(2014-04-30) Past and Present Collide
Past and Present Collide
Summary: Perhaps Chance of Fate play a roll when Diana encounters the Armor of Ares.
Date: IC Date (2014-04-30)
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Wonder Woman..Cyberdragon..

The Place of the Dragon's Birth early morning around 6 am. Why did John want to come down this way when his instincts told him to avoid the area? Simple. To see the damage done from the massive warehouse fire, but also because he enjoys the sights and sounds of the Docks for some reason. Not at his normal jogging pace, John is walking as he still has those cracked Ribs from the impact of the embassy. But at least his chest is wrapped up. Pumped up on Ibprophin, John's thankfully not in too much pain as he moves through the streets and comes over to inspect the fire clean up.

Beside him on what looks like a massive Chain at least an inch thick is a dog, almost too large to be real. A Tibetian Mastiff is beside John in the cool morning hours. He's holding his right side where his ribs got cracked the chain wrapped around his left hand as he drinks a soda. The Dog well trained, behaved, sits down instantly when John stops to inspect the damage. Recalling how he climbed the fence without hesitation to try and help people… and now… he's joined with an alien Symbiotic armor. Well at least he knows it's not consuming him inside and out.

It's been an interesting night for Diana. She's been wanting to relax and enjoy herself with flying, but things keep interrupting her. Now, however, there's no muggings, no petty theft, nothing to interrupt her pleasure as she flies over the docks. She's not particualarly seaching for anything or anyone, just a nice flight to start familiarizing herself with Manhattan.

Something happens with the Dog, Instantly as Diana comes into View the Dog seems to Notice her. And pulling on the chain pulls John and he startled, "Easy Cyber." He says as the Dog Pulls the man away from the direction of Diana. Moving Quickly the Man and Dog will turn a corner and vanish out of sight. Cyber recalling how the Amazon murdered one of his hosts, and Cyber has of course explained in detail he has no trust for them.

Diana's keen senses tell her of someone, or something, large scrrying around in the shadows. Given the dilapidated state of the warehouse, this might be trouble. Slowly, she flies down to the surface, landing lightly on the remains of the charred wood. She peers around, her sight and hearing trained on finding any evidence of someone here.

The hunter's instinct that Diana has from Artemis is right on, she can see the tracks of a man, and a very very large dog. The man is walking in such away as to nurse a wound, perhaps a chest wound. No blood, internal injury. But after a few steps, the tracks of the Dog and man vanish. Replaced by a single set, not human. But resemble a pair of bipedal dragon tracks. The foot print matches perfectly a soot covered track from the rug of the upper floors of the Embassy from where that dragon creature escaped. The Tracks move quickly a stride greater than that of a man, moving around and between the burned crates and large containers.

Diana is on her guard now. She doesn't want to make the situation worse, but she also doesn't totally trust this thing of Ares. "Hello…" she calls out, walking towards an open area. "I am not here to hurt you. I would just like to talk. I swear, on my honor as an Amazon, if you do not attack me, I will not attack." She continues walking around the center of the floor. "You're hurt, at least let me help you if I can…"

As Diana speaks aloud comes a snarling growl, and in ancient greek « Last time I encountered the Amazons, they used deception, and poison like cowards to murder my Host Torenis. » There is clear hostility in the voice.

It takes a few moments but the tone changes as if someone else was not in control, but in English. "The Cyber-suit has a very long memory. I understand his caution. But I will accept your word as the ambassador of your people." Slowly the Voice that had echoed from around the place sudden comes from in front of Diana as the red and black Dragon walks in front of Diana from around a corner flexing taloned hands as the tail blade lashes around, ready to retaliate if she breaks her word.

Diana turns towards the figure and approaches cautiously. She's just as distrusting right now as this dragon armor is. She comes closer, and she doesn't even need to get into melee range to see what's wrong. "You have several broken ribs. You need medical attention.If you won't let me tend to it, I can try to get you to a hospital."

Moving back some as the tail blade stops lashing around and then like a Scorpion tail ready to strike points the blade at Diana. The tail is long but not quite long enough breech the distance between them. The dragon himself moves back as the movements become a bit more agitated. As if there was some conflict going on, to resist the urge to strike, or flee. Or perhaps conflict between the Master and Armor?

"I have already been to a hospital and had an examination. Five cracked ribs." The young man says. The agitation seems to settle down after a few moments, as the voice of a young man says, "Let me handle the talking Cyber. I'm guessing from what Cyber told me earlier the Amazons have some history with my friend, and it's not a good one?"

"No. It's not." Diana speaks plainly and clearly on this. "But that is a matter with the suit. Not with you. You are not responsible for actions in the past that you had no part of." Shes' trying to stay relaxed, but her eyes are on the tail. "And I don't have to tell you the amount of danger you are in. HYDRA sent those men in armor after you the other day. And your suit has a dark history with Ares. I'd rather not see either of them gain control over you."

"HYDRA? You mean the lunatics formed out of the Third Reich?" There is a moment where the Armor is like, "When it rains it pours, No I wouldn't like to end up in their labs. As for a name, Armor of Ra, Heaven's armor, Devil's armor, Armor of Ares, blood armor. The Suit has more names than I can count." Flexing his taloned hands the tail stops pointing at Diana and seems to relax slowly moving behind the armor. The over all posture of the Dragon is relaxing.

"The Suit isn't from Earth. Shortly after bonding with Cyber." He says "I went to meet a very wealthy business man. Mr. Bruce Wayne, and wanting to have the armor checked out, as well as my self. The found out the Suit's composed of unknown metallic elements." He explains, Leaning against one of the containers he reaches to hold the right side of his ribs.

Diana still moves slowly cautiously. "I'm going to come over and help you stand. You need a safe place to rest and medical attention. I can give that to you if you let me. I swear to you, you will come to no harm so long as you do not violate the peace."

There is some growling as the dragon seems to relent, and is a soft voice, "That happened thousands of years ago. It's time to let it go Cyber." And Then Finally The head of the dragon lifts up as a slit in the armor appears spreading open. Over the throat, chest, arms, legs. From the inside of the armor comes of all things a young man. Most likely at most 19. He's wearing a jogging suit coughing a couple times as it's clear his right side is bruised and battered from where he hit the marble column. "Sorry about the Damage to the Embassy. They were intent to force me into the City." He says.

The Armor it's self pulls back and assumes a quadrupedal stance like a small dragon. There is clear distrust on the armor's part.

"I hold you to no fault in those damages," Diana says gently. She slowly, carefully puts an arm around the youth to support him, neither wanting to add injury nor upset the armor. "Can your armor follow us if we fly? I would rather not leave it alone for fear of who may find it. But you need real medical attention, and you cannot get that in these conditions."

The armor will narrow his eyes and openly says, I am not a static object with no mind or will of my own. But Yes I can fly under my own power. I will hold you to your word of honor Ambassador, that no harm will come to My host.

At that point John Simply Glares at the Armor. "That is enough! You said so your self, What people do not understand, they fear, what they fear, they hate, what they hate they destroy!" He says sharply. "If the Amazon's fear you, perhaps you give them reason."

Taken back by John's verbal scolding, My function is to protect you…Only to be cut off by the boy again.

"And you can't Do that if everyone is scared to death of you, more so if you give them reason to be scared of you!"

That puts the Armor back on it's Hackles… recoiling as the armor seems to settle down. Looking to Diana he says, "Forgive him, He's designed to protect those he is join with and has been a bit… over protective of me since my ribs were cracked."

"I understand," Diana replies. She turns to look directly at the armor. "I tell you the truth, although I am wary due to the past, I do not fear you. Nor do I hate you. I intend no harm to either you or your charge. As long as you agree to an maintain a peace between us, I will not attack you or him. I will see him healed and promise that you will not be disturbed while you stay at the Embassy during his convalescence. Is that agreeable to you?"

As Cyber looks to Diana, Then to John as he seems conflict. Finally Cyber relents speaking in ancient greek. « Very well. I will accept your word of honor, and the protection of your… hospitality and care that you have offered My host, and myself. » Cyber moves to climb up to the top of one of the crates spreading his wings ready to Fly as John says.

"I think there are going to be a lot of questions that have to be answered in the next few days your Highness. John Coltan, You've already met Cyber."

Slowly, Diana lifts up into the air. "There will be time for questions after you are healed. Those ribs have to be the first priority. When you are better, then we can speak as you wish." And carefully, Diana flies her hew charges back to the Embassy. For now, at least, the Armor of Ares is lessened in it's threat to mankind.

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