swore that I would allow no harm to come to you."

Cyber and John look at each other as the Armor says, I belong to no one. As for John….

John surprised and horrified, but his anger seems to be there. "Your sisters are in this situation because of me, I am not gonna to stand by and do nothing. If I plan to be a hero… I might as well make my stand right here." John Says as he and Cyber say. "MERGE!" And in one flash of The large Bipedal Dragon stands tall and proud.

Diana nods and smiles at Cyberdragon. "Then let me gather my battle garb, and we shall go face down the God of War. It seems that Ares has forgotten the taste of defeat at the hands of an Amazon; he need to be reminded that there are some who are not cowed by him." And with that, Diana departs to go change and to face one of the greatest foes of Themyscira, and the world.

As Cyberdragon moves to follow her John says, "Courage is not lack of fear, Courage is having the will to do what is needed, despite fear." Cyber says

-Two hours Later in Sparta Greece -

As John can only fly 700 and some odd miles an hour in Cyber, more expedient means of travel may be required. John also shared his realization of the situation in regards to his opinion of Ares, as well as pointing out, Cyber told him, he's rejected people in the past as a host, leaving them when he discovered they murdered his previous host to obtain the armor. Ares killing John, would result in the same way, The armor abandoning Ares, or whom ever Ares gives the armor to. Cyber even pointing out he would most likely return to the Amazon Embassy simply to spite Ares.

So John came up with an idea, To denounce Ares as A false god, ridicule him, taunt him. Then have Cyber point out what has happened in the Past when people have murdered his hosts to obtain him for themselves. The Goal would be to get Ares attention on them, moving away from Diana, John trusting her with his life, trusting her warrior instinct to know when to strike to save her sisters and attack Ares.

It was an idea off the top of John's head, but If the princess had a better idea… he would follow it.

Of course, Ares would have chosen Sparta, Diana thinks as she and Cyberdragon travel to the meeting. The Spartans were ever his favorites. She is calm as they approach closer, the calm of a warrior heading into battle. And when they arrive near the mountains of Sparta, Diana is fully prepared for battle.

When the pair arrive at the precise location, Diana nods to Cyberdragon, trying to impart confidence in him. "Ares!" she shouts out. "We have arrived! Show yourself and release my sisters!"

A booming voice echoes off the mountains in reply. "As you wish…Princess." A mist rises from the ground, and when it clears, the God of Battle stands tall, surrounded by dozens of Spartan guards. Bound in front of them are the missing Amazons, heads still held high in defiance. "You have done well, Amazon," Ares says. "And now it is time for this magnificent engine of war to return to it's rightful master…"

Cyberdragon snarls as the pair see Ares, his eyes hare with malice and rage. Cyber at John's mental command opens up, The Head lifts back and throat opens up like a helmet showing John's face and head, Not fully, he doesn't want an arrow in the back of his head without warning. John actually Spits in the direction of Ares as he moves a touch off to the Side. "How Pathetic, I was expecting something little more dramatic. False God. There is only One God, And his son sits beside him on a throne in heaven."

John sneers at the Spartans, Regardless of Ares Demands or threats John continues. "You might be a master combatant. But you don't have a brain in that skull. You at not the Master of this armor… Let alone it's creator… Other wise you would know it has a Mind, and Will of it's own…." Is John Scared? Yes he's scared, concerned for the well being of the Amazon Warriors. But he is also angry… angry that a being would so blatantly proclaim it's self as a god."

Under his helmet, Ares' lip twitches in annoyance at John's words. "You will learn your place again. Once that mortal learns the price of meddling in the affairs of Gods." And with a wave of his sword, the Spartans move in to secure the armor.

As John speaks, Diana moves slightly to the side. And once the Spartans have moved past the hostages, the Amazon springs into action. Most believe that the tiara she wears is merely a symbol of her rank and position. But in reality, it is a weapon, as she demonstrates by taking it off her head and throwing it. The golden tiara whirls through the air towards the captive Amazons, and it's razor-sharp edge slices through the heavy ropes binding them. "Sisters!" she shouts out and assumes a battle stance. "Defend yourselves! Drive them back!"

As the ambush is sprung, Ares roars his anger. "Slay them! Slay them all!"

As The Spartans rush him the armor snaps closed over John's head. Not exactly what he was expecting but still they are free..

"Have you forgotten With this armor Torenis was able to slay, a thousand and one soldiers!"

The wings snap open as the Spartans rush at least two. Spears meet as John takes to the Air. No John doesn't believe in a fair Fight as he lifts his hands up and unleashes a Volley of Plasma Bursts at the spartans. Each one the strength and force of a flash bang grenade. John will not kill, He will not give this pretend god the satisfaction of seeing John take a life. If he can stun the Spartans he will dive on them to knock them down.

With a loud cry, the freed Amazons rush towards the Spartans. Cyberdragon's attacks knock back many of the enemy, but there's still plenty to go around. The Amazons pick up the spears dropped by scattered Spartans and enter the fray.

Ares turns towards Diana, his sword and shield ready to engage her. "You need to learn your place, Princess. You may be an Amazon, but even Amazons must bow before the Gods." He swings the massive sword at her, but Diana manages to block it, and several following blows with her bracers.

"A God you may be, Ares. But I have no fear of you," Diana says as she recovers from a rolling dodge. "You are the God of War and Slaughter, but Athena has ever been your better." And as Ares thrusts forward, Diana grabs his wrist and tosses him forward. The God of War lands with an angry snarl and scrambles to get up.

As John does his best to keep the Spartans off guard for the Amazons Cyberdragon sees Ares go down Cyber roars, opening up his mouth as a Blue Plasma Stream erupts from his mouth. Aimed at the foot that Ares is putting his weight on to stand up, John is trying to wound it, but also shatter and explode the ground under it so that Ares looses his footing.

This distraction allows a Spartan to jam his spear into the back of Cyberdragon as that tail blade comes up, hardening the edge to the strength of Tungsten Carbide. That is roughly one step below diamond in terms of hardness so slash through the shaft of the spear slicing it in two. As he once more tries to take to the Sky for Aerial superiority. His Inexperiance as a fighter is clear.

The Spartan that stabs the Cyberdragon gets a spear in his own back from an Amazon for his troubles. The Amazons seem to have the Spartan horde under control for the moment, at least holding them to a standstill even though they are outnumbered.

The plasma blast explodes the ground under Ares' feet, causing the God to stumble again. Diana capitalizes on the moment by flying forward and delivering a series of kicks and punches to Ares' head and chest, sending him staggering back more.

"Insolence!" Ares shouts out, and he lashes out with his shield, catching Diana and sending her slamming into a mountainside. "You will all pay for this! This world will pay for these insults!"

This time as Diana is knocked away Cyberdragon roars, similar to an enraged Hydra, hoping to give Diana time to escape if she is badly wounded or recover if she is alright, Cyber roars out. "You want me False God, HERE I AM!" Diving at the False God of War John makes a prayer to his god, to give him the power needed to vanquish Ares. His jaws open glowing with Blue plasma fire, hands as well. Cyberdragon puts all of his strength all of his Power into this attack as the suit adjusts it's self to resist the blast wave.

Finally, when he is sure he will hit Ares, He fires. the three blue plasma bolts turn red as blood, as three launch almost at the exact same time. They are meant to hit Ares in the Chest all at the same time. And when they explode, Each one will be like a block of 20 pounds of C4 exploding point blank range.

Weather or not it hits Ares, The Blast wave will knock Cyberdragon back through the air, tumbling as the suit adapts trying to protect his host. Chances are with that level of explosive force… very little will be standing after words.

Everything is still after the massive energy blast. The rocks glow red hot, some melted from the heat of the blast. Ares lies still, surrounded by scorched earth. Then, slowly, the God rises to his feet.

The Amazons continue their assault on the Spartans, and are now clearly winning the day, given their superior skills and strength. There's an explosion of rubble as Diana punches her way out of the mountainside she was knocked into. Bloodied, but unbowed, the Princess stands firm and glares at Ares. "Abandon this quest, Ares." she growls at him. "This armor is not yours. It is it's own master and it has chosen it's pilot. And they both reject you and your threats. You already know the Amazons will never bow to you, and neither will this man. Depart now, while you still have some shred of honor from a good fight."

Ares' eyes are ablaze with hatred. His hate is palpable, cascading off him in waves. But has he looks about the battlefield, the outcome is clear even to him. He raises his sword, pointing it at Wonder Woman and Cyberdragon in turn. "This is not over," he hisses. "The armor will be mine. And I will see Themyscira burnt to the ground for this." And with a swirl of his cloak, the God of War turns back and heads into the mist, leaving his dwindling Spartans behind.

As Ares rises Cyberdragon was knocked back into the rocks as 90% of his energy was depleted from that assault. Slowly as Ares Rises so does Cyberdragon, eyes burning bright red, a snarl and roar comes from his muzzle. The armor unscratched, unmarred. The question is what of the Pilot? Cyber stands flaring his wings out moving like he is ready for more action.

As Diana manages to make Ares leave the field of battle a Final curse from Cyberdragon, in ancient Greek «Go to Tartarus, and take your friends with you.» After Ares vanishes Cyber watches the Amazons, and then in Ancient Greek he calls out, «Your Master has abandoned you to death. Ares has fled, He has intentionally left you to die, Lay down your arms…» Normally Cyberdragon would not care, but still John Does… Is there a way this battle can end without slaughter?

The Spartans are loyal to their Master, more than he is to them. They continue to fight on, despite the Amazons incapacitating or killing them. Soon, it is over, and the Amazons round up the surviving Spartans; they will be taken to a portal to the UNderworld later and given over to Hades.

After Ares vanishes and the Spartans are defeated, Diana goes over to Cyberdragon. "You fought well today," she says. Covered in dirt and the grime of battle, she still manages a smile to him. "You have won the right to determine your destiny, John Colton. You have made a powerful enemy, but you have also made powerful allies this day."

As the battle finally ends Cyberdragon nods to Diana as he drops to his knees holding his chest, "I could not… protect John fully…" Dropping to his side on the ground and then to his back he armor opens up as John comes into view. He's out cold, bruises, blood coming from his lip and nose. Coughing as he looks like some of the Spartans. Cyber pulls off of him as John slowly comes awake. Looking up at Diana as he asks, "Did I get him? Is he gone?" he asks almost like he was dying. Well he feels like he's dying but thankfully John has no critical injuries. He might be staying at the Embassy for more healing. But he will survive.

"You did indeed," Diana replies with a gentle smile. "Rest now, though. I fear you have set back your recuperation many weeks with this incident, and the healers will be cross with me for bringing you here." Gently, she lifts John up, carrying him to a clearing where his wounds can be cleaned and dressed, as well as his ribs re-bound. The other Amazons attend to John as well, and soon he is prepared for transport back to the States. "This battle today is over," Diana says as they prepare to leave. "but we will stand with you for the battles yet to come against Ares."

AS John does his best to not complain about the pain, but he's not a warrior, after he has been finished, and cared for he lifts his hand to Diana to hold it as one would a brother in arms, "I do not know how much aid I can give you, but if you have need of my help… Summon for me, If I can, I," Then looking over to Cyber who finishes, If we can, we shall come Cyber remains beside John but allows the healers to do their work.

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